Slipstream Ambush


An enemy squadron has broken off from the main force to raid Federation mining stations in the asteroid fields.

However, we have the capacity to set a trap. Commander Tycho and his crew have attuned their Way-Keys to Devoted Key-signatures. This will allow us to forcibly drop this squadron out of Slipstream for a brief period of time. We can thus establish a trap ahead of time, with the potential to wipe out a formidable enemy force. We can only do this once before they develop countermeasures, so we have to make it count.

Our objective is to destroy or disable all enemy vessels. To this end, Sisu SDF has loaned us limited use of some of their planetary defense turrets.


  • Primary Objective: Destroy or disable all enemy vessels. Enemy warships count as disabled if their propulsion and weapons sections are crippled or destroyed.
  • Secondary Objective: All turrets survive the battle.

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Special Allies and Benefits

2 Pulse Rifle turrets
1 Missile Launcher turret (Frags)
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The mission starts with the enemy deployed in a Slipstream Interdiction. They will find moving highly difficult, so use this window to bombard them with blast attacks.

We can deploy anywhere outside of the red zone on the map. Notably, an X-Ray Flare provides heavy cover in the middle of the map, but weakens any Deflectors within it. Our Superheavies will benefit from it, for sure.
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Enemy Estimates

1 "Seth" Cruiser
1 Enemy Destroyer
2 "Horus" Superfighters
1 "Thoth" Support Super
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Special Rules

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Achieving the Primary Objective grants us 1 Salvage and 600 XP. In all future cycles until Session 5, Standard Upgrades of Value 4 or lower have their cost dropped by 1 Value.
Achieving the Secondary Objective as well as the Primary grants us 1 Cameraderie and +200 XP.
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Post Battle

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Damage Sustained

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Lost Equipment

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Rewards Gained

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