The Fall Of Singapore

1[17:35] <Ayanami‘Sho> [January 19th, 2017. A sunny, hot day in Singapore.-
01[17:36] <Ayanami`Sho> [For most of the week, the city has been drenched with rain, much to the dismay of many of the foreign soldiers currently employed in the city. Chinese, Japanese, American- they were all equally dispirited by the heavy downpour.-
01[17:38] <Ayanami`Sho> [Today, however, the sun sparkles on the damp city, and on the large UN battlefleet that now dominates the harbour- an Aircraft Carrier battlegroup, the aircraft carrier itself docked at a military base; missile cruisers, destroyers and other escorts were spread out through the rest of the bay.-
01[17:41] <Ayanami`Sho> [The sun shone also on another form as well, standing on the coastline. A 40-metre tall humanoid form, gleaming white, a cyclopean eye dominating its head. A complex, mechanical flight system took up much of its back, whilst its left arm held a shield. Its right arm, a long, dangerous-looking longsword. The arms were marked- EVANGELION UNIT 13- MASS PRODUCTION MODEL.-
01[17:41] <Ayanami`Sho> [It had sat in Singapore for a week, terrifying the locals and not much else.-
06[17:41] * Ayanami`Sho sat in her entry plug, as she had for a week with only small breaks for sleep and food. It was that time again…-
01[17:43] <Ayanami`Sho> "Over the Rainbow Battlegroup, this is EVA Unit 13 reporting in as instructed. As of 10:00 hours, no unusual activity."
[17:52] <LNArmy> There’s a brief hiss of static before a English-accented voice she would recognize as Captain Lawrence Hutton pipes up over her radio. "Recieved, Miss Ayanami. Just keep your little toy in place and your shift will be up soon enough."
01[17:56] <Ayanami‘Sho> "Understood, sir." Said Sho briefly. She leaned back in her entry plug, sighing briefly. She wasn’t one to complain about the situation, and her Ayanami-given sense of discipline and professionalism kept her from feeling disgruntled. But…-
01[17:57] <Ayanami‘Sho> But she had been able to glimpse… -Things- during her brief trips to the ground for sleep and food. The hint of fabric shops. The colourful flash of strange and exotic clothing! She longed to try them on and fiddle and buy and-
01[17:58] <Ayanami`Sho> … But Captain Katsuragi had kept her pay, hadn’t she? There would be no monetary splurges anytime soon.
[18:06] <LNArmy> [Meanwhile, on the titular aircraft carrier the Over the Rainbow battlegroup was named for, Captain Hutton arranged a for a new secure line without bothering to hide his discontent. He was a formidable-looking man - broad shouldered and fit, even while well into his fifties - and possessed an equally formidable moustache that dominated his face and looked as though someone had nailed a
[18:06] <LNArmy> weasel to his upper lip.]-
[18:07] <LNArmy> ["Lieutenant Taylor, do you have a report for me?"]
01[18:13] <Ayanami‘Sho> [Lieutenant Taylor, fresh-faced academy graduate, fresh on his tour of duty, manning the UNS Mockingbird, a nuclear submarine patrolling the coast. He responded enthusiastically. "No, sir! Nothing to report, sir!"]
[18:17] <LNArmy> ["Good." He says, drumming his fingers on the communications console. "Keep on your toes, son. Let me know if your situation changes."]
01[18:19] <Ayanami`Sho> ["Yes, si-" … "S-Sir, I think we have a contact!"]
[18:26] <LNArmy> [The Captain glances up at the control rooms massive radar display, still showing nothing of note, and quickly signals his second in command. "What are you seeing?"]
01[18:28] <Ayanami`Sho> ["It’s below us! It's some kind of submarine, I think-" A pause. "… What the he-"-
01[18:29] <Ayanami‘Sho> [Hutton’s second in command, Commander Benedict MacCready, frowned, looking over at Hutton from where he stood near the flight pattern system. "We've lost contact with the Mockingbird."]
[18:34] <LNArmy> ["…" Hutton looks at his desk for a split second, then lets out a grunt of disgust. "All hands to battle stations. MacCready, liase with the captains and make sure they know we're dealing with submersibles. I'll get the Ayanami girl on the line."]
[18:35] <LNArmy> «liaise*»
1[18:40] <Ayanami‘Sho> ["Yes, sir." Said MacCready, leaning over a communications officer. "Contact the Spartacus, Essen-2 and the Mortimer Mazarin first. They’re the ones designed for ASW…"-
01[18:41] <Ayanami‘Sho> A display appeared on Sho’s entry plug wall- 'OVER THE RAINBOW- SOUND ONLY'. "…?"
[18:43] <LNArmy> ["Ayanami. We've lost contact with one of our submarines, and while I'm certain we can deal with the issue your OD insisted you be notified if any contact was made."]
01[18:45] <Ayanami‘Sho> "Understood. Has the enemy type been determined?"
[18:46] <LNArmy> ["Not yet, but whatever it may be it isn’t showing up on radar."]
01[18:50] <Ayanami‘Sho> "…" A faint rainbow shimmer in the air around EVA-13. She concentrated, and a second later reached out with her AT Field…-
01[18:50] <Ayanami`Sho> "It isn’t an Angel."
[18:51] <LNArmy> [She'd hear something that sounded a lot like 'harumph'. "I wasn't expecting it to be, although I suppose there's no harm in ruling out the damned things."]
01[18:52] <Ayanami‘Sho> [A klaxon on the bridge of the Rainbow. "Captain! The Fortitude’s down!" Another submarine. "We're picking something up-"-
01[18:52] <Ayanami‘Sho> [Four… Then five, then eight- nine- eleven signatures on the radar to the southwest, approaching rapidly towards the Spartacus.]
[19:00] <LNArmy> [The line to Sho was dropped without further ado. "Get the necessary air support launched. Do we know what they’re using?"]
01[19:02] <Ayanami‘Sho> ["From what we can tell, they’re using torpedoes…"-
01[19:03] <Ayanami‘Sho> ["The Essen-2 is counterattacking with anti-submarine torpedoes- missed-"-
01[19:04] <Ayanami`Sho> ["Captain, look!"-
01[19:05] <Ayanami`Sho> [An officer was pointing out of the large window at the front of the bridge. The Essen-2 buckled around the stern, cracking- before a massive blade pushed itself out straight through the centre, the blade itself glowing white hot.]
[19:08] <LNArmy> ["… MacCready, order any ships with sea mines or depth charges to get them deployed -now-!" Hutton shouted, still staring out the window in shock.]
01[19:09] <Ayanami`Sho> ["Y-Yes sir!"-
01[19:09] <Ayanami`Sho> There’s a communication request from the Evangelion.
[19:10] <LNArmy> [It's picked up a moment later, giving Sho a brief window into the chaos. "Ayanami?"]
01[19:10] <Ayanami‘Sho> "That was a Progressive blade."
[19:13] <LNArmy> ["Yes, I know…" He mutters, lettin out a breath through clenched teeth. "We need your assistance."]
01[19:13] <Ayanami`Sho> "Then, retreat."
[19:15] <LNArmy> [There’s a moment of silence before she would hear something press against the reciever, and even then she'd still hear him shout the order. "Order all ships to pull back into the bay!"]
01[19:16] <Ayanami‘Sho> ["Yes, sir! Ordering now!"-
01[19:17] <Ayanami`Sho> [Nevertheless, it wasn’t fast enough to save several other ships, who were either torpedoed, impaled or bisected by their foes- which would soon start to become visible as they surfaced, jetting along.-
01[19:19] <Ayanami‘Sho> [They were long-legged robots, with thick arms terminating in heavy cylindrical hands, within which progressive rams sat prepared. Their heads were smooth, vaguely fishlike, with a slit at the very top, out of which the massive progressive prows emerged. Thrusters on their backs pushed them back and forth with exceptional speed.-
01[19:20] <Ayanami`Sho> "They must be a type of Solace."
[19:26] <LNArmy> ["Not like any I’ve ever seen." Hutton muttered, almost entranced by the sight of his entire battlegroup being sliced apart without any sign of effort.]
06[19:32] * Ayanami‘Sho flicked on her Progressive Sword, the blade glowing hotly- and a second later, began to flash red and white with AT energy. EVA-13 took off, flying northwest, landing again swiftly. "There’s so many…" She sent a notification through to Tokyo-2. "Captain Katsuragi, I've encountered a new type of enemy."-
01[19:35] <Ayanami‘Sho> ["…" Misato swore. "Sho, you’re ordered to engage."-
01[19:35] <Ayanami‘Sho> "Yes, Captain."
[14:30] <LNArmy> Sho would suddenly find her line to the battlegroup cut off, replaced by harsh static. From her position on the shore she would be able to see one of the Solaces dive smoothly beneath the water again, and behind it the aircraft carrier was sporting a series of clean gouges across its armour, its control tower now engulfed in flames.
01[14:33] <@Ayanami`Sho> "…" They hadn’t even been able to sortie any of their fighter craft. Even now, jets were sliding into the ocean.-
01[14:34] <@Ayanami‘Sho> But now wasn’t time to dwell on those lost. A second passed as Sho concentrated, thoughts filtering away- thoughts of those on the carrier, the fanciful daydreams she'd been nurturing earlier, everything- except the battle at hand. She raised her shield, waited for the Solaces- she would wait for them to storm onto land first.
[14:40] <LNArmy> And they did - Five of them emerged from the bay only a handful of seconds later, breaching the surface of the water like dolphins to land on the shore feet-first, guns raised. As she had guessed, they bore all the hallmarks of the Thruster Solaces she'd been briefed on in the past few months, but the lithe bodies and thrusters on their hands and feet marked them as something new.-
[14:41] <LNArmy> But before there was any time to engage more had bobbed to the surface further out in the bay, and the air was suddenly thick with positron fire.
01[14:45] <@Ayanami‘Sho> EVA-13 was by no means a weak construct. Its body was incredibly strong and resilient- its armor, however, was not, and by the time the positron thicket had cleared, the Evangelion had sustained a fair deal of damage.-
01[15:27] <@Ayanami`Sho> A burst of energy from the wings saw EVA-13 hurl itself across the skyline of Singapore at dangerous speeds- speeds that saw it clear whole swathes of city in a single bound. Flying high, it tucked its left leg in tight against its right, and hurled itself towards the ground like a comet- its foot smashing hard into an unfortunate Solace, cracking armor and bursting actuators, before the Evangelion flipped forwards, tucking itself into a ball, landing on terra firma once more, glass windows shattering and roads spitting from the impact. Reflexively, its left arm rose, covering its head with a shield.
[15:30] <LNArmy> The wounded Solace stumbled back, heavy feet shearing through the market stalls underfoot, the collosal dent in its chest causing the constructs arms to grind loudly as it moved.-
[15:33] <LNArmy> Only a moment later Sho’s shield would be put to good use as another bombardment fell, antimatter blasts leaving sizzling holes deep through the heavy shielding. One blast whipped past the Evangelion's head before ripping through a warehouse some distance behind her.
01[15:42] <@Ayanami‘Sho> The shield, many parts of it now melted down to the hilt, was tossed aside. Rising from its crouch, EVA-13 burst into the skies once more, now heading southeast, over a small island, towards a trio of flanking Solaces.-
01[15:43] <@Ayanami`Sho> Now holding her Magorok-E Sword in a double-handed grip, she swung it low as she passed, the progressive blade tearing straight through the body of her target, from shoulder to hip.
[15:55] <LNArmy> The body of the Solace quickly joined the ruined ships littering the ocean floor around the bay.-
[15:56] <LNArmy> But two more Solaces were left. One attempted to breach the waves again now, grabbing for the Eva’s legs and attempting to drag it down even as the other slashed out with the progressive blades mounted on its limbs.
06[16:04] * @Ayanami‘Sho brought her blade up, smacking both blade and hand away before exacting vengeance- the Sword ripped through the grasping Solace’s body, bisecting it, whilst the other plunged into the depths of the water, mangling and ruining the other's left leg.
[16:36] <LNArmy> … but still it survived, even reaching up again to bring its blades to bear.
06[16:36] * @Ayanami‘Sho kicked it back down again, and once again she was off, hurtling across the bay of Singapore to harass yet another Solace.
[16:38] <LNArmy> Positron blasts followed her, streaking into the air like fireworks. Most of them went wide, finding it hard to hit such a swift target, but a rare few managed to find their mark.
1[16:40] <@Ayanami`Sho> They burned their marks deep into EVA-13’s flesh, causing Sho to grit her teeth. The pain was starting to become more intense- that wasn't the only thing, either. Much of her body seemed to hurt now, but it also seemed to be shifting subtly, as if her centre of gravity were elsewhere…-
01[16:44] <@Ayanami‘Sho> She didn’t recognise the sensation, but she could feel her AT Field's fluctuations. She knew what was going on, but she didn't let it panic her as she struck out twice more with her sword.
[16:58] <LNArmy> But they've drawn her out into the water now, where their agility can be put to use. Two of them appear from beneath the gentle waves, prow blades scything, only to disappear again moments later to allow the Solaces further out a clear line of sight. The crackle-pop of positron fire echoes across the bay again, energy beams sending wild shadows below them.
01[17:03] <@Ayanami‘Sho> A blast burned deeply into EVA-13’s bicep.-
01[17:05] <@Ayanami‘Sho> The arm burned, armor falling away and flesh sloughing off in wves, falling into the ocean below. Sho let out a short, pained scream as fiery pain spread through her left arm- she could see a part of her plugsuit burning away, a patch of burned skin below. She lashed out unthinkingly with her AT Field and bolted, back to the shore, clattering to the ground far from the coast.-
01[17:07] <@Ayanami`Sho> [A communications window opened on the side of the plug. "Sho!" It was Katsuragi. "Report?"-
01[17:09] <@Ayanami`Sho> "Left arm disabled." She said, her voice measured and even despite the pain. "I’ve destroyed three of them. I can keep fighting."-
01[17:10] <@Ayanami‘Sho> ["…" Misato stared at Sho, then nodded grimly. "You have three minutes. Then I want you out of there."-
01[17:10] <@Ayanami`Sho> "Understood…"
[17:14] <LNArmy> In the bay, the Solaces waited where they were.-
[17:18] <LNArmy> The first hint at why would come in the form of the quickly building scream of an aircraft engine. It took a few seconds to build to a peak… but then the city around her vanished in a bone-rattling blast of light and heat as the bombs fell around her.
06[17:19] * @Ayanami`Sho didn’t feel it- her AT Field rendered the bombs harmless. Nevertheless… "They're trying to bombard me out of hiding." She crouched lower.
[17:20] <LNArmy> … There was an unfamiliar comms request flashing on her screen.
01[17:21] <@Ayanami‘Sho> "…" She answered it.
[17:21] <LNArmy> The screen showed nothing but black. "Pilot of the Evangelion," A cold voice said. "We have permission to reduce as much of the city to rubble as is necessary to bring you out of hiding. Your AT field may render such things useless, but I cannot promise that the same is true of this city’s civilians."
01[17:24] <@Ayanami‘Sho> "…" Sho muted the comms, and turned to Katsuragi. "Did you hear that, Captain Katsuragi?"-
01[17:27] <@Ayanami`Sho> ["I did. Bastard." Muttered Katsuragi. "Sho, the best we can do is slow them down right now. Repelling them doesn’t seem like it'll work, and I can't get Shinji-kun there in time. If they're going to bomb the city until you quit cover, then it's best to get out right now."-
01[17:28] <@Ayanami‘Sho> "Understood." She unmuted the cold voice. "Commander of the rebel forces. Do you copy?"
[17:29] <LNArmy> "Mmm?"
01[17:31] <@Ayanami`Sho> "Call off your airforce. I won’t hide any more."
[17:33] <LNArmy> There's a moment's pause in which Sho would hear some murmuring just below her hearing. "Done."
6[17:34] * @Ayanami‘Sho closed the window, staring out at the city of Singapore. Parts of it were already demolished by the many, many, many stray Positron blasts that the city had been subjected to. She sighed. The sight made her… It made her sad, and angry, and regretful.-
01[17:35] <@Ayanami`Sho> Her eyes flicked left, then right, before she slashed a long, thin line through the ground next to her with her sword. A one. "I’ll be back." She muttered, before rising from her crouch- rising, rising, far above the skyline.

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