The Shooting

[23:08] <Dorian> ["Good morning, everyone!" Said Freya cheerfully, clapping her hands together. "There will be four tests. The first three are pistol tests-" she held up a pistol! "And test your aptitude for hitting targets at close range, medium range and long range. Each successful target earns your team 1 point- there are 2 targets per test. The last one is a rifle test. Three targets at long range- can you hit them all?" She asked brightly.]
[23:12] <Sept> Sera eyed the competition/family while listening to the comforting, if loud, voice echoing around the range. If he'd ever be able to make a decent attempt at something like this, it was now~
[23:13] <Dorian> [Sept would receive a tap on the shoulder.]
[23:14] <Sept> "Hm?" He swirled around.
[23:16] <Dorian> ["You're the Fifth Child, right?" Asked- or perhaps demanded Asuka Langley-Soryu. She was looking rather magnificent, wearing a light blue NERV service uniform.]
[23:20] <Sept> "The Fifth— Oh. Yes! You can call me Sera. You were… with Dorian earlier?"
[23:21] <Dorian> ["That's right! Asuka Langley-Soryu, pilot of Eva 02!" She said proudly, jabbing a thumb at her chest. "But you can call me Asuka the Great!- Say, didn't you crash last battle?"]
[23:26] <Sept> "Ah, so you're Asuka. And yes, I… did. While trying to protect the supporting VTOL Wings, having beheaded Iadiel." Asuka managed to pierce through his cheer in one question.
[23:28] <Dorian> ["Hah!" Asuka folded her arms, looking away. "If I were there, it would've been a flawless victory! I guess that's what NERV gets for employing nobody kids." She proclaimed. "You did ok, though- but don't think you'll ever rival a NeoSpartan."]
[23:31] <Sept> "Neo..? Oh, well, I'm sure you're right, though. Doing all that fighting by yourself must be tough! What kind of angels have you been having recently?"
[23:34] <Dorian> ["None yet. They're too scared to attack Germany!" She said proudly. "But the day one Angel gets too stupid to stay away… I'll mail you a phalanx. If it has 'em."
[23:34] <Dorian> ]
[23:39] <Sept> "Yep, I'm sure you'll do great, Asuka! I'll be rooting for you!" The warmest smile.
[23:39] <Dorian> ["…" Asuka peered forth now, her face inches away from Sept's own. Their noses were almost touching- a fact that did not get unnoticed by Freya, who frowned.-
[23:40] <Dorian> ["… Urgh." Growled Asuka. "I'll wipe that smile off your face, Fifth Child! You mark my words!"]
[23:42] <Sept> "You can call me Se-" …but she was already gone, leaving a perplexed Sept by himself.
[23:49] <Dorian> ["Alright, everybody. Let's get started! Please proceed to your booths and collect your weapons." Freya gave Sept a wink and an encouraging thumbs up.]
[23:51] * Sept did. He was a bit more comfortable with the handguns than the big, bulky rifles. No better at shooting, but slightly more comfortable. He felt the weight of the weapon and tried aiming down the sights a few times in the name of practice.
[23:57] <Sept> Both shots missed the target, but Sera felt satisfied enough in having been able to at least fire the thing without being taken by surprise by the recoil.
[00:03] <Dorian> [A series of gunshots split the air- and a line of targets were penetrated. A cry of "Ha-haaa!" could be heard. Looking over- yes, Asuka had hit both of her targets. But so had, in fact, Marianne.]
[00:07] * Sept felt slightly embarrassed at how the event had started, but kept telling himself this wasn't his specialty and he didn't need to succeed here but Freya was watching stupid idiot targets.
[00:13] <Sept> Maybe it was that differing line of thought, or maybe it was that he'd gotten more used to the weapon, but in the second test, sure enough, Sept found that he'd hit both of the targets! There was hope once more~
[00:22] <Dorian> [The other guns shot out- one shot conspicuously later than the others, with a "Shit, shit…" muttered from Marianne's stall- not that it mattered, since she was drowned out by Asuka's buoyant cry of triumph as two more targets went down.]
[00:29] <Sept> The pendulum swings the other way again, as Sera's both shots miss the long-range targets. He's still disappointed, but at least not thoroughly embarrassed anymore.
[00:47] <Dorian> [Once again, that cry splits the air. And yes, once again, Asuka's targets are both cleanly shot. But… So are Dr. Riel's! In fact, it's been a good round overall.]
[00:51] <Dorian> ["Alright, everyone! Good show!" Said Freya. "Now, for our last event… Rifles! Please take a combat rifle. Note the scopes. All of you have your targets- it's much the same!"]
[00:54] * Sept eyed his weapon dubiously, and gave his fellow pilot an encouraging smile as they passed each other by the racks.
[00:54] <Dorian> ["Did you see that, Fifth Child? A perfect score so far." She remarked as she went, tossing her hair proudly.]
[01:02] <Sept> First shot… and it goes wide. The weapon feels cold and unwieldy in Sera's hands.
[01:03] * Sept sighs as the second one does the same, and wonders how Aline and Yanmei could be doing.
[01:10] <Dorian> [More gunshots. This time there's no cry of victory from Asuka's stall, and it's obvious why. In fact, half of the targets have been completely missed.]
[01:24] <Dorian> ["ALright, everyone!" Said Freya cheerfully. "Gather together, and I'll read out the scores."]
[01:28] * Sept keeps up his (attempt at a) warm, encouraging facade as he heads out with the others.
[01:33] <Dorian> [Everyone gathered. Some people looked despondent, others… Well. Asuka looked a bit annoyed.-
[01:33] <Dorian> ["Well, I think you all did very well." Said Freya cheerfully. "But, let's go through the scores. In last place, on 2 points- Sera de Pteres!" She gave a little clap, and the others followed. Asuka folded her arms, and beamed.-
[01:34] <Dorian> ["On 3 points apiece, Marianne Amatore-DeForest, Dr. Luna Riel, and Dr. Louise Granger!" Freya clapped, as did Vosse, the S2 man. Asuka continued to beam.-
[01:35] <Dorian> ["On five points, Philippe Vosse!" More applause. The S2 Agent looked quite pleased.-
[01:35] <Dorian> ["And, of course, on six points- Asuka Langley-Soryu. Well done!" Another smattering of polite applause. Marianne, who had had to share a booth next to Asuka, joined in only reluctantly.]
[01:40] * Sept clapped along with the others, and, as the applause faded, turned away nonchalantly to look at the other events.
[01:41] <Dorian> [He could see Yanmei, holding her own during the 200 metres… And, in the fighting ring, Aline holding -her- own against Jeanne Simon, both of them wielding hilariously oversized weapons.-
[01:41] <Dorian> [Sept received a tap on the shoulder.]
[01:45] <Sept> "As—?" He was caught more off guard this time, and took a good few steps back as he turned around.
[01:49] <Dorian> ["Six out of nine!" Said Asuka proudly, obviously expecting Sept to be impressed. "As if Asuka the Great needs to -try- to win! I expected better from you, Fifth Child. 2 out of 9 is lousy for a pilot!"]
[02:18] <Sept> "You did really well, Asuka! I'm sure I could've done better in either of the other events… but that's no excuse! I'm sure there'll be times when the usual tactics won't work for one reason or another, right? I mean, Aline's doing well in close combat by the looks of it, and that's not her assigned job either!" Sera paused to underscore the last statement by looking at the action
[02:18] <Sept> taking place at the arena for a few moments. "Hey, how long will you be here? I'm sure you could teach me a lot about shooting! I mean, if you just have the time, it's fine if you don't…"
[02:30] <Dorian> [Asuka folded her arms, staring at Sept. She leaned forward again, meeting him eye to eye and, yes, once again, nose to nose. Then, it suddenly clicked that he was being completely and utterly sincere.-
[02:35] <Dorian> ["… You're weird, Fifth Child." She said, frowning. Why was his praise irritating her so much? It -was- sincere, and yet… That was it! It was ingratiating. Nothing strong about it at all. "Hmph! You're not going to get very far like -that-. You don't get skill like mine with such an attitude." She leaned back, and folded her arms. "I'm going to be here for a week. I guess I can show you some stuff.-
[02:35] <Dorian> ["Leave it to Asuka the Great to fix your awful shooting!"]
[02:52] <Sept> "Really? Thank you, Asuka!" The Fifth Child seemed to cheer up a little. "We could do some sparring too, if you wanted~"
[02:55] <Dorian> ["… Urgh." Asuka glowered. "'Thank you, Asuka', this, 'That was awesome, Asuka', that!" She snapped. "Come on, Fifth Child! You're a man, aren't you? Act more like it! I want to work with a wolf, not a little puppy. Where's your backbone? Your competitive spirit?!"]
[03:04] <Sept> "But… why do I need that here? There's… almost nothing here that could put me in danger, and, wasn't today meant for -fun-"
[03:16] <Dorian> ["Idiot Fifth Child!" Snapped Asuka. "What's the point in 'fun' if you're not winning? What's the point in even trying if you're not going to test yourself on other people? Bending even for a minute, even when you're 'safe' is just… It's… It's -weak-!" She said, obviously flustered. Asuka had never quite met someone as obstinately -unobstinate- as him.]
[03:26] <Sept> "Hm. But I… Hm." … "Oh, there they are. We'll be in touch, alright?"
[03:31] <Dorian> ["… Be in to- Hey! Are you- Where are you going?! Are you snubbing the great Asuka Langley-Soryu?! Come back! Hey!"]

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