The Argentum Virgo System

System overview

The Argentum Virgo system is a solar system of five worlds, arrayed around a yellow star. Two of the five worlds are inhabited; Argentum Virgo Primus and Argentum Virgo Secundus.

The Argentum Virgo system sits at the middle of Subsector Argentum, and is the primary system of the Subsector. The warp currents surrounding the system are shaped in such a way as to allow surprising ease of movement to and from the system. Because of this, the capital planet of the system, Argentum Virgo Secundus, is a major trading hub, wealthy and considered a vital strategic asset to the Imperium.

Argentum Virgo is also situated in close proximity to the 2nd Phase colonies of the upstart Tau Empire; for this reason, the system benefits from a relatively strong military presence, with Argentum Virgo Secundus being home to Subsector Battlegroup Tempestian.

Planetary Database

Argentum Virgo Primus

Argentum Virgo Secundus

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