The Siege Virus


The Shrinepath planet of Ahsa's Berth has been besieged by the Freepath Devoted- a single ship lays in orbit. They have used what the Defectors call the 'Siege Virus': a special Overseer weapon that is dispersed into a planetary atmosphere as nanomachines, which then infect everything belonging to a certain specific biological pattern: in this case the Devoted. The virus has absolutely no effects for the equivalent of seven and a half earth days, during which the infected may surrender and be cured almost instantly. Should no surrender be forthcoming, however, then the virus activates. It has a 99.9% lethality rate and kills within a matter of hours.

We have just over three days to find our cure.

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There are two major objectives in this Investigation: develop a cure for the virus, and develop a delivery system. You may find other objectives of your own along the way, of course.

Developing a cure can be attempted at any time, but is a Medical-120 test. As you might figure, the main purpose of this objective is doing testing, experiments, gathering evidence and etc. to mitigate that heavy penalty.

Developing a delivery system is a little more roundabout. The best delivery system would be to use the dispersed nanomachine system that virus uses, but developing such sophisticated nanomachine tech is beyond Federation capabilities. Perhaps you can find your own method, or somehow figure out a way to reverse-engineer the Overseer technology.

You have nine turns, each corresponding roughly to a third of a day- morning, afternoon, night, then repeat.

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Character Preparations

All PCs participate, and are assumed to have unlimited access to equipment, so long as they are on the Valletta. If they move to the planet, then they may take a limit of six items, of which only two may be heavy equipment.

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Turn Log

Turn Kayoko Liane Kess Inara Rora
1 Analyse the psychic signal (Success; 1 fate cost) Assist Kess Decipher the nanites' comm method (Tech Use test; success, learns about way/psychic dual-comms) Analyse the Virus (Medical-10 test; success, learns about virus) Assist Kayoko
2 Assist Inara Decrypt Nanite signals (Security; Success, bonus to reverse-engineering) Assist Liane Develop counter-virus from herself (Willpower; Success) Assist Inara
3 Create sigilite imprint (Willpower; fail, miss next turn) Assist Kess Create fake signals (Tech Use;Success) Develop Microbes (Biology; fail, loses next turn) Assist Kayoko; gain Psychic w/Mimic
4 - Inquire about Transmatter (Inquiry; success, learns about desert maps) Build signal booster - -
5 Assist Kess Configure dual signals (Tech Use; Success) Program Idris (Medical; Success) Assist Kess

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The Siege Virus is cured.
Everyone gains 500 XP.
+1 Salvage and Secret Intel advantages.
Inara gains a new permanent Fate Point.
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