The New De Pteres

[21:05] <Marianne‘> [It was dark and warm… Sera couldn’t see anything yet, but he could feel. Warm, soft, covers and sheets…]
[21:27] <Sept> Darkness. Hadn't it always been this way? But had it ever been this warm, this… comfortable, tangible? There was something definitely wrong here.
[21:37] <Marianne‘> [Something shifted around him. A word sprang to mind- ’Bed'. He was in bed…]
[21:41] <Sept> Bed? A bed meant a floor… which meant walls, a room. An exit..? Was it a bed he knew? Could there be light, a switch somewhere?
[21:41] <Marianne‘> [It was a bed he knew only by its genericity. A hospital bed…]
[21:46] <Sept> A hospital bed meant a hospital room. There should be a light switch somewhere within reach… Sera started to get up, but a memory, a reflex stopped him. Was he connected to something? Drips, tubes..? Too many times he’d yanked instruments around or hurt himself with sudden movements.
[21:56] <Marianne‘> [Not this time.]
[22:12] * Sept tried to get up, carefully. But if he wasn’t injured, why was he here? Had he died? And where was the light switch?
[22:13] <Marianne‘> [The light switch… If he groped about near his bed, he’d feel it on the wall.]
[22:17] * Sept closed his eyes and hit it, carefully opening them again after a second.
[22:33] <Marianne‘> [Light…-
[22:33] <Marianne`> [But he couldn’t see, not clearly. Everything was blurry and out of focus.]
[22:43] <Sept> Still dizzy. But… it was a regular room, so there was little risk of anything truly bad having happened. Sera forced himself to stay calm. There was no way he'd be able to make it out before his head cleared up.
[22:45] <Marianne‘> [Time passed. He’d slowly calm down, hopefully… His mind would become sharper, but despite that, his vision refused to unblur.]
[22:46] <Sept> An anaesthetic? But he didn't have a drip…-
[22:47] * Sept tried to get up, supporting himself on the bed tentatively.
[22:49] <Marianne‘> [His body moved fine. He didn’t even need the bed…]
[22:51] <Sept> A door. There was no reason to call out and wait here, doing nothing. If something -was- wrong, if he'd been captured… Captured… like Viviane? Details of that battle started to flow back into his consciousness, slowly, as he tried to find a way out.
[22:57] <Marianne‘> [Door… But before he could move towards it, there was a sound. Someone knocked.]
[23:01] * Sept froze, and pressed himself to the wall behind the door. Would the enemy knock? It could be a ploy…
[23:09] <Marianne`> ["Sera?" Ginevre’s voice.]
[23:12] * Sept hesitated for a moment longer… and gave up. He took a step back from the door. "Yes?"
[23:13] <Marianne‘> ["It’s me, Ginevre. Can I come in?"]
[23:16] <Sept> Silence from within.
[23:17] <Marianne‘> ["Sera?"]
[23:18] <Sept> "Yeah. Come in." He remained standing, facing the door with hands crossed.
[23:19] <Marianne`> [The door opened, revealing a blur that could’ve been Ginevre. It was hard to be sure.]
[23:25] * Sept stared at not-quite her eyes for a moment, before returning to the bed to sit down and stare at a wall.
[23:26] <Marianne‘> ["Sera." Said Ginevre gently, walking across the floor to sit next to him.]
[23:29] <Sept> "What happened?" He asked simply, still looking away from her.
[23:31] <Marianne`> ["You and 01 saved us all. Silas… He fired his Doomsday Cannon, and you and 01 blocked it and saved everyone. Then 01 absorbed you into him. Do you remember that, Sera?"]#
#6[23:36] * Sept thought. "I suppose. It seems right. But how did you get me back?"
[23:36] <Marianne`> ["We didn’t. You came back by yourself."]#
[23:45] <Sept> "I see. So I did. How long was I out?"
[23:45] <Marianne‘> ["It’s February the 28th."]
[23:55] * Sept stayed silent for a while, not sure where to take this. He decided on the most straightforward path. "You shot me, Ginevre," he said with a deeply accusatory tone.
[23:55] <Marianne‘> ["…" Ginevre looked down at her lap. "I didn’t want to."]
[23:56] <Sept> "I trusted you and you shot me. Killed me."
[23:57] <Marianne‘> ["No, I didn’t kill you…"]
[23:59] <Sept> "Yes, you did. Can't you take responsibility for anything?"
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[00:01] <Marianne‘> ["I destroyed your body, Sera, that I admit, but I will not claim to killing you."]
[00:05] <Sept> "And afterwards you changed me. It was supposed to be simple, but you lost things. Misplaced memories. What do you call that?"
[00:09] <Marianne`> ["The Greater Good."]
[00:21] <Sept> "Stop that! You’re not Elisha! I could've killed -myself-, lost myself in space, if Ramliel hadn't gotten to me first! You had -no idea- what you were doing!" Sera's hands were squeezed into fists. His gaze was still fixed on that wall.
[00:23] <Marianne‘> [Slap.-
[00:23] <Marianne`> [The hand was hard across his cheek.-
[00:23] <Marianne`> ["It was Elisha who wanted me to shoot you, you damned fool! How could you not know that!?"]
#6[20:36] * Sept paused, his expression halfway between deep thought and shock, and his tone reflected that. "You…" He got up, and took a step away from the bed. "You’d let him do that? You think he's responsible for everything..?"
[20:38] <Marianne‘> ["You -know- I would. You know I don’t have any choice. Do you?"]
[20:50] <Sept> "Of course I do! We… everyone should! I'll make sure you do, too. I won't let you go on like this. You'll take responsibility for everything!"
[21:01] <Marianne‘> ["… Very well."]
[21:18] <Sept> "…" Did he win? Did she give up? Sera was caught off-guard by her acquiescence, and just stood there for a while.
[21:23] <Marianne`> ["As always, I will take the responsibility, and deflect it from those who do not need its danger."]
[21:49] * Sept shook his head slowly. "…no. Not as a martyr, Ginevre. As yourself… I’ll leave you no other choice, if that's what it takes. Elisha never deserved you. He never wanted you to end up here. But he didn't see it. Not at first."
[21:53] <Marianne‘> ["Myself? Who am I, anymore?"]
[21:57] <Sept> "Dead. But so was I. I survived death, and I know you can do it, too. Even if you might need help."
[22:05] <Marianne`> ["… Is that even possible? What help could you give me?"]
[22:28] <Sept> "Of course it’s possible. But I don't need you to believe that. Just try not to interfere, for now. If you still want to live. Do you understand?"
[22:29] <Marianne‘> ["… And if I’m made to interfere?"]
[22:33] <Sept> "Then it's probably too late, and there's little either of us can do."
[22:34] <Marianne‘> ["I see. I understand…"]
[23:17] <Sept> "…when can I go, Ginevre? I’d like to catch up as soon as possible."
[23:17] <Marianne‘> ["Ikari wants you here for another few days to make sure everything checks out."]
[23:19] <Sept> "We can’t make that shorter?"
[23:20] <Marianne‘> ["No."]
[23:23] <Sept> "Fine. Is there anything I should know of the time I was gone?"
[23:24] <Marianne`> ["There was an incident in Boston."]
[23:24] <Sept> "With the defence?"
[23:27] <Marianne`> ["Not with the LN. There was an Angel attack."]
[23:30] <Sept> "How bad?"
[23:31] <Marianne`> ["It destroyed EVA-10, San’s unit, and it disabled Rei's with a mental attack. We would've lost, but Isaiah and Yanmei were in the city at the time. Isaiah was sent up in EVA-08, and it utterly ravaged the Angel after it went berserk."]
[23:44] <Sept> "Mmh. But everyone's alive?"
[23:44] <Marianne‘> ["Yes."]
[23:49] <Sept> "Is anyone allowed to visit me here?"
[23:50] <Marianne`> ["No."]
[23:51] <Sept> "Books?"
[23:51] <Marianne`> ["Allowed, if you write a list."]
[23:52] <Sept> "I’ll… need something before I can do that."#
[23:52] <Marianne‘> ["Glasses?"]
[23:53] <Sept> "Hmph. You noticed. If you have any of his…"
[23:54] <Marianne`> [She slipped a hand into her pocket, and took out a glasses case. "The ones he had before… Well." She smiled sadly. "I kept them."]
[23:55] <Sept> "If they’re that valuable to you, though…"
[23:57] <Marianne‘> ["… They’d be more valuable if you wore them."]
Session Time: Tue Jan 24 00:00:01 2012
[00:07] * Sept looked in Ginevre's direction for a moment with a look of something, perhaps pity. "Alright." Sera took the glasses, and secretly hoped they wouldn't help so he could refuse them.
[00:08] <Marianne‘> [If he tried them on, he’d find that from the moment he put them on… His vision cleared perfectly.]
[00:38] <Sept> "They work. I'll just… hold onto these for now, then." He looked Ginevre in the eyes with an apologetic little smile.
[00:39] <Marianne‘> ["It’s alright. They were made for you, you could say."]
[00:45] <Sept> "Yeah, I guess they were." Sera sighed. "I guess there's nothing to do but wait, then. They know I'll agree to any test to get out earlier, don't they?"
[00:45] <Marianne‘> ["Of course."]
[00:49] <Sept> "You can go, then. I’ll figure out the list later."
[00:50] <Marianne‘> ["… Very well." Ginevre stood up, looking a little disappointed. "Try to rest up, alright?"]
[00:52] <Sept> "Yeah. I will."
[01:17] <Marianne`> [She nodded, awkwardly reached out to brush his hair. "Forgive me."]
[01:20] * Sept didn’t shy away from her touch, but didn't look her in the eyes, either. "Why can you only say that now? After all this…"
[01:21] <Marianne‘> ["Because only now are you well and truly in the state of mind, my sweetheart, to grant it."]
[01:25] <Sept> "You could’ve tried. But… I'm sorry, Ginevre. I can't grant you forgiveness until I've ensured you have the freedom to ask for it."
[01:26] <Marianne‘> ["That’s fair. Goodbye, Sera."]
[01:40] <Sept> "Goodbye, Ginevre." Sera took the glasses off, put them on again. It'd take a while to get used to this…
[01:41] <Marianne`> [She smiled… And slowly walked out of the room.]

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