Other Characters

Below is the list of other, major non-player characters in the game.

NOTE: Profiles are provided threadbare as-is. Players are encouraged to add notes to each profile as they like, in-character.

Twiceborn Federation

FSS Valletta

Commander Adrian Franco Franco

Executive Officer

Lieutenant Michelle Gregory

Chief Warfare Officer

Lieutenant Koumei Livovich Zima

Chief of Marines

Lieutenant Sadie Tyrell

Chief Technical Officer

Ensign Tran Huong Hue

First Navigator

Ahura Idris Adil Hafiz El-Hashem

Starship Evangelion

Attache Calligrapher-of-the-Ultraviolet-Inks (Violet Shadowfire)

Assigned Defector Guide

Zeruel System Personnel

Commander Tycho

CO of Frontier Gate Station

2nd Outer Sphere Fleet

Admiral Cornelia Archibald

CO of the 2nd Outer Sphere Fleet

Shrinepath Devoted Loyalists

Russkra Ssatra

Maiden of the Shrine

Lyka Wuha

Captain of the Bold Endeavour

Freepath Devoted

Admiral Kracel Vlui

Admiral of Battlefleet Reformation

Ahre Khivu

Superheavy Pilot

Overseer Empire


Conqueror-of-the-Last-Frontier of House Grasping-the-Spiral-Truth

Sector Master of the region containing the Shrinepath Devoted and the Federation

Planter-of-the-Tall-Trees of House Grasping-the-Spiral-Truth

Co-Sector Master of the Shrinepath Devoted+Federation Region, Abolitionist

Pleasant Maids

A Pillow on which a Weary Master rests Their Dinner Plates

Pleasant Maid servant

Cyclogene Foundation

Engorged Acquirer

Nasty Scumslinker/Virile One who salvaged the Integrity


Flying Sovereigns


Proud and lusty Flying Sovereign, former security chief for Cyclogene Foundation officer Engorged Acquirer

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