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(16:21:12) @Minaplo: ["You're sure about this?" Asked Ginevre, leading Sera.-
(16:21:56) @Minaplo: [She had accepted his request to show him where their 'special guests' were staying, although it was obvious she had misgivings. Behind Sera walked Armin, his expression impassive.]
(16:26:39) * Syntax trailed behind with a straight posture. "What are you worried about? Would it hurt us to get a better idea of their workings up until now?"
(16:26:43) » Syntax is now known as Sept

(16:26:48) * Sept trailed behind with a straight posture. "What are you worried about? Would it hurt us to get a better idea of their workings up until now?"
(16:28:27) @Minaplo: ["No, of course not…"]
(16:32:16) Sept: "And I have no intention of starting up negotiations or playing games with them. It's just a chat."
(16:34:29) @Minaplo: ["Like it ever remains a chat with these people!"]
(16:38:06) Sept: "I'd be more than happy to shake up the board, but in no universe would SEELE be part of it. Besides, they've done their worst with me. They've got nothing but parlor tricks left up their sleeve."
(16:38:29) @Minaplo: ["If you say so…"-
(16:38:50) @Minaplo: [They arrived at their destination- quarters in the guest residential section.-
(16:38:57) @Minaplo: [The door was currently locked.]
(16:41:50) Sept: "Don't worry about it." Sera felt the sides of his head. "Do I look like an ace interrogator? I do, right?"
(16:42:12) @Minaplo: [What was Sera wearing?]
(17:00:23) Sept: [He was, in fact, wearing something he'd recently had to scrounge up to refill his ever-meager wardrobe. A sort of off-military style, with a dark blue high-collared jacket worn over a plain red buttoned shirt, finishing with dark suit pants. His blue-framed glasses didn't quite match the rest of it, but… there are certain limits to what you can expect in life.]
(17:07:13) @Minaplo: ["No. You don't." Said Ginevre flatly.]
(17:10:18) Sept: "But I don't look like an idiot?"
(17:13:46) @Minaplo: ["You look like a handsome young man."]
(17:15:28) Sept: "No comment on the clothes," Sera smiled. "I could do worse."
(17:18:01) @Minaplo: ["You have done worse."]
(17:20:25) Sept: Sera's smile nearly faltered. "Yes. Sure. Shall we get to it?" He adjusted his jacket.
(17:22:03) @Minaplo: ["By all means you know how to ring a buzzer."]
(17:23:47) Sept: "Well, I thought maybe you'd be my connection and would int-" Sera stopped mid-sentence, frowning.-
(17:24:15) Sept: "I'll go ahead and ring the buzzer," he said to himself, nodding, and rang the buzzer.
(17:25:16) @Minaplo: [The light turned green.]
(17:27:55) * Sept opened the door and entered, leaving the others to follow at their own peril.
(17:31:49) @Minaplo: [The room was decent-looking, reasonably-well furnished. Definitely much better than the 'Martian chic' they'd tolerated two weeks ago.-
(17:32:33) @Minaplo: [There were two single beds, a television/comm monitor, two plain tables with computers- and a sofa and two armchairs, the chairs all being upholstered in burgundy velvet and looking very overstuffed.-
(17:33:39) @Minaplo: [The two old men of 'Shadow Seele' were within, sitting on their chairs. Vladimir Romanov, tall, gaunt, with silver-white hair, his skin pale and hollow-looking like a hide stretched taut over a bony frame.-
(17:34:59) @Minaplo: [The other, Nigel Shardlake, a shorter, rakish man, yet possessing a wiry sort of strength about his frame. Where Romanov had a cane, Shardlake went without, relying on his still-strong legs. Shardlake's straight grey hair was swept back, and a pair of spectacles sat on his face.-
(17:35:09) @Minaplo: [Romanov looked up at the door.-
(17:35:20) @Minaplo: ["Ah." He said. "I knew ordering a roast would be a good idea."-
(17:35:23) @Minaplo: [He began rubbing his hands.]
(17:41:50) Sept: "I'm sure there's a sick burn in there somewhere. No room service this time."-
(17:43:34) * Sept approached, leaning on the back of the sofa with both hands, sizing up the two older men. "And how're you doing? Shake off your brush with mortality yet?"
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(17:49:38) @Minaplo: ["Oh, please. You make us sound like coddled old princelings who've never felt danger before." Said Shardlake.]
(17:54:56) Sept: "I expect you had your share of excitement -getting- to your positions. But can you tell me you've been fending off assassins that much in the past five years?"
(17:55:43) @Minaplo: ["Why?"]
(18:03:26) Sept: "Just making conversation. I don't think anything like soldiers age as well as wine, for example. And if you've had nothing but smooth sailing for years…"
(18:04:23) @Minaplo: ["I suppose we can humour you, then." Said Shardlake. "Sit."-
(18:04:26) @Minaplo: [He gestured to the sofa.]
(18:09:59) Sept: "I was hoping you would." Sera made his way around the back of the sofa and sat down, legs crossed and one arm on the back of the sofa. His hands were covered by the thin, white gloves he'd grown accustomed to a while ago, now.
(18:15:22) @Minaplo: [Ginevre followed, sitting to Sera's left, whilst Armin leaned on the back of the chair behind Sera.-
(18:16:32) @Minaplo: ["Ah, Ms. Fontaine." Said Romanov. "To have such a prestigious personage in our midst…"-
(18:16:36) @Minaplo: ["Spare me, Romanov."]
(18:21:52) Sept: "Hah. Right, how much -did- you interact when she was Director? Or after..?"
(18:22:09) @Minaplo: ["Oh, we interacted plenty. Old chums, us." Said Shardlake.-
(18:22:16) @Minaplo: ["Hardly chums." Muttered Ginevre.]
(18:24:32) Sept: "Anything outside your shadowy illuminati meetings?"
(18:30:58) @Minaplo: ["Illuminati. You wound us." Said Romanov. "Comparing us to those mules."]
(18:38:32) Sept: "My deepest apologies. Did you do any business outside of your recently-collapsed SEELE new world order meetings?"
(18:40:37) @Minaplo: ["Oh, once or twice." Said Shardlake.]
(18:46:44) Sept: "So you -didn't- work anonymously?"
(18:49:05) @Minaplo: ["A strange question to ask. What does that have to do with whether or not we did any business with Ginevre outside of meetings?" Asked Romanov. "She knows who we are, she knew back then, so naturally we sometimes met and did business outside of Committee Meetings."]
(19:01:53) Sept: "The two can be separate. In the SEELE context, did everyone have a clear idea of everyone else's roles, or just… their connections, what they could do?"
(19:03:41) @Minaplo: ["Boring." Said Romanov.]
(19:08:45) * Sept raised an eyebrow at him with a smile. "You don't want to reminisce about the minutiae. What, then?"
(19:12:38) @Minaplo: ["What do we want to reminisce about? Or what do we want to do in general?" Asked Romanov.]
(19:16:56) Sept: "The terms of your stay aren't mine to consider. I -am- curious if you still have goals other than survival. Revenge, regaining power, that sort of thing?"
(19:18:57) @Minaplo: ["Glad to hear it. Curiosity is a healthy component for the developing mind of a youth." Said Shardlake.]
(19:19:21) * Sept looked back at him with dry amusement.
(19:20:09) @Minaplo: ["Of course, you need more than curiosity." Said Romanov. "Nutrition, discipline…"-
(19:20:47) @Minaplo: ["Of course, someone to let them experiment but to pull back the leash if they go too far." Said Shardlake.-
(19:21:04) @Minaplo: ["And speaking of which, how is Miss Solheim these days?" Asked Romanov.]
(19:26:07) Sept: Sera's smile widened, but the look in his eyes… changed. "Doing her very best to survive with my money, I'd expect."
(19:53:12) @Minaplo: ["Ah, you haven't found her yet? Good grief." Said Shardlake.-
(19:53:31) @Minaplo: ["She always was a gifted survivor. Besides, I'm sure she'll come home when she's hungry." Said Romanov.]

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