The October Coup

"Russia always finds a way of shitting on all its children."
- Isidor Rurikovich, First Lieutenant, SOS.

On the 21st of October, elements of the Red Army entered Moscow with the intent to topple the government. Resistance was light and progress was swift; within two hours the city had been secured, all branches of government were under military control and Premier Kuzmin had been arrested.

The events took the world by shock, yet despite this the forced transition of power was surprisingly smooth. Many in the military seemed to accept it and although protests broke out in some cities, they were swiftly put down. By the 22nd of October, a new government had been formed.

Unfortunately, this government is no friend to us. Kuzmin has been replaced by Acting Premier Mikhail Menshikov. A war hero and highly admired in Russia, Menshikov gained fame for his swift march across the Baltic coast, pacifying three states and regaining the Litbel Line. Menshikov is highly opposed to the Federation and Soviet involvement with it; he considers the Federation to be an absurd institution, full of backstabbing and meddling in Soviet affairs.

Shortly after being declared, Menshikov and his government sent the Federation a communique outlining the Soviet Union's demands should the Federation wish to keep them as an ally. They are as follows:

  • Any negotiated peaces with Germany and its allies must end. The USSR will accept only the unconditional surrender of Germany. Furthermore, it demands control over the following: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria and eastern Germany.
  • The Federation will no longer meddle with the USSR's handling of its states (Ukraine and Finland especially). The USSR must have free reign to attend to its own affairs.
  • The Federation will remove its war crime investigation squads from Soviet forces.
  • The Federation will extradite the defector and traitor Isidor Rurikovich so he may face judgment in the USSR.

How do we respond? Some of these demands can be negotiated down, but they seem most highly insistent on the first two. Furthermore, the communqiue takes pains to remind us that the USSR is still minding our civilians…

As a note, Kuzmin is still alive- we also know where he is. We can rescue him from captivity quite easily, but even if we leave no evidence, the USSR will blame us anyway.

Chosen Response

We have chosen to…

  • Reject the demands
  • Extract Kuzmin as well as those already under investigation for war crimes to give this a veneer of justice
  • Enact Sarasvati's secret plan

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  • -4 Satisfaction with the USSR.
  • +1 Satisfaction with Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland
  • We have rescued Kuzmin, this will broaden our options in the future


Actor Dialogue
Ginevre2.png?raw=1 "The other states of the Federation are unlikely to be impressed if we cave to Soviet demands. Canada will also be deeply unimpressed if we renege on our promise to discuss freeing the occupied territories."
AriadnePage.png?raw=1 "The Central Democratic Alliance has always insisted that Ukraine, Finland, Belarus and the Baltic states are to be freed from Soviet control. They will be unhappy if we capitulate on that point."
Jeanne%20Pog.png?raw=1 "We should invest some CP in expanding our intelligence network in the country. It'll be fairly easy, and good intel here is essential."
Kourosh%20Pog.png?raw=1 "We have no realistic military responses at the moment. We should prepare our forces for conflict with the USSR in the future. From what I've been able to work out, the USSR is investing a lot of research and money into two types of technology: kinetic shielding and radiation weapons. They want to create Superheavies with powerful deflection, and radiation weapons- whilst highly illegal- use positron energy to heavily degrade AT Field deflectors- they can also make pilots very sick."
Surov2.png?raw=1 "Chancellor Zhang, you already know what Sarasvati suggests…"

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