The Rhineland Front

The Rhineland Front

French forces begin their invasion of Germany by striking against Germany's western border. The Rhineland is one of Germany's most densely populated regions, and is also a prime industrial region, especially the region around Cologne. Occupying the Rhineland is necessary if Germany is to fall, and is sure to strike a heavy blow against the Germans.

In reality, this front is not limited just to the German Rhineland, but to all enemy territories along the Rhine, including Holland.

Battlefront Details

Briefing Details
Linked Mission Invasion of Germany Rewards - Terrains Forest, Shallows
Air Contest Naval Contest Land Contest
Valid Air Hordes - Valid Naval Hordes - Valid Land Hordes All
Deployment Limit - Deployment Limit - Deployment Limit 6
Local Air Allies - Local Naval Allies - Local Land Allies -
Enemy Estimate - Enemy Estimate - Enemy Estimate 7 Land Hordes, at least 3 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 AC

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