This Too Shall Pass 3 1 2

(15:48:53) Sept: -
(15:51:29) Sept: [Shortly after Operation Pollux. The Dorian Lachapelle hangars, over Paris-2.]-
(15:52:30) Sept: [While most pilots were already taking showers and/or sitting in corners in the fetal position, Evangelion support crews were starting to get to work on assessing battle damage, as well as congregating for the traditional Scooping of the Sera.]-
(16:01:40) Sept: [Checklists were crossed, information was relayed as the gangway to EVA-01's entry plug was extended. Idle chatter continued, until-]
(16:01:54) Sept: [WHAM. WHAM, WHAM.]-
(16:06:34) Sept: [A pounding echoed through the hangar. It wasn't one of the signs of a Berserk Event from the training videos, but the crew didn't take any chances and dove away from the Evangelion, scrambling back to a safe distance, as one last CRACK resounded behind them. Then, the hangar was silent once more.]-
(16:08:58) * Sept clambered out of the entry plug from the now-open hatch and hopped lithely down to the gangway, spitting LCL out over the railing. "Hey, you fucks! Did none of you really make sure the exit hatch would actually work when the plug's pressurized?!"-
(16:09:43) * Sept was quite naked and dripping LCL. "Who knows how long I could've been stuck in there in a real situation?"
(16:15:51) @Minaplo: [Surov rose to his full height from behind the hangar barrier he'd crouched behind. "What are you doing?! Why are you in physical form?!"]
(16:20:18) Sept: "I -solved- it is what I did." He began to feel the cold on his skin and headed for Surov — or rather, past him to get a shower and clothes.
(16:20:59) @Minaplo: ["Where is the Lance?"]
(16:24:38) Sept: Tap, tap went his steps. "Specify. Maybe one of these days I'll get the both of them in a room together. It's like cosmic cats and dogs, I swear."
(16:25:58) @Minaplo: ["Cassius!"]
(16:27:20) Sept: "Armin! You're needed!" Sera shouted — with not a hint of sarcasm, to his credit.
(16:31:51) @Minaplo: [A second later, Armin leapt- leisurely, calmly- out of the Plug. Not a drip of LCL stuck to him. He landed on the platform gently, and picked up the bent, battered, twisted entry plug hatch.-
(16:32:22) @Minaplo: ["What would Go think if she saw this?" Asked Armin. "Just knock."]
(16:34:47) Sept: "Different room, different rules. What did you want, Surov?"
(16:35:10) @Minaplo: ["How did you form a physical vessel?"]
(16:35:35) Sept: "What does that have to do with Cassius?"
(16:35:59) @Minaplo: ["I don't care about Cassius, I just wanted to see if he was still there. How did you form a physical vessel?"]
(16:42:12) * Sept brought his right hand in front of him, and made a dismissive gesture. Only, when he did it, there was a kind of horizontal, localized rain of LCL in the direction of the motion as every unabsorbed drop of the liquid was expelled off his body. With sufficiently poor luck, someone down below may have been hit. Sera lowered his hand and brought up the other, in a "Well?" gesture. He was completely dry now, apart from the damp hair.
(16:46:14) @Minaplo: [The room stood in stunned silence for a long few seconds. Even Maya, who'd been splashed with LCL, couldn't do anything but stare.-
(16:50:55) @Minaplo: ["An AT Field." Said Surov flatly.-
(16:51:09) @Minaplo: ["You must submit to a full physical examination."]
(16:53:28) Sept: "No shit. Can I shower first? I can only stave off the shock and trauma of public nudity with righteous indignation for so long."
(16:54:34) @Minaplo: ["Do as you must."]
(16:55:42) Sept: "Hah." Sera headed for the locker rooms, his steps a lot quieter now. "So you -do- understand."
(16:56:22) @Minaplo: [Surov simply gave him a narrow look.]
(17:02:50) Sept: And so Sera disappeared into the -hopefully empty, to avoid more awkward discussions- locker rooms to freshen up.
(17:03:04) @Minaplo: [Well, Armin was in there.]
(17:08:32) Sept: That bothered him quite little at this point. He hesitated, though — what do you do in the locker room if you enter naked..? Anyway, shower. As the rush from earlier began to fade under the warm(finally!) water, Sera's mind moved to process the less stellar things that could happen as a result of this decision. It processed them at quite some length.
(17:09:49) @Minaplo: [Armin sat on a bench, his legs crossed, waiting, having organised a towel and some clothes for Sera.]
(17:11:19) Sept: "Oh. Thanks," he said, genuinely surprised as he exited the shower.
(17:11:58) @Minaplo: ["It seemed to be the polite thing to do."]
(17:15:38) Sept: "Well, I appreciate it." He dried himself off and pulled the dull, general-issue clothes on.
(17:19:02) @Minaplo: [Armin got to his feet and silently waited for Sera to leave.]
(17:21:18) Sept: And leave Sera did, in that same silence.


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