The Final Moments Of Miss Viviane Fournier

(18:30:38) Marianne: [And a second later, a comms channel opened. Viviane's voice, filled with wrath and a sort of mad, bloody delight.-
(18:31:03) Marianne: ["I've been waiting for you. Built up for you. Everything here is because of you- my preparations, my weapons, my very body and soul…"]
(18:36:13) * Sept blinked once at the source of the voice on his displays. "No," he said.
(18:39:22) Marianne: ["N… No? What does that mean?!"]
(18:42:23) * Sept kept his tone calm, soft, though his eyes betrayed the sadness beyond. "Whoever said that is wrong. You are neither important enough for that, nor are you here for anyone else. You continue to exist for your own sake."
(18:43:36) Marianne: ["You- your arrogance! Always so… Arrogant!"]
(18:54:52) Sept: "Viviane, stop that!" Though now, he just sounded… angry. Disappointed. "You were the one who taught me all those things when we were together! You'd been flying, and travelling and making music before I'd set foot outside Paris! To- to think that you'd put any of your trust in me - me, who you had to protect and comfort even then..?"
(18:58:37) Marianne: ["NO!" She cried out, and he could hear the tears in her voice. "Stop- making me- remember- those lies! They were lies! They didn't happen- you were just- keeping me chained- to that… Stop it… Why do you do this!? Every time!?"]
(19:02:32) Sept: Stunned silence. "I… no. That was s-selfish and arrogant of me. I'm sorry."
(19:08:46) Sept: [Suddenly, he knew it. He couldn't save her like this. Maybe he never could. He'd only cause her more pain.]
(19:11:42) Marianne: [She whispered something, inaudible…]
(19:12:47) Sept: A scream through gritted teeth and heavy breathing as the blade cut into Sera. "S… see? I'm bleeding from such a small… fight, I c-can't feel my fingers and you're barely out of breath. I had it the wrong way around."
(19:13:38) Marianne: ["Wrong way-?!"]
(19:18:41) Sept: "T-there's nothing I can do to you. You're capable of great things, you could… you could go anywhere and for…" A gasping intake of breath. "forget about me, and all I did. Or kill me here so you don't have to take the risk."
(19:25:42) Marianne: ["You… You… I…" There was a sort of wonder in her voice. "I could… I could go… I could be free. From everything. From all the chains, the fighting. From… From those… Old orders…"-
(19:26:34) Marianne: ["… I want to be free! Sera, please, I want…"-
(19:26:37) Marianne: ["I want to be free…"]
(19:28:20) Sept: "Then go. You're better than all this. The rest of us are all too weak to let it go. Guh…" Sera swallowed. "Goodbye, Viviane."
(19:28:38) Marianne: ["Sera…"-
(19:28:42) Marianne: [The comms… Ended.]

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