This Too Shall Pass 3 2 14

(15:11:42) Yanmei: A breeze that was colder than normal swept across the deck of the Dorian Lachapelle, ruffling the pale green shortsleeved dress that Chancellor Zhang Yanmei was wearing. It was oddly quiet, compared to the hustle and bustle below… the occassional grating sound of construction and the cries of seagulls aside. She sipped from a paper cup of coffee and peered out over the railing at the
(15:11:43) Yanmei: ocean trying to collect her thoughts. Overhead, the darkened sky rumbled slightly with the threat of rain.
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(15:20:00) Sept: "Free time, Chancellor?" Sera yelled, re-locking his data tablet as he spotted Yanmei, briskly crossing the distance. He was back in his uniform, though the effect might've just as well been interpreted as ironic. "Are you blowing off some poor ambassador right now?"
(15:25:43) * Yanmei smirked and tossed her hair, waiting for the distance between them to shorten a bit so that she wouldn't have to yell her own reply back. "Hah. If only? The only thing I'm blowing off today is paperwork. You, on the other hand, look kinda busy."
(15:30:36) Sept: "Thanks, that's what I was going for. But I'm not actually. Busy, that is. Just making myself… busy." He squinted. "You know."
(15:34:04) Yanmei: "Hm, I see. Bored?"
(15:35:22) Sept: "Sort of. I've got time, definitely."-
(15:35:41) Sept: "Not that I've abandoned Liline anywhere or something. She's fine."
(15:39:05) Yanmei: "Glad to hear it. She hasn't been fighting with you and your other roommates too much, I hope?"
(15:42:03) Sept: "Mmmmmm," Sera hesitated.-
(15:44:00) Sept: "Nah," he said, still not looking too sure. "They're not all around all the time, at least. She and Armin are probably gonna be at it for a while, though."
(15:48:11) * Yanmei paused, considering that. "Maybe they'll surprise you? Armin always struck me as being somewhat mature."
(15:53:16) * Sept snorted with laughter. "Yeah, right. You're probably right, but I don't think- well, we'll see. Anything bothering you I can help with?"
(15:58:59) * Yanmei shook her head. "Not exactly. Just been… kinda tired lately." A seagull that looked a little more familiar than the others landed nearby. Yanmei briefly eyed it, but felt safe to otherwise ignore it. She wasn't carrying any food today, after all. "Maybe I've been thinking too much too."
(16:02:25) Sept: "Yeah, I get that." He brought up his pad again, eyeing it idly. "If you want to clear your head, focusing on something mindless might be better than sitting out here. Maybe."
(16:06:21) * Yanmei groaned. "I've had my fill of paperwork? Sparring, though…"
(16:07:41) Sept: "Hah. That your primary workout these days?"
(16:12:18) Yanmei: "Hmph. Half the time I can't find anyone who wants to do it. Asuka is usually game, but she's been pretty brutal lately. Brutal even for Asuka, I mean."
(16:14:05) Sept: "Huh," Sera said, with a worried look. "Something up with her? Or you two?"
(16:16:34) Yanmei: "Heh. Nothing that serious. Just a lot of pent up aggression. Her Eva hasn't been fixed yet, so she's got to get it out somehow? But… we're good. She even gave me a gift the other day."
(16:17:01) Sept: "Riiight. What kind?"
(16:17:51) Yanmei: "It was a gift certificate! To a spa."
(16:21:03) Sept: "Sounds like it was right on time."
(16:22:42) Yanmei: "I know, right? Now, when I'll actually have time to tke advantage of it is a different story…"
(16:26:02) Sept: "Hehe. I'm sure you can make it happen."-
(16:27:00) Sept: "Oh, if I'm messing up your break time, say the word and I'm gone."
(16:40:30) * Yanmei shook her head. "You're not messing up anything. In fact~" A sly grin. "Want to come with me? I need to sort out some business at Blue's. We can have lunch there while we're at it."
(16:41:52) Mina_II: [There was the sound of wingbeats as the seagull alighted on a nearby railing. "Mineminemine?"]
(16:43:30) Sept: "That's a trap if I've ever seen one. But alright," he smiled wryly. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, he headed back for the stairwell.
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(16:45:31) * Yanmei frowned at the seagull. "Sorry. Three's a crowd?" She turned to go, whipping out her phone as she went.
(16:46:39) Mina_II: ["Minemine!"]
(16:48:42) * Yanmei sent her text. Hopefully someone would be by to feed the dumb bird soon.
(17:00:01) Mina_II: […-
(17:03:11) Mina_II: [The clopping of hard shoes on a hard floor. "Welcome to Blue's~ Will you be needing a table?"-
(17:04:18) Mina_II: [There was a jovial, energetic atmosphere in Blue's Bar and Grill today. The place was nearly full; many of the tables were packed with off-duty soldiers and crewmembers, eating, drinking and playing.-
(17:05:58) Mina_II: [In a raised area of the establishment, a band- French legionnaires from their uniform insignia- were enthusiastically playing away on instruments, filling the air with a jaunty jazzy sound. Beneath that, dimly-heard, were the electronic bloops and beeps of arcade machines, coming from the very back of the room.-
(17:09:30) Mina_II: [Blue himself was tending bar. Patrons sat on plush red stools, leaning against the hard wood of the bar as they drank their drinks or ate meals. Blue chatted away, and as Yanmei and Sera entered, he glanced over towards them.-
(17:09:32) Mina_II: [Blue smirked.-
(17:10:23) Mina_II: [The greeter, though, was one of the waitresses, wearing one of those eye-catching, daring outfits. This one was new, sporting long, curly bubblgum-pink hair.]
(17:13:52) * Sept eyed Blue right back, tugging on one of his sleeves to straighten it out. "Yeah. For three, right?"
(17:15:15) Yanmei: "Right. Also, please let the owner know we'd like to see him when he's got a moment." …although the message was probably unnecessary with all the looks being exchanged now.
(17:17:05) Mina_II: ["Not a problem~"-
(17:17:34) Mina_II: ["We're now offering private parlours as part of the ~Blue Experience~. Would you be wanting one of those?"]
(17:18:38) Yanmei: "Hrm. Sure, why not?"
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(17:20:43) * Sept nodded in assent, looking at the band.
(17:31:11) Mina_II: [Before long they were seated in a rather spacious, quiet room (although the jazz band could still be dimly heard), all to themselves. The seats here seemed to be more comfortable and expensive than the usual Blue fare…-
(17:31:56) Mina_II: ["May I take your order?" Said the waitress sweetly. "This fortnight only, we're selling the special 'Duke of Wellington' meal! Only 10 francs!"]
(17:33:41) Yanmei: "What's in it?" Yanmei was peering around the room curiously as she took her seat.
(17:36:32) Mina_II: ["Three fried bratwurst in a special red curry sauce."]
(17:38:24) * Sept found his seat on the opposite side of the table and started taking off his jacket. "Sure, I'll have one of those."
(17:41:36) Yanmei: "Same here?"
(17:43:39) Mina_II: ["Not a problem~"-
(17:43:42) Mina_II: [She clopped away.]
(17:45:39) Yanmei: "…between you and me, I'd rather have a seat closer to the band," Yanmei muttered when she had left. "But this is pretty good for meetings, I guess?"
(17:50:47) Sept: "I'll pass on a performance to not have to yell," Sera agreed. "This place's really thrived. For better or worse."
(17:54:12) Yanmei: "Yeah. It got a bit bigger too, physically. I guess there's nothing to keep Blue from expanding it even more if he wants to?"
(17:55:37) Sept: "Uh huh. The real cancer spreading across the planet."
(17:58:23) Yanmei: "And the rest of the universe, if he makes good on his dream to serve beer in space."
(17:59:01) Sept: "Oh, crap. You're right. Is it too late to cooperate with the UN against that?"
(18:04:16) * Yanmei snickered. "If you think you can cooperate with that lot, be my guest."
(18:05:35) Sept: "Just add it on to the Extinguishment Compact!"
(18:12:08) Yanmei: "I'll run it by them during the next Summit." Yanmei exhaled. "By the way, I don't think I ever got your opinion on how the first Summit went."
(18:16:09) Sept: "It was…" Sera shrugged a little. "Good. I don't know what I can say about the agreements, they're all very constructive and stuff. No one got particularly out of line. That's good."
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(18:21:51) Yanmei: "There were a few things I wasn't too thrilled about personally. As a result of one of those agreements we had to openly register Zeruel as one of our allies. It's already making some waves…"
(18:23:12) Sept: "Yeah, well. You know I'd like all that out in the open, anyway. It -does- look like we got forced into it, of course…"
(18:26:13) Yanmei: "That's because we were forced into it. If we had resisted, it would have made us look even worse."
(18:32:43) Sept: "And it doesn't help to say 'well we would've eventually'. You could try to find some way to return the favor."
(18:39:22) Yanmei: "I wish. But there's no way to bring up half the stuff the UN's been doing without sounding insane? That's always been the problem with publicly sanctioning them."
(18:44:05) * Sept leaned in. "I don't mind sounding insane, Yanmei. If we can come up with half-decent evidence of any of it, I'm -all over it-."
(18:52:29) * Yanmei grinned. "Appreciate that. I'll remember it if we can dig up said evidence."
(18:55:43) * Sept plopped back in his chair. "So what's this business you're figuring out?"
(18:58:30) Yanmei: "Blue wants us to sell retail space on board the Dorian to civilians. Gonna try to reach a compromise that brings in money but that doesn't compromise our security?"
(19:01:50) Sept: "Huh."-
(19:02:00) Sept: "Sounds like you'd need a separate, secured deck to be sure of anything."
(19:03:47) Yanmei: "I'd rather not let them onto the ship at all. Too much could go wrong?"
(19:07:20) Sept: "I… think we've been pretty open about it, anyway. But why would people -want- to buy space on the Dorian?"
(19:13:30) Yanmei: "Limited competition over a customer base that's literally confined to the same ship for long periods of time. It's probably the reason why this bar is doing so well? The safety risk is pretty massive, but if you didn't care about that it would be a good move."
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(19:15:24) Sept: "Mmh. And any argument relying on some kind of 'integrity' was ruined by Silas. Sounds tough."
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(19:21:32) Yanmei: "Hm? When did set up a shop anywhere?"
(19:21:45) Yanmei: ^When did Silas
(19:22:37) Sept: "No, I mean. He ruined the ship's credibility as - any sort of military entity, before we even got our hands on it."
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(19:25:26) Yanmei: "Oh. Well, agreed. But it looks more military nowadays, don't you think?" She sounded a little hopeful.
(19:27:05) Sept: "Yeah… But I keep -expecting- to see him, everywhere, right?"
(19:31:31) Yanmei: "Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if we missed a few spots. That was a -ton- of artwork to take care of?"
(19:34:32) Sept: "What happened to them? Please don't tell me your campaign's funded by Silas' nudes."
(19:38:28) Yanmei: "Storage. The stuff that was broken during the crash was tossed out."
(19:43:04) Sept: "Storage," Sera repeated. "Future alien explorers are in for a surprise with that one, huh."
(19:50:17) Yanmei: "It could have been worse. There's some pretty weird NERV merch still floating around?"
(19:52:50) Sept: "Probably. And I'm gonna stay blissfully ignorant of whatever they have on me, so we're fine."
(19:53:48) Yanmei: "That is a good policy," Yanmei agreed grimly.
(19:59:05) Sept: "It's validating to hear that!"
(19:59:09) Mina_II: ["Tsubaki'll be heartbroken." Came a smug voice from the doorway.]
(19:59:34) Sept: "Hrmm."
(20:00:31) * Yanmei turned with a raised eyebrow.
(20:01:08) Mina_II: [Blue stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame. "What?"]
(20:03:00) * Sept turned to look at him, too. "Nothing, come right in."
(20:04:01) Yanmei: "Yeah, grab a chair. Let's talk about this business idea of yours I've heard floating around the ship."
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(20:07:41) Mina_II: ["Thanks for letting me sit in my own establishment." Said Blue. He flopped down next to Yanmei and instantly began trying to shove her over. "So y'all seen the promenade, right?"]
(20:13:03) Sept: "Of course."
(20:13:40) * Yanmei grumbled, but slid over to make room.
(20:14:19) Mina_II: [He began shoving over more, digging his elbow into her ribs.-
(20:14:25) Mina_II: ["Y'all notice a lot of it's empty?"]
(20:18:32) * Yanmei hissed irritably and flailed at him a bit. "Stop that!"
(20:19:28) * Sept crossed his arms. "Yeah. Is that a problem?"
(20:20:26) Mina_II: [Blue immediately wrapped an arm around Yanmei's neck. He pulled her head down and, with his other hand, began rubbing his knuckles firmly against her scalp.-
(20:21:06) Mina_II: ["Thing is, the promenade was designed to act as a sort of mall. S'space for shops and all that. Used to be a bookshop there too, eh? Remember that? I do."-
(20:21:52) Mina_II: ["Here's what I figure, right? We can fill it up with shops, it makes this place feel more homely, which helps the boys and girls doin' the fightin'… We even make money. Perfect."]
(20:26:39) Yanmei: "Security risk!" Yanmei blurted out. Also she was now pinching him rather hard in the side while trying to pull free at the same time.
(20:26:51) Sept: "Chill the hell out first, Blue. God."
(20:31:22) Mina_II: ["What?"-
(20:32:04) Mina_II: [He relented, releasing Yanmei, her scalp rubbed red and raw.]
(20:35:48) * Yanmei sat up properly, scowling, trying to smooth her hair back down with the dignity befitting of a Chancellor. She also considered kicking him beneath the table for good measure. "You can't let just anyone into this space," she griped. "Especially now that we're at war with other humans."
(20:36:54) Sept: "We -could-, but that'd be placing our ideals and image ahead of that risk," Sera corrected.
(15:23:30) Yanmei: "Which is something we won't be doing, considering what happened the last time we were careless about spies," Yanmei pointed out.
(15:25:29) AdEvaGM: ["… When was that again?"]
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(15:28:47) Yanmei: "Crystal Massacre? Although to be fair, we weren't -careless-. We just weren't careful -enough-."
(15:29:21) AdEvaGM: ["See, is that really what one would consider a normal average spy sitch?" Said Blue. "I kinda feel like it ain't."]
(15:32:22) Sept: "We've got plenty of worst case scenarios even if you're right. You sound like you're taking this lightly, Blue."
(15:34:48) AdEvaGM: ["Naw, that ain't it at all. The point I'm makin' is that the Caines had to go to some pretty extreme lengths to get one up over us. That's 'cuz your spooks are pretty good at weeding out the normal spies."]
(15:38:37) Yanmei: "But, obviously, just being good at that isn't enough now."
(15:41:25) Sept: "Okay," Sera took a breath before continuing. "We can get reports from S2, run trials, whatever. What would we get from this?"
(15:42:15) AdEvaGM: ["What, I gotta lay it out to you goofuses?"]
(15:43:16) Sept: "Morale and money can be replaced!"
(15:44:32) AdEvaGM: ["Morale can be replaced?"-
(15:44:52) AdEvaGM: ["Motherfucker, do you listen to the shit you say? 'Morale can be replaced'. Jesus on a pogo stick."]
(15:46:11) Yanmei: "We can come up with other ways to raise it, I think is what he meant."
(15:47:11) * Sept exhaled and sank back, looking away. "Uh-huh."
(15:48:14) AdEvaGM: ["Fine, fine. Make this busy businessman spend his precious time explainin' everything…"-
(15:48:26) AdEvaGM: ["So-"-
(15:48:36) AdEvaGM: [At that moment, the door opened.-
(15:49:03) AdEvaGM: [The waitress returned. "Two Wellington dishes~" She said cheerfully. She placed the dishes down. "Will that be all?"-
(15:50:28) AdEvaGM: [Each plate held 3 long bratwurst on a bed of chunky salted fries. The sausages had been liberally coated in a thick, rich-looking red-orange curry sauce.-
(15:50:52) AdEvaGM: [But most notably, a little face had been etched into each bratwurst. A frowny-face with crosses for eyes, wearing a crude approximation of a pickelhaube.]
(15:55:29) Yanmei: "Er." Yanmei blinked down at her plate. "Yes, thank you very much."
(15:56:08) * Sept glanced at Blue and nodded a thank-you to the waiter before turning his focus to the dish in front of him. "Yep! You were saying, Blue."
(15:57:49) AdEvaGM: [The waitress quickly left, the temporary burst of noise due to the open door vanishing as quickly as it had come.-
(15:57:57) AdEvaGM: ["So this ship. What was it built for?"]
(15:59:16) Yanmei: "Ramming other ships. Blowing them up from a distance. Anti-Eva or Anti-Angel combat."
(15:59:31) Sept: "We also stole it. Its purpose changed a bit."
(16:01:13) AdEvaGM: ["Besides that."]
(16:02:06) Sept: "Whatever lifestyle Silas had planned for him and his… crew?"
(16:02:39) AdEvaGM: ["Closer, but keep goin'."]
(16:03:59) Yanmei: "If we're going by the original amenities, it was meant to be some sort of luxury cruise liner in addition to a war machine," Yanmei muttered.
(16:04:41) Sept: Sera passed his quiz turn and forked piece of sausage into his mouth.
(16:05:01) AdEvaGM: [BOOM.-
(16:05:35) AdEvaGM: [Sera's mouth caught ablaze. Before he could control it, the flames had spread through the soft flesh of his inner cheek and down his throat.-
(16:06:00) AdEvaGM: [His eyes valiantly tried to resist, a stream of tears pouring down his incinerated cheeks, but it was no use.-
(16:06:40) AdEvaGM: [Metaphorically, of course. But it -felt- like it.-
(16:06:54) AdEvaGM: [That was not just any sauce. It was death incarnate.-
(16:08:17) AdEvaGM: ["Yeah." Said Blue, apparently ignorant of this disaster. "Not exactly a luxury cruise liner, but like… A palace. It was supposed to be an embodiment of his reign and shit."]
(16:10:59) Yanmei: "You think we should attempt to create the same thing?" Yanmei guessed.
(16:12:10) * Sept was leaned forward, holding his eyes and the bridge of his nose and forcing his breathing to even out. "M-Mhm, sure," he managed.
(16:19:41) AdEvaGM: ["Right, exactly." Said Blue. "We got this promenade, right? Let's use it. Make it a cultural icon of the Federation. It'll look good to foreign dignits. It'll look good to -our- politicians. It'll sell the idea of the Federation to everyone. When we go to new areas, we can open the shops up to the local population and literally export the revolution."]
(16:22:56) Sept: "Sweet, and-" he paused again for a slow breath. "And we can bring Parisian Starbucks to -America-. There'd be a ton of vetting and politics to even make a short list of candidates."
(16:26:31) Yanmei: "I'm more worried about the security risks still being present," Yanmei grumbled. "Any shopper could smuggle a bomb on board with a big enough purse."
(16:29:33) Sept: "Yeah," Sera nodded sympathetically, hesitating with his food. "But we have experts who can actually weigh those risks." He continued his meal, whatever the cost.
(16:30:53) AdEvaGM: ["Y'all could post an AT Fielder around or somethin'." Said Blue. "But if you're really that worried, then you could have the businesses set up little 'outposts' on the ground instead."]
(16:34:44) Yanmei: "That might be safer." Yanmei folded her arms. "Going back to the selection process, each shop would have to be screened carefully and given a recommendation by someone we trust. Ugh. If only we had a department that had a ton of commercial business connections already…"
(16:35:23) AdEvaGM: ["Y'do."]
(16:37:03) Yanmei: "Do we?" she said cautiously.
(16:38:10) * Sept whimpered and nodded in assent, the fingers on his good hand white from being squeezed into a fist.
(16:39:21) AdEvaGM: ["Marketin'."]
(16:41:52) Sept: "Worse'n dealing with Angels…"
(16:42:25) Yanmei: "Agreed," Yanmei scowled.
(16:42:35) AdEvaGM: ["What? What's wrong with that?"]
(16:44:24) Yanmei: "Hmph. You joined us late in the game, so you probably don't even know about all the weird stuff they were peddling with our faces plastered all over them?"
(16:45:16) AdEvaGM: ["I totes do, though." He said. "In fact…" He began reaching into his pocket.]
(16:48:04) Sept: "In fact nothing!" Sera raised his voice irritably. "We don't talk about that!"
(16:49:01) Yanmei: "Stop right there!" Yanmei pointed a fork at him. "All special catalog merch is considered illegal contraband on this ship, and will be confiscated immediately. And burned."
(16:50:26) AdEvaGM: ["Y'know, this raises questions." Said Blue, his hand still dangerously hovering around his coat pocket. "Y'all can just engage with the parts of Marketin' that you want to engage with… So it worries me that your plans for Dory businesses are apparently of the perverse kind."]
(16:53:25) Sept: "NERV infrastructure places a lot of weight on the Section heads' shoulders, it's more than rational to hold them accountable!"
(16:56:47) * Yanmei nodded her agreement, and jabbed her fork into one of her own sausages.
(16:57:27) AdEvaGM: ["Just sayin'…"]
(17:00:19) Sept: "Well, so am I! It's not like we can let personal feelings get in the way of decisions like these!"
(17:01:38) AdEvaGM: ["Exactly."]
(17:03:24) Sept: "-Obviously-."
(17:07:01) * Yanmei hmphed.
(17:08:17) AdEvaGM: ["So… Marketing it is."]
(17:09:44) Sept: "And Security. And no promises."
(17:10:25) Yanmei: "Exactly. We'd just be asking to get their take on it."
(17:13:34) Sept: "So what the hell is in this sauce?"
(17:14:22) AdEvaGM: ["Secret."]
(17:14:31) Sept: "Of course."
(17:14:57) * Sept took another bite, determined to make it through.
(17:18:41) Yanmei: "While we're on the topic of secrets…" Yanmei eyed Blue. "Rumor has it you used to work with Ezra Caine. And also against him occassionally."
(17:19:34) AdEvaGM: ["Oh?"]
(17:21:36) Yanmei: "Yup. You know he's basically running the show over at the UN now, right?"
(17:24:17) AdEvaGM: ["Yeah, I heard that much…"]
(17:26:01) Yanmei: "What do you think of him?"
(17:31:51) AdEvaGM: ["Lemme hear what you think first."]
(17:33:09) * Sept was still just struggling with his napalm lunch.
(17:43:26) Yanmei: "He has an idealistic streak a mile wide? And he was very pleasant to talk to during and after the Summit. Apologized for atrocities committed by the UN. Expressed an interest in helping his people to live better lives, especially the primes. Of course, it could all be a very convincing act. I actually might feel better if I knew that it was."
(17:50:54) AdEvaGM: ["Feel better?"]
(17:54:53) Yanmei: "Like, it'd be consistant with what I know about the UN. If he's really genuine about all this I don't know what I'm supoosed to make of this guy."
(17:57:37) Sept: "Either way, I'm sure he's going to prove to be worthy competition for you."
(18:00:22) AdEvaGM: ["Huh. So you want me to confirm that for ya one way or another, eh?"]
(18:03:14) Yanmei: "Yeah, if you could."

[17:16] <AdEvaGM> ["Wellll."-
[17:16] <AdEvaGM> ["I dunno if I can lullaby your doubts like." Said Blue. "I ain't gonna promise to be the authority, but this is what I can tell you…"-
[17:17] <AdEvaGM> ["Ezra Caine's the sort of guy who puts a lot of stake on the value of his word, so… I guess you could say he's honourable. He values negotiatin', and he knows that you don't get valued in negotiation unless your word's as good as gold."-
[17:19] <AdEvaGM> ["He's also the kinda guy who's willin' to compromise… Not just with people he's negotiatin' with. I mean he's not a victory-at-all-costs guy, not really. He ain't fond of getting innocents tangled up like, or usin' shit like executions or massacres to push his point."-
[17:20] <AdEvaGM> ["He's had fights over that before." Said Blue casually. "Y'know, with other charmin' folk of the underground. Used to have nasty tangles with your buddies in the Alves…"-
[17:22] <AdEvaGM> ["So all that considered, then it ain't gonna be a surprise to you that he hates the Caines. It's a deep hate, the sort that's born of disappointment. Y'know when you see like… A politician, like, with lots of power, with the potential to change things for the better… Instead, they pursue crooked agendas, like subsidisin' Marketing's special catalogue. That sort of hate born of
[17:22] <AdEvaGM> disappointment. And disgust."]
[17:24] <Sept> "Heh. That kind," Sera laughed. "So there's all sorts of people to back up our observations about him. Thought he'd been much more low-key."
[17:26] <Yanmei> "Hmm." Yanmei was frowning. "What are your thoughts on him, Sera? You guys met in Istanbul too, right?"
[17:31] <Sept> "Mmhm," he nodded, putting down his utensils and leaning back. "I'm on the same page with Blue, really. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary, but I think I have to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. I'm hoping to keep limited contact with him about the Dysangelion issues for as long as he's willing to humor me."
[17:36] <Yanmei> "The Dysangelions? You guys are going to work together to… do what with the Primes exactly? Try to help them?"
[17:41] <Sept> "He seemed to be on it, and I'd believe it with his background. I'm still trying to catch up on everything we're doing with Evas, and with any luck that might be of use, too."
[17:44] * Yanmei folded her arms, still frowning. "Based on Blue's testimony, it doesn't seem like he'd -intentionally- be taking advantage of you. Still. I don't know if I like this."
[17:45] * Suzunap is now known as Suzune
[17:48] <Sept> "I don't -know- either. But if he's legit, we can use everything we can get from him."
[17:51] <Yanmei> "He's not one of our allies. He's just a somewhat less horrible oppenent. Don't forget that, alright?"
[17:52] <Sept> "Of course. Paranoia sits just fine with me."-
[17:54] <Sept> "But he -was- really fun to talk to. If I didn't know better, I'd say we got along alright."
[17:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Ah…"-
[17:56] <AdEvaGM> [Blue coughed, picked up one of Yanmei's sausages and bit the end off. "Y'should note that he's not likely to act like a 'Caine' in that sense…"-
[17:58] <AdEvaGM> ["But don't be thinkin' he's some sort of chivalrous knight bound to manly warfare, either. Ezra's a NeoSpartan. He knows how to use small forces to do massive damage. He's a geologist, and he knows how to understand terrain. He'll use shadows, raids, infiltration assaults, targeted attacks on officers… He won't miss an opportunity to play merry hell."]
[18:00] * Sept nodded solemnly, returning to his meal for the moment.
[18:03] * Yanmei scowled at her stolen sausage, taking it as some sort of challenge, began to wolf down the remaining one. "'s why we've gotta be care-" she broke off, coughing horribly as the spice kicked in.
[18:05] <Sept> "-and utilize the expertise of all the talented ODs in ou employ, yes," Sera finished for her. "Everything ok?"
[18:06] <AdEvaGM> ["Chokin' on a Wellington." Said Blue sadly, shaking his head.]
[18:08] <Sept> "Yeah, I think we can see that part," Sera said to Blue.
[18:11] <Yanmei> Eventually Yanmei got a hold of herself, holding up a hand and glowering. "Not funny, Blue," she rasped. "And. What are the odds of recruitment?"
[18:12] <AdEvaGM> ["Odds of recruitin' who?"]
[18:13] <Yanmei> "Ezra Caine?"
[18:14] <AdEvaGM> ["Heh."]
[18:15] <Sept> "Only if everything collapses, I think. He's got a leash or two on him, however good his deals with Mary may have been."
[18:18] * Yanmei actually looked disappointed. She dabbed at her forehead with a napkin. "I see. I guess that's just how it is."
[18:18] <AdEvaGM> ["S'more to it than that."]
[18:19] <Yanmei> "Oh?"
[18:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Ezra's goal will probably be to bring down Mary." Said Blue, munching away on Yanmei's stolen sausage, apparently unaffected by the spice. "Now maybe he doesn't know if you can handle her. Or maybe he isn't sure if you can be a good replacement."-
[18:24] <AdEvaGM> ["But chances are he knows that he can forward that goal more by working inside the UN than as just another commander on your side." Said Blue.-
[18:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Trouble is, Mary knows this too."-
[18:26] <AdEvaGM> ["Too many UN assets are controlled in ways he can't subvert. Dysses and Solomons and Phantoms and shit. That leaves him with the regular army and whatever special units he can scrape together, but that won't be enough to defeat her by itself, not with them harpy-lookin' things flying about."-
[18:28] <AdEvaGM> ["To my beautiful mind, I'm thinkin' he reckons he's got three options."]
[18:29] <Sept> "Enlighten me." Sera forked another mouthful in, nearly used to the spice or just numb by now.
[18:33] <AdEvaGM> ["Firstly, he'll be tryin' to find ways to break those methods of control." Said Blue. "So basically, he'll be tryin' to shut down the Eternity Drive."-
[18:34] <AdEvaGM> ["Secondly, he can try to get those assets neutralised somehow. This might mean sabotage, but that might'nt work." Said Blue. "So chances are he'll try to rely on settin' things up so you can do that for him. For example, makin' a 'mistake' and suddenly Joan's fightin' three Evas and a squad of Supers by herself."-
[18:35] <AdEvaGM> ["Thirdly, he can try to tighten his grip on the regular army." Said Blue. "Build up its strength and, when the time is fuckin' -critical-, he flips the switch and hits the UN with enough force, the momentum'll carry you to the win."-
[18:36] <AdEvaGM> ["Thing is…" Blue took another bite of sausage.-
[18:36] <AdEvaGM> ["He'll know that Mary'll know he's gonna try somethin'. She'll only tolerate'm so long as he's useful."-
[18:37] <AdEvaGM> ["The biggest way he can be useful is to fight you." Said Blue. "Teeldear, he'll be relyin' on fightin' and beatin' you, but draggin' it out, because the longer you're alive the longer he's alive, but he can't make it look like he's goin' easy."]
[18:40] <Sept> "Good analysis. And that leaves us with something of a timeframe, and a few ways of going about things unless the board gets shaken up."
[18:44] * Yanmei very carefully finished her sausage. "This is going to be difficult for him to conceal," she muttered. "So, I guess it's to our benefit that he stays with the UN for now? And maybe if things go horribly wrong he'll defect or something."
[18:45] <AdEvaGM> ["Let's be honest, dude's probably gonna die."]
[18:47] <Yanmei> "Maybe. I think he's clever enough to work out an escape route, though?"
[18:47] <AdEvaGM> ["But Mary's also smart enough to know he'd be up to something in advance, and to know what he'd be doin'. Who're you gonna put your money on, realistically?"]
[18:48] <Sept> "Sure. Maybe not that much worse odds than any other forefront OD."
[18:54] * Yanmei sighed. "Well. I guess if we come across anything that'll work as a lifeline we can toss it his way. Not that we're allies, of course?"

(18:55:34) AdEvaGM: ["Also, one other thing to note." Said Blue.-
(18:55:53) AdEvaGM: ["Yanmei. If you're in a crisis sitch, whose safety are you gonna prioritise?"]
(18:58:29) Yanmei: "Depends on who else is in this crisis. We talking about global scale here?"
(19:00:49) AdEvaGM: ["Let's be really narrow about it. You, Isaiah, Lizzie."]
(19:02:02) Yanmei: "Lizzie. She's helpless."
(19:05:35) AdEvaGM: ["Then who?"]
(19:06:33) Yanmei: "Then Isaiah."
(19:09:53) AdEvaGM: ["And you last." Said Blue.-
(19:10:25) AdEvaGM: ["What do you think Ezra'd do in your sitch? If it were him and his wife."]
(19:12:23) Yanmei: "Probably the same? Wife and the baby get pushed out of danger first." A short pause followed. "Oh. I see where you're going with this?"
(19:13:01) Sept: "Mmh. An obvious weak spot, a way to get rid of him?"
(19:13:13) AdEvaGM: ["Yep."]
(19:13:48) Sept: "-Or- a clever ruse. Fake pregnancy."
(19:14:03) AdEvaGM: ["Doesn't matter, he'd do the same thing." Said Blue.-
(19:14:16) AdEvaGM: ["Also, uh… Y'ever seen those two in a room togehter…? Ain't no way it's fake."]
(19:14:52) Sept: "Hehehe."
(19:15:11) Yanmei: "Ugh. They were seconds away from making out the entire time I spoke with them. Also during the summit itself."
(19:16:03) AdEvaGM: ["Yeah…" Said Blue. "I wonder who that reminds me of?"]
(19:17:37) Yanmei: "Rei and Alphonse," said Yanmei instantly. "They are probably kissing all over your restaurant right this second."
(19:18:10) Sept: "No square inch unkissed," Sera backed up.
(19:18:56) Yanmei: "In your kitchen. All over your arcade games. Even amongst the live band."
(19:19:48) AdEvaGM: ["Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this." Said Blue.-
(19:20:51) AdEvaGM: ["… Although, y'know, now that you mention it…"]
(19:23:59) Yanmei: "Hm?" Yanmei had started on her fries now.
(19:28:42) AdEvaGM: ["They have been very close recently." Said Blue slowly. "Presum'bly he's been massagin' the happiness back into her after a certain someone vampired it out."]
(19:30:06) Sept: "Yeah, yeah. It's good someone is."
(19:37:33) Yanmei: "It is," Yanmei agreed cheerfully. "Also, I have more good news."
(19:38:24) Sept: "Oh?" Sera was happy to accept a change in topic.
(19:38:48) AdEvaGM: ["Really?"]
(19:40:39) Yanmei: "Yes. Your friend. That redheaded one? The Brofessor? An old flame of his was at the summit too. I need you to give him a message from her. And keep it under your hat, while you're at it? This is sensitive information." She glanced at Sera. "You too, ok? Hush-hush."
(19:44:07) Sept: "Ah. That doesn't sound like something I'd be tempted to spoil. You can trust me."
(19:45:41) AdEvaGM: ["… He had old flames?"]
(19:50:41) Yanmei: "Apparently he had at least one. They, ah. Well… surprise! It turns out that he's a proud papa too. He should probably contact her and talk about that."
(19:52:08) AdEvaGM: ["…"-
(19:52:28) AdEvaGM: [He roughly smushed his hand into her face. "Get outta here." He scoffed.]
(19:53:56) Sept: "What, you don't believe it?"
(19:55:28) Yanmei: "Mph!" Yanmei irritably batted his hand away. "Well it's all true!"
(19:58:29) AdEvaGM: ["'Course I don't." Said Blue irritably. "When and where? Details, sweetheart!"]
(19:59:12) Sept: "Well, how far along is she? It's not Sarah, is it?"
(20:03:44) Yanmei: "I don't know where. It's-" She paused to consider how positively -epic- Sera's guess was. "No. It was another official there. From Brazil. The child is already two years old, so you can do the math yourself. She is adorable and likes puzzle boxes," she added solemnly.
(20:06:00) AdEvaGM: ["One year or so for pregnancy." Said Blue. "Two years for age, and we'll say another one because maybe she's nearly three or two and a half or whatever. That makes four years. Which would-"-
(20:07:28) AdEvaGM: [Blue's face became a sour grimace. "Put it at 2014 or so, back when the Companions were still in trainin'. There were other Companions at the summit?"]
(20:10:52) Sept: "Haven't those people infiltrated every military group in the world by now?"
(20:13:05) Yanmei: "Or most of them. There was her, and her assistant. I didn't do much reasearch on it yet, but there was a young genius type on the UN's side, wasn't there? The Chief of Science?"
(20:16:09) * Sept paused leaning halfway toward his plate to look up at Yanmei again. "The von Hamburg?"
(20:17:47) Yanmei: "Yup?"
(20:21:02) Sept: "Yeah, we talked about that with Ezra." He straightened himself out, hesitating. "Seems like it's a cover," he said.
(20:23:44) Yanmei: "She's a Caine," she guessed instantly. "She certainly acted like one."

(14:11:54) Sept: "Mmh. Jeremiah," Sera said uneasily. "With the body molded based off -her-."
(14:17:48) » Join: Eli (|ilE#|ilE)
(14:18:02) Yanmei: Yanmei blinked and then let her eyes narrow somewhat. "Him again?! Why even…? And what about his new body? I mean it's weird enough that he's doing a human girl instead of an Eva this time?"
(14:22:52) Sept: "Mmmmmmh," he hesitated. "His motivations were unclear earlier, but this is way worse. I think it's safe to say he's unstable, or at least at odds with Ezra's way of doing things……"
(14:27:15) Yanmei: "Well… yeah. I mean, we knew for a long time that the two of them didn't see eye to eye?"
(14:31:13) * Sept nodded. "If he's 'just' their head of science now, I don't know how much he could rebel if pushed, or if in-fighting would even be beneficial to us."
(14:34:54) Yanmei: "But what if his new position - and identity - is just a cover? Maybe he secretly has more power than a regular head of science would? He's probably right up there with Mary, pulling all sorts of strings."
(14:37:22) Sept: "Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised… We might be able to answer that if we figured out how much power he would've had with the prototype DEVA to begin with, right?"

(14:44:04) Yanmei: "I'd assume he'd have had the same potential as our own Evas and the consciousness to use it. But as for power or a rank among Mary's troops…" She shrugged.
(14:47:48) Sept: "Can you imagine having to tolerate him instead of Fatima?"
(14:51:52) Yanmei: "Ugh." Yanmei just shook her head in disgust.
(14:55:32) » Quit: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM) (Ping timeout)
(14:59:06) Sept: "Well, we'll figure out more when we get a closer look at DEVAs." Sera leaned back and picked at his meal with a fork. "Otherwise, it'll be business as usual again, won't it?"
(15:01:10) » Join: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM)
(15:03:32) Minaplo: ["So… When you say modelled off 'her', you mean… Who?"]
(15:07:50) * Sept looked at Blue, and turned back to Yanmei. "Shouldn't we talk to some other people before making this the least bit public?"
(15:11:34) » Zack is now known as ZackSleep
(15:14:51) Yanmei: "…yeah, actually. Sorry, Blue. You'll probably hear about it later on, but if we let the info spread around much now it might end up breaking one or two people."
(15:15:48) Sept: "Which might have been the point of the whole thing. 'least Ezra thought so."
(15:16:58) Minaplo: ["C'mon. Who am I gonna tell?"]
(15:18:18) Sept: "The wrong people?"
(15:18:34) Yanmei: "Please don't push this," Yanmei warned. "Let it drop."
(15:18:47) Minaplo: ["… Oh come on." Said Blue irritably.-
(15:19:14) Minaplo: ["Y'know, if I were some awful gossip like Katsuragi, or, y'know, you-" He said, pointing at Yanmei- "I'd understand, but…"-
(15:19:43) Minaplo: ["Since when have I apparently been in the business of tellin' shit that goes on to anyone?"]
(15:21:39) Yanmei: "I am -not- a gossip. And let it drop," she repeated.
(15:22:29) Minaplo: ["So what you're sayin' is that you're tellin' the world's greatest detective to just let this drop."]
(15:24:38) Sept: "It's not a story or a mystery, though!"
(15:26:18) * Yanmei peered around briefly at the word "detective", half expecting that W jerk or one of his entourage to be lurking nearby. "Indeed. This isn't really the right time or situation."
(15:27:29) Minaplo: ["So what you're saying is that I should totally just go to someone in Technical, like… Surov? Maybe get a physical comparison? Pretty sure he could crunch that out in a minute flat."]
(15:29:43) Sept: "…"
(15:31:52) Yanmei: "You would go that far for information that doesn't really concern you? Why? Just to prove a point?"
(15:36:52) Minaplo: ["Hell yeah, to prove a point." Said Blue, frowning. "Come into my establishment, and it's all 'oh Blue, tell us all you have for us you big hunk of a man, oh yes', and so I rack my brains so I can give you all the best info, and when I ask a question I get 'oh no, that's not for you'. I know it's not really important to me, but fuck you, that's shitty behaviour and I'mma callin' you
(15:36:52) Minaplo: out on it."]
(15:42:52) Yanmei: "This is the -very first time- you have been denied information, and it's on the grounds that public knowledge of it will actually harm individuals living on the ship! We have a good reason and it's not something we've made a habit out of, and you still won't let it go?"
(15:46:27) Minaplo: ["Things you tell me in this room, telling me not to tell others, does not make it public knowledge, 'cuz I won't tell anyone, dumbass!"]
(15:47:11) Sept: "And you don't get dibs on obituaries, asshole! There's a way to go about this!"
(15:57:13) Yanmei: "Let us inform the people who are actually affected by this first. Then we'll pull you into the loop, all right?"
(16:00:39) Minaplo: ["Tch. Fine."]
(16:03:00) Sept: "Thank you." Sera took another large bite of his volatile sausage.
(16:09:13) Yanmei: "Yeah, thanks," Yanmei echoed. "We appreciate the patience."
(16:15:34) Sept: "Is Viviane still sticking around?"
(16:15:50) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(16:15:58) Sept: "Cool."
(16:19:42) Minaplo: ["What's your plan on that?"]
(16:22:12) Sept: "Think it through. Ignoring it is a fine backup."
(16:22:49) Minaplo: ["When does the seduction begin though?"]
(16:25:21) * Sept cast him a flat look, holding it as he stuffed the last of his Wellington in his mouth. The gesture was undermined by him caving to the temptation of washing it down with water.
(16:27:18) * Yanmei coughed lightly and attempted to steer the conversation in another direction. "So. Speaking of romance, you both know that William woke up, correct?"
(16:29:20) Sept: "Right. That's another sensitive issue that -we're openly talking about-."
(16:29:50) Minaplo: ["Ooooh, how naughty, we're discussing William with a guy who knew him when he was a kiddie."]
(16:30:15) Sept: "Goddamnit. Go on, Yanmei."
(16:32:56) * Yanmei eyed Blue with a disapproving little tsk, but she did indeed go on. "I'm sure you've already guessed this, but between Aline and Fatima he's… not doing so well."
(16:35:09) Minaplo: ["Let that be a lesson to you, Sera."]
(16:35:42) Sept: "So we'd like him- -what-?"
(16:37:39) Minaplo: ["What, I gotta give you your lesson?"]
(16:42:05) Sept: "Some carpe diem crap, right? What can we do about him?"
(16:47:06) Yanmei: "That's the big question on everyone's mind? He's not going to be piloting for a long time if we can help it. See… he's been working for Caine for pretty much his entire life? And he's been doing it because he believed that Blanc would be kept safe if he did. Now all of that has been wrecked, and he doesn't have anything to believe in."
(16:48:15) Minaplo: ["Not entirely accurate."]
(16:48:43) Yanmei: "Oh?"
(16:54:07) Minaplo: ["There's lots about William that's pure affectation." Said Blue. "Life he's led, you don't get very far without bein' able to live some lies out to the fullest."-
(16:54:26) Minaplo: ["But one thing that's not an act at all is his faith."]
(16:57:32) Yanmei: "Well. He -is- Pope material," Yanmei muttered. "Do you think he'll cling to it even harder?"
(16:58:49) Minaplo: ["I dunno if I'd say that, exactly." Said Blue. "But William's got a skewed way of looking at the world thanks to all he's done. I mean…"-
(17:04:19) Minaplo: ["He's a gun-nutty, perfectionist, boy scouty, competitive god-botherin' son of a bitch with a perverted streak wider than the Missi, and not to mention a wicked-minded day-ruinin' mischief-lovin' tormentin' motherfucker, as well as a souped up holier-than-thou complex with a tedious heavyweight dry with a capital d, not to mention a heart-breakin' pretty boy with eyes that melt
(17:04:19) Minaplo: butter…"-
(17:04:42) Minaplo: ["But he's an okay kid under all that." Said Blue. "A kid who blames himself for everything."-
(17:05:00) Minaplo: ["I say, guy in that sort of mindset, what he wants more than anything is absolution."]
(17:05:23) Sept: "Uh huh. I understood he was counting on Aline returning his affection in later lives. If he was telling the truth about that and his faith, he may not be finished."-
(17:06:00) Sept: "I'd still object to working too closely with him for the aforementioned reasons, but."
(17:06:50) Minaplo: ["Later lives? What, as in reincarnated lives?"]
(17:08:38) Sept: "Yeah, stuff like that. And if that was the plan earlier, Aline's death at least might not be an insurmountable obstacle…"
(17:09:54) Minaplo: ["Nah. The stuff with Aline was deffo this life, bro."]
(17:11:17) Yanmei: "So he'd want absolution in this lifetime? But not from her, obviously, as she's already gone."
(17:14:49) Sept: "Surely not from Mary, then. Can we just phone the pope or something?"
(17:16:20) Yanmei: "We could try! I'm not sure he likes us too much? But we could try!"
(17:16:46) Minaplo: [Blue slowly raised his right hand and made a yappy-mouth with it.-
(17:16:53) Minaplo: ["What do you think, hand?" Said Blue. "Should I tell 'em?"-
(17:17:19) Minaplo: ["Oh noes, Mr. Blue!" He said, his voice raising sharply in pitch. "Wouldn't want 'em to go public with it!"]
(17:18:26) Sept: "It's too bad we don't have something like a resident priest around," Sera continued. "I mean, it's good. But we could use a spiritual authority figure."
(17:25:29) Yanmei: "Could we hire one? I don't know how that even works." Yanmei folded her arms. "It'd be good for morale overall, right?"
(17:29:56) Minaplo: ["Wow."]
(17:31:26) Sept: "Just slap a beard on Blue, right? Then he could notify nexts-of-kin all he wants to."
(17:32:19) Yanmei: "It's be less of a security risk than letting some civilian priest on board. Especially if said priest was secretly working for the UN?"
(17:34:04) Yanmei: ^It'd
(17:34:25) Minaplo: ["Yanmei. Aren't you the chancellor?"]
(17:35:56) Yanmei: "Yes? So?"
(17:36:14) Minaplo: ["So you should know what's going on aboard your own ship, right?"]
(17:36:54) Yanmei: "Yes…?"
(17:37:30) Minaplo: ["So you know there's over a hundred religious officiates on the ship at any given time, right? From like, five different denominations?"]
(17:37:42) Yanmei: "…"
(17:38:24) Minaplo: ["No no, don't stop on my account. I knew you were a great sprinter, but you're also great at running off your mouth!"]
(17:40:01) Yanmei: "Sh-shut up. I already knew all of that? I was just teasing you both."
(17:40:23) Minaplo: ["Them rosy red cheeks say otherwise."]
(17:40:57) Sept: "Uh huh. So we'll just throw priest-equivalents at him until something sticks?"
(17:41:59) Minaplo: ["See, this is where it's doubly funny," Said Blue, shifting to look at Sera, "Because y'all should know his motherfuckin' Holiness was assigned as a Non-Aligned League Observer for the goddamned Federation."]
(17:46:28) Yanmei: "Also noted. Although it's technically not his job to console our troops? He's just supposed to be making sure we're not committing atrocities."
(17:50:15) Minaplo: ["Sure. Of course, if you kept him from seein' William, you'd be passin' on a chance to maybe give William the absolution he needs from someone who William actually personally knows already."]
(17:52:51) Sept: "There's always a chance for it backfiring, but if that's the best shot at stabilizing him…"
(17:53:48) Yanmei: "Yeah. I guess it couldn't hurt to ask him."
(18:01:41) Minaplo: ["Mmmhm."]
(18:05:30) Yanmei: "On a related note… we have less than three weeks until Caine activates more Devas. We'll be seeing Fatima and her friends in action pretty soon."
(18:06:00) Minaplo: ["Mmmm…"-
(18:07:13) Minaplo: ["That reminds me." Said Blue. "One thing to remember with Will, and I know it don't make sense, but despite it all- she's the one he really loves in the end."]
(18:08:01) Yanmei: "What. What are you talking about? What about Blanc?"
(18:12:04) Minaplo: ["What about Blanc?" Said Blue.]
(18:13:13) Yanmei: "I thought he loved her…? And that he and Fatima had parted ways a long time ago?"
(18:13:52) * Sept put up his hands. "Okay, fine. He actually loves Fatima. I'm not even upset."
(18:14:02) Minaplo: ["Liar."-
(18:14:20) Minaplo: [Blue shifted in his chair towards Yanmei. "So's like this. You thought he loved Blanc. Why?"]
(18:17:05) Sept: "Because of that destined-to-be-together act he had going. That he -always- had going."
(18:18:12) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Blue. "And he had that act goin' on before he joined up, right?"]
(18:19:02) Sept: "I don't know, did he?"
(18:19:46) Yanmei: "He did go around thinking that he was ensuring her safety by doing a lot of terrible things. So yes? To a point."
(18:19:58) Minaplo: ["Uh-huh."-
(18:20:48) Minaplo: ["Funny thing though." Said Blue. "He only really had anythin' to do with Blanc after he joined up with you folks. So's means he's been having this 'destined-love' idea for a girl who don't even really know."-
(18:21:22) Minaplo: ["Now, s'there anyone you guys know who might think about, I dunno… Cultivatin' that in a person to make 'em easier to control?"]
(18:22:08) Yanmei: "Oh goddamn." Yanmei rubbed her forehead tiredly.
(18:23:22) Sept: "I don't agree that that'd invalidate an AE pairing at all, but sure. So he had feelings for Fatima before that?"
(18:27:20) Minaplo: ["That's the thing." Said Blue. He frowned, his mouth twisting into an ugly, sour shape "Ugh… Okay. So in the Templars, as kids we'd pick some special 'Wish' that was important to us. Somethin' that, if we did what we were told and worked super hard for it, would absolutely be given to us, no ifs, buts or maybes."]
(18:29:41) Yanmei: "Right," said Yanmei with a nod.
(18:40:08) Sept: "Were the promises actually honored, visibly?"
(18:43:08) Minaplo: ["Not everyone was found worthy." Said Blue. "Very strict guidelines."-
(18:43:38) Minaplo: [He raised his hand, flipped it over slowly. "My wish was granted, but in the worst possible way."]
(18:48:12) Yanmei: "How so?"
(18:49:25) Minaplo: ["My wish was to be a superhero."]
(18:50:12) Sept: "Hah. Devil's bargains, huh."
(18:54:04) Yanmei: "Seriously," Yanmei muttered.
(18:56:03) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Blue. "I got my superhero powers, but with it came all the neuro-fuckery that led to me bein' a cunnin' psycho for uh, heh, quite a while."-
(18:57:08) Minaplo: ["And I got off easy." Said Blue darkly. "William, that dumb little shit, all his wish was to meet the little girl he'd befriended back before the program. Such a silly, stupid wish, but so like him."-
(18:57:52) Minaplo: ["But his wish was tied to someone who didn't know him and he couldn't control. He became a satellite, orbitin' a giant that didn't even know he existed."-
(18:58:54) Minaplo: ["That wish became his everything." Said Blue. "Everythin' he did, he told himself it was for the wish, and the more he did, the more he needed the wish to be true to justify all the shit he'd been through… And caused."-
(19:02:27) Minaplo: ["All the time, of course, he's buildin' the object of that wish up to fuckin' godly heights, because it -had- to be just to be worth it."-
(19:07:09) Minaplo: ["Then he met Fatima. And the two had a whole lotta dealin' growin' up back then, y'know. Found her and her sisters as little shits in Abuja, in over their head so far you'd need an excavator to dig 'em out."-
(19:07:24) Minaplo: [Blue smiled slowly to himself, almost unthinkingly.-
(19:07:59) » Suzune is now known as Suzunap
(19:11:07) Minaplo: ["And Will, well, kid falls in love pretty easily all told." Said Blue. "And by then Fatima was an easy person for anyone to love. So's Will, in his own stupid way."-
(19:11:51) Minaplo: ["Confronted with someone real, someone… Warm and loving and genuine, suddenly his wish- the wish all about that ghost he'd built up in his head- started to wisp away."]
(19:13:52) Yanmei: "So what happened? Why didn't they stick together and run off to start a new life with her sisters or something?"
(19:14:36) Sept: "D'you think they could've?"
(19:16:21) Yanmei: "…guess not, huh?"
(19:17:27) Sept: "Maybe. Maybe they've wished they'd tried."
(19:17:38) Minaplo: ["They should've…"-
(19:18:17) Minaplo: ["But in the end, Will stopped it." Said Blue. "As much as he wanted to, as much as he absolutely wanted to be with Fatima…"-
(19:19:00) Minaplo: [Blue sighed heavily. His right hand gripped the corner of the hard wooden table tightly enough for the knuckles to turn white.-
(19:19:59) Minaplo: ["The wish pulled him away. If he abandoned it, then everything he'd done in its name would be for nothing. He had to justify those acts somehow."]
(19:25:42) * Yanmei shook her head. "I could see that. I don't know the details, but those things are still haunting him, even now."
(19:31:13) Sept: "Getting back to the real world, what does it take for him to feel forgiven? If he didn't feel like he could leave it behind then."
(19:39:29) Minaplo: ["I dunno." Said Blue. "Maybe he won't ever feel forgiven, in the end."]
(19:44:39) Sept: "In the long-term, I suppose those rehab programs will land him wherever he wants. That's all we can really say for now."
(19:47:35) * Yanmei nodded. "It might be enough for him to just find a good coping system? Something that will make him think it's okay to seek his own happiness or purpose. But yes. It's one of those things we'll just have to wait and look out for."
(19:48:02) Minaplo: ["Mmm…"]
(19:53:13) Sept: "But in general, you'd like to get him piloting again if he recovers?"
(19:53:20) » Quit: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM) (Ping timeout)
(19:54:20) Yanmei: "I don't know if that's a good idea, considering who he'll be going up against?"
(19:57:16) Sept: "Agreed."
(19:57:37) » Join: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.741-19-051-421|olpaniM)
(19:58:45) Yanmei: "Of course, that leaves us shorthanded, with a perfectly good Eva being sidelined. But we can find our way around that, for sure."
(20:03:15) Sept: "I'll leave it to you," Sera nodded.
(20:12:26) * Yanmei nodded. She put some extra work into trying to finish her meal. "Will be having a meeting with the ODs about it soon, so stay tuned~"
(20:13:05) Sept: "Heh. Duly noted."
(20:14:16) Yanmei: "Blue. I -can- trust you to update your Brofessor friend on his… situation, right?"
(20:14:34) Minaplo: ["I dunno, apparently I'm not very trustworthy."]
(20:17:46) * Yanmei sighed. "You're never going to stop taking that personally, are you?"
(20:18:23) Minaplo: ["Nope."]
(20:20:01) Sept: "You don't see me whining about your sausages. Which were good, by the way." Sera stood up to leave.
(20:25:01) Minaplo: ["Humf."-
(20:25:09) Minaplo: [Blue stood up to give Yanmei a way out.]
(20:25:35) Sept: "I'll see you around." And Sera went on his merry way.
(20:26:17) * Yanmei finally finished, wiping her mouth and standing up. "Later, Sera! Thanks, Blue. I… guess I'm covering both meals."
(20:28:48) Minaplo: ["I'll waive it." Said Blue. "In exchange for doin' me a favour?"]
(20:29:05) Yanmei: "Yeah…?"
(20:30:05) Minaplo: ["Well, y'know, we like to have people sing on stage."]
(20:32:42) Yanmei: "I'm super flattered? But I dunno if my singing voice is, like, entertainment-quality."
(20:33:04) Minaplo: ["Yeah, duh." Said Blue. "Obviously."-
(20:33:52) Minaplo: ["So that's why I was hopin' you'd ask some other folks on my behalf." He said. "Uh, let me think…"-
(20:35:04) Minaplo: ["Well ya got Chii, I hear she's got a voice like an angel. Also, uh… Y'know, apparently sometimes President Minnie can belt out a tune too. Oh, and Rei keeps tellin' me that Al can sing, but I've never seen it happen."-
(20:35:14) Minaplo: ["Oh yeah, apparently Asuka's got a great singin' voice too!"]
(20:37:37) Yanmei: "A-Asuka too?" Her grin had turned into a rather aggressive pout as his list had grown. He hadn't even -tried- to refute her remark about her singing voice! "Well, I'll see what I can do."
(20:38:38) Minaplo: ["Sweet. I mean, I suppose if you wanted to, you'd be welcome to give it a shot." He said. "But they should do just fine."]
(20:41:49) Yanmei: "Right. Well, I'll get in touch with you about the results of that tomorrow." She headed for the door to the room. "In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day?"
(20:42:40) Minaplo: ["Oh wait! One more name!"]
(20:43:06) Yanmei: "Huh?" She paused at the door.
(20:43:13) Minaplo: ["Guillory!"]
(20:45:49) Yanmei: "Er… he also has a voice like an angel, then?"
(20:46:28) Minaplo: ["Ms. President needs a duet with someone, right?"]
(20:47:43) Yanmei: A snort of laughter. Well, Misato would probably get a kick out of it if she was around. "All right, fine."
(20:48:50) Minaplo: ["Sweet."]
(20:50:21) * Yanmei paused long enough to leave a hefty tip behind and then walked out with a parting nod to Blue. This was going to be an interesting afternoon indeed…

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