Raiding The Supply Convoy


An enemy supply convoy has been detected. These slow freighters appear to be lightly armed, but are no doubt full of munitions, spare parts and the like.

Unfortunately for them, they've been caught in a celestial eddy and have dropped out of slipstream and has become separated from its escorts. According to Violet, these issues are common in interstellar warfare, but aren't usually that important outside of 10-15 minute delays. With our ability to go anywhere in the system at will, though, we can punish every little mishap and mistake.

Our objectives are to disable or destroy the freighters. Once the convoy is crippled, we'll Jump back to Grand Junction with the crippled vessels. We must be fast: the convoy was escorted by a handful of enemy destroyers, and they will no doubt be doubling back to face us.


  • Primary Objective: Destroy or Disable all four enemy Freighters. Freighters count as disabled by crippling or destroying their Propulsion.
  • Secondary Objective: Disable at least two Freighters.
  • Secondary Objective: Disable at least four Freighters.

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Special Allies and Benefits

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This mission starts with the enemy convoy trapped in a Celestial Eddy. We have three deployment zones around the Eddy; we must pick one. The Superheavies deploy within 3 squares of the Valletta.
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Enemy Estimates

Four enemy Freighters
Three enemy Destroyers
Two "Horus" Superfighters
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Special Rules

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Map Link
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Achieving the Primary Objective grants us 1 Salvage and 600 XP. Furthermore, in all future battles until Session Five, Shrinepath Devoted enemies will have +1 Half Action reload times.
Achieving one Secondary Objective as well as the Primary grants us +100 XP.
Achieving all Objectives grants us +1 Salvage (for a total of +2) and +100 XP (for a total of 800). Furthermore, in all future battles until Session Five, Shrinepath Devoted enemies will have all clip sizes halved.
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Post Battle

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Damage Sustained

No major damage sustained.
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Lost Equipment

No major equipment lost.
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Rewards Gained

800 XP.
2 Salvage cards.
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