The Fights

[23:01] <Dorian> ["Alright, so. Everyone's here?" said Dr. Arnise, a 6'2 man who looked like he could run for the Governorship of California. "Alright. Now, the Close Combat Arena has a few rules. First and foremost, everyone must wear protective padding." He pointed to six sets of thick leathery-foam pads. "Second of all, everyone is to have a weapon." He pointed to a collection of weapons. They- well, they obviously weren't lethal-
[23:01] <Dorian> [Being made of either wood or plastic. "Thirdly- anyone hitting the head will be disqualified. All hits are to be kept to the body, arms and legs. Any questions?"]
[23:06] * Aline started to put on her protective padding, and shook her head. "No questions~" …And she settled on what looked to be a ridiculously massive faux-greatsword. If it were a real weapon made of metal she probably wouldn't even be able to lift it! But given its kid-safe construction, things were a lot more feasible like this. "Okay, picked!"
[23:09] <Dorian> ["A curious choice, Aline!" Said Dr. Ikari, with a laugh. She herself picked up a spear.-
[23:09] <Dorian> ["This… I really don't like this." Muttered Dr. Castillo-Delgado to himself, as he hefted an axe in one hand and a shield in the other.-
[23:11] <Dorian> ["…" Tsubaki Akagi said nothing. She picked up a long staff, twirling it.-
[23:12] <Dorian> ["Heh. I hope Sera's watching this." Said Gosselin, picking up a pair of knives.-
[23:12] <Dorian> [And finally, Jeanne Simon picked up a greataxe, eyeing Aline with an eye that promised -fun-.]
[23:15] * Aline …slowly, awkwardly, eyed Jeanne. The Cigarette-Smoking Man was still in her memory, even if he -wasn't- one of her goons. But, she did peer to Yui. "I don't know, these aren't that different to me. I tend to do shooting or AT combat as a pilot so I don't have enough experience to care." But… nonetheless, she (standing clear of the others) spent a while waving about her
[23:15] * Aline greatsword, starting to get the hang of how to handle it… and slighty scuffing/disturbing the ground around her in a ring.
[23:18] <Dorian> ["Well. Good luck, alright?" Said Dr. Ikari, offering Aline a bow. "Please be gentle~"]
[23:20] <Aline> "Of course I will, don't worry."
[23:22] <Dorian> ["Alright, so." Said Dr. Arnise again, clapping his meaty hands together. "We fight in pairs. So- first up. Aline Blanc and Dr. Ikari Yui. Dr. Castillo-Delgado and Akagi Tsubaki. And… Jeanne Simon and Frédéric Gosselin."]
[23:25] * Aline quirked a brow at the assignment of her first opponent. "Interestinger and interestinger." But, nonetheless, she bowed, reclining on her massive foam-plastic monstrosity.
[23:26] <Dorian> ["Good luck, Aline." Said Dr. Ikari, bowing. The scientist stepped into the Arena.]
[23:33] * Aline stepped in, as well, and… immediately began focusing, taking in deep breaths. None of the bridge bunnies were there, but if anyone who had heard the audio feed from the Iadiel battle was there, they might have noticed it was the same thing she did before she fired her rail shots. In fact, Aline was even closing her eyes slightly, and letting her whole body rise and fall with
[23:33] * Aline the breath.
[23:36] <Dorian> [Aline was now confronted with the sight of Dr. Ikari Yui, crouching slightly, holding a spear out in front of her. The intelligent scientist looked distinctly out of place as she lunged forth, the spear missing Aline entirely. "Kuso…"]
[23:39] * Aline briefly muttered something, eyes closed, with a very slight smile. "Not bad." …Then suddenly, her eyes /snapped/ open, and Aline let loose with a giant swing of the nerfcalibur, her whole body pivoting with the shot, going for a (relatively gentle) side hit!
[23:41] <Dorian> [The blow smacked into Dr. Ikari's side with a rather loud -crack-. She let out a yelp of pain as she was knocked bodily sidewards, into the dirt.-
[23:41] <Dorian> ["Ow-ow…" She groaned, her spear rolling out of her hands.-
[23:41] <Dorian> ["Victory, Aline Blanc!"]
[23:42] * Aline lowered the weapon and -immediately- rushed to lean over Yui's body. "S-sorry, I should have done that a little lighter! D-do you need a hand?"
[23:43] <Dorian> ["You p-play rough, Aline-chan." Said Dr. Ikari, who managed to let out a little giggle in between sucking in air. "I-I'm alright-" she held out a hand, though.]
[23:44] * Aline reached down, helping the scientist up. "Okay… I know I'm not as strong as Yanmei and Sera so I was trying to make up for that… ah… You should rest…"
[23:52] <Dorian> [Dr. Ikari stood up, giving Aline a smile. "I-I'll be fine. You did really well, though! I'm impressed. Now I really want to see you fight Tsubaki."]
[23:52] * Aline helped her up the rest of the way, and nodded with a blush. "I'll try…"
[23:57] <Dorian> [Aline now had the chance to look about the battlefield… Two other people had been taken down, too. Dr. Castillo-Delgado looked almost in tears, nursing his ribs, whilst Gosselin had been soundly thrashed.-
[23:57] <Dorian> ["Next- Aline Blanc and Tsubaki Akagi."]
[23:59] * Aline once again let herself get propped up against the nerfandal, letting herself take a bit of a breather… before pushing it against the ground to vault herself back up to a fully 'ready' pose, as either Tsubaki or herself would approach the next field!
[00:04] <Dorian> [Tsubaki stepped forward, affixing Aline with her sleepy gaze. She held her staff up and prepared.]
[00:09] * Aline turned her gaze towards Tsubaki, again trying to find her 'center' as she prepared for another one-hit sure-kill strike. But this time, she allowed herself the option of talking. "I've heard of you, of course, Akagi-san. I am deeply curious about 03, but that's not something to discuss in the ring."
[00:16] * Aline then released the giant swing… but this time, Tsubaki had a better defense than Yui did, so Aline didn't have a hope - even if she connected properly. Which… she didn't. She had it in her unconscious mind to try to vault herself into place for a second go, but her eyes were too slow! By the time she thought to make the correction, she ended up catching the ground with the
[00:16] * Aline blade almost completely around her… and ended up tripping on it, scrambling desperately to her feet withotu a chance to raise her guard!
[00:19] <Dorian> [Tsubaki moved immediately, leading- not with her staff, but with her arm. With a surprisingly fast move, she reached out, grabbing Aline by the shoulder- and dunking her into the ground. Hard.]
[00:21] * Aline could -feel- the pain! Owowowow… As if she wasn't -already- at a disadvantage! She waved an arm a little, as if to show she wasn't -quite- out yet.
[00:28] * Aline then stood… and struck again, this time with less batshit force. She was gritting her teeth, and looking like she was going to just -keep going-.
[00:33] <Dorian> [Tsubaki sidestepped it- before lancing out with her staff, cracking it fully into Aline's ribs as hard as she possibly could.]
[00:51] * Aline yelped slightly in pain… but then turned right back and stared forwards. "You might be better than me in close combat, but I'll still fight with all my will!" She didn't know how badly this remark would go, but… "Even here, in a friendly competition, I'll give it my all, I'll stand longer than 04 did!!" Now -that- was a righteous fire if there ever was one, and with it came
[00:51] * Aline a big damn clubbing with the nerfadbolg!
[00:53] <Dorian> [The blow caught her right in the sternum. Tsubaki's eyes widened for a moment as she let out a sudden squeal of pain, before she stumbled backwards, backwards- tripping over her own legs. She tried to pull herself up on the staff, but… She instead sat there, clasping her chest and wheezing.]
[00:55] * Aline then stepped forward towards Tsubaki, her smile shining through the sweat, the panting exhaustion. She pushed the nerfeuse against Tsubaki's staff slightly… but extended her other hand to pull her fellow pilot up. "Good game. Took a lot out of me with those hits!"
[00:56] <Dorian> [Tsubaki allowed herself to be pulled up, staff dropping into the dust. "My chest hurts." She whined.-
[00:56] <Dorian> ["Victory- Aline Blanc!"]
[00:57] * Aline nodded. "…Aye, aye. I'll buy some over-the-counter pain pills with my allowance for you, if you want. I was half thinking of doing that for Ikari-sensei anyway."
[00:58] <Dorian> [Tsubaki was, at this point, starting to unhook her armour. "You might win." She observed. Aline's offer went unanswered.]
[01:02] * Aline seemed… a bit impassive, as her mind whirled over its collected notes. Quiet, unassuming. Probably troubled. Neospartan background, so horrendous childhood more than likely. Tread carefully. "Might well. For all you did, though, you have my respect. Let's keep in touch, alright? I have a few projects to help all ten of us, so if you ever want to say anything, just ask."
[01:02] <Dorian> ["… Who are you again?"]
[01:03] * Aline had a sort of sheepish look. "Aline Blanc, pilot of Unit 00. I think they coded me as the 'First Child'."
[01:05] <Dorian> ["The first child…" Tsubaki nodded. "Akagi Tsubaki, Pilot of Evangelion 03." She gave Aline a half-bow. "I hope you win. You seem nice…"]
[01:06] * Aline bowed back. "Thank you, I try to be. I hope you do well in the second and third events, as well - regardless of if I best or fall before you. Anyway, rest, that hit will probably need a moment to settle~"
[01:12] <Dorian> ["Aline Blanc versus Jeanne Simon."-
[01:12] <Dorian> [The head of Section 2 stepped into the ring, her axe hefted in her arms. She smiled. "You hit hard, Pilot. Hard indeed."]
[01:13] * Aline nodded, pushing up with her own blade. "As much as I can, as much as I can. Let's see how hard -you- hit, then!"
[01:14] <Dorian> ["Mm!"]
[01:23] * Aline almost immediately entered stance, and started with a (regrettably wide) swing, using the heartbeat's-worth of time after her swing to scan for a better attempt to strike. She knew that since she expended a lot of her willpower against her 'real' opponent, Tsubaki, she'd have to just go nuts on Jeanne to have a hope of winning!
[01:28] <Dorian> [Jeanne manages to avoid the swing. It was a lousy swing, anyway. Instead, she counters now with a brutally savage, two-handed swing of her own, the blade smacking deep into Aline's side.]
[01:29] * Aline took Jeanne's first hit on her side… but it only hurt as much as Tsubaki's one successful hit. She'd live. She'd live to -strike back!- …And how! She riposted with an equally brutal, and even harder hit. "Not quite hard enough, I'm afraid!"
[01:29] <Dorian> [Jeanne staggered backward, the blow shaking her. She -almost- looked like she'd buckle, but managed to keep her footing. "Hn… I'm no waif." She grunted.]
[01:37] <Dorian> [She let out another swing- but it went wide. She was clearly a little staggered, despite her determination.]
[01:37] * Aline shrugged. "But I am. Funny how that works, no?" And her strikes began to… well. Start moving into near-berserker style, just going as soon as she had an opening. The dirt was once again greeted with a whole 3 pounds of foam and plastic.
[01:54] <Dorian> [Jeanne rallied! She could smell blood. Another blow into Aline's ribs. "Go-down…!"]
[02:00] * Aline rallied back once more. "NOT YET!" …and she swung! And missed!… and… kept… swinging? And kept going and started to pivot on her legs as she swung the blade almost like she was doing a hammer toss… but the second time around she still missed, and ended up stuck on one foot. "Ah?… Iyaaah!" …whump.
[02:00] <Dorian> ["…" There was a moment of silence. Jeanne stared, her eyes uncomprehending… Before lowering her stance a little. "Get up, girl. I'm not going to attack you lying down."]
[02:01] * Aline nodded weakly. "Right, right." …And started to get up. ((UNTIL NEXT ROUND!!!))
[02:07] * Aline did something odd, though, when she did get up. She slide backwards a small bit. She remembered enough about melee tactics from how Sera fought to know that she was in a safe zone where Jeanne would have to advance a bit to hit her… but didn't have enough room to build to a charge. The heavy panting Aline was doing, suggested that she was doing this to get a breather!
[02:09] <Aline> ((SCRATCH THAT
[02:10] * Aline got up, if slowly, then… tried to focus with the last of what she had. She knew time was running out! If Jeanne hit, that was it. She'd be done…
[02:15] <Dorian> ["Silly." Said Jeanne. She swung the axe, heavily, -heavily-, with all her force- smashing it into Aline's stomach.]
[02:16] * Aline took the final hit with -very- wide eyes, skidding into the dirt and onto her back. "Owowowowow…"
[02:20] <Dorian> ["Winner: Jeanne Simon!"-
[02:20] <Dorian> [Jeanne tossed her axe carelessly aside, before walking over to Aline. "Nice try." She offers the sporting hand.]
[02:22] * Aline frowned… but tried to resume a more neutral look. She could almost feel the chill in that - even if it was only in her imagination. She was -not- enamored with S2 now so she may be biased. "Y-yeah." And she took that hand, but -also- used her other hand as much as possible, too. She'd stand by herself, just in case!… Okay, that was a bit too paranoid. Why would the S2 head
[02:22] * Aline let one of the Pilots drop in front of all those people?
[02:38] <Dorian> [Jeanne rubbed her chin. "You weren't bad. Keep working on that and maybe you'll be able to protect yourself." She said, before abruptly abandoning the ring.]
[02:39] * Aline slowly nodded… though she had already left, so it was hard to respond. Instead, she just shook her head a little, and sat down on the nearest bench to look around.
[02:40] <Dorian> ["Ah…" Aline would be approached by the vanquished Dr. Ikari at this point. "You're a lot fiercier than I expected, Aline-chan~!" She said, grinning. "You went toe-to-toe with Jeanne Simon -and- Tsubaki-san. I'm a little shocked…"]
[02:42] <Aline> "Ah… Shocked? I just… did what I could. I think I overextended myself against Tsubaki-san, though. I had hardly anything left to face Jeanne Simon with. But…" She took out a big sigh. "I expected, before the matchups were made, to fall in the first round. I mean, I remember the training. Sera and Yanmei are both stronger than I am. Yet…" Aline left that hanging, rather than
[02:42] <Aline> finish it.
[02:42] <Dorian> ["Well. Your first matchup was with me." Pointed out Dr. Ikari. "If I had won, it would have been very strange, I think."]
[02:45] * Aline nodded. "Too true. It would have been rather strange. But even so… I did my best. I can only hope the others did so, too." If only she knew.
[02:51] <Dorian> ["I think so." Said Dr. Ikari, sitting down. "I think they'll be rather proud of you when they hear the results."]
[02:55] * Aline beamed. "I can only imagine! 6 out of 9 for something so far out of my specialty… wow. And then the quiz coming up… I think I'm the best of us at that. Might even have the Paris-2 Pilots team clinch a victory from that…"
[03:01] <Dorian> ["That would be something. I don't think the Science team is going to be winning this year." She said with a laugh. "Most Valuable Player for Aline Blanc, maybe? I wonder." Dr. Ikari beamed. "Will you let Shinji know about this? About how you beat up his defenseless mother~?"]
[03:05] * Aline smiled, a bit playfully. "I might, but then again, it was all sporting, no? Just foam…" Then a bit -more- playful. "And Jeanne's last hit was a lot harder than that on me anyway, so I got my 'comeuppance' anyway!"
[03:17] <Dorian> ["I saw that. She really didn't pull any punches…" Dr. Ikari stood up. "But since this event's over, we should meet up with the other people in the lunch area. I'm quite hungry…!"]
[03:19] <Aline> "Ah! Yes, that'd be a good idea. I'd love to see how the other two did, and I am still curious about Soryu-Langley-san… and of course Akagi-san, too. All the pilots as unto siblings, I say~"

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