The Mechanics

We'll be using the Pathfinder RPG, which is basically Dungeons & Dragons v3.75 (and I'm just going to refer to it as 3.75 from here on out for simplicity). Here's a handy link to the 3.75 SRD:

Starting Parameters
Statistics: Point buy, 32 points, with all stats starting at a minimum of 10, and the following stat costs: 11 = 1, 12 = 2, 13 = 3, 14 = 4, 15 = 6, 16 = 8, 17 = 11, 18 = 14. You may not have more than one 18 prior to racial modifiers.

Races: 3.75 races are allowed as written.

Base Classes: 3.75 only, please. The playtest classes are allowed.

Prestige Classes: If there's a 3.5 prestige class you want (especially if it's a Forgotten Realms setting-specific one) I should be able to adapt it for you (if any adaptation at all is even necessary beyond shifting the saves to 3.75's standard). 3.75 ones are allowed as written of course.

Starting Level: 1. Use the Fast advancement table for XP costs.

Starting HP: As usual, your first hit die is maximized. Add your Constitution modifier to that, and also add your Constitution score to your 1st-level HP. (Nothing sucks more than a one-shot kill off a lucky crit.) For levels beyond 1st, HP will not be rolled, but will instead use the average roll (rounded up) for that hit die (adding Constitution modifier, as always). That means 4 for a d6, 5 for a d8, 6 for a d10, and 7 for a d12.

Starting Gold: 100 gold, and 1 magic item worth 1650 GP, and a +1 item (so weapon or armour)

Feats: In general, 3.75 sources only, please. However, you can ask me about 3.5 feats.

Spells: You can take spells from the 3.75 list without checking with me first. Other spells might require looking at.

Traits: Two traits are allowed to PCs, and can be taken from both the official Pathfinder list as well as the custom ones here.

Custom Traits

Personal Traits

Origin Traits

Regional Traits

Religion Traits

Racial Traits

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