The Low Countries Campaign

The Low Countries Campaign

"France is the pillar on which the Federation sits. Topple France, and with one blow the war will be over."
-Juno Winter-Lorenz

In the many struggles between France and Germany, one of the constants was a heavily fortified border region. Indeed, the Alsace-Lorraine region, with its hilly and mountainous terrain and many forests was an easily defensible place, and French engineering has often made spectacular fortifications; German attacks on this frontier never made much progress in either World War.

The 'low countries', however- Belgium specifically- were different. Much of the terrain here was relatively flat and open, and because of the soft soil and high water table, building the sort of immense defense lines that the French favoured in Alsace-Lorraine proved unfeasible. Because of this, attacks between the two nations often passed through hapless Belgium.

In the middle of July 2018, Germany was finally ready for a full-scale invasion of France. The main instruments of this offensive were three Army Groups- Black, Gold, and Red, under the ultimate command of General Juno Winter-Lorenz. Winter knew the French military as tough, dependable and battle-hardened, and did not think of underestimating them. The forces she assembled amounted to over 450,000 men- roughly a quarter of the entire German Army. On the 20th of July she launched her invasion, attempting to smash through Belgium before punching into France, her three Army Groups cutting across the northern French plain. Meanwhile, German and Austrian forces would make an attack against Italy, Switzerland and Alsace-Lorraine in an attempt to tie up France's border armies.

The French, she knew, would be waiting for her, expecting this attack… But the world was a very different place to 1914 and 1940, and the nature of war had changed.

This is a Campaign Event. Campaigns are a simple system designed to tie individual Missions into their own miniature 'arcs'. Campaigns involve three battles spread out over three turns, with the performance in one battle changing the parameters of the next. Campaign Events possess overarching objectives. Some of these objectives may only be attainable if victories are won early on and are properly decisive. Some of them may be achievable in any battle. The outcome of the campaign depends on these objectives- the more achieved, the more decisive the eventual victory, and the higher the reward and more pronounced the effect on the entire war!

Low Countries Campaign Objectives

Hold Paris by the end of the Campaign.
Hold Brussels by the end of the Campaign.
Hold Cologne by the end of the Campaign.
Capture General Winter.
Capture an enemy Evangelion/Dysangelion pilot.
Rout Army Group Gold in every battle to break the back of the invasion force.
Do not let any Evangelion pilots or ODs be captured.

Reward Rubric

Victory Scale Requirements Basic Rewards
Marginal Victory Hold Paris by the end of the Campaign. +1 CP.
Victory Achieve at least three objectives, including: Hold Paris and Brussels by the end of the Campaign. +3 CP, bonus +300 XP, one Fate Point to be awarded to the Supreme Commander with the most victories
Decisive Victory Achieve at least five objectives, including: Hold Paris, Brussels and Cologne by the end of the Campaign, and Capture General Winter. +5 CP, bonus +500 XP, one Fate Point to be awarded to the Supreme Commander with the most victories. One Prestige Point gained by the Federation. One Satisfaction Mark gained by France, Britain, Canada, United States, Soviet Union, China, Brazil and Scandinavia.
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