Theodore Washington
Name: Theodore Washington
Position: US Representative of the Human Instrumentality Committee
Sex: Male
Age: 57 (Born 1960)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: Boston

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black with grey
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 6'0" (183cm)
Build: Athletic, with broad shoulders

Personal Details
"Children hardly know loyalty except by the stick at your age. Do you keep a firm -check- on the candidate?"

Relatively young by the standards of the Human Instrumentality Committee, Theodore Washington was born in 1960, the eldest son to Adam Washington, a US Congressman. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Theodore followed in his father's footsteps, entered politics as well. In early 2000, he was elected as one of the US Congressmen for the state of Massachusetts, benefiting greatly from the networks of allies and interest groups his father had cultivated. Charming, handsome and efficient, he quickly won the support of the people.

Of course, such support became rather meaningless after Second Impact, which ushered in the martial law that has ruled the United States ever since. Although many congressmen were either reshuffled, resigned, or suffered tragic accidents, Washington was one of the few who remained. He finally stepped down in 2010 to become part of the Human Instrumentality Committee.

Nevertheless, he still holds a good deal of influence within the US government, and even the Joint Chiefs of Staff seem to listen to what he says.

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