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(14:05:44) Sept: Sera clasped his hands together and stretched the wrist and finger joints on his right. He'd have to make it through Engineering again…-
(14:06:06) Sept: Which was no problem, because Maya wasn't going to kill him. Obviously.-
(14:08:13) Sept: So Sera steeled himself against the definitely nonexistent threat as he crossed the final length of corridor, noting the rise in ambient temperature as he went. Today, he was after another one of the most dangerous ex-NERV tech staff members… Yui Ikari.-
(14:09:07) Sept: Something must've been seriously wrong with the Tokyo branch, for all these people to have been employed there. Thank god the Geofront wasn't there.
(14:26:18) Minaplo: [He would eventually find Yui in a laboratory near the main computer hub. It is partitioned from the main hall with glass walls; within are tables, computers, vats and all other kinds of equipment. Yui herself is at work at a console, several computer screens flashing with data around her.]
(14:31:11) * Sept knocked on the glass to get her attention as he approached. He lingered by the door, rubbing his shoulder and waiting to meet Yui's glance with a blank, ambiently serious look.
(14:33:51) Minaplo: [She didn't respond.]
(14:42:34) * Sept reluctantly hit the buzzer instead. Damned soundproof design.
(14:48:42) Minaplo: [Yui turned to look at him.-
(14:49:28) Minaplo: [An awkward minute passed before Yui, her face wary, her eyes narrowed, took out a remote and pressed a button on it. The door unlocked and slid open.]
(14:51:49) * Sept stepped in just barely past the threshold.-
(14:53:11) Sept: "Hey," he said with a careful tone. "Do you have a few minutes? I'd like to discuss some things with you."
(14:54:38) Minaplo: ["What things?"]
(15:00:00) Sept: "Evangelions, primarily. Your daughters, incidentally. How we can use Evas better, or, how they can be used against us. Trying to get beyond the surface-level understanding I've had."
(15:06:45) Minaplo: [Yui stared at him for a few long seconds, her eyes narrowed.-
(15:07:00) Minaplo: [Eventually she pointed at a chair on Sera's side of the room. "Sit."]
(15:10:02) * Sept nodded and took his appointed seat obediently, sitting directly facing Yui with his forearms crossed on his lap.
(15:11:12) Minaplo: [Yui's shoulders loosened slightly at that. "Where do we start?"]
(15:20:02) Sept: "Mm. Let's get the obvious ones out of the way first. Have we been holding secrets about key units, like 00 and 03? What are the… possible scenarios for 00's use for the UN?"
(15:23:20) Minaplo: ["Possible scenarios at all, or just the ones that are plausible with what the UN has now?"]
(15:26:01) Sept: "We've already seen some of what they've possibly done with her. I guess I mean the worst case scenarios."
(15:34:25) Minaplo: ["Well, the worst case scenario would predicate them having Tsubaki, 01 and 04."]
(15:39:54) * Sept nodded. "Is it impossible to use 00 to establish any kind of contact with 01 and 04? An Evangelion's soul is tamper-proof in most cases…"
(15:41:41) Minaplo: ["Not impossible, not at all. The three Evas can and do communicate with each other in some ways, through Fontaine's Libido bond. But 00 wouldn't be able to control or influence them."]
(15:43:26) Sept: "Or her? Are there any applications for that bond, like keeping track of the other units?"
(15:45:23) Minaplo: ["Controlling her is only possible through, er… Committee." Said Yui, wincing slightly.-
(15:45:40) Minaplo: ["And yes, a Trinity unit might use it to track another."]
(15:48:56) Sept: "Not that it's a mystery or any use to us where 00 is right now. Of course," Sera added self-consciously. "What about the mass production units? What're their relationship like with the Ayanamis?"
(15:51:01) Minaplo: ["Do you mean the MP units the UN are fielding now, or the Master Models?"]
(15:54:48) Sept: "Well, both, now that you say it. I thought they had similarities. How can the Ayanamis and their units influence each other? In their respective pairs, and as a group…?"
(15:58:22) Minaplo: ["Well there's really no link between the Ayanamis and the MP series." Said Yui.-
(15:58:53) Minaplo: ["Do you know about the souls in the Master Model units?"]
(16:01:39) Sept: "Yeah. Well, not about any single one. But I understand the part about Disciples being used for them."
(16:08:41) Minaplo: ["Yes. The twelve Disciples with each soul divided into halves- one for the Eva and one for the pilot. The pilot's half contains the core will, and the Eva's half is dormant. That's what keeps the units from berserking."-
(16:16:22) Minaplo: ["The two halves do have some influence on each other when they interact, of course. A lot of that is what's been eroding the conditioning on my girls." Said Yui. "However control is always one-way, from pilot to unit, because of the unit's dormancy. If the latter were to wake up, then that might be reversed because of the raw strength of the Eva's AT Field."-
(16:17:32) Minaplo: ["Theoretically of course you could have a situation where one of the Ayanamis is able to control her Eva remotely without even needing to get into the unit, a sort of permanent remote synchronisation, but it would require the two halves to engage on a very deep level, and would require greater power than my girls currently possess."-
(16:18:25) Minaplo: ["As a group… Well, a Master Model doesn't have any special relationship with any pilot other than its own." Said Yui.-
(16:20:01) Minaplo: ["The curious thing is that if you study the Disciples, then there's evidence that they answered to a leader, a special disciple who could command them… But none of the Disciples seem to bear that specific hallmark of command, so if it's true, then whatever did possess that hallmark has probably been destroyed."]
(16:22:29) Sept: "Probably," Sera repeated.
(16:25:18) Minaplo: ["Well, there are other explanations of course, but…"]
(16:31:19) Sept: "And that, again, sounds like a one-way street. So using the Master Models to try and understand more of even the nature of the disciple isn't feasible?"
(16:33:59) Minaplo: ["Hmmm, not impossible. Depends on how you're using 'nature' in this context."]
(16:35:51) Sept: "Do I understand correctly that by a missing disciple we could be talking about anything that could house a soul?"
(16:38:53) Minaplo: ["No, that's an E-Type trait." Said Yui patiently. "A Disciple is a Lilim, empowered greatly by Lilith using the power of Adam and divested with Life-type bodies."]
(16:43:00) Sept: "Life-type?" Sera asked, trying to give an impression of keeping up, "I mean, couldn't you theoretically store any type of soul in a lifeless artifact?"
(16:50:30) Minaplo: ["Life, as in the product of a Seed of Life. And what?"]
(16:56:16) Sept: "That's- what I meant by studying the disciple's nature. If it hasn't been utterly lost to time, I imagine any trace of its original… form, or capabilities would help us at least recognize it."
(16:56:54) Minaplo: ["No, I mean, why do you think you could store a soul in an artifact?"]
(17:02:41) Sept: "Well, the Lances, Core and cloning implantation techniques, and the Drive are- all notable exceptions, but there are and have been ways to temporarily store souls, even if only in a dormant fashion. And you didn't diminish the Disciples' potential in implanting them to the Master Models, right?"
(17:03:10) Minaplo: [Yui scratched her chin.-
(17:05:44) Minaplo: ["The way you said that made it sound like you thought you could just jam a soul in anywhere you wanted, like into a random rock or something." Said Yui. "We have methods of storing souls, yes, but all of our methods, even the temporary ones, involve using some kind of organic structure to house it, usually adapted from Lilith's own body."-
(17:06:03) Minaplo: ["Artifacts that can store souls are exceptionally rare and very few are 'lifeless'."-
(17:09:41) Minaplo: ["Now when you say whether we diminished their potential… Well strictly speaking, their Master Model Eva bodies are likely to be less potent than their Disciple bodies, and we explicitly went out of our way to weaken them by splitting them."]
(17:17:36) Sept: "Alright, I think I follow. Well. By 'lifeless', I mean more that we don't need to worry about them waking up and tanging bystanders but-"-
(17:19:46) Sept: "If something like that disciple was still around, what could we do about it?"
(17:20:57) Minaplo: ["You mean a command Disciple?"]
(17:22:30) Sept: "Yes."
(17:37:28) Minaplo: ["Hmm… The thing is, after Seele told us to use the Disciple souls, we took it on our own initiative to try to artificially create a commander- or rather, modify Rei's soul, to give her the hallmark of command. That's still functioning as intended. If the original command Disciple were still around they'd need to be more powerful than both Rei and her Eva."]
(17:38:45) * Sept nodded more sharply.-
(17:42:18) Sept: "Alright. I'm not trying to imply we're living in a house of cards. It sounds like we'd have options even in the worst case. But, the other thing I mentioned. Is there any special reason why 03 was assigned to work as the Dorian's core? Something about the unit itself?"
(17:43:57) Minaplo: ["Well… No. Gendo-"-
(17:45:29) Minaplo: ["… Gendo wanted an AT specialist for the core unit." Said Yui quietly. "That left us with either a Simonides, an Ayanami, Blanc or Tsubaki. EVA-07 was considered too useful for field combat, EVA-00 was too special, and he didn't want to use a Master Model. Tsubaki was someone he could count on to be… Loyal."-
(17:46:02) Minaplo: ["So it was just convenient, really. The fact that he could break it out of the Synfront as well to cover up the modifications was also convenient."]
(17:48:39) Sept: "I… see," Sera said, glancing outside for a moment, only breaking eye contact with Yui for the first time. "'Modifications'?"
(17:49:01) Minaplo: ["… The S2 Organ?"]
(17:51:01) Sept: "Mm. Didn't want to assume."-
(17:52:35) Sept: "I don't… suppose we've kept track of any side effects S2 Organs might have? Changes in awareness or influence of the unit's soul? We'd probably have seen a change in Berserk rates if something like that'd happened."

(12:36:12) Minaplo: ["We've been keeping a close eye on it. Most of the S2 Organs have been artificially limited, of course, which tends to reduce that sort of thing."-
(12:37:58) Minaplo: ["Obviously, 01, 03 and 04 have benefitted from a much higher energy output, which increases their regenerative abilities greatly…"]
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(12:44:38) * Sept just nodded, brushing some rogue strands of hair out of his face. "Yeah. I get it."
(12:45:52) Minaplo: ["Uh-huh."]
(12:49:56) Sept: "I guess that's about the size of it, really. Enough to quell some of my fears, at least."-
(12:51:27) * Sept glanced over at the transparent windows before resuming close eye contact. "Are we… on the same side, Yui? Is there anything you want from me?"
(12:53:34) Minaplo: ["What… Is your side?"]
(13:01:03) Sept: "Elisha's side. Provisionally. Obviously. What else? If you can help me understand why you were following him in the first place…"
(13:05:33) Minaplo: ["Because I wanted what was promised." Said Yui. "A better world, one without Destiny, one where humanity's stronger, more self-sufficient, less destructive and capable of controlling its own fate."]
(13:08:54) Sept: "That's what I want," Sera said, a little quickly. "But I don't want to sacrifice all of Adam's creation for it. And I don't want to cause any more suffering right now than is necessary."
(13:13:38) Minaplo: ["… Alright."]
(13:18:24) Sept: "And please talk to me if there's anything I can do. Of course. That's all."
(13:19:41) Minaplo: ["… Okay." Said Yui slowly.]
(13:21:25) * Sept nodded once more slowly to himself before standing up.-
(13:21:34) Sept: "I'll leave you to your work. Thanks for the time."
(13:21:47) Minaplo: ["Mmm…"]
(13:23:27) * Sept hesitated, not quite sure how to take that. But he turned for the door, regardless.
(13:24:43) Minaplo: [… Yui waited until Sera was long gone before she turned in her seat, surreptitiously pulled out a drawer in her desk, and deactivated the positron pistol within.]

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