To Have Sisu


The enemy knows of our mobility and has reacted accordingly, amalgamating their fleet so it cannot be flanked or picked off one by one. Our regular strategy so far is now useless.

Thus, we have staked everything on a major all-or-nothing gambit, intended to cripple the body of the enemy fleet. The plan is as follows.

Firstly, the Technical department, working alongside Kess, has rigged together a series of crude bombs made by repurposing positron and fusion power generators, taken from civilian craft and mining stations when appropriate. They then loaded these bombs into recovered asteroids, which have been disguised as best they could with basic stealth technology. It is, essentially, a minefield.

But a minefield is no use if the enemy can just slipstream through it. We've put Frontier Gate Station back into commission, and jury-rigged its Way-Keys to be attuned to as many Apostate signals as possible. A single short, sharp, violent burst should disrupt their own keys and drop them out of slipstream right into the middle of the minefield.

Then two things happen: Idris opens a dimensional hole between the ambush point and a powerful source of radiation- specifically a spike of solar magnetic radiation caused by a flare. Aimed properly, it'll disrupt their sensors and other sensitive electronics, at least for a time. Secondly: we've rigged certain rocks up with basic thrusters and targeting systems, designed to chase the 'scent' of transmatter. The instant the fleet appears, these thrusters will fire and slam the rocks into their engines.

The explosions will cause damage, but that's not all; it'll also disguise a small shuttle, on which Meier and Mist sit; this shuttle will burrow into the enemy's dreadnought, the flagship of their fleet. Once inside, the two will sneak through the vessel, locate its Dirac Jammer and take it out, allowing Idris to flood the ship with incapacitation gas.

Furthermore, Doctor Khalef has managed to engineer a non-lethal weapon capable of using light of a certain wavelength and intensity to utterly overwhelm a Devoted's eyes, rendering them blind and helpless. She's given two of these devices to Meier and Mist, whilst Technical has given her a larger version capable of overwhelming Devoted Superheavies with the light through sheer volume.

Finally, Maiden Russkra has requested that she and a contingent of her Shrinepath Devoted be allowed to crew their captured cruiser into battle against the enemy.

This plan is our last, best hope of stopping the enemy. If it succeeds, then the Apostate invasion may very well end here.


Primary Objective: Disable or Destroy all enemy vessels marked as Command vessels. (Disabling requires destroying their weapons and propulsion.)
Secondary Objective: Prevent the destruction of Frontier Gate.
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Special Allies and Benefits

Frontier Gate Station
Shrinepath Devoted Cruiser (with Captain Hyuga's permission)

The Apostate fleet starts in a dangerous minefield. Furthermore, the radiation flare has disrupted their sensors, reducing the range of all their weapons to a maximum of 20 squares and applied a permanent -15 penalty to attack tests.
The ad-hoc thruster-equipped asteroids deal a single Positron Missile's damage to the propulsion location of every enemy starship, rolling once (but with Tearing).
Enemy coordination is limited. Each turn, only six enemy units can act. Each time you destroy or disable an enemy starship marked as a 'Command vessel', this limit drops by one (ie. From six to five, etc).
You start with a Surprise Round.
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The enemy starts in three distinct groups, all within the minefield. They start clumped together, so judicious use of blast attacks can work wonders.

However, we don't have unlimited time; the enemy has so many ships that they can outshoot us in a war of attrition. Destroy their command vessels first.
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Enemy Estimates

7 "Seth 2nd Ring" Cruisers, 2 of which are Command ships
8 "Bast" Destroyers
6 "Horus 4th Ring" Superfighters
3 "Sphinx" Superbombers
3 "Sobek" Defenders
3 "Isis" Superfighters
3 "Thoth 4th Ring" Support Mechs
1 "Ra" Dreadnought, a Command ship
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Special Rules

Liane and Rora are not deployed in Superheavies. Instead, at the start of each round they have a shared 'Investigation' turn, which is conducted like a normal round in an Investigation. They need to use this to disable the Ra Dreadnought's Dirac Jammer. Once they do, the Valletta can use Dimension Hole to disable the Dreadnought automatically.
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Achieving the Primary Objective grants us +2 Permanent Supply, 1 Stockpile card and 1,000 XP.
Achieving the Secondary as well as Primary Objective grants us 1 Cameraderie and +200 XP.
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Post Battle

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Damage Sustained

No damage sustained
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Lost Equipment

No equipment lost.
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Rewards Gained

  • +1200 XP
  • +2 Permanent Supply
  • +1 Stockpile card, +1 Cameraderie Card.

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