The Original Letter

["Dear Aline Blanc-Sama," Started the letter, written not in French, but in English. The writer clearly hadn’t found a word appropriate enough in English to convey his respect.
"I saw a video of the battle that happened in Paris-2 recently. Even seen like that, it seemed very frightening- and I was able to read more reports thanks to my parents. You were attacked and set on fire and everything and kept on going, and even though you didn’t kill the Angel you still played a big part. So I want to write this letter to tell you how inspiring I thought that was.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Ikari Shinji (written in English and Japanese). I am turning fourteen this year. I go to high school, where I do well in music and Japanese. My parents both work for NERV. The Evangelion (the word seems to have given him trouble; there are a few scribbles) seem very scary to pilot, and I am glad I am not, but I am glad you are, since I think you would do a far better job.
I want to let you know that, that you have supporters all the way in Japan. So please keep up the good work!
Signed, Ikari Shinji.
PS: My email address is moc.liamj|irakihs#moc.liamj|irakihs if you ever want to talk to me.-
There is also a picture of the sender enclosed. A rather feminine, but attractive young man with very dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.]

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