[12:12] <Minaplo> Alright, we ready to roll? Let's drop some sick, sick roleplaying beats.
[12:12] * Minaplo is now known as FrontierWarGM
[12:12] * AtmaDragoon is now known as Rora
[12:12] <Tao> no :|
[12:12] * Tao is now known as Kayoko
[12:12] * CakeyCake is now known as Inara
[12:13] * Rora loses grasp of pruple veggies
[12:13] * Suzune is now known as Kess
[12:13] <FrontierWarGM> Let the music of RP flow through you, baby :|
[12:13] <Kess> spiritus sanctus sanctum aaarrrrrrpee
[12:14] <FrontierWarGM> Beata RPer, semper virgini
[12:14] <Reiska> Well
[12:14] * Reiska could still use advice on what the heck to do with 500 xp but
[12:14] * Reiska is now known as Liane
[12:15] <FrontierWarGM> Spend that shit, my man.
[12:15] <Liane> I can definitely make an attempt at playing, yep
[12:15] <FrontierWarGM> Dump all that shit into characteristics and skills.
[12:15] <Kess> as noted before
[12:15] <Kess> <Suzune> Okay, Kess and Forgemaster both upgraded
[12:15] <Kess> <Suzune> Kess now has Rapid Reload, +5 perception, and Known in Logic and Security
[12:15] <Kess> <Suzune> The Forgemaster now has Lv2 in all Mechanical upgrades, Lv2 armor, and every standard upgrade
[12:15] <Kess> <Suzune> it has changed its module setup some, too
[12:15] <Kess> <Suzune> Head: Phoenix Sensors / Torso 1: Loader Suite / Torso 2: Damaskite Weave / Both Arms: Gunmount / Legs: Superburners.
[12:15] <Kess> i popped facilitate upgrades ofc
[12:15] <Kess> because why not
[12:15] <FrontierWarGM> Hell yeah
[12:16] <Kess> JUST in case we sortie it's good to keep the mech humming
[12:16] <FrontierWarGM> Agreed
[12:16] <Rora> Many shinies have been acquired. :3
[12:16] <Kess> yes
[12:16] <Kess> everyone is fully capable of getting lv2 basic upgrades
[12:18] <Rora> (Reiska: maybe…more Inquiry? Or, Perception/Intelligence buff?)
[12:18] <Liane> Hmmm, perhaps
[12:18] * Liane focuses on the mech upgrades first, they take less thought
[12:19] <Rora> Heh, indeed. get all the things
[12:19] <Liane> Getting all the supply 4 things!
[12:19] <FrontierWarGM> For sure, this system requires more thought than the path-bound games
[12:22] <Liane> Hmmm
[12:22] <Liane> Should I pick up any value 4 weapons
[12:22] * Rora crosses out "Idris sneezed" possibility
[12:22] <Kess> it's only for upgrades
[12:22] <Liane> ahh
[12:22] <Liane> ok
[12:22] <Kess> weapons are still value3
[12:22] <Liane> weapons are still 3 nod
[12:22] <Kess> as that's our permasup
[12:24] <Liane> ah
[12:24] <Liane> I know what I'll do
[12:24] <Liane> okay
[12:25] * Kess goes to tweak /weapon/ loadout
[12:26] <Liane> oh, and I forgot to audit whether I actually applied Old Tricks arrgh
[12:26] * Liane does that, too
[12:28] <Liane> okay, yeah, it LOOKS like I did
[12:28] <Kayoko> sorry, I'm here
[12:29] * Liane will frankly ask haplo to take a closer look later when it's not game day but it *looks* like I did it
[12:29] <Liane> at least for stats
[12:29] <FrontierWarGM> No worries :P
[12:29] <Liane> I may have forgotten to do it for skills
[12:29] <Liane> it's not important for today anyway
[12:30] <Liane> I think I did forget to give myself the 3 basic skills
[12:30] <Liane> but that'll take too long to figure out
[12:33] * TC is now known as Taishi_Ci
[12:36] <Liane> okay
[12:36] <Liane> I did give them to me
[12:36] <Liane> good!
[12:36] <Rora> :D
[12:36] * Liane updates notes.
[12:36] <Rora> Now to give yourself a pat on the back~
[12:44] <Liane> shit updated
[12:44] <Liane> brb
[12:44] <FrontierWarGM> Hell yeah, gonna get eaten by a space satan
[12:44] <Liane> k
[12:45] <Liane> Great One is modern respectful term for Angel, right
[12:45] <Kess> it's actually more the galactic term
[12:45] * Liane nods
[12:45] <Rora> And here I was worried we'd be consumed/eradicated/etc by something we'd encountered before. :B
[12:45] <Kess> If you ask Kess
[12:46] <Kess> she'd recommend keeping Angel as a 'less accurate but apt' term, OR
[12:46] <Kess> to use it /specifically/ for the children of Adam
[12:50] <Rora> Somebody dun got them star power they did, right thar.
[12:52] <Rora> …Yeah, that's the one! Google was not helping me with that. XD
[12:52] <FrontierWarGM> Kayoko's sister is an idol, which means she's used to dealing with star power
[12:52] <Rora> Hee-hee
[12:53] <Kess> pfff
[12:54] <Kayoko> and harnessing it for her own ends
[12:59] <Rora> ._.
[13:00] <Liane> Hey, Haplo, the holodisplays on the bridge
[13:00] <Liane> Where all can they route to?
[13:01] <Liane> Superheavy cockpits I know, where else
[13:01] <Kess> I think we just
[13:01] <Kess> have it working onship for us
[13:01] <Kess> simurgh magic presumably
[13:02] <FrontierWarGM> They can route anywhere, yeah
[13:03] <Kess> hm. …MAybe Kess is actually IN Technical.
[13:03] <FrontierWarGM> Likely! She can go run to have a look at Real!Idris if she wants
[13:04] <Kess> …how does that work actually
[13:04] <Kess> is it the eva body, the avatar body…
[13:04] <Kess> but, sure
[13:05] <FrontierWarGM> The Eva is the realest body
[13:05] * Kess nod, then heading there
[13:05] <FrontierWarGM> Technically you could incinerate the avatar body and nothing bad would happen to Idris, he'd just recreate it
[13:05] * Kess right!
[13:15] <FrontierWarGM> Dibs on Inara's arms
[13:16] <Kess> the irony is that without S2 energy
[13:16] <Inara> No :|
[13:16] <Kess> her regen is probably crap
[13:18] <FrontierWarGM> It is :D
[13:18] <FrontierWarGM> But, at least she'll survive
[13:20] <Inara> She's not treating anyone without arms, though. So you guys would be on your own for healing-type stuff.
[13:21] <FrontierWarGM> True :|
[13:22] <Kess> yyyeah
[13:22] <Liane> knew it
[13:23] <Rora> …So it was Dio, all along!
[13:23] <FrontierWarGM> pffft
[13:25] <FrontierWarGM> catte pls
[13:26] <Liane> hmm
[13:26] <Liane> well, that's interesting
[13:27] <Rora> Cat: But your keyboard — it lacks anything sitting on it! I must tyyyyyype
[13:27] <FrontierWarGM> pffft
[13:28] <FrontierWarGM> She doesn't really touch the keyboard, she just sits right in front of the monitor
[13:28] <FrontierWarGM> Or she nags me to drag the curtain aside so she can look outside from my desk :|
[13:28] <Liane> So
[13:28] <Liane> I think the Harvesters did it
[13:28] <Liane> or their leftovers, anyway
[13:29] <Rora> Cat: *watching all the things*
[13:30] <Rora> Considering that last we knew, those jerks had a map to their homeworld…I could see that.
[13:33] <Kess> It's possible
[13:33] <Kess> it might be Ancestral instead, but
[13:33] <Kess> hmmm
[13:34] <FrontierWarGM> It does look, basically, like a giant Watcher
[13:34] <Liane> Liane is, without bothering the people on the bridge, going to go do what she can to help the quartermaster out, by the way.
[13:34] <FrontierWarGM> Okie!
[13:39] <FrontierWarGM> http://minahaplo.wikidot.com/tfwi:devil-at-the-crossroads | Tutturu. This is of special import to Kess, as each of us gets a single session focused on us… And this is Kess's turn!
[13:39] <Kess> aha!
[13:40] <Rora> We didn't even try to mess with his little ruins expedition, whatta heck mang. >:/
[13:40] <Rora> Ooh, neat!
[13:40] * Kess nodnod!
[13:41] <Kess> and of course, my career stuff
[13:41] <Kess> the multitool and the arm thingus
[13:41] <FrontierWarGM> Natch
[13:42] <Kayoko> Raphael, somewhere: I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD'VE STAYED BASELINE
[13:42] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[13:45] <Kess> lolll
[13:47] <FrontierWarGM> #frontierwar2
[13:48] <FrontierWarGM> I'll keep Kess in room 1, whilst the rest of us go to room 2
[13:48] <FrontierWarGM> 9-gackt indeed XD
[13:48] <FrontierWarGM> And yeah, you do
[13:48] <Kess> right shift isn't that reliable
[13:48] <Kess> is sigilite okay? >.>
[13:49] * Rora wonders if one of the warfriends has a tea sidebusiness…
[13:49] <Kess> But lesse
[13:49] <Kess> i assume this includes p-scale weaponry?
[13:49] <FrontierWarGM> Yup. And we'll say sigilite is fine
[13:52] <Kess> Okay! I'll need a mome to fit this all out
[13:53] <FrontierWarGM> For sure~
[14:00] <Kayoko> Oh, obviously Violet and Kess have been asked to keep quiet on why they've only sent Seers. I was originally planning to work out a way to use Twiceborn as well just to hide our weakness, but the energy sitch is worse than I thought
[14:01] <Kess> Weapons: Sigilite Staff, Stalker Bolter. / Armor: Fed Sigilite suit. / Demo: 2 fusion charges / Medical: 2 units of biogel / Advanced headgear: Omniglasses, Concussion Damper / Heavy Armor Mods: She already has a Servo-Arm. / Heavy Equipment: Portatron Generator / Armor Overlay: Blastproof / Advanced Tools: Already has Combi-Tool, add Sci-Glove and digital Lockpicks. / basic tools: Medkit, Glow Lamp
[14:02] <Liane> I am curious how much less bad Liane would fare than the neogens, but
[14:02] <Liane> I assume "not well enough to be useful"
[14:03] * Kess (~moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[14:04] * Kess (~moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) has joined #haplo
[14:04] <Kess> I imagine the difference is purly psychological - what I said after the 'not well enough' line
[14:04] <Kess> which is last i got
[14:05] <Kess> Did my reply in room1 come through?
[14:05] <FrontierWarGM> [14:03] * Kess paused, rather visibly, at Conqueror's question. "…I am Questant-Of-Inner-Spheres, ranking Ensign on the Valetta." Her plumage was largely blocked by the heavy armor, and she simply bowed impassively, a proper Seer bow but subdued. "A technical expert, and more logical to send than the Chief." | This one?
[14:06] <Kess> Yeah that one
[14:09] <FrontierWarGM> Valletta folks: You all start with a rank of fatigue, btw. You have four turns before life support turns off, so your goal right now is to find ways to lengthen that by sourcing equipment, actions, etc. that take the burden off artificial life support. (Example: Find blankets, reduce temperature regulation).
[14:09] <FrontierWarGM> You guys have a bit of freedom in determining what the Valletta actually has on board!
[14:09] <FrontierWarGM> So yeah, basically gimme your ideas.
[14:10] <Rora> …Hm! Temperature regulation, eh?
[14:10] <FrontierWarGM> Yus.
[14:10] <FrontierWarGM> Feel free to ask me as many questions as you want, too.
[14:10] <Rora> :D
[14:12] <Rora> Okay, well, first off: how much are AT fields being affected by these shenanigans? I expect minimum is that it's harder to focus on things, but is this, like, literally draining our fields/ability to generate them?
[14:12] * Rora was formulating some ideas, but they kind of rely on AT stuffs, unsurprisingly. :B
[14:13] <FrontierWarGM> You're basically working on Defector rules. You still have AT Fields, but powering them requires you eating a ton of food. So basically, I'm gonna say… Y'all have enough food for 6 AT Field powers. You can increase this amount by finding more food somehow, but yeah :P
[14:13] <FrontierWarGM> Just say "I wanna AT Field!" and I'll decrease the count.
[14:13] <Rora> Oof; alrighty.
[14:14] <Inara> Just an idea, but we might want to herd everyone into single location or wing of the ship instead of spreading our resources out all over the place. Then maybe turn off the lights and power to the abandoned parts of the ship?
[14:15] <FrontierWarGM> Ooh.
[14:15] <Liane> That's very smart.
[14:15] <Kess> How does this go for Kess, who I assume has been eating well?
[14:15] <Rora> …Sustaining a reduction of temperature maintenance through largescale AT Thermal power is probably not worth the food tradeoff, then.
[14:16] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: You're as normal.
[14:18] <Liane> Anyway, Liane's gonna search the cargo bay for food items, and then also collect whatever stash of snacks she has in her own quarters and assess the supply.
[14:18] <Kess> okay~
[14:18] <Rora> I imagine we'll want to converge on/near the cafeteria, yeah? In terms of gathering to one locale for power saving.
[14:18] * Liane agrees
[14:19] <Liane> Since there we'll also have the facilities to prepare food.
[14:19] <Inara> Yeah, it'll probably be big enough for everyone too
[14:19] <Liane> And the act of cooking, itself, can generate some heat.
[14:20] * Kess tempted to hold back advice because Kess is Busy
[14:21] <FrontierWarGM> Liane: Make an awareness test, +20. Suzu: What test do you think would be best for following the sound?
[14:22] <Kess> sound-based awareness seems the most logical.
[14:23] * Kess isn't sure if her scanning equipment can sense vibrations
[14:23] <Kess> if it could, the test associated wit hthat would be preferable
[14:24] <Liane> ,dhroll 50
[14:24] <Puppysnuggles> Liane: 39 Success by 1 degree!
[14:24] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: We'll say it can, so factor those bonuses in
[14:24] <FrontierWarGM> Liane: You manage to rustle together enough food to add another chit to our pile (making it 7)
[14:25] <Rora> Okay, further question: is all this energy draining that's going on, like…technological in nature? Or are there, perhaps, multiple avenues being employed to absorb all these different essences? (Is that something that we could even detect? I'd imagine we'd need to test something to do so.)
[14:25] <FrontierWarGM> Hmm. Do you want to investigate the nature of the draining?
[14:25] <Rora> Yes! I would.
[14:27] <Kess> Okay.
[14:27] <FrontierWarGM> Hmmm. I'll say test Lore (Metaphysical Biology)-10 for me.
[14:27] <Kess> oh hey, sentinel helm allows sonar sense and is +20. Score.
[14:28] <Kess> ,dhroll 65
[14:28] <Puppysnuggles> Kess: 20 Success by 4 degrees!
[14:28] <Rora> Okay, so that's…Int — mine being 35 — minus 10 means… ,dhroll 25?
[14:28] <FrontierWarGM> Yus.
[14:28] <Rora> Whew, well…here goes. :B
[14:29] <Rora> ,dhroll 25
[14:29] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 18 Success by 0 degrees!
[14:29] <Inara> Yay!
[14:29] <FrontierWarGM> results incoming…
[14:29] <Rora> :DD
[14:30] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: You manage to get a pretty reliably lock on the source of the noise, and you start following it through various rooms. This place is -very- big, but even worse, the routes themselves change after you move through them and the place is mazelike as-is. You come to one room- with two exits, one through the roof- and realise something.
[14:31] <FrontierWarGM> The chaotic noise you're tracking isn't a single thing, but very many different things of different sizes. They are almost certainly organic and they are almost certainly rushing toward you. You have time to prepare before whatever they are arrive.
[14:32] <Kess> oh boy.
[14:32] <Kess> learning kinetic basic was a good decision it seems
[14:33] <FrontierWarGM> hehehe
[14:33] <FrontierWarGM> Rora…
[14:34] <Rora> Float~
[14:35] <FrontierWarGM> You determine that the sphere's outer hull, which is sigilite in nature, is channelling something approximating, if not 100%, an AT Field, which is 'pinging' outward. Whenever it hits an energy source, it starts creating microconnections that drain the energy out of them, so it's in some way draining via an AT Field, but whatever it is not exactly an AT Field, which doesn't necessarily make sense… But there you go.
[14:35] <FrontierWarGM> Inara: Your common sense solution helps give everyone an extra turn!
[14:35] <Inara> Woo!
[14:36] * Rora high-fives all around~
[14:36] <FrontierWarGM> It is turn 2! Give me your energy!
[14:37] <Rora> …Did Kayoko get to do a thing?
[14:37] * Kess ponders Kess's cours of action and yeah did she
[14:39] * Rora pondering, meanwhile; Schroedinger's field then, hmmm! So maybe this needs some joint work in order to disrupt.
[14:39] <Kayoko> Kayoko is off keeping people in line, or something. I'll pop in if need be in RP, but I'm sitting out mechanically
[14:40] <Rora> Ah, I see.
[14:42] <Rora> Does the Valetta have, like…I dunno, portable terminals? If I'm continuing this crazy line of thinking I'm having, I anticipate needing the ability to technohack to some degree.
[14:43] <FrontierWarGM> Sure.
[14:44] <Liane> So now that Liane's scrounged up some food, her next step is going to be (with permission) collecting blankets from people's quarters. And possibly extra food as well.
[14:44] <Liane> I think.
[14:44] <Rora> Okay! Cool. So, I guess maybe I should outline what exactly I'm theorizing, here.
[14:47] <Rora> The idea is to restrict or inhibit this draining effect by attempting to either Reinforce Reality towards the source (or around the area where people are located?), or Suppress the effects it's having on people.
[14:47] * Kess ponders action.
[14:48] <Rora> Since it's Not-Exactly-AT though, disrupting those microconnections from the portable terminals will probably also be necessary to keep energy from actually getting sapped.
[14:49] <Rora> Though, on re-reading — this is an AT-like "ping" that's being used.
[14:50] <Rora> So maybe it's less a matter of affecting the hard method of the drain, and more of evading being drained in the first place.
[14:50] <Kess> …Nondetection power use?
[14:51] <Rora> Yeah, and/or masking energy sources.
[14:51] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: Yeah, these guys are hostile, so you now have more info on how to action
[14:52] <Kess> right!
[14:52] <Rora> I figure we're not going to be able to get around using some things that will be targeted, but maybe stealthing most of us from the ping will be enough to further extend our resources.
[14:52] <Kess> but…
[14:52] <Kess> maybe the connections are maintained, is a different thought
[14:52] <Rora> And for those that are, we can try to mess with the microconnections leading back to the sphere.
[14:52] <Kess> (aka once seen, sucks to be you)
[14:52] <Rora> Ah, hmm.
[14:53] <Kess> …so
[14:53] <Kess> how does combat in an investigation work
[14:53] <Rora> So…we'd have to time the breaking of the connections with the hiding of energy sources, in order to be missed by the ping.
[14:53] <FrontierWarGM> Basically, think of cool shit to do to tip things in your scale, more or less
[14:54] <FrontierWarGM> It's not too different from normal investigation actions, except what you're essentially determining is how much you lose in allies and materials
[14:54] * Kess nodnod, thinks
[14:55] <Kess> ..is projection a flat add, or added to the per-atb formula
[14:56] <Kess> mostly so I have an idea of how stupid the range boost is
[14:57] <FrontierWarGM> Flat add, I believe
[14:57] <Kess> okay.
[14:57] <Kess> SO
[14:57] <Kess> …What Kess is going to do
[14:59] <Kess> is with the help of her sigil-mailing, join the frontline and barrier up. From there, it's gonna be dirac skips and kinetic waves, because her kit isn't very swarmhandly.
[14:59] <Kess> she'll focus on basically thus
[14:59] <Kess> jumping across gaps in defenses, protecting Violet and the Overseers more preferentially due to less hardy, but gladly shoring up significant gaps in Warslave/friend ranks
[15:00] * Kess is the Reinhardt, she will be your shield. I am the protective .. ..
[15:00] <Kess> hexagon or octagon?
[15:00] <FrontierWarGM> Oct. I think
[15:00] <Kess> right
[15:01] <Kess> but basically yeah that's how i'm gonna play it. i'll just ask that the rest of the team try to get as much coverage as possible - warfriends are well suited for this
[15:01] <FrontierWarGM> Right right
[15:01] <Kess> due to their loadout
[15:01] <Kess> fookin missiles
[15:01] * Kess goes to pose.
[15:02] <FrontierWarGM> Atma: hmmm
[15:02] <Rora> …I guess the first thing we need to discern now is whether or not we can fiddle with microconnections.
[15:02] <FrontierWarGM> I'm going to be mean and say you'll need to burn some food to test that :P
[15:03] <FrontierWarGM> And time time, too. This'll be a full action
[15:03] <Rora> And then, somehow…Focus Suppresion over an area or something to keep people from being detected.
[15:03] <Rora> Fair!
[15:03] <Rora> I mean, as long as people are amenable to this expenditure of resources.
[15:04] <Rora> …Also I don't have Tech Use. ^_^;;
[15:04] <FrontierWarGM> We'll say that can be handled by our tech experts here
[15:04] <Kess> honestly, figuring out how to shield the Valetta for one turn is probably worth it
[15:05] <FrontierWarGM> Liane: I'm going to say, test Inquiry, +10!
[15:05] <FrontierWarGM> Cake, did you have something you were thinking of doing?
[15:06] <Liane> ,dhroll 50
[15:06] <Puppysnuggles> Liane: 53 Failure by 0 degrees!
[15:06] <Liane> Drat it
[15:06] <Rora> >_<
[15:06] * Liane ponders.
[15:06] <Liane> Do I want to fate this.
[15:06] <Liane> I probably should given the short time limit we're on.
[15:07] <FrontierWarGM> :D
[15:07] <Liane> I think I will.
[15:07] <Liane> ,dhroll 60
[15:07] <Puppysnuggles> Liane: 25 Success by 3 degrees!
[15:07] <Rora> Noice
[15:08] <Inara> I'm trying to think of anything that would be useful to scrounge up from medical's supply cabinets. Vitamin injections, etc.
[15:09] <Inara> I also wonder if it would have an emergency generator somewhere…
[15:09] <FrontierWarGM> That seems likely
[15:10] <Kess> I mean if Kess could get a portatron…
[15:10] <Kess> the ship may have a handful more
[15:11] <Inara> Goin' generator hunting! Someone techy can handle the part about hooking it up to the cafeteria
[15:11] <FrontierWarGM> catte pls
[15:12] <Rora> Cat: whatchu dooooooin'? lemme see :3
[15:18] <Liane> Liane has tech use if the generator shows up!
[15:18] <Rora> …And then unless there are objections, I'mma eat a food to continue this delving into its microconnector countermeasures phase. :B
[15:19] <Inara> Eat away!
[15:19] <FrontierWarGM> :E
[15:19] * Rora omnomnom :I
[15:19] <FrontierWarGM> Okay, let's see…
[15:20] <FrontierWarGM> Liane manages to rustle up some blankets, and also pries some food- choco bars, gift hampers, extra rations, homemade meals- from a hungry crew, who aren't happy about it, but them's the breaks. (+1 food, and you don't suffer any fatigue this turn.)
[15:20] <FrontierWarGM> Make me an AT Field test, Atma.
[15:21] <FrontierWarGM> Inara: Can you think of a good skill to test for rustling your supplies?
[15:21] <Rora> …Ooh, AT Field! I like those tests.
[15:22] <Rora> Any chance I can go hop into Comet Breaker for it? >_>
[15:22] <Inara> Survival?
[15:23] <FrontierWarGM> No :|
[15:23] <FrontierWarGM> Inara: Hmmm, I'll allow it. Make it +10
[15:23] <Rora> XD
[15:23] <FrontierWarGM> Actually, no, it might make sense. Go ahead and climb in Comet Breaker
[15:23] <Rora> :D
[15:23] <Inara> ,dhroll 35
[15:23] <Puppysnuggles> Inara: 39 Failure by 0 degrees!
[15:23] <Rora> Oof >_<
[15:23] <Inara> I'll try to fate that
[15:24] <Rora> ,dhroll 90
[15:24] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 19 Success by 7 degrees!
[15:24] <Inara> ,dhroll 45
[15:24] <Puppysnuggles> Inara: 65 Failure by 2 degrees!
[15:24] <Inara> Bah :|
[15:24] <Inara> Next turn…
[15:25] <Rora> Oh no! I stole your roll; I'm sorry. >_<
[15:25] <Liane> brb
[15:25] <Inara> You're not to blame. It's all on Puppy :|
[15:26] <Rora> Dangit, Puppy! D:
[15:26] <FrontierWarGM> Okay, so
[15:26] <FrontierWarGM> Inara, you actually do find the supplies you're looking for!
[15:27] <Inara> Oh, yay!
[15:27] <Rora> :D
[15:27] <FrontierWarGM> However, you take a bit of time to find it, and someone in your medical team is overheard saying that there might be a shortage
[15:27] <FrontierWarGM> That's picked up by the crew, and a small portion of the crew start outright panicking
[15:28] <FrontierWarGM> The end result is… You find the food (+1 food!) and a generator (+1 time), but the panic causes such a disruption that everyone bar Kess take -10 to all tests until the end of Turn 4
[15:28] <Rora> Oh my
[15:28] <Inara> Whoops
[15:29] <Inara> This is why the robot is the best medical staff member >:|
[15:29] <Liane> k
[15:29] <Inara> I doubt he was the one who blabbed
[15:29] <FrontierWarGM> I never said it wasn't Champ :|
[15:30] <Inara> D:
[15:30] <Rora> >:o
[15:30] <FrontierWarGM> Rora: You discover that you can, through testing, hide people from the draining effect for about one to two minutes before the thing adapts. You also determine that it's not enough to fully awaken Idris, either. Basically, you know that at some point in the future, for a single turn, you can flip the switch and make people safe from draining for a very short time, which might be incredibly useful in the right circumstances.
[15:31] <Rora> Cool beans!
[15:34] <Rora> Thank you Valetta tech crew for tackling the hack-y bits~
[15:36] <Rora> …Sounds like I'm gonna have to find a new angle of approach though. Probably not going to be able to, like…imprint a field of Suppression onto a sigilite cube, and then make intermittent tweaks to it so as to prolong the hidans.
[15:40] <Rora> …Ohhhh dear.
[15:46] * Liane is going to get dragged AFK for 10-15 minutes in about as long, as a warning
[15:47] * Kess aha
[16:16] <Liane> Back
[16:16] <FrontierWarGM> Wibby
[16:23] <Kess> Okay, a few questions of science and engineering nature, re: what Kess /should/ know
[16:23] <Kess> given the star's class and the distances involved
[16:23] <Kess> would her or Conqueror's superheavies have any area inside the sphere where they would not be incinerated?
[16:23] <Kess> (or cook the pilot)
[16:24] <FrontierWarGM> Good question. I feel like if you hugged the very surface of the wall, you would be able to draw out the damage, but otherwise… Yeah, it might be best to find some kind of shielding.
[16:27] * Kess nodnod.
[16:27] <Kess> That gives me my idea.
[16:32] <FrontierWarGM> Okay, I need to feed this cat
[16:33] <Liane> I will do the same for mine!
[16:33] <Rora> Food is good~
[16:33] <Liane> She is meowing incessantly, so.
[16:34] <Rora> This Dyson Sphere tech is tres potent, to be affecting even our dimension.
[16:34] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[16:40] <FrontierWarGM> Rora, Liane, Inara: You guys must be feeling pretty secure, huh? Bet you feel pretty safe? :|
[16:40] <Liane> Absolutely not.
[16:41] <Inara> I will not answer this trick question :|
[16:41] <Rora> Well I mean, I thought I was working toward a much more permanent solution, so…
[16:42] <FrontierWarGM> :D
[16:42] * Rora puts his trust in Kess.
[16:42] <FrontierWarGM> (To do some T3 stuff) You all start hearing a -thud thud- on the hull.
[16:43] <FrontierWarGM> The hull of the Valletta that is.
[16:43] <Rora> …Oh gorg. This is going to be Lost in Space all over again, isn't it. >_<
[16:44] <FrontierWarGM> Rora feels a strange tingling across his AT sensitivity, too.
[16:44] <Rora> …Queen Bug. ._.
[16:45] <FrontierWarGM> Your external sensors have been deactivated/drained, too, so you aren't sure what it is :o
[16:45] <Kess> this yes sounds bad
[16:45] <Kess> if not superbad
[16:45] <Rora> Queen Mystery
[16:46] <Inara> We can't kill it until it comes inside
[16:49] <FrontierWarGM> Any ideas on what to do? :E
[16:50] <Rora> Hmm…I suppose I wouldn't wager superheavies being able to remain operational in intense combat situations for too long, what with ze drainage goingsons.
[16:50] <FrontierWarGM> Aye.
[16:51] * Kess nods
[16:51] <Kess> …Kess may well have to deal with that problem too
[16:53] <Rora> Is this strange tingling at all reminiscent of, say, having his deflector weakened by energy weapons?
[16:53] <Rora> Also, is there any sense of direction or origination from it?
[16:53] <FrontierWarGM> No. It's more like, you know how Rora has 'at sensitivity', and can sense an AT Field nearby instinctively? It's like that. He's sensitive to an AT Field presence, and it's coming from the thud thud.
[16:54] <Rora> Hmm, yes-yes.
[16:56] <Liane> Where on the hull are we hearing it
[16:58] <Rora> …Hm. Any chance this AT Field bears any similarities to the Pseudo-Field he was testing shenanigans on? Or is this, like, 100% Original AT flavor?
[17:01] <FrontierWarGM> Liane: On the outer hull, I'll say near engineering for convenience
[17:01] <FrontierWarGM> Rora: You might need to do active investigations to determine that.
[17:01] <Liane> Well
[17:02] <Liane> My first suggestion, not withstanding anything else, would be to evacuate that sector and seal it off if possible. If not possible, tell everyone to get their fuckin' space suits on.
[17:03] <Rora> …Hmmmm.
[17:04] <Kess> how long are the Valetta turns anyway
[17:04] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: I'll probably say it's variable, but maybe 1-2 hours each
[17:04] * Kess nod
[17:05] * Kess nod
[17:07] <Rora> Hopping into my AC suit sounds prudent (provided that counts as adequate protection from the Void), but I'm inclined to investigate this as well. Not sure what else I might do to contribute, other than potentially trade food for time (further reduce temp/lighting resource strain on ship via Thermal/Radiance stuffs).
[17:08] <Rora> …I've actually lost track of our food/time reserves, actually. Would that even be helpful?
[17:11] <Rora> …Although.
[17:11] <Rora> The crew's panicking right now, yeah?
[17:11] * Rora could try to calm people with music maybe, to spare others their test penalties.
[17:17] <Kayoko> Alright folks. My apologies, but due to some RL stuff I need to take off for the night (And no guarantee I'll be back for the first half of the week either). Haplo has complete license to use Kayoko for whatever if you need her mechanically, and he knows what I'd be likely to allow anyway :P
[17:17] * Liane hugs.
[17:17] <Liane> Take care, Tao.
[17:17] <Kayoko> Cheers. Enjoy the rest of your session, folks.
[17:17] * Kayoko (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.98-201-391-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.98-201-391-271-epc|oaT) Quit (Quit: )
[17:19] * Rora waves farewell after Tao.
[17:19] <FrontierWarGM> We have 8 food left
[17:20] <FrontierWarGM> The life support gives out on turn 6
[17:21] <Rora> Ah! Okay, so swapping precisely 1 food for 1 turn would be of potential benefit; good to know.
[17:21] <Rora> Thank ye.
[17:22] <FrontierWarGM> Anyway, the AC Suits are spaceworthy, yes.
[17:22] * Syntax (~if.atsiakajaal-asile.85-842-311-88|xatnyS#if.atsiakajaal-asile.85-842-311-88|xatnyS) has joined #haplo
[17:22] <FrontierWarGM> Hiya Syn
[17:22] <Liane> Do we have enough AC suits for the whole crew?
[17:22] <Syntax> ey
[17:23] * Rora waves to Syntax~
[17:26] <FrontierWarGM> You do not have anywhere near enough AC Suits for the whole crew, no
[17:26] <Liane> Okay.
[17:27] <Liane> What would be the consequences of sealing off that sector of the ship then?
[17:27] <Liane> Because obviously we're fucked as hell if they breach the hull.
[17:29] <FrontierWarGM> Well if they do breach the hull in engineering, and you seal off that sector, then the rest of the ship is fine, but you compromise Engineering, which is where you keep Idris, for starters.
[17:29] <Liane> Fuck. Hrm.
[17:30] <Liane> I mean if they do breach the hull in engineering and we DON'T seal off that sector we all kind of die.
[17:30] <Rora> …This is starting to sound like a Last Stand situation to me.
[17:30] <Liane> So it's not really much of a choice at that point Ugh..
[17:30] <Rora> AC suit up into Engineering, seal it off, protect Idris?
[17:32] <Rora> I mean, unless we want to burn some future time getting sensors/weapons online and blasting them with the Valetta.
[17:32] <Rora> Or, something.
[17:32] <Liane> That is an option of last resort… we'd need something to secure us to the ship, though, so we don't get sucked out into space
[17:32] <FrontierWarGM> AC suits come with magnetic tech and thrusters to keep itself secure in that sort of event
[17:33] <Liane> Hm, that's good.
[17:33] <Liane> Inara, you got any better ideas?
[17:35] <Inara> Nothing I can think of. Using an AC Suit to plug a hole is going to be faster, less dangerous and will reuire fewer resources than trying to build some kind of makeshift barrier
[17:36] <Liane> That just leaves the question of who we commit to the defense then
[17:37] <Rora> I would float the idea of making some sort of explosive-filled decoy ship to attract whatever thud-thing is out there to a kaboom…but that would involve using up said ship and ammunition — not to mention being built on the assumption that we could devise a way to attract it to the decoy.
[17:37] <Inara> I don't suppose someone outside the ship, in the expedition team, would be able to see what was going on
[17:38] <Kess> I am deeeep inside the sphere
[17:38] <Kess> I cannot get a visual
[17:38] <Inara> Drat
[17:38] <Kess> Maybe you could hail Conky's wife
[17:39] <Kess> and ask them to look
[17:39] <Inara> Oh!
[17:39] <Inara> That's a good idea
[17:39] <Rora> Hm! Indeed
[17:39] <Liane> Sentimentality :(
[17:40] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: The teleporter grid is down, but you might be able to repower it with your generator. The area round it is vermin-controlled, of course… But they're not actively seeking targets. They're a bit flat-footed, I suppose. How do you wanna deal with it?
[17:40] <FrontierWarGM> Valletta team: so what's your goal here, and who's doing what?
[17:40] <Kess> …before we do that
[17:40] <Kess> …do we know how the vermin's senses work?
[17:41] <Liane> Okay, so, to sum it up
[17:42] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: They are, naturally, electroreceptive. They work on sensing electrical currents, especially that of movement
[17:43] <Kess> …hmmm
[17:43] <Liane> I figure that an open hull breach in an unsealed Engineering sector will probably be catastrophic to the crew (and Idris). Ideally I'd like to prevent a breach from happening in the first place, but I don't think we have any direct means of *doing* so.
[17:43] <Kess> …
[17:43] <Kess> do any of you know transmutation
[17:44] <Rora> I have Basic.
[17:44] <Liane> Liane only has innate
[17:44] <Kess> not quite good enough probably
[17:44] <Liane> for ATstuff
[17:44] <Kess> though stitch might be enough
[17:44] <Kess> and an AC suit /is/ inorganic
[17:44] <Kess> or… something
[17:44] <FrontierWarGM> (Idris, btw, won't be harmed by a hull breach)
[17:45] <Inara> I also know basic transmutation
[17:45] <Liane> So I'm thinking….
[17:45] <Kess> (the idea being to stich the hole with a bulkhead or other scrap if it comes up)
[17:45] <Kess> 9also if you can seal only limited chambers…
[17:45] <Liane> Someone (Kayoko, obv) should hail Conq's wife and go "Yo, what's fucking with our ship"
[17:45] <Kess> Maybe add a
[17:45] <Liane> "Cuz we can't see it"
[17:45] <Kess> "it may well fuck with you too"
[17:45] <Liane> Yeah
[17:45] <Liane> Agreed there
[17:45] <Liane> Beyond that
[17:46] <Liane> Someone, or someones, should AC suit up and head there to defend Idris/the sector in general and repair any damage if it happens.
[17:46] <FrontierWarGM> Would you like me to do that now?
[17:46] <FrontierWarGM> vis a vis asking the Architect of cenotaphs
[17:46] <Liane> Liane will volunteer for /that/, because it's a dangerous thing
[17:47] <Kess> But hum.
[17:47] <Kess> It looks like the smartest answer to getting the bugs out of the teeproom
[17:48] <Kess> is to make Big Lightning
[17:48] <Rora> Asking for info about thud-thing is probably best to be done first, I'd say.
[17:48] <Liane> Yeah, info first
[17:48] <Kess> Maybe asking someone with Radiance to just find a place to fucking laser at
[17:48] <Kess> (maybe even through a breach)
[17:48] <Kess> lure the bugs out thus
[17:48] <Rora> …I mean.
[17:48] * Liane would opine that Inara should not join Liane at the hull breach, because we can't afford to lose the doctor
[17:49] <Rora> I have an AT laser.
[17:49] <Kess> …and then try to /quickly/ get the teleporter powered and get us where we need to be before they decide the portatron is tastier
[17:49] <Kess> yes but you're not on the expedition now are you
[17:49] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: That's a good idea
[17:49] <Kess> …THOUGH
[17:49] <FrontierWarGM> Conqueror has Radiance Master, so
[17:49] <Kess> if you somehow knew about the electroreception…
[17:49] <FrontierWarGM> He can do the Big Lightning as needed
[17:49] <Kess> excellent!
[17:49] <Rora> Oh, right — sorry, got my signals crossed. :B
[17:50] <FrontierWarGM> So Conqueror can do that. Kess, to represent you -rushing-, it'll be Tech Use -30
[17:50] <FrontierWarGM> (With bonuses from equipment as normal)
[17:50] <FrontierWarGM> Valletta peoples
[17:50] <Rora> In any case, Liane can't go out there alone. And Rora has an AC suit.
[17:51] <FrontierWarGM> Kayoko patches through to Architect, and she takes a look, laughs, and cuts communications
[17:51] <FrontierWarGM> Okay, no, as funny as that'd be
[17:51] <Liane> >:|
[17:51] <FrontierWarGM> She tells you that you have a Great One on your ship.
[17:51] <Rora> …I was about to say >_<
[17:51] <FrontierWarGM> It looks like a juvenile!
[17:51] <Kess> okay!
[17:51] * Kess crunches.
[17:52] <Kess> …also that might be VERY USEFUL for you guys
[17:52] <Rora> …So we ended up meeting one after all! XD
[17:52] <Kess> …though contacting it is
[17:52] <Kess> oh god
[17:52] <Liane> … Sounds like it might be trying to get in for protection.
[17:52] <Liane> Can we contact it?
[17:52] <Inara> Yeah, who's going to be brave enough to try to communicate with it?
[17:52] <Liane> Okay
[17:52] <Liane> obligatory question
[17:53] <Liane> what do I actually know ICly speaking about the risks of doing so
[17:53] <FrontierWarGM> Well usually people who tried to contact Angels outside of an Evangelion got -fukt up-
[17:53] <FrontierWarGM> You don't know whether that might've changed since Twicebornination…
[17:54] <Kess> okay, -30 rush, +30 master, +10 glove, int 55. Also, I'll be using Stitch Material as needed.
[17:54] <FrontierWarGM> -But- I will say, if you're going to try, then the best thing would be to try whilst in the safety of the Comet Breaker.
[17:54] <Kess> ,dhroll 65
[17:54] <Puppysnuggles> Kess: 17 Success by 4 degrees!
[17:54] <FrontierWarGM> Got it!
[17:54] <Liane> Okay.
[17:54] <FrontierWarGM> Hell yeah, you wire that shit right up.
[17:54] <Liane> So, then, realtalk #2.
[17:54] <Rora> Niiiice!
[17:54] <Kess> yes! Very nice
[17:54] <FrontierWarGM> You also baffle the generator so it's harder to find for bugz
[17:54] <Liane> Re: who should talk to the thing.
[17:54] <Kess> Huzzah :D
[17:54] <Kess> longer teleporter uptime then
[17:55] <Liane> I assume we don't know any difference in risks between a Defector doing this, and a Twiceborn?
[17:55] * Rora doesn't have any Psychic…but does have a Comet Breaker!
[17:56] <Liane> Well.
[17:56] <Liane> I mean, talking to it is an AT thing anyway, I think.
[17:56] <Liane> So it's… probably best done by Rora if you're brave.
[17:56] <Liane> I think?
[17:57] <Rora> Fearless 3, Boldly Going, 90 AT Field in Comet Breaker, let's freakin' go
[17:57] <Kess> …yeah
[17:57] <Kess> Maybe uh
[17:57] <Kess> do that thing that lets you temporarily borrow a talent for AT shit from Kayoko
[17:57] <Kess> and learn her psychic AGAIN
[17:57] <Kess> then shit, first contact with non-Angel GO
[17:58] <Rora> It's starting to look like Rora's gonna need to pick that up for himself at some point. XD
[17:58] * Rora Known Fortitude too, for good measure!
[17:58] <FrontierWarGM> Bye psychic, nerd!
[17:58] <FrontierWarGM> Buy*
[17:58] <Rora> Or rather, I has Fortitude right now.
[17:58] <Rora> But…reasons! :/
[17:59] <FrontierWarGM> >:|
[17:59] <Rora> IC reasons.
[17:59] <FrontierWarGM> Anyway, you're gonna borrow psychic?
[17:59] <Rora> Gonna try~
[17:59] <FrontierWarGM> Go ahead and test!
[17:59] <Rora> …Test Intelligence, alright.
[18:00] <Rora> ,dhroll 35
[18:00] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 13 Success by 2 degrees!
[18:00] <FrontierWarGM> Success!
[18:00] <FrontierWarGM> And now you wanna speak with the Great One?
[18:00] <Rora> Sweet deal~
[18:00] <Rora> Yep! :B
[18:00] <FrontierWarGM> Willpower-25.
[18:01] <Rora> Hoo boy. Gonna be another 25 test. ^_^;
[18:01] <Rora> ,dhroll 25
[18:01] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 53 Failure by 2 degrees!
[18:01] <Rora> Uhh…fate?
[18:01] <FrontierWarGM> Go ahead and try :D
[18:02] <Rora> (Well, the second one now. ._.; )
[18:02] <Rora> ,dhroll 35
[18:02] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 12 Success by 2 degrees!
[18:02] * Rora WHEW
[18:02] <FrontierWarGM> Rora makes contact!
[18:04] <FrontierWarGM> He is overwhelmed with raw sensory power. It's really hard to put this into words, but: every single element of Rora's nervous/sensory system is on fire trying to process the sheer level of information being communicated, only to produce a pretty simple image: terror, confusion, lostness, agitation, coldness, missing warmth.
[18:04] <FrontierWarGM> But he recovers in like 10 minutes without any lasting injuries. Lame. >:|
[18:05] <Rora> Well, he's got the use of both his legs still, so…verifiably not lame~ :D
[18:05] <Liane> tl;dr
[18:05] <Liane> "what the fuck is happening to my AT field"
[18:06] <Rora> The poor thing needs to get away from all the energy drain too. ;_;
[18:07] <FrontierWarGM> It's still damaging the hull, mind, but the amount of damage isn't like… It's something you can feasibly slow down with shoring-up efforts, to ask earlier inquiries.
[18:07] <FrontierWarGM> So what do, Inara/Liane?
[18:08] <Kess> (I figured it was 'ohhh fuck' at the S2 drain, yes.
[18:08] <Kess> reassure it! Somehow! Ask it to help! Maybe even teep-phone Kess to ask wtf a Great One could do to help
[18:08] <Kess> i dunno!!!
[18:08] <Liane> … is it safe to let it on?
[18:09] <Rora> Would that help it?
[18:09] <Liane> No, not particularly, but it might stop it from putting a hole in our ship.
[18:09] <FrontierWarGM> According to the other Shadowfires on the ship, Great Ones are not naturally hostile.
[18:09] <FrontierWarGM> It's -probably-? not going to bug out and try to eat the crew.
[18:10] <FrontierWarGM> Judging from Architect's comments, it's presumably a very -young- Great One.
[18:10] <Liane> Letting it on board may at least help reassure it.
[18:10] * Rora is of the impression he can't exactly converse with this entity; was lucky to fly so close to the sun without wings vaporizing.
[18:10] <Inara> We could… try it. Let it into an isolated hangar or something.
[18:11] <Rora> I am not against offering it shelter, myself! Just wish I had a reliable way to, like…I dunno. Offer the idea of a hug or sommat.
[18:12] <Kess> …As much as it might be "???" At the 'small mind words'
[18:12] <Kess> …you can always try.
[18:12] <FrontierWarGM> To be clear
[18:12] <Rora> I don't have any fates left, though. :/
[18:12] <FrontierWarGM> One of you would have to get out of the ship and lure it towards you by flaring your AT Field.
[18:12] * Kess aha
[18:12] <Kess> …fun
[18:13] <Liane> Can any of us even DO that
[18:13] <Rora> …Oh, huh — Flare is Innate Intermediate.
[18:14] <Liane> Yeah…
[18:14] <FrontierWarGM> It's going to be Rora again :D
[18:15] <Rora> Am I allowed? :o
[18:15] <FrontierWarGM> Maybe if that's the case, since it's still turn 3, Liane and Inara can try to do things to make his job easier in Turn 4. Or you can pursue other goals, like reinforcing the hull
[18:15] <FrontierWarGM> In turn 4!
[18:15] <Rora> Aha! Quite.
[18:15] <Liane> gosh, I'm not even sure what I could do here
[18:16] <Rora> Well, I'mma need food to keep doing AT stuff.
[18:16] <Liane> Yeah, okay
[18:17] <Rora> …Actually, I probably used food for Psychic contact this turn too, didn't I?
[18:17] <Liane> So
[18:17] <Liane> What would be the skills for hull fixins
[18:17] <FrontierWarGM> Hmmm!
[18:18] <FrontierWarGM> Tech Use is an easy one, but…
[18:18] <FrontierWarGM> Athletics might work too!
[18:18] <Rora> …Security, maybe?
[18:18] <FrontierWarGM> Security is more for hacking and lockpicking or setting traps
[18:19] <Rora> Ah, gotcha.
[18:19] <Rora> No wait, I got it — Disguise! :D
[18:19] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[18:19] <Inara> :|
[18:19] <FrontierWarGM> I would be happy to say Tech Use+30.
[18:20] <Rora> (You're fooling space into thinking there's no hole there. :B)
[18:20] <Liane> I can do tech use.
[18:20] <Liane> Inara, can you supply Rora's food?
[18:20] <Inara> Yeah, I'll go searching for some
[18:20] * Rora thank youuuuu
[18:21] <FrontierWarGM> Inara: Gimme a skill!
[18:21] <Inara> Survival!
[18:21] <Liane> ,dhroll 65
[18:21] <Puppysnuggles> Liane: 21 Success by 4 degrees!
[18:23] <Rora> Nice! Space won't even look twice at the hull.
[18:23] <FrontierWarGM> I will have the Great One eat you :|
[18:23] <Kess> …
[18:23] <Kess> hey
[18:23] <FrontierWarGM> I will disguise you as food
[18:24] <Kess> Did Kess hear /any/ semblance of language or communication from the mindless vermin?
[18:24] <FrontierWarGM> Liane, you start patching the hull. The good news is, the Great One's first impacts did the most damage, and its other hits have been growing gradually weaker ever since. The end result is that you reinforce the hull, but you have enough practice to let the crew do the rest automatically.
[18:24] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: Haha, no! BUT as you enter the Queen's broodroom, you hear her ambient 'speech', and can test to learn Vermin.
[18:25] <Rora> Learning all the words
[18:26] <Kess> i will definitely do this. …hmm. Yeah.
[18:26] <Rora> (Poor, hungry Great One. Is such a sad. ;_; )
[18:26] <Kess> ,dhroll 55
[18:26] <Puppysnuggles> Kess: 37 Success by 1 degree!
[18:26] <FrontierWarGM> Hell yeah, you learn some space bug words
[18:26] <FrontierWarGM> Go in there and start telling it how much it sucks!
[18:26] <Kess> …can fates improve DoS by any notable amount? how long does this last without the super extension
[18:26] <Kess> er, high DoS
[18:27] <Kess> Ah, rest of the encounter
[18:27] <Kess> not worth a fate then.
[18:27] <FrontierWarGM> Fates add +1 DoS
[18:27] <FrontierWarGM> But yeah
[18:27] <FrontierWarGM> It'll be enough to last you
[18:27] <Kess> yeah that isn't enough
[18:27] <Kess> but OKAY HERE WE GO
[18:27] * Kess is going to talk.
[18:27] <Rora> Aw, no permabug. :<
[18:29] <FrontierWarGM> oh, btw
[18:29] <FrontierWarGM> Cake: Test Survival+20 for me
[18:29] <Inara> ,dhroll 45
[18:30] <Puppysnuggles> Inara: 61 Failure by 1 degree!
[18:30] <Inara> :I
[18:30] * Rora imagines you could make a lot of brilliant bilingual jokes using a combination of spacebug and Overseer coding language.
[18:30] <Rora> D:
[18:30] <Rora> …Oh, frick.
[18:30] <Rora> Hey, uh.
[18:31] <Rora> Is the crew still, like…panicking or whatnot?
[18:31] <Liane> oh right, I forgot that penalty
[18:31] <FrontierWarGM> They're keeping that up until the end of Turn 4, but it's not the whole crew, just enough to cause a general disturbance
[18:31] <FrontierWarGM> Cake: You do manage to find some food, actually…
[18:32] <FrontierWarGM> Namely, you find that some lucky crewmember was keeping their own garden on the ship!
[18:32] <Inara> :o
[18:32] <Rora> …I don't think it would've changed anything as of yet, actually…but I ought try not to forget it again, methinks. >_<
[18:32] <FrontierWarGM> Champ gleefully harvests the entire crop and purees it…
[18:32] <FrontierWarGM> This really makes the owner of the garden a bit mad :|
[18:32] <Rora> Sorry gardener. :<
[18:32] <FrontierWarGM> But if there are any other repercussions, then you don't know about them yet
[18:33] <FrontierWarGM> +1 food, giving us 8 food!
[18:33] <Rora> (Spoilers, one of the drawbacks is missing out on carrot cake all next cycle.)
[18:33] <FrontierWarGM> Valletta peeps: Turn 4 actions, what do?
[18:33] <Syntax> yall talking bout syntax
[18:33] <Inara> (We'll survive :|)
[18:33] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[18:34] <FrontierWarGM> 'carrot cake' is Syntax's working name
[18:34] <Rora> …Wait, really? XD
[18:34] <FrontierWarGM> It's true, namely because everyone avoids carrot cake
[18:34] <Liane> …
[18:34] <Liane> What
[18:34] <Liane> I love carrot cake
[18:34] <Rora> What! Carrot cake is freaking delicious.
[18:34] <Syntax> carrot cake is dece
[18:35] <Liane> brb
[18:35] <FrontierWarGM> Lotsa people lying about carrot cake tonight!
[18:35] <Rora> Nah, just one. :|
[18:36] <FrontierWarGM> Anyway, Atma, you were gonna try to lure this Great One, right?
[18:36] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[18:36] <Rora> Yep~
[18:36] <Rora> Though, I presume we need to make a space for it somewhere first?
[18:37] <FrontierWarGM> The hangar is big enough
[18:38] <Rora> Ah! Very good.
[18:39] <FrontierWarGM> So you are basically gonna go out there in Comet Breaker, flare your field, and run back inside?
[18:39] <Rora> How impactful would diverting power to open the hangar doors be? Like, are we okay to say that's doable within the constraints of the situation?
[18:39] <FrontierWarGM> Yeah, they're doable.
[18:40] <Rora> A'ight, cool. And yeah — maybe start with a blatant flare to get its attention, then try to pace out smaller ones for redirection/maintenance of attention, if necessary.
[18:40] <FrontierWarGM> We'll say… Another Willpower test. Sound good?
[18:40] <FrontierWarGM> -10, with another -10 from those rowdy boys in the cafeteria
[18:41] <Rora> Hoooo boy
[18:41] <Rora> 50 Willpower, don't fail me now. pls
[18:41] <Rora> ,dhroll 50-10-10
[18:41] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 18 Success by 1 degree!
[18:41] <Kess> So i am doing a thing
[18:42] <Kess> And that thing is likely using Charm.
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> Oho
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> One thing before we go to that
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> Atma…
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> I have bad news. :|
[18:42] <Rora> It…it worked?
[18:42] <Rora> Is that the bad news?
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> No :|
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> It did work, but
[18:42] <FrontierWarGM> The food you ate to power your AT Field actions this turn? Well, it was food you got from that garden.
[18:43] <Rora> …Ohhhhh, right. That…
[18:43] <FrontierWarGM> So it turns out that Champ just pureed some flowers and weeds and stems into a 'vegetable smoothie'.
[18:43] <FrontierWarGM> As you're luring the Great One, you feel wildly nauseous…
[18:43] <FrontierWarGM> And must reroll your test.
[18:43] <FrontierWarGM> :D
[18:43] <Inara> Oh no…
[18:43] <Rora> Oh! That…is good.
[18:43] <FrontierWarGM> And take the worst result.
[18:43] <Rora> Yes.
[18:44] <Rora> Time to do this thing.
[18:44] <Inara> :(
[18:44] <Rora> ,dhroll 50-10-10
[18:44] <Puppysnuggles> Rora: 25 Success by 0 degrees!
[18:44] <FrontierWarGM> Goddamnit!
[18:44] <Rora> XD
[18:44] <FrontierWarGM> >:(
[18:44] * Rora is going to have to make up for all this good luck in the future, hethinks.
[18:44] <FrontierWarGM> One moment, lemme do Kess :|
[18:45] <FrontierWarGM> Okay Kess. Charm, you said?
[18:45] <FrontierWarGM> Let's make it flat :|
[18:49] <Kess> well there's a challenge!
[18:49] <Kess> here flipping goes!
[18:49] <Kess> ,dhroll 30
[18:49] <Puppysnuggles> Kess: 37 Failure by 0 degrees!
[18:49] <Kess> AAAAA PUPPY
[18:49] <Rora> So close! DX
[18:49] <Kess> I have my fate, but would aspect use be …feasible?
[18:50] <Kess> Mine are kinda hella broad and i dunno how that works with rerolls
[18:51] * Kess mostly asking so as to know if it's an option
[18:55] <FrontierWarGM> Back
[18:55] <Liane> Back, as well
[18:55] <Rora> Welcome back x2~
[18:56] <FrontierWarGM> Okay. I will say that Ever Optimising works as an aspect bonus here, we can assume that Kess has spent a lot of mind-cycles trying to really -optimise- her approach to this problem
[18:57] <Kess> alright! What… does that do to my reroll
[18:57] <FrontierWarGM> I will say that in this instance, it will let you spend a fate to reroll at Fel+30.
[18:57] <Kess> Cool beans.
[18:57] <Kess> ,dhroll 60
[18:57] <Puppysnuggles> Kess: 48 Success by 1 degree!
[18:57] <FrontierWarGM> Success~
[18:57] <Kess> Yes!
[18:57] * FrontierWarGM will pose the answer in a moment but
[18:58] <FrontierWarGM> Rora: You successfully lure the Great One into the hangar, and close it up behind you. It's now safe inside, and not a moment too soon.
[18:59] <FrontierWarGM> So this Great One looks… Imagine a turtle, with a shell and all that. Instead of flippers, though, it has these very wide wings of white bone, with very long off-white feathers trailing off them. There's about a dozen smaller arms on its undercarriage, each with a little hand.
[18:59] <FrontierWarGM> Finally, instead of a head, it has… 100-200 little stalks that end in cauliflower-like bulbs, all of which are glowing bioluminescently. At the very centre of the forest of stalks, is a red core.
[19:00] <Kess> Ah! So cores ARE probably universal to GO anatomy
[19:00] <Kess> handy.
[19:00] <Rora> o_O
[19:00] <FrontierWarGM> As it enters, its AT Field flares, then it collapses.
[19:00] <FrontierWarGM> Champ then purees it for food! (+3 food)
[19:00] <FrontierWarGM> Now, Kess…
[19:00] <Kess> plsno
[19:00] <Rora> Nuuuuu
[19:00] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[19:00] <Rora> Not Lil' Great One! ;_;
[19:00] <FrontierWarGM> Okay, Champ doesn't puree it, but you can tell that this thing is in a very bad spot
[19:01] <Liane> I'll puree Champ for food
[19:01] <FrontierWarGM> And it might require some kind of attention
[19:01] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[19:01] <Kess> …doctoring a Great One
[19:01] <Kess> i think uh
[19:01] <Kess> that's yet another near-impossible task to add to our record.
[19:01] <Inara> Yeah. Uh.
[19:02] <Rora> …Inara + Rora Medical/Metaphysical Biology Dual Tech??
[19:02] <Inara> Maybe…? We could try it
[19:02] <FrontierWarGM> Rora's already acted
[19:02] <Inara> Alternately, we could wait for Idris to wake up
[19:03] <Rora> Oh, frig — I keep getting ahead of myself, sorry. >_<
[19:03] <FrontierWarGM> The thing is starved of energy, but you dunno if this thing even eats, or if it did, how you would feed it!
[19:04] <FrontierWarGM> Liane might need to take a look at it with awareness just to get some basics down
[19:05] <Rora> If it lives to next turn, maybe I can…I dunno, share my AT Field with it? Containment-style. :<
[19:06] <Liane> I can try that, definitely.
[19:06] <FrontierWarGM> Do awareness flat
[19:06] <Rora> Or maybe, Synch Group with the Great One as the recipient…
[19:09] <Liane> With the -10 from crew unrest?
[19:10] <FrontierWarGM> Yup
[19:10] <Liane> ,dhroll 30-10
[19:10] <Puppysnuggles> Liane: 52 Failure by 3 degrees!
[19:10] <Liane> ????
[19:10] <Rora> Oof >_<
[19:11] <FrontierWarGM> Liane: You go up to investigate, and…
[19:12] <FrontierWarGM> I'm going to invoke Liane's 'thrill-seeker' aspect here. Basically, she decides to be a little reckless with her investigations, and tries to just shove her hand in and around its head stalks. Does that sound right?
[19:12] <Rora> Oh jeez XD
[19:12] <Liane> Yeah, I don't think she'd be particularly careful given the franticness of the situation
[19:13] <FrontierWarGM> So she just goes and done shoves her hand right up in its headmeats.
[19:13] <FrontierWarGM> Here is what happens:
[19:13] <FrontierWarGM> 1) Liane is jerked backward as though electrified.
[19:13] <FrontierWarGM> 2) She gets knocked back a few metres onto her back.
[19:13] <FrontierWarGM> 3) She spends a few minutes in abject confusion (+2 fatigue)
[19:14] <Liane> that puts me at 3 levels of fatigue?
[19:14] <FrontierWarGM> 4) On clearing her mind, she realises she has 'downloaded' (yep, 3 levels) basic data about the Great One, enough for her to figure out how to rejuvenate it.
[19:14] <FrontierWarGM> 5) ABLURGH. Also, she regains 1 spent Fate Point or temporarily gains an extra if she's full.
[19:14] <Liane> Cool! What do I need to do :D
[19:14] <Liane> regains then, back at 2/2
[19:14] <FrontierWarGM> That's basically it. We assume you share it with the others
[19:14] * Liane nods, definitely!
[19:15] <Rora> Woooo!
[19:15] <FrontierWarGM> Inara knows how to get some nutrients and stuff in, by basically getting all those vitamin supplements she had together and injecting it into the Great One's body at a certain point.
[19:15] <FrontierWarGM> It'll cost 3 Food and be Medical-20. Sound good, Cake?
[19:16] <Inara> Sure. How's our food supply look?
[19:16] <FrontierWarGM> 7 left.
[19:16] <Inara> Oh, we're fine, then
[19:16] <Rora> …Maybe don't subject the poor thing to the Garden Smoothie, if there was any left. >_<;
[19:17] <Inara> ,dhroll 45
[19:17] <Puppysnuggles> Inara: 8 Success by 3 degrees!
[19:17] <Inara> Champ was just trying to help :(
[19:18] <Rora> It…it supplied the calories, at any rate. >_>;
[19:18] <Rora> And yo, nice roll~
[19:18] <Inara> ~
[19:18] <Inara> I'll note that I need to crash in a moment
[19:18] <FrontierWarGM> We're very nearly done, yeah
[19:18] <FrontierWarGM> This is likely to be the last turn!
[19:18] * Inara nods!
[19:19] <FrontierWarGM> Inara, you inject it with the nutrient slurry, and it seems to become more animated!
[19:20] <Kess> nts: this is a good way to compel "inner Spheres"
[19:20] <Rora> You're gonna be okay, Lil' Big One. :,D
[19:21] <FrontierWarGM> Kess: :D
[19:22] <FrontierWarGM> I figured you would appreciate that your Special Mission involved working with Conqueror inside a literal inner sphere whilst dealing with a thing that wants to grasp your spiral truth
[19:22] * Kess nod XD
[19:23] <Rora> Oh is that what they're calling it these days?
[19:23] <FrontierWarGM> Lewd!
[19:23] <Rora> Agreed!
[19:24] <FrontierWarGM> Save the lewdness for when you need to turn off the ship's heat and recommend naked cuddling to stay warm :|
[19:26] <Rora> But I'm, like…a living thermostat. Though, I guess if we were out of food I'd be unable to do AT Thermal stuff.
[19:27] <Kess> yyyep
[19:30] <Kess> …
[19:30] <Kess> Meanwhile
[19:30] <Kess> I get the distinct sense
[19:30] <Kess> that Conqueror will be extremely extremely aghast at what Kess just did.
[19:30] <FrontierWarGM> He doesn't have to know *wink*
[19:30] <Kess> ding
[19:30] <Kess> …and now
[19:30] <Kess> there is a second race in known space
[19:31] <Kess> that is more than one class of being
[19:31] <Kess> Congratulations, Violet Brood, you are now part-orchid.
[19:31] <FrontierWarGM> pffft
[19:32] <FrontierWarGM> Alright!
[19:33] <FrontierWarGM> Mechanically… We are done!
[19:33] <Liane> Yay!
[19:33] <Rora> Whoa, snap!
[19:33] <FrontierWarGM> Kess can go grab the shielding and go repair the panels. It'll still take -hours-, but gradually you guys will start to see the drain reduce.
[19:34] <FrontierWarGM> The panels are, like… All up have a surface level equal to many, many earths, so Kess can't repair them all. She'll repair a handful of key ones, which give Guardian enough power to start self-repairing.
[19:34] <FrontierWarGM> But that's enough to get the process moving, and once those key repairs are done, Guardian doesn't need to drain
[19:34] * Kess nodnod!
[19:34] <Rora> Whew.
[19:35] <Kess> and with those superburners the Forgemaster can probably make SOME good time flitting between them
[19:35] <FrontierWarGM> Mmhmmm
[19:38] <Rora> Idris yaaaaaaaay
[19:38] <Kess> yessss
[19:38] * Kess honestly takes this time to note
[19:38] <Kess> Idris and Tran are my definite faves of the NPC officers
[19:38] <Liane> Yes, indeed
[19:38] <Rora> Yeeeeees
[19:39] <FrontierWarGM> hahahah
[19:41] <FrontierWarGM> Man, we are 0 for 2 on Conqueror carrying out his genocides!
[19:41] <Liane> Good. :|
[19:41] <Syntax> Get your shit together!
[19:41] <FrontierWarGM> Tao isn't wrong when he says this game is the Star Trek to AdEva's… Eva
[19:41] <FrontierWarGM> We're curing diseases and saving alien vermin
[19:41] <Liane> I know, and I love it
[19:41] <FrontierWarGM> Through -talking-
[19:41] <Syntax> Fair
[19:42] <Liane> I could legit play this forever bth
[19:42] <FrontierWarGM> We didn't even kill this Great One, even though it's right there and worth 3 food
[19:42] <Liane> tbh*
[19:42] <FrontierWarGM> hahahaha
[19:42] <Liane> Because it's pretty awesome
[19:42] <FrontierWarGM> :3
[19:42] <FrontierWarGM> Oh, rewards. +500 XP! +1 Cameraderie, and…
[19:42] <FrontierWarGM> Kess gains a permanent Fate Point increase.
[19:42] <Liane> Hopefully I will still be here when you're ready to continue it sometime in 2024. :D
[19:43] <FrontierWarGM> >:|
[19:43] <Liane> Look, buddy
[19:43] <Liane> I know you and your penchant for making games go 6 years long :D
[19:44] <Kess> Oh
[19:44] <Kess> oh oh oh
[19:44] <Rora> Gratz Suzu! Moar fate~
[19:45] <Kess> …Can i make a 'stinger' pose or someting
[19:45] * Kess has something cool to sort of underline the whole /thing/
[19:45] <Liane> It's okay
[19:45] <FrontierWarGM> You definitely can Suzu
[19:45] * Kess asking for timing, how to split it, etc
[19:45] <Liane> You can tease me about being 65, and I'll tease you about how long your games run. :D
[19:45] <FrontierWarGM> In retrospect I shoulda done this part in room 2 :|
[19:46] <FrontierWarGM> Once the folks leave the hangar, I'll push them back into cafeteria
[19:46] <FrontierWarGM> And we can do your stinger
[19:46] <Kess> Clearly, doo a '--—-' thing after they change position
[19:46] <FrontierWarGM> Reiska: True :|
[19:46] <FrontierWarGM> Aye
[19:46] <Kess> that will be
[19:46] <Kess> my sign
[19:46] <Liane> (I actually do turn 35 in 3 months. brrr.)
[19:47] <Liane> (There are reasons I worry about time these days!)
[19:47] <Rora> …Izzat Idris sassin' us?? :D
[19:47] <Kess> it is definitely him sassing you
[19:47] <Kess> get your butts out of there
[19:47] <Kess> …also
[19:47] <Kess> Idris had better damn well have a long and enlightening chat with Great Bab
[19:47] <Kess> just think
[19:48] <Kess> Great Ones aware of Orchids as meaningful creatures?!
[19:48] <Kess> or at least of evas, whatev
[19:48] <Kess> Kess will make her mask a permanent pout for an entire day if he doesn't and she finds out!
[19:48] <FrontierWarGM> <Idris> Great One, share with me your wisdom
[19:48] <Kess> She knows he's watching.
[19:48] <FrontierWarGM> <Great One> Alineblancfanfictionslash
[19:48] <FrontierWarGM> <Idris> * narrow eye
[19:48] <Kess> …how
[19:49] <FrontierWarGM> They use deviant art too :|
[19:49] <Kess> I blame Voriel.
[19:49] <Kess> I also blame Qaphsiel/Scholastica just to piss her off.
[19:50] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[19:50] <FrontierWarGM> There you go, Suzu
[19:50] <Kess> Okay! Let's end my focus episode with a bang.
[19:50] <Liane> I hope I'm not annoying you with the teasing Haplo ;)
[19:50] <FrontierWarGM> Not at all :P
[19:50] <Liane> Good!
[19:50] <FrontierWarGM> I'm used to it at this point :|
[19:51] <Liane> :|
[19:51] <Liane> And I'm used to you calling me a grandpa at this point :|
[19:51] <FrontierWarGM> Much like you're used to your walking stick
[19:51] <Liane> Although I am legit getting old :(
[19:52] <FrontierWarGM> Downsides of getting old: Your body starts sucking
[19:52] <FrontierWarGM> Upsides of getting old: you know ;)
[19:52] <Liane> lol
[19:53] <Liane> The scary part is when I'm going to have to buckle down and actually function in society instead of coasting by as a hikikomori :|
[19:53] <FrontierWarGM> :|
[19:53] <FrontierWarGM> Step one: Eat your entire family
[19:53] <FrontierWarGM> Step two: Move to Germany
[19:54] <Liane> Why Germany?
[19:54] <FrontierWarGM> Three words: Mixed proportional representation.
[19:54] * FrontierWarGM makes an uncomfortable face.
[19:54] <Liane> I mean
[19:54] <Liane> I still have to function in society there
[19:54] <Liane> It's just less shitty :D
[19:55] <FrontierWarGM> Like let's be clear, it's less shitty, but less shitty by a lot
[19:55] <FrontierWarGM> You can get a job interpreting American into English
[19:56] <Liane> hahahaha
[19:56] <Rora> …What?
[19:56] <Liane> TRAN
[19:57] <FrontierWarGM> Look, Atma, I made my millions translating Australian into English
[19:57] <Liane> :D
[19:57] <Rora> Traaaaaan~
[19:57] <Rora> This is an excellent tradition.
[19:57] <Liane> Oooh ooh
[19:57] * Liane can drop a hint~
[19:58] <Rora> Sounds like it was a good gig then, Haplo! :D
[19:58] <Rora> …But what'd you spend them on, then?
[19:59] <FrontierWarGM> Penguins.
[20:01] <Liane> My biggest obstacle, really, is that my real career kind of got old yeller'd by outsourcing and automation alike, so when I get back into the job market I'm starting from scratch at 35 and that is not a good place. :P
[20:01] <FrontierWarGM> Yeah, that's true >.<
[20:01] <FrontierWarGM> I picked a career that can't really be automated or outsourced
[20:01] <FrontierWarGM> So… Yeah
[20:01] <Kess> …
[20:02] <Kess> "What career?"
[20:02] <FrontierWarGM> It's -definitely- not the norm though
[20:02] <Kess> - Suz 2017
[20:02] <Kess> er
[20:02] <Kess> 18
[20:02] <Kess> rare gaffe
[20:02] <Liane> on the bright side
[20:03] <Liane> you have certain means
[20:03] <Kess> yeah
[20:05] <Liane> HAHAHAHAHAHA
[20:06] <Liane> Someone's fucked.
[20:06] <Kess> Looks like the Champ is about to be
[20:06] <Kess> …disqualified.
[20:07] <Inara> :|
[20:07] <Kess> …
[20:07] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[20:07] <Rora> It was…a unique flavor, at least? x_x
[20:07] <Kess> Would Inara, though
[20:07] <Kess> accept instead of 'stupid'
[20:07] <Kess> 'asshole'?
[20:07] <Inara> Do not insult the robot :|
[20:09] <Kess> aw.
[20:09] <Kess> Someone more like Aline would probably stop
[20:09] <Kess> think about it
[20:09] <Kess> and go
[20:09] <Kess> "Rude, but fair."
[20:10] <Rora> (Belatedly, Kess dropping that truthbomb on Conker :o )
[20:11] <FrontierWarGM> And I'll wrap on a reply from each of you three
[20:11] <FrontierWarGM> Kess's truthbomb is going to make Kayoko regret that she wasn't able to see his face
[20:12] <FrontierWarGM> Also, I'll cover it in mini, but they managed to heal Planter, too!
[20:12] <Kess> yaaay
[20:12] <FrontierWarGM> (The bug was supposed to get Violet too, but Kess protected him)
[20:12] <Rora> Je suis confuse, un petit: Tran is both hugging Liane and dragging me away?
[20:12] * Kess nodnod
[20:12] <Kess> also
[20:12] <Liane> No, Zima is hugging Liane
[20:12] <Liane> I believe.
[20:12] <Kess> Haplo, Kayoko will be able to see is face.
[20:12] <Kess> …
[20:12] <Rora> Yay Planter!
[20:12] <Kess> the omniglasses she has on that suit
[20:13] <Kess> record everything she sees
[20:13] <Kess> and Kess /will/ show Kayoko.
[20:13] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[20:13] <Kess> because she knows it'll make the captain giddy in the worst way
[20:13] <FrontierWarGM> Atma: Tran got intercepted
[20:13] <FrontierWarGM> Zima grabbed Liane, so Tran went with you instead
[20:13] <Kess> Happy cap'n, happy happens
[20:13] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[20:14] <Rora> …Aha! Okay — thank you both for clarifications.
[20:18] <Kess> …
[20:18] <Kess> also
[20:18] <Kess> because i'm terrible
[20:19] <Kess> nts: Include even more nerdy references in Kess's signing
[20:19] <FrontierWarGM> hahahaha
[20:19] <FrontierWarGM> And wrap!
[20:19] <Rora> XD
[20:20] <FrontierWarGM> I hope we all enjoyed that~
[20:20] * Inara flee
[20:20] <Inara> Thanks everyone!
[20:20] * Inara (~ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.841-66-511-89-loop|ekaCyekaC#ten.nozirev.soif.apalhp.841-66-511-89-loop|ekaCyekaC) Quit (Quit: )
[20:20] <Rora> G'night Cake!~
[20:20] <FrontierWarGM> http://minahaplo.wikidot.com/tfw:cycle-6 | Cycle 6 is updated…
[20:20] <Rora> That was fabulous, aye~
[20:21] <Kess> it was indeed
[20:21] * Liane notes Liane should offer to help Tyrell plant a new garden.
[20:21] <Rora> Also: I like to imagine that this poor spacegardener is Inara's sleep-deprived neighbor from the Stalker-of-Dreams mini.
[20:21] * Liane is now known as Reiska
[20:21] <FrontierWarGM> XD
[20:22] <FrontierWarGM> The spacegardener was Tyrell!
[20:22] <Rora> YES
[20:22] <Rora> Oh, wait.
[20:22] <Rora> Tyrell is an established character.
[20:22] <FrontierWarGM> Inara's neighbour was William Redspring :(
[20:22] <FrontierWarGM> (Who we all decided that was who it was, based on him being, and I quote, 'grumpy')
[20:23] <Kess> …was he actually NOT in the whole promised land Taoplo PC extravaganza?
[20:23] <Rora> Is William Redspring a name I should recognize…? ^_^;
[20:23] <Kess> perennial Haplo PC
[20:23] <Kess> appears many time
[20:23] <FrontierWarGM> Aye
[20:23] <FrontierWarGM> In many a game I've played a variant of the same PC
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> His name is William Redspring, and he's usually a precious child between 12 to 15 years of age, talented in magic, and often kind of grumpy
[20:24] <Reiska> you could say he is haplo's "image character"
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> Not necessarily witty and sarcastic, just grumpy
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> Grumpy, sad, and sweet are the principal spices
[20:24] <Kess> do
[20:24] <Kess> do you mean precocious
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> I do
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> BUT
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> He is also precious :3
[20:24] <Kess> right!
[20:24] <Kess> …
[20:24] <Kess> Clearly
[20:24] <FrontierWarGM> Anyway yes he is my image character
[20:25] <Kess> we need to eventually have an RP where Suzune and William are in the same party
[20:25] <FrontierWarGM> Anyway William did show up in AdEva
[20:25] <Reiska> One of these days I will expose you all to my image character
[20:25] <FrontierWarGM> But as an adult who was in charge of logistics
[20:25] <Reiska> well, that haven't seen her
[20:25] <FrontierWarGM> (Where he was grumpy and stingy, his other trait)
[20:25] <Reiska> suzune obviously has she ran the damn game :|
[20:25] <Kess> clearly
[20:25] <Kess> New World!Will
[20:25] <FrontierWarGM> [20:25] <Kess> we need to eventually have an RP where Suzune and William are in the same party | Yus
[20:25] <FrontierWarGM> Well
[20:26] <FrontierWarGM> -right-
[20:26] <Kess> developed his AT Field
[20:26] <Kess> there, magic.
[20:26] <FrontierWarGM> It wasn't Suzune who was his alt-dimensional self-in-love-with-him, was it
[20:26] <Reiska> man suzu
[20:26] <Kess> that was Ananke
[20:26] <Kess> who was the rei ayanami expy that ended up not being so
[20:26] <Reiska> now I'm imagining Suzune and William and Cerise in the same party
[20:26] <Reiska> and I am just giggling forever
[20:26] <FrontierWarGM> Suzune was the magical girl, I remember now yes
[20:26] <FrontierWarGM> Ananke, right
[20:26] <Kess> especially since i've tweaked suzune's plot around
[20:27] <Kess> ye
[20:27] <Kess> Ananke: Loves grapes for how they rupture pleasantly between her teeth
[20:27] <Kess> Rest of the party at said lunch: Horrified.
[20:27] <Reiska> I mean I could use my OTHER image character, because I haven't actually pulled her out now for 6 years
[20:27] <Reiska> and it's about time I did again
[20:28] <Reiska> … I guess I kinda sorta am for Patience's game, if very zigzagged
[20:28] <FrontierWarGM> :3
[20:28] <FrontierWarGM> FOLX
[20:28] <FrontierWarGM> http://minahaplo.wikidot.com/tfw:cycle-7 | Cycle 7 is up, as is the name for the next session investigation
[20:29] <Reiska> Ooooh
[20:29] <Reiska> It's my session
[20:29] <Kess> …
[20:29] <Kess> also
[20:29] <Kess> will
[20:29] <Kess> will rora ever be on the mission sheet
[20:29] <Reiska> It is the session where Liane is gonna tell Kayoko to shove her orders and do reckless things :D
[20:30] <Kess> I'd say "If it comes up"
[20:30] <Kess> but Haplo will make it come up, likely
[20:30] <Reiska> Basically that
[20:30] <Rora> XD
[20:30] <FrontierWarGM> oh no I forgot to add Rora :I
[20:30] <FrontierWarGM> Oh I see why
[20:30] <FrontierWarGM> I added his info but I didn't correct the formatting
[20:30] <Rora> :B
[20:31] <FrontierWarGM> And yes, it is your session, Reiska
[20:31] <FrontierWarGM> And
[20:31] <FrontierWarGM> I will be very blunt about this
[20:31] <FrontierWarGM> If you want ideas on spending your XP?
[20:31] <FrontierWarGM> Spend your XP as though you were planning on doing a heist.
[20:31] <Reiska> A heist, huh.
[20:31] <Reiska> So … stealth?
[20:31] <Kess> security higher if it isn't already
[20:31] * Reiska nods, that too
[20:31] <Kess> maybe social role talents
[20:32] <Reiska> wish I had more XP to work with
[20:32] <Kess> such is our life
[20:32] <FrontierWarGM> Hehehe
[20:32] <Reiska> I have all the investigator talents though
[20:32] <Reiska> so
[20:32] * Rora can give personal testimony for Stealth; has treated him well.
[20:32] <FrontierWarGM> That goes for all of you though, really. Try to build for what you think would be most useful for a heist
[20:32] <Rora> I also kind of figured I was off the various manifests due to being Not Military or something. :B
[20:32] <FrontierWarGM> Generally you will want observation, social stuff, and your 'wetwork'
[20:32] <FrontierWarGM> No no :P
[20:33] <FrontierWarGM> There, fixed!
[20:33] * Kess nodnod
[20:33] <Kess> …i will have good thoughts on making kess better at heistery
[20:33] * Reiska hugs Haplo.
[20:33] <Reiska> Thank you, this is fun.
[20:34] * FrontierWarGM hugs!
[20:34] <Rora> Hrmm, heisty stuffs.
[20:35] <FrontierWarGM> That said, do y'all feel like 500 XP is enough, or do you maybe want a bit extra?
[20:36] <Reiska> Mmm.
[20:36] <Rora> I am content with 500, personally.
[20:36] <FrontierWarGM> Early in AdEva I gave people dollops of XP and they ran away with it, so I am being a little cautious :P
[20:36] <Rora> …Though I wouldn't refuse extra.
[20:36] <Reiska> Understandable, yeah :P
[20:36] <FrontierWarGM> [20:36] <Rora> I actually want less XP. Like, a lot less! | Got it!
[20:36] * FrontierWarGM winks.
[20:36] <Rora> :P
[20:36] <Reiska> And you also want to still have room for us to grow next year when we go into cycle 11 after the hiatus, so there's that too
[20:37] <Rora> Time to keep putting off Psychic Basic, then~
[20:37] <Kess> yeah
[20:37] <FrontierWarGM> >:|
[20:37] * Kess is gonna get Psychic basic and innate intermediate, actually XD
[20:37] <Kess> my plan is to be magic spacebirb
[20:37] <Reiska> Anyway with 500 XP… I could pick up Security Trained and that's it
[20:37] <FrontierWarGM> Previews for next turn: Heists! Mysteries! The Overseer of damocles! The Scumslinkers!
[20:37] <Kess> but also to get sigilite plating for Forgemaster and back you up
[20:37] <FrontierWarGM> Reisk, consider buffing your basic stats at this point
[20:38] <Reiska> Because security trained alone is gonna burn 400
[20:38] <FrontierWarGM> Lemme see your sheet, one sec
[20:38] <Kess> yeah stat buffs at Simple are cheaper
[20:38] <Kess> and in fact you may even decide to change tack
[20:38] <Kess> and do other sneaky stuff skills
[20:39] <Kess> since Kess now has Security
[20:39] <Kess> (and high Int)
[20:39] <Reiska> I don't have good aptitudes for most of them regrettably
[20:39] <Rora> Magic backup yeahhhh
[20:39] <Kess> so I could actually pick up the role of hax
[20:39] <FrontierWarGM> Actually, alright. I will make it 700 XP
[20:39] <FrontierWarGM> Just to give you all a bit of wriggle
[20:39] <Reiska> Like I have 0 aptitudes for stealth
[20:39] <Reiska> so that would wreck the fuck out of my EXP
[20:39] <Rora> Oh my!
[20:40] <Kess> …that changes my decisions, i seeeee
[20:40] <Kess> also uh
[20:40] <Kess> …
[20:40] <Kess> then what investiga///
[20:40] * Kess looks at Liane's sheet
[20:40] <Reiska> investigator gets perception and social
[20:41] <Reiska> neither of which are an aptitude for stealth, which is agility/finesse.
[20:41] <Reiska> stealth is a Scout thing.
[20:41] <Kess> OH right
[20:41] <Kess> scout is ninja
[20:41] <Kess> …so you'll be more of a deceit face
[20:41] <Reiska> Yeah.
[20:42] <Kess> 1) Get deceive
[20:42] <Kess> 2) Disguise might help too
[20:42] <Reiska> THAT I can definitely do :D
[20:43] <Rora> Disguise~
[20:43] <Rora> Ooh, what about the voice-mimicking talent?
[20:43] <Kess> …
[20:43] <Kess> Radiance basic
[20:43] <Kess> get it
[20:44] <Kess> it has invis field, which whikle it's just demivisibility, will really patch your difficulty in buffing stealth
[20:44] <Kess> other fun shit too
[20:44] <Reiska> hmmm
[20:44] <Kess> and yes
[20:44] <Reiska> I do have at least one apti there, yeah
[20:44] <Kess> characteristic advanceds
[20:44] <Reiska> radiance basic would be 300 xp
[20:45] * Kess nod, but
[20:45] <Kess> it's /handy/
[20:45] <Reiska> yeah I see that
[20:45] <Kess> project object, invis field, and flash
[20:45] <Kess> are all very handy for skullduggery
[20:46] <Kess> meanwhile
[20:46] <Kess> having more eXP to wokr with
[20:46] <Kess> means Kess is probably getting innate intermediate and transmutation intermediate
[20:47] <Kess> transmute inorganic in the hands of the engineer is GREAT
[20:49] <Kess> in fact
[20:49] <Kess> i hope for her to master transmutation
[20:49] <Kess> which has hilarious consequences
[20:50] <Kess> (sculpt form is especially funny)
[20:52] <Kess> (since it could let her turn into things like a pseudo-twiceborn)
[20:52] <Rora> She's basically an omni-engineer at that point, dayum.
[20:54] <Kess> yeah
[20:54] <Kess> i imagine the general awesomness of that kind of stuff
[20:54] <Kess> gets higher when someone /knows what they're doing/
[20:57] <Rora> I would imagine so! Though, I'd think it wouldn't hurt to have more Medical knowhow for that, too.
[20:57] <Rora> …Unless she already does, in which case, checkmate.
[21:03] <Reiska> ewwww
[21:03] <Reiska> The boss used Strike
[21:03] <Reiska> The boss used Strike
[21:03] <Kess> she doesn't yet
[21:03] <Kess> …
[21:03] <Kess> but i could get it
[21:03] <Kess> damn sure Kess has both aptitudes
[21:06] <Rora> :o
[21:07] <Rora> (As long as it wasn't the third time, you're probably okay, Reiska?)
[21:07] <Reiska> haha
[21:07] <Reiska> So, Strike is a Spirit Command in Super Robot Wars
[21:08] <Reiska> That makes all your attacks have a 100% chance to hit for the rest of the turn
[21:08] <Rora> Oof
[21:09] <Kess> this
[21:09] <Kess> in a game
[21:09] <Kess> where you often are entitled to a counter
[21:09] <Reiska> YEP
[21:09] <Kess> you guys knowing FE makes it easy to guess where it goes from there
[21:10] <Rora> >_<
[21:19] <FrontierWarGM> So!
[21:20] <FrontierWarGM> https://www.dropbox.com/s/usam6fbmt9fzecu/Aptitude%20Skill%20Calculator.xlsx?raw=1 I made this. Just punch your Aptitudes into the top bar, and it'll tell you what skills match up for you.
[21:20] <Rora> Ooooh?
[21:21] <FrontierWarGM> Atma, do you feel like streaming for me tonight?~
[21:21] * FrontierWarGM is now known as Minaplo
[21:23] <Rora> I'm afraid I must take a pass tonight; not quite up to it this eve. :<
[21:23] <Minaplo> ok~
[21:24] <Rora> ^_^
[21:25] * Rora gotta figure out these new XPenditures before he can let himself go to bed, though.
[21:27] <Reiska> HOKAY.
[21:27] <Reiska> Wonder how much HP this asshole has.
[21:27] <Rora> …And honestly, Psychic Basic would make a lot of sense, both in terms of following from what transpired and also usefulness in general.
[21:27] <Reiska> AUGH HE HAS A BUNSHING
[21:27] <Reiska> -G
[21:27] <Rora> (Don't die Reiska! D:)
[21:29] * Rora has been putting off Psychic Basic as an IC character hurdle…but then, maybe successful contact with a Great One is a sufficiently potent reason/motivator to clear it.
[21:34] * Rora is now known as AtmaDragoon
[21:36] <Minaplo> Sure. We can cover it in a mini
[21:37] * AtmaDragoon could also see Kayoko pulling Rora to the side and being all, "Would you just learn this already? Tired of having to teach you this crap. :|"
[21:39] <AtmaDragoon> (Also: Aptitude calculator is haaaaandy~)

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