The Maiden And The Guardian


As the FSS Valletta orbits Zeruel IV, desperately searching for the Shrinepath Devoted's last Maiden, an Apostate strike force arrives. Heavily armed and bearing a strangely marked Superheavy, the crew of the Valletta find that their Dirac jumping is being suppressed: they'll have to fight their way out!

Meanwhile, Guardian Rora Mist finds himself carrying precious cargo: an alien found in the deserts of Zeruel IV, who demands he help her escape. Unknown to him, this alien girl is none other than the last of the Shrinepath Devoted's maidens- unfortunately, Apostate vanguard forces are hot on his trail…


  • Primary Objective: Have Rora Mist board the FSS Valletta, which then leaves by the northern edge of the map.
  • Secondary Objective: Have no Constructs taken out of action.

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Special Allies and Benefits

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This mission starts with Rora Mist stuck on Zeruel IV. He can escape easily enough but is pursued by two Horus Superfighters. His goal is to reach the FSS Valletta safely.

The Valletta, on the other hand, is stuck fighting a shoot-out with the enemy strike force. Control of the distortion terrain is highly important.
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Enemy Estimates

1 Seth Cruiser
2 Horus Superfighters
1 Sphinx Bomber
1 Thoth Support Mech
1 Horus Custom
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Special Rules

Dirac Jump is disabled for this mission.
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Map Link
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Achieving the Primary Objective grants you 1 Salvage and 600 XP. It will also ensure additional assistance in the final showdown with the Apostate fleet.
Achieving all Objectives will grant you an extra +200 XP (For 800), and 1 Cameraderie advantage.
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Post Battle

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Damage Sustained

No sustained damage.
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Lost Equipment

No equipment lost.
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Rewards Gained

800 XP, 1 Salvage and 1 Cameraderie.
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