The Bridge Of The Independence Once Again

[06:19] <Marianne> ["Commence firing." Said Silas quietly, leaning back in his command chair.-
[06:19] <Marianne> ["Aye, sir." Before long, the muffled sound of explosions could be heard as the four Impact Cannons- the Independence's main capital weapons- opened fire, bolts of energy and shells of metal hurling over kilometres into Egypt.-
[06:22] <Marianne> ["…" Silas stroked his chin. He was thinking. Did he have everything covered? What would he do if an enemy were to attack right now? Could he repel them? Yes…]
[06:30] <Sept> Radars, heat signature detectors, they all went off at the same time. And in the middle of all that, an incoming communications signal.
[06:31] <Marianne> ["What?!"-
[06:32] <Marianne> ["From the water!" Came Sensors. "An Evangelion- it was hiding-"-
[06:32] <Marianne> ["An ambush!" Muttered Silas. "Open that channel!"]
[06:34] <Sept> The image of a boy, yet not just a boy, a mad grin on a bespectacled face, hair messed up by the liquid around him. "Hello again, Silas," he sang.
[06:35] <Marianne> ["What do you hope to achieve with this fool action, de Pteres? Alone by yourself up against an invincible battleship?"]
[06:41] <Sept> "You'd lecture me on doing the impossible? I'll sink your ship of fools and we can talk about this again."
[06:41] <Marianne> ["So be it." He made a cut-throat gesture to Communications, who shut Sera off.-
[06:42] <Marianne> ["Flight Control, what's the status on Attila? Is it ready to fly?"-
[06:42] <Marianne> ["Yes, sir."-
[06:42] <Marianne> ["Then prepare it for launch!"]
[07:36] <Marianne> [There was… Force.-
[07:36] <Marianne> [The entire ship rocked and shuddered with it. Alarms sounded.-
[07:36] <Marianne> ["Report!" Snapped Silas.-
[07:36] <Marianne> ["The Ablative Spire is gone, sir!"-
[07:37] <Marianne> ["General! Sensors have picked up three other objects heading towards us from above! Eva units!"-
[07:37] <Marianne> ["Damnit. So this is Paris…"]
[08:22] <Marianne> ["Sir, Attila is ready for launch."-
[08:22] <Marianne> [Silas nodded. "Launch her."]
[09:50] <Marianne> [The battle continued to rage, Silas slowly becoming angrier and angrier…-
[09:50] <Marianne> [There was an explosion.-
[09:50] <Marianne> ["General! The Starboard PI Cannon is gone!"-
[09:51] <Marianne> ["Damnit!" He slammed his fist against the side of his chair. "Enough of this." He stood up.-
[09:52] <Marianne> ["Send word to Dr. Iblis. Tell him to bring the Angel online- tell him I want the AT Field up."]
[10:32] <Marianne> [Silas sat back down in his chair and placed a helmet down upon his head. It covered everything.-
[10:32] <Marianne> ["Just like I've been trained… The power to turn this entire battleship into an Evangelion…!"-
[10:32] <Marianne> [Inside the helmet, Silas -laughed-.]
[11:19] <Marianne> [Sparks flew and lights dimmed inside the bridge.-
[11:19] <Marianne> ["G-General! They're shooting through the bridge! We need to move to the secondary command centre-"-
[11:20] <Marianne> [Silas laughed. "Now!? No! They can't stop me- they can't-! You command the ship." He laughed even louder, and slammed a button on the side of his chair. Slowly, it began to sink into the ground…]
[11:52] <Marianne> ["XO!" Shouted Tactical. "It's- It's gone mad! The Angel's taking over the ship! It's ripping it apart from the inside!"]
[12:12] <Marianne> ["Firewalls? Can't we do s-"-
[12:13] <Marianne> [The roof split in half, a colossal spear smashing through it as though it were paper. The XO never got to finish her sentence- the Lance of Tears ripped her body clean in half. It ripped through the floor, slicing apart the space where Silas's chair had been…]
[13:24] <Marianne> [Eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-three people died when the Independence exploded.-
[13:25] <Marianne> [Water lapped into the new lake caused by the explosion. Far above, the stars shone coldly below. Many hours had passed since the explosion, and with the pushing of the tide, a new object glinted beneath the light of the firmament.-
[13:25] <Marianne> [Eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-three people…-
[13:25] <Marianne> [Out of a crew of eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-four.-
[13:26] <Marianne> [The glimmering surface of the Angel's Core was smooth and red… Except for one area.-
[13:27] <Marianne> [A naked, human body, fused to the surface- a faceless helmet in place of a head, smooth like an oval inside of a sphere.-
[13:27] <Marianne> [His arms, pinned against the surface of the Core, where flesh became hard and unnatural… Silas Caine stared up at the sky.-
[13:28] <Marianne> [And he laughed.-
[13:28] <Marianne> [He laughed, and he laughed, because he had lost his greatest weapon, stood at its very core in the midst of its self-immolating fury…-
[13:28] <Marianne> [And -lived-.-
[13:28] <Marianne> [He laughed, because he was alive. He laughed because he was a god.-
[13:28] <Marianne> [And he laughed because now, not even Sera de Pteres could stop him.]

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