The United States Mobilises For War

The United States Mobilises for War

"The Federation's fed up with the UN. Now's the time to fight for your future!"
- US Army Recruitment Poster

In the context of war, 'mobilisation' refers to the act of a state preparing itself all of its resources for war. Although all countries possess standing armies and the first battles of a war are typically fought within the first week, mobilisation is a much more time consuming process and can take weeks or months depending on the size, wealth, and political system of the state. During this time, new military expansion is planned with the recruitment lists expanded. Military factories increase their output to maximum, whilst non-military factories are converted as quickly as possible- automobile factories might be converted to tank factories for example, whilst clothing factories now produce uniforms and poor weather gear. Resources are mustered across the country and transported to depots in order to be made available. In essence, full mobilisation brings the entire country to a state of war readiness that would be exhausting and overly expensive in peacetime.

With Asgard now back in allied possession, the United States has finished achieving full mobilisation. The military strength it can muster is a shadow of what it used to be, and many of its industrial centres remain in ruins; nonetheless, the United States is now as prepared as it ever will be for war.

Chosen Option


These are the benefits we receive from the US mobilising.
Recruitment. Gain 10 free reserves at the start of this turn and every turn for the rest of the game, unless another event stops it.
War Materiel. Gain 1 free CP at the start of this turn and every turn until the end of Turn 12.
New Additions. Gain the 1st USSF Air Superiority Wing, which is a Horde of Kirishima Starfighters.
Boston Gear Refurbishment. Gain 1 suit of A-Type, C-Type and G-Type Equipment.

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