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[07:54] <Yanmei> The medical wing of the Dorian Lachapelle was quieter than it had been in days. This wasn't because of the number of injured the recent battles had resulted in; rather, it was due to there being a larger and better equipped facility that the UEF could make use of now. Most of the newly injured had been routed to the Geofront, while a small staff handled the few still recovering on board the battleship. -
[08:03] <Yanmei> Yanmei herself had signed off on this plan shortly after the battleship's return to earth. Still, she tried to be quiet as she could while moving past the occupied rooms so as not to disturb anyone. She was still wearing standard-issued clothing, her hair pulled back in a low, messy ponytail. There was a tablet in her hand that she glanced at every now and then as she strode purposefully toward the bed that Raphael "Ace" Guillory was now occupying. -
[08:06] <Yanmei> "Morning~" She sang, lightly shaking the privacy curtain surrounding his bed to let him know that she was there. It was actually late afternoon, but she didn't know whether he had been sleeping or not. "Are you okay for visitors?"
[08:12] <Raphael> "Chancellor?" The response was a little too quick and alert for him to have been asleep, at least. "Uh, please, come in."
[08:13] <Yanmei> Do Yanmei did, pulling back the curtain. "Hi! It's been a long time?"
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[08:25] * Raphael was sitting up in bed and looking lively enough, wearing a plain black shirt and loose pants rather than the usual hospital gown. There was a stack of papers, an e-reader and a couple of cards on the bedside table, along with a novel. The book lay face-down, but the writing on the spine - "Rose Garden of Obsession: Part 2 in the Obsession Series" - suggested one of Go's(?).-
[08:25] <Raphael> "It has! I'm terribly sorry I couldn't attend your wedding, ma'am. Misato told me it was lovely."
[08:30] <CakeyCake> "That's ok? There are photos of it circulating around. When you're feeling better, why not drop by so you can see some of them?"
[08:36] <Raphael> "Certainly. I'd like that." He smiled. With a moment of effort - certainly less now that they've secured biogel reserves once more - he swings his legs over the edge of the bed and sits up properly, his hands rested on his knees.-
[08:37] <Raphael> "With that out of the way, is there something I can help you with, Chancellor?"
[08:40] <CakeyCake> "Actually… I'm here with news. About Rei."
[08:44] * CakeyCake is now known as Yanmei
[08:48] * Raphael 's face ratcheted back into neutral as Raphael regarded Yanmei closely. "What is it?"
[08:55] * Yanmei glanced aside for just a moment under the scrutiny, her smile growing fainter. "She's not wounded or anything? But she's been under the weather. Generally not feeling well and being emotionally troubled. Since you two are close, I thought you should know about it."
[09:10] * Raphael relaxed a fraction, letting out the breath he had been holding… but he was still watching Yanmei a little too closely. "… I appreciate that, Chancellor. Alphonse passed that information along, but said she wasn't feeling well enough to see visitors. You've spoken to her?"
[09:13] <Yanmei> "Yeah, but only briefly. I've been told her condition will be temporary, so thank goodness for that?"
[09:14] * Raphael nodded slowly. "I would hope so, if she's just unwell and upset."
[09:16] <Yanmei> "Well… there's a bit more to it than that. It's an AT Field thing too? Sort of."
[09:17] * Raphael continued to nod without a shift in expression, watching her expectantly.
[09:20] <Yanmei> "It happened when one of Sera's Lances did something strange to her. Longinus, specifically. Ezekiel called it 'Emotion Harvesting'. It's… kind of what it sounds like."
[09:24] * Raphael 's expression seemed to become slightly colder at the mention of Sera's name. "… I see. And how temporary is this effect?"
[09:27] <Yanmei> "The estimate is at a few weeks, tops."
[09:30] <Raphael> "I see." He said again. "And why was Sera exposing her to this Lance?"
[09:37] <Yanmei> "It seemed to be an accident on his part. The Lance itself, though, knew full well what it was doing." She folded her arms, frowning a bit. "I don't think it was targeting Rei specifically. It could have been anyone. She was just the unlucky one it picked…"
[09:42] <Raphael> "… Alright." He said, allowing his eyes to finally shift away from Yanmei's. "Provided all of that was corroborated by Ezekiel."
[09:44] <Yanmei> "It was. I mean, he's the only expert we have on these matters who would volunteer information to me on them?"
[09:46] <Raphael> "Quite." Raphael sighed, rubbing at the bridge of his nose. "And did he offer any advice to prevent this from happening again?"
[09:50] * Yanmei shook her head. "He said he'd help out if it happened again, but… it's probably always going to be at least a risk as long as de Pteres has the Lance."
[09:52] <Raphael> "And I don't suppose it would someone else taking it is an option?" Raphael said, not seeing to hold out much hope.
[09:55] <Yanmei> "If only? But it has a contract with him. Splitting them up isn't going to be that simple."
[09:57] <Raphael> «suppose someone else*»
[10:00] * Raphael muttered something that sounded a great deal like 'Angelic nonsense'. "… Then I hope he intends to be less careless in the future." Raphael said, his voice a touch harder this time.
[10:10] <Yanmei> "I'm sure he'll try. The fact of the matter, though, is that it's a pretty dangerous weapon? Hard to control…" She eyed him warily. "Are you planning to have a talk with him about it?"
[10:11] <Raphael> "I might." He admitted, returning her look evenly.
[10:14] <Yanmei> "I see. Well, good luck," she sighed. "When did they say you could be released from here?"
[10:20] * Raphael seemed to relax slowly at the change in topic, although his expression remained serious. "Another day, or two at most. My hand won't be perfect for some time, but everything else is coming along well now that we have access to biogel."
[10:30] <Yanmei> "Good. I bet Katsuragi will be happy~"
[10:35] <Raphael> "Most likely." He says, giving Yanmei a thin smile. "… Speaking of which, she was telling me earlier that we have captured Solomon Joan."
[10:43] <Yanmei> "…yes. You plan to have a word with her too?"
[10:45] * Raphael shrugged. "Probably not. In that case there's not a great deal to be said, I'm afraid."
[10:58] <Yanmei> "Hm. That's another thing, actually. S2 - or whatever they're calling themselves nowadays - got a strange request from Suzie concerning Joan."
[11:00] * Raphael frowns sharply. A request for revenge? It seemed like the sort of thing she might do. "What sort of request?"
[11:08] <Yanmei> "Currently, Joan is being held on the ship, with a rotating guard among other precautions to keep her from breaking loose. The request was for her to join said guard duty."
[11:12] <Raphael> "… Guard duty." Raphael says blandly, squinting in the direction of the privacy curtain as if Suzie might appear to answer his questions. No such luck. "Did she off any explanation as to why?"
[11:19] <Yanmei> "Not to us. I suspect it's something she wants to do to protect people, but maybe you could have a talk with her and find out for sure?"
[11:20] <Raphael> "Of course, yes." He nods, still frowning a little. "I wonder where she even heard about it. Misato must have told her…"-
[11:21] * Raphael shook his head, returning his gaze back to Yanmei. "Your people denied the request, I imagine?"
[11:23] <Yanmei> "It's being held in limbo until her guardian - that's you - gives permission."
[11:24] <Raphael> "… wait, you're willing to let her?"
[11:34] <Yanmei> "Undecided. We're at least -considering- it. It's not a difficult job at the moment? And she's less physically vunerable than most of our regular biotypical guards with her Peacecraft. If she wasn't a child, it would be a no-brainer."
[11:38] <Raphael> "She's -seven-." Raphael said flatly.-
[11:39] <Raphael> And then he paused long enough to catch himself. He cleared his throat awkwardly. "… Chancellor." He added.
[11:44] * Yanmei shook her head. "No. You're right. It would be reckless, even if she was partnered with someone to supervise her."
[11:46] * Raphael sighed. "It would, but I shouldn't have snapped. Do you mind letting me talk to her first, so that I can at least work out what she was hoping to achieve? It might help me let her down gently about it."
[11:49] <Yanmei> "Please do?"
[11:51] <Raphael> "And thank you for giving me the chance to veto the decision before you told her." He added, managing a little smile again. "I appreciate it."
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[11:56] <Yanmei> "No worries? If the positions were reversed, I'd like to think you'd at least do the same?" Yanmei grinned back. "Anyway. I should let you get back to resting. I have a meeting to get to shortly."
[12:00] <Raphael> "Of course, Yanmei. I won't keep you." He nods quickly.-
[12:00] <Raphael> "… And while I have you here, ma'am? Thanks for what you did to help get us home."
[12:03] <Yanmei> "Heh. Thanks. Technical and Logistics were the ones who did the really hard work, though? They probably deserve your thanks more."
[12:05] <Raphael> "Believe me, I've already started." He smiled. "Credit to all those who deserve it."
[12:07] <Yanmei> "Precisely. In which case, I should be thanking you too, for your mission with Blue and Rei and the others."
[12:10] <Raphael> /me waved his hand dismissively.-
[12:10] <Raphael> «RETCON>
[12:10] * Raphael waved his hand dismissively.-
[12:10] <Raphael> "Seems as though Brown could have found his own way to Mars if he'd had a mind to." He muttered, sounding just a little sulky.
[12:16] * Yanmei laughed. "He's something, huh? Although technically he never made it to Mars? He's in a hidden safehouse somewhere. I'll pass along your regards."
[12:18] <Raphael> "If you feel the need, ma'am." Raphael said with a forced smile.-
[12:18] <Raphael> "But really, I shouldn't keep you. You ought to go see to your meeting."
[12:20] <Yanmei> "Right. I'll be in touch!" And with that she turned to go.
[12:24] * Raphael swung back into bed as Yanmei vanished behind the curtain, staring up at the ceiling with a frown.-
[12:24] <Raphael> … and when enough time had passed and his thoughts had run their course, he let out a sigh and picked up the novel from his bedside table, flicking open to a bookmarked page and beginning to read.

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