Kayoko has been named as Arbiter of the Succession. She has a mandatory period of four days in which to choose one of the two Maidens to become the next Great Shrine Priestess. Her decision is binding, but she will be periodically courted by one of the factions of the Council, hoping to support their side of things.

Meanwhile, an assassin is on the loose, having just murdered the previous Arbiter. Having an assassin on the loose is obviously a bad thing, as they could strike again. Kayoko and the crew of the Valletta need to find the assassin and capture them if necessary.

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Kayoko makes a decision about the new Priestess.
The assassin is captured.
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Character Preparations

The crew of the Valletta have full access to equipment. As representatives of the Arbiter, they may also carry weapons in public.

Kayoko will periodically be asked to make a decision regarding a request from one of the factions of the Council of Clerics. Her decisions will shape the outcome of the Shrinepath Devoted, and can also grant her assistance- or problems- regarding her short-term goals.

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Turn Log

Turn Kayoko Liane Kess Inara Rora

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