Devil At The Crossroads


We were travelling along a Way-Line when suddenly we were diverted- or rather, the line itself twisted as we were using it. We've been dropped into a new system, one that doesn't show up on Way-Charts.

The sun of this system is entirely encased in a Dyson Sphere- a megastructure intended to capture the energy of its sun. But this Sphere can also apparently control the Way-Lines in an area around it, and has diverted us to this place.

Worse, it has sealed all Way-Lines out and smothered us with a Dirac Jammer. It's draining our energy reserves, especially the energy of anyone or anything with an S2 Organ. We need to send someone onto the Dyson Sphere to shut down this draining effect and reopen the way-lines whilst trying to maintain basic life support.

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The two major objectives of this investigation are to deactivate the power draining effect and to reopen the Way-Lines leading out of this system.

Both will have to be done by sending a team over to work on it from the inside. However, the Dyson Sphere prioritises draining the energy of S2 Organs, and the effect grows stronger the closer one is to the Dyson Sphere, so the team will have to consist of those without S2 Organs: namely, Kess and a few others.

Those left behind will have to work on staying alive.

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Character Preparations

Those left behind on the Valletta have unlimited access to equipment, however, equipment will progressively deactivate and depower as the investigation continues.

Kess has access to two items from every category, except Heavy Equipment, of which she has one.
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Turn Log

Turn Kayoko Liane Kess Inara Rora

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+700 XP.
+1 Cameraderie
Kess gains one Permanent Fate Point

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