There Are Ten Silk Mills New Belong To You

(09:41:06) Frances: [When Dorian passed away, he left Sera his entire stock of shares in the New Thruster Unity Corporation. However, he wasn't expected to go it alone; part of the 'inheritance' had been to pass along one of Dorian's financial advisors as well, a Mrs. Frances d'Armagnac to be precise. And so, on the 2nd of October, Sera would receive a phone call.]
(09:43:39) * Sept looked at the caller ID for a while, pondering. He answered the phone. "Hello?" A slight wind was blowing, making the signal crackle occasionally.
(09:43:57) Frances: "Hello? Am I speaking to Mr. Sera de Pteres?"
(09:44:34) Sept: "Yes, you are."
(09:45:54) Frances: "My name is Frances d'Armagnac. I'm calling in regards to your recent inheritance of Mr. Lachapelle's holdings in the New Thruster Unity Corp."
(09:47:38) Sept: "Ah. I see. How can I help you?"
(09:49:42) Frances: "Actually, I'm seeing how I can help you. I was Mr. Lachapelle's financial advisor, you see. Now that you inherited his holdings, my services are now yours. No doubt you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the responsibility and nature of what you now hold."
(09:54:03) Sept: "Overwhelmed..? Hmm. Very well. What can you offer us?"
(09:54:57) Frances: "Advice on how to manage your holdings, on when to buy and sell, -what- to buy and sell, as well as the vagarities of the market and events that might influence the value of your stocks. Generally, I'm here to help you in any way I can."
(09:58:36) Sept: "How much of this did Dorian take care of himself?"
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(10:02:01) Frances: "Well, Mr. Lachapelle liked to manage some of the things himself, especially after he felt more at ease with the principles- mostly, he was the one who managed what to buy. But ultimately, a lot of the time he was too busy to handle -everything- directly."
(10:08:15) Sept: "I see. I think we will be able to uphold a similar relationship."
(10:09:08) Frances: "Fantastic!" Said Frances. "I'd like to organise a meeting soon, face-to-face."
(10:12:20) Sept: "Very well. When are you available?"
(10:13:29) Frances: "I'm available on weekdays, between 12 and 4 PM."
(10:15:22) Sept: A pause as Sept checked his watch. "Address?"
(10:18:50) Frances: "I operate with the Marke Brothers Organisation Building on Florence Road in the 7th Arrondissement. Floor 15."
(10:21:25) Sept: "I will be there in twenty minutes, then. Goodbye."
(10:22:31) Frances: "Twenty…? Very well."
(10:23:53) Sept: *Beep.* Sera stood up from the bench, stretched for a bit, and dashed off.
(10:26:38) Frances: [Twenty minutes later, he'd arrive at the 25-storey high Marke Brothers Building. It was rectangular in shape, basically a typical Paris-2 business building; all steel and glass.]
(10:33:09) Sept: Floor 12… Floor 12b… Floor 14… And 15. Sera looked over the office directory. D'Addario, d'Angelo, d'Artagnan… D'Armagnac. Sera knocked on the door, still slightly out of breath.
(11:15:06) Frances: "Come in!"
(11:20:16) * Sept opened the door and stepped inside. "Hello, Frances."
(11:23:17) Frances: The office was clearly devoted to form, having a simple desk, desktop computer, window and empty bookshelf to one side. There was a scattering of photos on the desk, many of them featuring what appeared to be a family- Frances herself, a brown-haired man, and three children.-
(11:24:41) Frances: Frances sat behind the desk. She was a woman of average height, in her thirties or early forties, wearing a business suit with a snappy skirt; she had well-kept black hair that fell to about just below the nape of her neck. She had grey eyes. "Good to see you, Mr. de Pteres."
(11:32:13) Sept: "Yes." Sera took a seat, looking at one of the group photos at length before facing the woman properly. "So."
(11:33:44) Frances: "So." She gave him a pleasant smile. "Where shall we start? By taking stock of your stocks?"
(11:36:11) Sept: "That seems appropriate to begin with, yes. I'll need some kind of perspective on the scope of things before I can do anything."
(11:44:10) Frances: "Well, at present, you have 1,734 shares in the New Thruster Unity Corp, valued at 16 francs per share." Said Frances. "The shares have been steadily gaining in value for the past quarter, starting at 11 francs in June."
(11:47:45) Sept: "What exactly… can I do with those shares? I'm under the impression they represent a very small percentage of the corporation."
(11:58:08) Frances: "That's right. Out of the 17,000 shares currently available to public trade, you currently own 1,734, so around 1% or so. The number of shares is liable to increase over time; right now, Unity Corp is essentially a fledgling corporation created by a parent body -NERV-, which is why the number of shares are so low. Right now, it only produces certain components for the French military's
(11:58:09) Frances: advanced Thruster weaponry. As time passes, and should the Unity Corp prove profitable, NERV will cede more control and material to the Corporation, allowing it to grow in size. But, let's focus on the present. Right now…" She smiled.-
(12:01:11) Frances: "Right now, you can't do an awful lot with only 1%. Nevertheless, that still puts you in the top ten largest shareholders list, so you'll be expected to go along to meetings. This lets you vote on matters and even influence company policy if you can convince the others to see things your way."-
(12:03:23) Frances: "Furthermore, with those shares, you will receive a dividends at the end of the year- that is, a portion of the profit of the corporation are paid as 'dividends', which are distributed to all shareholders at a fixed rate per share. However." She paused. "You are of course free to sell those shares whenever you like . You can also buy new shares as you wish."
(12:08:40) Sept: "Hmmh. I see. If Dorian had faith in them, I'll try my best to steer them in the right direction. Unity Corp probably isn't entirely comparable to a run-of-the-mill firm, is it? What kinds of things should I be looking out for to predict if their stocks are going up or down?"
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(12:13:53) Frances: "Well, as an arms manufacturer, Unity Corp is generally considered to be a safe bet. Any drop in stocks are likely to be temporary. Ultimately, the best way to predict whether stock prices will fluctuate is to look at three distinct areas: Unity product performance in the field, Unity's contracts, and NERV's attitude to the corporation. The first is self-explanatory. The better Unity Corp's
(12:13:53) Frances: weapons perform in the field, the better pedigree the corporation gains, and thus becomes more worthwhile. The second is simple- for every contract Unity signs, either with governments or various organisations bearing the right licence, the more product it sells, which leads to higher profits and thus, higher value for the company. The third is what I dicussed earlier- the more Unity pleases
(12:13:54) Frances: NERV, the more NERV will sponsor it and increase its holdings, thus bringing more worth and volume to the company."
(12:21:13) Sept: "Hmmh. I think I can help them along, then. You'll keep me up to date on new and meetings?"
(12:21:55) Frances: "I will. In fact, the next meeting is on the 20th of November."
(12:26:01) Sept: "Ah. I'll make sure I can attend."
(12:26:58) Frances: "Excellent." Said Frances. "So. Do you have any questions?"
(12:32:44) Sept: "Hmm." Sera's eyes wandered back over to the photos. "How much do you get out of this?"
(12:38:46) Frances: "Well, I get paid a yearly salary by the Marke Brothers, with a commission based off how well my clients do."
(12:42:05) Sept: "I see. Then," he said, getting up. "I think we can do business." He offered a hand over the desk.
(12:42:25) Frances: "I'm glad to hear it, Mr. de Pteres." She shook Sera's hand.-
(12:43:00) Frances: "One last thing. You're required to pay a 250 franc consultation fee per month to the Marke Brothers. The next six months have already been paid for in advance by Mr. Lachapelle, but after that…"
(12:43:50) Sept: "That's fine. If that's all… Good day, Frances."
(12:44:14) Frances: "Good day, Mr. de Pteres."

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