The Sage Of Ages

"Let's get one thing straight… your fights are yours alone. I'm just here to see you don't wander off the path, sister. But while I'm in town, might as well help ya tend bar. Y'dig?" -Jean-Baptiste

The Sage of Ages are an ancient organization that has for centuries faded into distant memory, nestled away within the tomes of old that only decrepit people who've long forgotten the caress of sunlight would peruse. They were an organization dedicated to Ioun, the goddess of fate, skill and knowledge. Theirs was an order motivated to the absolute preservation of human history and knowledge, distilled as much as possible into a single repository.

They, however, remain very real.

Deep underground, the Sages continue their endless work, tucking their vast amounts of knowledge into their Lost Library, a dimensionally displaced centre of learning with a portal deep within Paxia's sewers. Some Sages say that it even exists independent of time, forever lodged within a forgotten corner of the passage of history, jealously guarded by Ioun herself… but only the Elder Sage knows, and he tells no one.

The Sages only induct those mentioned within the Prophecy of the Ages into their ranks. It is a venerable work that the Sages themselves believe is the ultimate answer to how life and history will unfold, penned by Ioun herself. With their limited mortal understanding they try to interpret the work as prophecy, and seek to make it happen as they believe it is the way of providence.

The Sages are an organization of about 150; 30 of them are lorekeepers, library-bound sages that dedicate their entire lives to the cause. The rest are field agents.

The Sages are neither good nor evil; the Prophecy of the Ages views the world in absolute terms. They will let great catastrophes and evil acts happen because they see the global motivation to improve and never let such an act be done again. They are the ones who think that if disaster is what it takes to unite the world, then so be it.


Xirinas Fae'driel

The bartender and bouncer of Festina Lente, Jean-Baptiste is Xiri's contact agent with the Sages. He is there to see that she conducts herself as an agent of the Prophecy with care, protecting the integrity of the organization, so he is neither her ally nor her enemy…

… but hey, if you're gonna be stuck with someone, may as well set up shop, ayeah? Killer martini never hurt anyone…
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