The Women S Revolution Part Two

The Women's Revolution, Part Two

"Winning the war was difficult, but winning the peace will be a hundred times harder."
- Provisional Leader Aisha bint Qasim Karimi

As the Revolution in Saudi Arabia ground to a halt, both sides became desperate for foreign support. And that support arrived in the form of a French expeditionary army and a UN battleforce, both sides intending to intervene on the side of the revolutionaries.

Their meeting was tense and mistrustful. The leaders of both sides met to discuss a regional ceasefire, attempting to avoid turning Arabia into another battlezone. After some lengthy discussions, terms were agreed on, and both sides dedicated themselves to assisting the revolution. With the aid of two sizeable modern militaries, the Women's Army quickly made gains over the loyalists; before long the back of the loyalist army was broken, Riyadh and Mecca had been liberated and Tariq Fahd Ibn-Talal Al Saud had fled the country, throwing the remaining loyalists into chaos. The 'Pariah King' was placed under house arrest, and after 86 years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had ceased to exist. The leader of the Women's Army, the enigmatic Aisha bint Qasim Karimi, now fully emerged, declaring herself the leader of the provisional government of the New Republic of Arabia.

However, a huge amount of work needs to be done in order to stabilise the country. Some rebel groups remain who oppose the new government, and many areas around the country are in chaos, bereft of local government authority and infrastructure. The provisional government has requested aid from both the UN and the UEF. Not only in peacekeeping forces, but also in resources to help with the rebuilding, advisors to help construct a functional government, and Thruster AI systems to help create a Thruster Parliament modelled on the US.

Naturally the New Republic has remained neutral for now, but whoever supports it now in its nascent days can probably rely on it repaying the favour with interest later on.

Chosen Option

In for a penny, in for a pound. Let us assist the New Republic as best we can.
Competing. Contributed 10 Aid Points (UN contributed 9).
Peacekeepers. 0 Hordes.
Advisors. Dispatching Sarasvati, John Brown, Minerva Linden, Sophie Gagnier and Emily Unaipon. +4 Aid Points and +1 Satisfaction Mark.
Resources. 0 CP allocated.
Thruster AI. 60 RP allocated for +6 Aid Points.

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In for a penny, in for a pound. Let us assist the New Republic as best we can.
Competing. Below are various deeds that represent assistance to the New Republic. The UN will be contributing aid as well. If you gain more Aid Tokens than the UN, then you increase the chance of something good happening in the future.
Peacekeepers. Allocate up to four Land Hordes as peacekeepers. These Hordes may not be used until next turn. For each two Hordes you allocate you gain 2 Aid Tokens.
Advisors. Allocate up to five characters as advisors. These characters must have the SL (Administration) or Commerce skill, and an Intelligence of 50; they will not be available for any missions, field missions or occupations until the start of Turn 7. For every 10 points of Intelligence Bonus the group possesses, you gain 1 Aid Token. You instantly gain a free Aid Token the New Republic gains one satisfaction mark if one of the Advisors is Minerva Linden or the Thruster Congress (you only gain the bonus once).
Resources. Allocate a number of CP to the new republic. For every 2 CP you allocate you gain 1 Aid Token. If you allocate more CP than the UN, then the New Republic gains a Satisfaction Mark.
Thruster AI. Allocate a number of Research Points to the new republic. For every 10 RP you allocate you gain 1 Aid Token.

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Intel Recommendations

A few recommended uses of Intel include:
UN Contributions: Investigate how much the UN is investing in each field.

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Intel Results

  • The UN is contributing 4 hordes' worth of troops (+2 Aid)
  • They are allocating 4 Advisors with 50 Int each, for a total of 20 IB (+2 Aid)
  • They are paying 8 CP (+4 Aid)
  • They are paying 10 Research (+1 Aid)
  • For a total of 9 Aid.
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