Mist And Kayoko Philosophy Debate 2048 29th Of June

[20:54] * Rora sat at what he had come to consider one of his usual spots in the cafeteria - a tall table up against the wall at the right side, with slender stools to match. A table that technically counted as a space on which to place one's food, but with the primary design focus being to not take up too much room in the space next to it, so that people could walk by. At any rate, he'd noticed
[20:54] * Rora people tended to shy away from these tables, which in turn afforded him space in which to sit at a comfortable AT Field's distance from anyone else taking their meal.-
[20:55] <Rora> This consequently also gave whoever was eating some distance from him as he practiced music, as he had taken to doing not too long after confirming the consistency with which he could secure his seat. Today, as with many others, he had his lute with him. It hung in the air above him, the strings all but seeming to pluck of their own accord, save for Rora holding his hands in what seemed
[20:55] <Rora> to be suspiciously lute-like positions. Their precise motions were obscured by the long sleeves of his soft black robe, the cuffs swaying subtly as the lute played.-
[20:55] * Rora nodded to himself as he quietly strummed, occasionally humming a melody along with the chords. As it was a song that could loop on itself indefinitely, he'd taken to playing it when he wanted to lose himself in focus; to have some time to think about nothing in particular as his muscle memory played away.
[21:18] <Kayoko> Maybe the firm, measured steps heading in his direction would tip Rora off, and maybe it wouldn't. Given Rora's nature it was hard to be sure. In any case, they'd come to a stop not too far from his side.-
[21:18] <Kayoko> "See, the floating lute just seems ostentatious," Kayoko said, her voice as bright as the music it thoughtlessly cut through.
[21:18] <Kayoko> maybe they*]
[21:31] <Rora> "…Hmmm? calm tide at dusk" He turned his face to Kayoko, staring blankly at her while his mind dragged itself back into the present. The strumming continued unbroken while his eyes refocused to within the bounds of the cafeteria…and then he blinked. "O-oh! Um."-
[21:35] <Rora> Following a hastily improvised bridge, the lute finally fell silent. Rora offered his usual semi-bow. "I hadn't really thought through the er, presentation as such, I must admit. It was more a practical consideration than anything else." A moment's reflection. "…Well, I find it more spatially convenient, at least."
[21:53] <Kayoko> All of this had given Kayoko plenty of time to take the next stool along for her own, not bothering to hide how funny she found the whole scene and certainly not bothering with the bow. "Suuuuuure. Next thing I know you'll be using the all powerful light of the soul to scrape every micron of peanut butter out of the jar."
[21:59] * Disconnected
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[22:08] * Rora began to respond, but stopped just short of speaking, instead fixing the Captain with a searching look. "…And I take it you would not?" A flicker of orange - wariness, or perhaps consternation? - before he settled his luminescent plumage back to a pleasant, neutral green.
[22:10] <Kayoko> "I'm just playing with you, Rora," she said cheerfully. "Don't overthink things so much."
[22:29] <Rora> "…Hmmh, I suppose." He sighed. "My apologies; it is only that with our recent run-in with that Dyson Sphere, I have a much clearer understanding of the cost involved in wielding such power. In light of that, this is perhaps…well, is frivolous." He gently lowered the lute into his lap, hands peeking out from the robe sleeves to gingerly hold the instrument. "chef's knife
[22:29] <Rora> cutting baguettes
[22:45] * Kayoko made a scoffing noise. She pulled a sealed plastic container from her pocket without looking and opened it; A moment later she flicked one of the grapes inside into the air and caught it within her open mouth. "Please.
[22:45] <Kayoko> "-*
[22:47] <Kayoko> "The Light of the Soul is you, Rora," the playfulness was gone, it was all matter-of-fact now. "Playing the lute with your hands is precisely as frivolous as using your AT Field, and I have to assume if you viewed it as such you wouldn't be that good at it. Right?"
[22:55] <Kayoko> [playing the harp*. Kayoko neither knows nor cares. Either that or she's doing it on purpose.]
[23:01] <Rora> An unseen hand raked its fingers through Rora's hair as he wrestled with Kayoko's question. "…Well. I would say intent is an important factor. What I was playing just now, and the way I did so - it was for myself. There was no cause to do so; no greater goal. Simply, me doing something for the sake of the doing itself.-
[23:05] <Rora> "By contrast, I once played music for others, in the same-" he glanced about, "…well, in a primarily analogous scenario, at any rate. It may have been music meant to provide a backdrop for others as they ate, but there was something to it, something more than my own mind wandering to the tune of its own memories. A service, of a sort."
[23:06] <Rora> [my mind wandering*. Too many owns.]
[23:12] <Kayoko> Another grape. Flick, catch. "Seems to me like you're putting it down just because it's something you do for you."
[23:21] <Rora> "Well…" He squirmed without actually moving, staring helplessly back at Kayoko for a long moment before looking down to fiddle with the tuning pegs. "…So it would seem, yes."
[23:26] <Kayoko> "Yep~"-
[23:26] <Kayoko> There was a gap long enough for her to down another three grapes in the same fashion. People at other tables were beginning to stare. "You're pretty good, though. Telekinetic work that fine is hard for most experts."
[23:37] <Rora> "…I…oh? Um." He cleared his throat unnecessarily. "It just- I've been playing that a lot, of late. Most anything can become fairly rote over time, if sufficiently practiced. Other pieces I have been neglecting, as a result, might be a bit less polished than that."
[23:48] <Kayoko> "Makes sense. My point was more about your AT skills, though," she said. "In fact you're evidently so good that it's making me wonder why I've needed to teach you telepathy 101 twice now."
[00:05] <Rora> "…Ah." He made some miniscule final adjustment to one of the bass strings, then sat still. There was a long pause - almost long enough to begin doubting that there would be any further reply - and then he took a deep breath. "I would prefer not to commit it to memory."
[00:08] <Kayoko> "I seeee," she said, drawing the final syllable out as though it was the key to the whole mystery. "You'd prefer to waste my time instead."
[00:12] <Rora> "No. But it is a weight I would not relish carrying, nonetheless."
[00:17] <Kayoko> She made a curious little noise, like a child who'd spotted a particularly interesting variety of bug. "I thought playing to that matyr complex of yours might open you up, but apparently not. And I'm usually right about these things, so…"-
[00:17] <Kayoko> Grape.-
[00:17] <Kayoko> "Now I'm curious. Care to share?"
[00:52] <Rora> "…Not…particularly? I- hnnh." He fixed her with another searching look. "That I feel like a puzzle being dissected does not make me amenable as such, no. But then, perhaps this is simply how you interact with the world at large, and I am the belligerent one."
[01:01] <Kayoko> "That this is how I interact with the world at large doesn't necessarily mean I'm not the belligerent one," she noted cheerfully. "If anything you'd agree with more people than not."-
[01:07] <Kayoko> "I'm perfectly capable of wasting a whole lot of everyone's time meandering to the point, couching it in an array of pleasantries so you don't notice that the end point is the same: You're interesting, and I'd like to understand you. You know, if that's what you needed."-
[01:07] <Kayoko> "Grape?"
[01:32] <Rora> "Th…er. No, thanks; not hungry," he managed, quelling the startled sky blue of his AT feathers to its previous green once more. He made as though to add something to it…but opted to simply shake his head, accompanied with a mumbled, "square wheels for a jagged road"-
[01:35] <Rora> The fingers of his left hand tapped on the face of the lute in a quick line of percussion once. Twice.-
[01:36] <Rora> "…You recall I was raised by Defectors, of course."
[19:39] <Kayoko> "Sure do," she agreed. Without looking (In a detail Rora might find alarming she'd fixed him with apparently unblinking eye contact) she reached for another grape and… came up empty. There was a pout. "Hey, you want frivolous? Watch this."-
[19:39] <Kayoko> She balled her left fist and made a sudden, violent thrusting gesture into the empty space behind her, and her arm vanished up to the elbow as a dirac cache opened in midair. There was a second of consternation, before Rora would hear the faint sound of something opening and shutting (A fridge…?) before her arm reemerged holding… a completely identical container of grapes. The other
[19:39] <Kayoko> had vanished in some sort of sleight of hand.-
[19:39] <Kayoko> Kayoko chuckled to herself and opened the container.
[20:45] * Rora had felt a slow sense of unease certainly, though he couldn't have quite articulated the cause; it escalated to "distinclty unsettled" on the captain's dirac display, luminescence waning to a wilted beige. "Th…uh. N-neat. interspatial knife game" He closed his eyes, willing his train of thought back onto their tracks.-
[20:46] <Rora> "…Right. So: an important aspect of Defector culture is the mask, and the wearing thereof. As I was taken in at an incredibly early age - my earliest memories are on Zoroaster with my adoptive family - it might follow that I should also participate in that facet of their culture. However, my parents were concerned that my assimilation of such a practice might eventually present…op
[20:46] <Rora> portunities for misunderstanding, both in interactions with Defectors outside of our community as well as other members of my own biological species.-
[20:46] <Rora> "They did afford me a mask once on my insistence when I was…five? I wore it for the better part of a day before losing it God-knows-where." He paused a moment, looking off wistuflly into the past…then chuckled. "An unsurprising result, perhaps, but even then it was enough to understand their less tangible function - namely, their psychic shielding.-
[20:47] <Rora> "It was around the time that my Defector peers began developing and exhibiting their own AT powers, and as such there were the inevitable mental pings and prods of those testing for its own sake - not malicious, certainly, but obnoxious nonetheless. I can remember so clearly how suddenly serene that day felt, as though I'd never left the house; how jarring that first psychic nudge, and
[20:47] <Rora> the realization of what I'd lost.-
[20:47] * Rora looked down at the lute, slowly drawing his fingers across the strings.
[20:48] <Rora> [lost."-]
[21:07] <Kayoko> "Hm."-
[21:07] <Kayoko> She was quiet as he played, even if he wasn't playing much. If he took his eyes off the lute he'd see Kayoko watching him with an intense kind of thoughtfulness, but unlike the rest of the conversation she lacked that impression of someone waiting to strike.-
[21:08] <Kayoko> "That's rough," she said simply. "Sorry it happened like that, Rora."
[22:13] * Rora shook himself out of the impromptu reverie, nodding gratefully. "Alas, such is the carelessness of youth." A slight hue of disgruntled indigo as he pressed his hands to the lute's face, cutting off the unbidden mourning. "I am all but certain I would have been granted a new mask had I asked, but…well. I suppose I felt I had, in a sense, betrayed the trust placed in me with the
[22:13] * Rora bestowal of the first. So I did not. And, truth be told, it was a short-lived tragedy insofar as psychic aggravations are concerned. People learned to control their fields responsibly, and I was summarily left alone, by and large. Eventually…"-
[22:14] <Rora> He frowned, as one might in reaching for that last box up on a high shelf; you can't quite see it, but you know it's there. "…I suppose something about it all got me to thinking that having a mask at all- or, rather, having psychic protection built in, at all times…it was…saddening? Or…hmmh." A tumult of conflicting colors. "Not that they themselves were sad for having
[22:14] <Rora> incorporated this pre-emptive defense into their society - into their own physical personage, practically - but that it had, at any point, been a necessity, just to live. historic wounds-
[22:15] <Rora> "…I didn't…" He closed his eyes, almost hugging the archaic musical instrument now; his fingertips had turned white. "I never wanted to contribute to that. Not even as an unconscious, accidental skimming of someone's thoughts. And the only way to be absolutely sure that didn't happen was to prevent myself from being capable of it in the first place. That is why I have very
[22:15] <Rora> deliberately, very consciously, avoided cultivating any psychic ability." His breathing had become audible, though he remained still upon his almost spindly barstool perch.
[22:29] <Kayoko> "Well…" she began, but hesitated a moment after, instead peering at him critically. "… Actually, if I offer an alternate viewpoint are you going to see it as glib? I wouldn't normally check, but it seems like this is touchy, so."
[22:42] * Rora took a moment before responding, taking slower, quieter breaths. "Well…it is, yes. And considering how this conversation started, it is…arguably prudent to do so." One last settling sigh; a stilling of the swirling, radiant palette to a measured, even green, as he finally looked her in the eye once more. "Seeing as you have though, I will do my level best to consider it as a
[22:42] * Rora serious suggestion."
[23:13] <Kayoko> "Oh Mr. Mist," she smiled, but it was a pitying one. "A person can be serious without needing to turn it into an entire way of life."-
[23:28] <Kayoko> But the shadow passed. She clapped her hands together and barreled on. "Alright. Here's the thing: Not only do I contend that you should have a basic understanding of telepathy, I contend that it should be mandatory education for every single child of AT-using age in the Federation. Doesn't it seem entirely ridiculous to you that in a society where anyone could be a telepath we do
[23:28] <Kayoko> not ensure everyone knows how to guard against it?"-
[00:07] <Rora> "…I…am unsure I see any real difference in your argument. Instead of presuming everyone else to be a potential psychic aggressor from the start, we instead actively engender mistrust of one another for fear of the possibility of a threat?" He pressed a sleeve to his cheek, intently thoughtful. "I suppose…you mean it more as a teaching of a life skill, or as a self-defense measure;
[00:07] <Rora> that knowing the inner workings of the psychic sphere should be a mystery to no one. Which…has a ring of sensibility to it, certainly. But, even so…"-
[00:07] <Rora> He shook his head, despairing. "I am yet finding it difficult to see how the impetus is not the same. Why should we have to suspect anyone? Am I mistaken to trust that you will respect the contents of my mind? To trust that we have, collectively, developed an implied and mutual understanding to treat each other with such a level of respect?"
[16:18] <Kayoko> "Here's the problem, Mr. Mist: You're assuming a level of parity between our society and that of the Overseers that simply does not exist. The Seers did not make masks a custom to ward away unconscious mental scanning: They were combating pervasive, society-wide abuses of the telepathic skillset that not only do not exist in our culture, but that we actively create laws to avoid."-
[16:18] <Kayoko> "You knowing how to use telepathy has no meaningful effect on whether we do or don't proceed towards that future. Therefore the fact that you think yourself trustworthy enough to shape anti-armour lasers with your mind, or to turn invisible, but not to communicate without speech seems patently ridiculous to me."
[18:13] <Rora> "I…" He pressed at his temples through his robe sleeves, lute held steady with a touch of AT. "So, what: am I at fault for lending too much weight to the consequences of my actions? Our society is not fraught with psychic abuses like it is with Overseers - that is precisely why I wish not to cast the first stone. Would my transgression alone cause a chain reaction leading to the
[18:13] <Rora> decline of the implied social contract? Incredibly unlikely. But affording myself the leeway to err in such fasion…well, it seems to me to lend itself to a most slippery slope. Particularly because…"-
[18:13] * Rora shook his head. "…Well, telepathy and all it entails - it seems much more…or rather…hrrh." Dull red frustration. "It feels less tangible. Perhaps you will find that similarly ridiculous, considering the nature of absolute territory in general, but…well, boundaries are more well defined with light." A faintly glowing orb materialized briefly between them. "We deal with
[18:13] * Rora light on a daily basis, as a consequence of physical existence; if this were to trouble you, I would be able to see as much. It would be a trivial matter to address," the orb winked out, "and I could be fairly certain that any negative impact upon you would be fleeting.-
[18:13] <Rora> "But to ascertain without permission someone's thoughts - even just the trivial, spontaneious ones on the surface…" he shrugged, palms turned upward, "How does one absolve that misstep? I cannot deactivate my existence, cannot rescind that observation. And further, such an infraction would cause much more lasting damage than a slightly obnoxious reading light. I am concerned with
[18:13] <Rora> inocuous, unintentional actions - the mental equivalent of reaching out for a handrail without thinking, simply because it is there."-
[18:13] * Rora gave Kayoko a flat look. "Searing laser beams are very much not that. Not for me, at least."

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