News From Home

News from Home

The crew of the Valletta receive some news from family, friends and others from home.

General News:

  • The War continues. Federation fleets have yet to receive serious challenges, but the Freepath forces have started using new technology, and there have been some losses.
  • Clan Commander Carmen of the Echidna Clan orders a full-scale mobilisation of the entire clan's resources in order to strike at Freepath elements in their own territory. Nearly 600,000 Echidna Immortals now advance towards the Freepath Devoted, operating independently.


  • Emiko's newest tour is going well. Although the war dominates the news, Emi notes that people seem relatively calm about the conflict. Also, the new manager is a real dear and sixteen thousand times better than the old pervert that Emi turfed like a bad smell.
  • Chiisana's joining the war effort, although she still declines to be placed within a starship. Instead she's operating purely as a War Evangelion, fighting with her own weapons and abilities.
  • Your Auntie Go's pregnant again (yeah). It won't get in the way of her making her newest film, though!


  • Your parents are less than thrilled to learn that you've run into a distant Overseer Grasping-the-Spiral-Truth. They ask you to be very careful and to not take any unnecessary risks, even if they admit that you probably will and will probably be fine anyway.
  • One of your great uncles, Weaver-of-the-Fire-Brooch, who has always been a bit of a black sheep, heard wind of your encounter and says he can tell you a few things about the family history over the last few hundred years, although you might not like what you hear…
  • Starfleet Intelligence appreciates your having access to updated Overseer computer coding language, and are adjusting their own expectations accordingly.


  • Rumbledore suffered a massive brain failure after eating a strange new plant recovered from a surveyed planet in the Rimward Sector. He's okay now, though. He asks how Alereb is going. Also, if you could find any new weird and wonderful creatures for him, he'd appreciate it! He also praises you on your clever curing of the Siege Virus, and says he's already using your notes in his work with Starfleet Medical to create countermeasures.
  • Sergeant Inako has received your new replacement. They suck, come back, stop serving dumbass Starfleet captains already!
  • Comrade Isaac wants to know if you 'became furry' when you implanted yourself with Devoted DNA.


  • The FSS Integrity, your old ship, has been lost. It ambushed a Freepath squadron, but they activated a powerful Dirac Jammer. In the ensuing firefight the Integrity was brutally damaged, and although it did manage to dirac away, the jump was haphazard. We do not know its current location, and it is presumed lost with all hands.
  • The Federal Society of Astroarchaeology has sent you an invitation to speak about your findings in the ruins on Ahsa's Berth. Naturally considering your current occupation, scheduling that talk might take some timeā€¦


  • Your parents are worried about you encountering Overseers! Remember, Overseers are ruthless, duplicitous and cruel. They'll use mercy as a way to hurt you if they can!
  • The Society of Guardians is pleased with your updates so far. Councillor Soryu-Fontaine wants you to remember that you're not military, though, and that the military can't make you do anything, so if that Hyuga tries to boss you around militarily, tell her to [censored].
  • The Federal Society of Astroarchaeology has forwarded you an invitation, much like Liane's above.
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