The Women S Revolution Pt 3 Independence For Freedom

The Women's Revolution Pt 3: Independence for freedom

"I admit a certain level of gratification at knowing that they were able to salvage it despite such thorough devastation."
- Dr. Barzilai Surov

The major prize of aiding the New Republic was strategic in nature: the Saudi kingdom had been famous for having a very powerful battlefleet, one of the best in the world. Even better, the battlefleet had been mostly untouched during the revolution, and the New Republic seemed more interested in development and consolidation than sustaining a huge drain on resources… The only question would be: who would get what?

Ultimately it was the UEF that came ahead in the eyes of the New Republic, but no one in the Federation could've anticipated quite the reward they'd be given. When Linden was told that the Republic intended to grant the UEF a great boon, she was delighted. Delight soon turned to astonishment however when Republican leaders led her into a secret naval base on the Red Sea; within was a Star Battleship. The Star Battleship. The Independence, Silas Caine's very own flagship, thought lost forever in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Saudi kingdom had managed the feat of clandestinely finding and salvaging the wreck of the craft. Along with some expertise from LN scientists who had fled to Arabia, they were able to rebuild the vessel's hull and make it seaworthy once again. Now, it is being granted to the Federation, along with more conventional craft: two battleships, some cruisers, destroyers and some submarines.

The Independence is nowhere near capable as it used to be, however. Although rearming the vessel won't be a problem, many of its most distinctive qualities remain unrepaired or beyond the skill of the New Republic to repair. This includes the vessel's anti-gravity systems, its star-travel systems and its Evangelion augmentation chamber. The massive Doomsday Cannon is also unfinished. Finishing the Independence is going to take time and a great deal of resources, as well as sacrificing an Evangelion with an unlimited S2 Organ. Until then, however, it will suffice as an extremely powerful surface/underwater battleship.


These are the rewards we have been given for our generosity.
The Legendary Flagship, Independence. Gain the Independence as a resource. Rename it if you want.
Mighty Ships. Gain two Battleships, two Cruisers, a Destroyer flotilla and a Submarine flotilla.

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