The Maid In Orleans


Maid in Orleans

In Paris-2, Sera managed to find some clues as to the whereabouts of Freya Solheim- clues that pointed him toward Orleans.

Freya is clever, a born survivor with an excellent head for numbers, but in the grand scheme of things she isn't that important. She can pilot 01, but at a weaker Ratio level. However, she is important to Sera. Furthermore, she seems to have curious sources of information: for example she learned of the Crystal Massacre before it happened.

To this end, Sera is seeking to find her, and hopefully bring her home.



Primary Objective
Find Freya Solheim.
Secondary Objectives

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This Investigation will require skills that are good at gaining information, such as Awareness and Scrutiny (for searching), Inquiry (for speaking) and Security (for breaking into places). Combat is unlikely to break out.

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Personnel Allotments

Minimum Allotments
Sera de Pteres.
Maximum Allotments
Sera de Pteres plus two characters.

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Essential Equipment
A motor vehicle
Recommended Equipment
Communication gear, toolkit

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Duration One Turn
Expires Turn Eight
May be Undertaken: Once

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