This Too Shall Pass 3 4 18

"Yeah let's just do a quick mini with Michael"

(10:59:09) Sept: This corner seemed clear, too.-
(11:00:42) Sept: As Sera made his way through the streets of Paris-2, he couldn't shake the feeling he wasn't supposed to be there. And not just because he was using the streets like some kind of person.-
(11:07:28) Sept: Maybe Alexandre would show up and escort him back to the ship condescendingly, or some other officer would give him a lecture about it once he got back. Maybe that was still better than nothing happening.-
(11:11:31) Sept: In late summer, there was a fair amount of stalls and street vendors out on the markets and trade alleys. Perhaps even more people than before had taken their business outside now that the Angel attacks had abated.-
(11:16:21) Sept: But he was looking for some very specific stalls. It was around here Agatha had taken him… So somewhere to the northeast? Good enough. There couldn't be that many curry places around here.
(11:42:18) Minaplo: [There were streams of people moving slowly between stalls. Some of them Sera 'recognised' by role if not by face- a pair of Marines, someone who looked like a techie…-
(11:43:57) Minaplo: [It wouldn't be long before Sera really did run into someone he knew…-
(11:45:15) Minaplo: [And that someone was Michael Leon, formerly William Weiss-Xylander. He was with a group of three young women, speaking to them in what sounded like Italian. Whatever they were talking about, it seemed to be a happy topic; the women were quick to laugh and chuckle at what he said.-
(11:45:46) Minaplo: [Michael began to lead them down the same little section Sera was in- which is where Sera caught his eye.]
(11:46:55) * Sept nodded to him, a little reluctantly, before continuing his seemingly very important browsing.
(12:00:40) Minaplo: [He was coming closer.-
(12:00:57) Minaplo: ["Didn't expect to see you here, Sera." Said Michael.]
(12:03:28) Sept: "Uh huh," he said, before turning towards Michael, ignoring his entourage. He should've worn his disguise hat… "You know me. Always out window shopping, like some kind of national stereotype."
(12:06:18) Minaplo: ["I see. Where's, ah, Liline?"]
(12:10:26) Sept: "On the ship. She's doing fine. Better ever since she was officially recognized as a person."
(12:12:08) Minaplo: ["Funny that." Said Michael. "Oh, sorry." He cleared his throat.-
(12:13:02) Minaplo: [He turned back toward the three Italians and said something, gesturing to Sera as he went. Sera could hear his own name mentioned; the womens' faces instantly lit up.-
(12:15:12) Minaplo: ["Sera, this is Adelaide, Elena and Marietta." Said Michael, introducing them one at a time. "They're sisters, from Naples; they were there when you stopped Vesuvius…"]
(12:17:40) Sept: "Ah. Hello. Sorry about your mountain," Sera said uncomfortably.
(12:27:56) Minaplo: [Elena flashed him a wide, pretty smile and said something.-
(12:28:05) Minaplo: ["She says she's very grateful for what you did."]
(12:32:16) Sept: "Well, that's very nice." Sera smiled and averted his eyes.
(12:33:42) Minaplo: [The sisters talked among themselves for a moment before Elena spoke up.-
(12:34:26) Minaplo: ["They can't return to Naples yet because of the war, but they'd like to take some mementos back." Said Michael. "They'd like to get selfies with you."]
(12:37:27) Sept: "Huh?"
(12:38:24) Minaplo: ["They want to take pictures of themselves with you." Said Michael.]
(12:40:23) Sept: "Yeah, I mean. Sure?" Things had gotten very strange all of a sudden.
(12:57:22) Minaplo: [And so the sisters quickly assembled around him, one to his left, right and behind; he could feel a tickle of breath on his neckhairs.-
(12:59:00) Minaplo: [Elena held out a mobile phone, pressed a button- there was the sound of a camera shutter- before they all dispersed, thanking him in awkward French.-
(12:59:27) Minaplo: [Michael said something to them, and they responded with quick words and warm smiles. At that, they quickly left, throwing Michael and Sera waves as they went.]
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(13:04:09) * Sept didn't dare ask how the picture had turned out, but he did manage some reciprocal thanks to their gesture. "Huh," he said once they'd left.-
(13:04:41) Sept: And, after a moment, "There's a lot of people from the ship here."
(13:21:12) Minaplo: ["Yes. People like the sun and a taste of home."]
(13:25:27) Sept: "Yeah, I'm just dumb. Expected it to be normal. This is hardly going to help."
(13:27:45) Minaplo: ["Help with what?"]
(13:32:05) Sept: "Looking for Freya. I was gonna have to ask Jeanne or someone anyway, but I wanted to check here first. This tourist trap won't help, though."
(13:34:54) Minaplo: ["Ah, right. She's still missing…"]
(13:37:54) Sept: "Hiding," Sera said, glancing over his shoulder.
(13:46:54) Minaplo: ["Hiding, right." Said Michael quickly. "Let me help."]
(13:47:38) Sept: "Why?"
(13:48:11) Minaplo: ["I want to, you need it, it's a good thing to do."]
(13:52:20) Sept: "It's personal. I'm trying not to make waves," Sera said cautiously.
(13:53:28) Minaplo: ["I know how to be subtle." Said Michael. "And I have my own network to tap into. Don't worry."]
(13:57:57) Sept: "You're the one who has to worry if something goes wrong. But sure."-
(13:58:19) Sept: "Can you find out if Mary's had anything to do with her?"
(13:59:28) Minaplo: ["I can do my best."]
(14:01:49) Sept: "It's not really a secret, but you know. People can be weird if I just put out an ad in the paper."
(14:04:41) Minaplo: ["I understand."]
(14:05:35) Sept: "Right…" Sera started glancing around the market again.
(14:10:02) Minaplo: ["Why don't we go somewhere else, and you can tell me a few things to help with the investigation?"]
(14:13:26) Sept: "Sure," he nodded. "Is it always this active here?"
[20:39] <Minaplo> ["Actually it's usually a lot busier." Said Michael. "People are only just starting to return to the city after the battle to take it back."]
[20:48] <Sept> "I've heard that before. What do you want, a park or something?"
[20:48] <Minaplo> ["A park is fine."]
[20:53] <Sept> "There's a shitty one west of here," Sera said, taking the lead on the way out.
[20:53] <Minaplo> […-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [The park was empty. It sat, a few scrubby avenues of trees- some dead and burned out- over a basic field of grass, much of it bearing burn marks.-
[20:57] <Minaplo> [Michael shoved a toppled bench back up onto its legs and sat.]
[21:01] * Sept lagged behind a bit to look around, but soon enough caught up and joined Michael on the bench.-
[21:01] <Sept> "So?"
[21:10] <Minaplo> ["So." Said Michael. "Freya Solheim. Average height, blonde hair, thin, a few years older than you. What can you tell me about her habits?"]
[21:12] <Sept> "Come on, we've got files upon files on her. Ask me something more difficult."
[21:13] <Minaplo> ["This isn't trivia night at the Bistro l'Etoile." Said Michael. "And you must know more about her habits than anyone. I want to see her through your eyes."]
[21:14] <Sept> "I'm not sure what you've heard about me as a judge of character."-
[21:16] * Sept sighed. "Habits? She likes interacting with people. Negotiating, making things happen. She wouldn't be a hermit."
[21:16] <Minaplo> ["So she's socially active. Probably good at getting and keeping contacts."]
[21:19] <Sept> "Yeah. And she's got a bunch of money that she may have used or invested. I'll look into that."
[21:21] <Minaplo> ["What kind of places does she like?"]
[21:23] <Sept> "Can't imagine a place she couldn't call home."
[21:24] <Minaplo> ["You two really were a perfect match."]
[21:25] <Sept> "Yeah, well."
[21:28] <Minaplo> ["You know, I only really spoke to Freya a few times." Said Michael. "I think the last time was at school."-
[21:29] <Minaplo> ["You might not remember at the time, but I was rather popular with the younger kids." He said; he frowned, and for a moment looked pained. "I used to check up on them during my free time. One day, she was in the library doing her homework whilst also helping her Apprentice with her own."]
[21:32] <Sept> "Yep. She did that a bunch," Sera said neutrally.
[21:38] <Minaplo> ["She was a talented student, Freya." Said Michael. "Better than she let on. Her work was excellent, especially with mathematics, and she had a good way with children…"]
[21:42] <Sept> "Almost like she wasn't really a street urchin, huh?"
[21:45] <Minaplo> ["Well, there's nothing saying a street urchin can't have natural talent." Said Michael. "And I'm sure some street urchins are great with kids, who am I to say?"-
[21:46] <Minaplo> ["But… She did seem remarkably well-adjusted. It's usually somewhat difficult for the drifting children to enter mainstream society, but she just slotted in flawlessly."]
[21:49] <Sept> "But she had a good enough cover story. I think everyone just figured her parents had fostered those talents in her. And few people were close enough to her to be in any position to ask about them."
[21:50] <Minaplo> ["Did you?"]
[21:54] <Sept> "Not after I found out she'd been working for NERV. But not because I didn't trust her."-
[21:55] <Sept> "Anyway, that's her. She'd fit in anywhere, I'm sure of it."
[21:56] <Minaplo> ["Mmm…"-
[21:56] <Minaplo> ["Do you still trust her?"]
[21:58] <Sept> "Yeah," he said, in an 'I guess' kind of voice. "I'd be real disappointed if she died."
[21:58] <Minaplo> ["So would I."]
[22:05] * Sept stayed quiet for a moment. "It's weird."-
[22:06] <Sept> "It should be obvious I'll never stop trying to change the world, so why do I still need to worry about people like her being used to get to me?"
[22:09] <Minaplo> ["Maybe because people don't know you that well." Said Michael. "Or they think all they need is the right leverage."-
[22:10] <Minaplo> ["Even then, even if you didn't yield… Hurting her would still hurt you. It might not change you, but it'd hurt."]
[22:12] <Sept> "That's dumb, though." Sera proclaimed.
[22:12] <Minaplo> ["War is dumb. People still do it."]
[22:13] <Sept> "Gotta stop one dumb thing at a time."
[22:14] <Minaplo> ["Mmm."-
[22:14] <Minaplo> [Michael sighed. "Sera."]
[22:14] <Sept> "Michael."
[22:22] <Minaplo> ["You and I have often been at odds for one reason or another." He said. "And… That could be my fault. I know I've not always treated you well."-
[22:23] <Minaplo> ["I don't know you as well as you deserve, but I think I know you well enough to know that you don't go out of your way to create trouble for others. You… seem to have a good intention, and despite what some may say, I think that's admirable."-
[22:24] <Minaplo> ["In fact I wish I could say the same about myself, but I can't without lying."-
[22:24] <Minaplo> ["So I'd like it if we called it pax. Tried to get off on the right foot. Try to work together, maybe even… Get along."]
[22:28] <Sept> "…ah," Sera said, before falling quiet again.-
[22:29] <Sept> "I wouldn't call you a friend, no. But I'd like that, too."
[22:29] <Minaplo> ["Maybe one day." Said Michael with a rueful smile. He offered Sera his hand.]
[22:33] * Sept looked him in the eyes with a cautious expression and grabbed his hand.
[22:34] <Minaplo> [Michael shook it firmly.-
[22:35] <Minaplo> ["So, a question. Freya's nickname for you… Sept- where did that come from?"]
(14:43:24) * Sept shrugged.-
(14:43:25) Sept: "Not sure. It meant a lot to me, but it was either imprinted or I really latched on to it for some reason."
(14:43:52) Minaplo: ["I've never seen anyone else use it…"]
(14:45:43) Sept: "Well, no. I didn't let them."
(14:48:02) Minaplo: ["Mmm. That's… Precious."]
(14:48:59) Sept: "Fuck you!"
(14:51:11) Minaplo: ["… I'm sorry, I didn't mean it mockingly." Said Michael, his eyes wide; he threw up his palms toward Sera. "I mean it. It's… It's lovely."]
(14:53:42) Sept: "'course it is."-
(14:53:53) Sept: "I'm sure "
(14:53:58) Sept: >:|
(14:54:12) Minaplo: [serekt]
(14:57:37) Sept: "'course it is."-
(14:57:39) Sept: "I'm sure it was always on file and they could've abused it if they wanted to, but the only people other than Freya and Dorian who ever picked it up were people at school who thought it was a fun nickname."
(15:01:52) Minaplo: ["Hmm."]
(15:03:44) Sept: "You were asking me about Freya."
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(15:20:48) Minaplo: ["Mmm. She never had any lovers or Usual Suspects that she might go to in a pinch?"]
(15:26:16) Sept: "I doubt it. I wasn't really involved with her contacts."
(15:33:03) Minaplo: ["Do we know anyone who'd know more about her? An informant or something?"]
(15:34:58) Sept: "She would've gone alone, as far as I know. The money trail might give me some clues."
(15:38:24) Minaplo: ["Agreed. I'll check the churches."]
(15:40:28) Sept: "…fine. Sounds good."
(11:45:51) Minaplo: ["When did you see her last?"]
(11:50:49) Sept: "Not far from here. I told her to go into hiding, Chiisana interrupted us, and I left. The place doesn't matter."
(11:52:02) Minaplo: ["Hmm…"]
(11:53:34) Sept: "I -suppose- she might know something, but I wouldn't count on it."
(12:14:00) Minaplo: ["No, I wouldn't either."]
(12:16:07) Sept: "What're you planning to do, exactly?"
(12:19:56) Minaplo: ["I'm going to Notre Dame. Going to see if they or one of the churches in the archdiocese have had contact with her, or gave her help in some way."]
(12:20:32) Sept: "The arch-what?"
(12:23:16) Minaplo: ["…"-
(12:24:45) Minaplo: ["In the Catholic Church, we have parishes, which is the area a single church is responsible for. It's led by the Parish Priest." Said Michael. "These parishes are then grouped into Dioceses, which are led by a bishop. These Dioceses are further organised into Archdioceses, led by an archbishop, and it just so happens that the seat of the Archdiocese of Paris is Notre Dame."]
(12:26:01) Sept: "Oh, I see. Thanks. You know what you're doing."
(12:26:50) Minaplo: ["No problem. Now, where exactly are you heading?"]
(12:32:39) Sept: "I'll go see Jeanne or check out the bank. No use retracing her steps if she's had people looking for her, unless they've missed something only I could notice."-
(12:32:44) Sept: "Freya wouldn't be that dramatic."
(12:37:38) Minaplo: ["Heh."]
(12:40:29) Sept: "Mm. Anything else?"
(12:41:36) Minaplo: ["When and where will we meet up to discuss our findings?"]
(12:43:02) Sept: "You're really into this."
(12:44:54) Minaplo: ["Just being organised."]
(12:49:50) Sept: "I don't have a lot of time today. Can I find you at your place in three days? Around lunch?"
(12:50:15) Minaplo: ["What's… My place in this context?"]
(12:50:44) Sept: "Your room on the ship?"
(12:52:28) Minaplo: ["Okay, good."]
(12:53:08) Sept: "What other places do you have?"
(12:54:23) Minaplo: ["I thought maybe you meant the cathedral."]
(12:55:33) Sept: "Hehe. Fair enough."
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(13:07:44) * Sept took a deep breath and got to his feet, stretching exaggeratedly. "Well, thanks for helping. It's very nice of you."
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(13:09:07) Minaplo: ["Don't mention it. Hopefully we'll find her again soon." Said Michael, getting back to his feet. "Now, then. Let's see if I can convince those girls that what they want right now is a tour of Notre Dame…"-
(13:09:15) Minaplo: [And with that he headed off.]
(13:11:06) Sept: THE PASSING OF TIME
(13:11:08) Sept: […]-
(13:14:55) Sept: Well, this was embarrassing. He wasn't even sure if Jeanne had a proper office of her own, still. He'd just kept running into her on security detail stuff. And at times when he'd caused trouble somewhere or other.-
(13:16:20) Sept: He'd found some of her desk spies, though, so she couldn't be far. "Hey. S2 people? I'm looking for Jeanne?"
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(13:25:52) Minaplo: ["Should be in her office."]
(13:27:18) Sept: "Which way's that?"
(13:27:42) Minaplo: [He pointed to his left.]
(13:34:34) Sept: "Thank you. Have a nice day," Sera said, already on his way out.
(13:39:32) Minaplo: [Jeanne's office door was like most doors on the battleship: it slid, had a small console on the wall outside, and was currently locked.]
(13:43:00) * Sept hit the buzzer and waited.
(13:51:40) Minaplo: [After a few seconds, the door opened.-
(13:52:03) Minaplo: [… Jeanne's office looked uncannily familiar. In fact, for a moment Sera may have felt as though he'd been jaunted right into her office back in the Geofront.-
(13:52:13) Minaplo: [Even the EVA-02 plush toy was still in its rightful place.-
(13:53:01) Minaplo: [The great Jeanne Simon herself was behind her desk, booted feet up on the tabletop.-
(13:53:03) Minaplo: ["Lo, Sera."]
(13:54:48) Sept: "Hello, Jeanne." Sera ducked in and grabbed a chair for himself. "I like what you"
(13:54:54) Sept: "'ve done with the place"
(13:54:58) Minaplo: rekt
(13:55:33) Minaplo: ["You bring anything for it?"]
(13:57:38) Sept: "Nnnno. Do you want something for it?"
(13:58:09) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(13:58:25) Sept: "I'll get you something for next time."
(14:01:59) Minaplo: ["Good."]
(14:02:42) Sept: "Everything okay down here?"
(14:03:04) Minaplo: ["Define 'okay'."]
(14:04:19) Sept: "Yeah, I know. Having found some semblance of normalcy?"
(14:05:02) Minaplo: ["I have a rhythm now." Said Jeanne. "Rhythms are cool. Check this out. Today there were only two incidence involving Iron Guard delinquency. It's a miracle."]
(14:05:12) Minaplo: <incidents*>
(14:07:25) Sept: "Mm," Sera nodded apologetically. "I wish I could help."
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(14:13:52) Minaplo: ["Heh."-
(14:13:55) Minaplo: ["So what's up?"]
(14:16:49) * Sept straightened up in his chair subconsciously. "Trying to find Freya. Did you ever do an investigation?"
(14:17:53) Minaplo: ["Freya…"-
(14:18:09) Minaplo: [Tap tap tap went Jeanne's boots on her desktop.-
(14:18:39) Minaplo: ["We did. We didn't find her, but we did do an investigation."]
(14:23:24) Sept: "Can you give me a summary? Some things from five months ago might be hard to find now."
(14:24:28) Minaplo: ["Sure. Want to ask some questions to help narrow things down?"]
(14:26:10) * Sept nodded.-
(14:26:13) Sept: "What happened to her money?"
(14:27:49) Minaplo: ["Funny things." Said Jeanne. "So you know Freya had money tied up in shares and savings here and there."]
(14:28:18) Sept: "Yeah."
(14:36:33) Minaplo: ["Shortly after she went missing, she began to liquidate those shares and transferring those savings. Some of it was withdrawn but a lot of it ended up in… Donations."]
(14:37:30) Sept: "Shady donations?"
(14:38:20) Minaplo: ["Enough to catch my eye." Said Jeanne.-
(14:38:50) Minaplo: [She paused, then quickly pulled her feet off and leaned in close, a fluid motion that only took a second. She went from laid back to breath-smelled-of-spearmint very fast.-
(14:40:49) Minaplo: ["She diversified them, of course, spreading them out over several organisations. But the three major benefactors were a Nordic expatriate club, a minor heart disease foundation, and the Catholic Church."]
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(14:48:09) Sept: Sera's expression fell. He was still sitting up straight and facing her directly. "And you thought there was more than just her giving the money away to charity? Of course it'd be a liability to her."
(14:53:47) Minaplo: ["Government revenue services in the West tend to be… Forgiving of charities." Said Jeanne with a small smirk. "And churches. Especially the Catholics. As it stands, donations tend to go rather less scrutinised."-
(14:54:48) Minaplo: ["Freya seemed to be a kind enough girl but she's also shrewd and alarmingly good at moving money around. That suggests I shouldn't underestimate her as a mere street kid."-
(14:55:35) Minaplo: ["So my hunch is that she made these donations, somehow having prior arrangements that these 'donations' would end up in an informal account for her to use, off the books… Much harder to trace."]
(14:59:22) Sept: "What about the trust fund? Same thing?"
(15:01:16) Minaplo: ["The curious thing is that her trust fund hasn't been touched." Said Jeanne. "Her personal savings and her investments, yes, but her trust fund… No."]
(15:07:36) Sept: "Huh. And the NERV fund?"
(15:09:16) Minaplo: ["Untouched as well." Said Jeanne. "I'm sure you can see the pattern…"]
(15:11:25) Sept: "…"
(15:13:26) Minaplo: ["Freya's only taken with her money that she saw both front and back." Said Jeanne. "She gained it, she took it. If she wasn't able to oversee the first part then she left it. She had to know where it was coming from."]
(15:14:04) Sept: "You're telling me I haven't been broke this entire time?"
(15:14:27) Minaplo: ["Nope." Jeanne smirked.]
(15:15:59) Sept: "I'm such an idiot."
(15:16:32) Minaplo: ["Yep." She ruffled his hair. "Think of all the things you can do with your cash. Pay off your tab at Blue's…"]
(15:19:16) Sept: "That's about it." Sera looked past her, eyes wide open. "Fuck."-
(15:21:06) Sept: He sighed, shook his head and looked back at Jeanne. "Um. Right. She didn't have that much money, though. Could she survive unnoticed with what she could funnel through those organizations?"
(15:25:37) Minaplo: ["I think so. In this situation, having less money is probably a point in her favour. Harder to notice small transactions, and besides… Freya is probably being frugal with her 'accounts'. Food, necessary clothing…"-
(15:26:17) Minaplo: ["This all assumes something else, as well: that these organisations were willing to set this up for her, which is unusual. Definitely not something they'd agree to spur-of-the-moment, so she might have prior history or some sort of tie."]
(15:29:20) Sept: "I wouldn't be surprised. Michael promised he'd talk to his people at Notre Dame and see if anything turns up."
(15:29:54) Minaplo: ["… Did he now?"]
(15:31:58) Sept: "Yeah. I don't know why, but I couldn't turn him down, either."
(15:32:33) Minaplo: ["And that surprises you."]
(15:35:19) Sept: "Well, I couldn't turn him down because if he's insincere, I can't stop him from sabotaging everything anyway. But he was completely dead just a short while ago, and now he's back to his chirpy, popular self."
(15:35:49) Minaplo: ["Quick rebound or good acting skills…?"]
(15:38:35) Sept: "Dunno. But I'm sure he can drop the pope's name and find all sorts of stuff if it's there to be found."
(12:16:33) Minaplo: ["… Hm. You said he volunteered to do this?"]
(12:18:31) Sept: "Yep. He's a nice guy, but that doesn't mean he doesn't creep me out."
(12:24:40) Minaplo: ["Yeah?" Jeanne smirked.]
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(12:29:36) Sept: "Yeah. But that's not relevant to you, I guess. Where were we?"
(12:32:11) Minaplo: ["Him volunteering to help."]
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(12:33:21) Sept: "Why's that important?"
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(12:36:57) Minaplo: ["He volunteers to help and then decides to go off and ask questions at Notre Dame. Freya goes missing, but apparently uses the Catholic Church to help hide money transfers."-
(12:37:27) Minaplo: ["Now. It might be a case of Michael just having a single hammer with which to hit all nails, but I wonder if he doesn't know something he's not saying."]
(12:39:00) Sept: "Of course. But what am I to do about it? Like I said, turning down his offer does nothing."
(12:40:07) Minaplo: ["Of course. Not saying you should, or that you even have to do anything. Just something to keep in mind."]
(12:43:07) » Quit: Reiska2 (||aksieR) (Ping timeout)
(12:43:58) Sept: "Yeah, I get it. So what else did you find? Sightings?"
(12:44:51) » Join: Reiska (||aksieR)
(12:50:24) Minaplo: ["No sightings, but I did find something curious."-
(12:51:54) Minaplo: ["You know about burner phones?"]
(12:52:50) Sept: "Yeah, I watch TV sometimes."-
(12:52:52) Sept: "And know Yanmei."
(13:10:48) Minaplo: ["Hah."-
(13:12:52) Minaplo: ["See, the usual practice meant that S2 had bugged all the phones in the city anyway." Said Jeanne. "Of course, many of those phones are unregistered, but that doesn't mean they can't be used for harvesting intel."-
(13:13:18) Minaplo: ["Did you ever give Freya an unbugged phone?"]
(13:17:06) Sept: "I don't think so…"
(13:21:19) Minaplo: ["Freya made a phone call." Said Jeanne. "About three hours before the Crystal Massacre. We don't know where she was, but she did call someone with a bugged burner phone."-
(13:21:26) Minaplo: ["Want to hear the call?"]
(13:24:15) Sept: "Yes," Sera said, resolutely.
(13:26:46) Minaplo: [Jeanne swivelled around to face her computer. After a minute or so of navigating, she held a pair of headphones out to Sera, put on her own pair, and pressed play.-
(13:28:03) Minaplo: [("Listen.") came Freya's voice. The audio quality wasn't great and there was some static, but Sera could definitely tell that it was her. ("Gotta be quick. She's gonna attack tonight, using… I don't know. Some sort of weapon. She's not just after Federation stuff, she's going for civilians, families- you as well, anyone she can target.")-
(13:33:15) Minaplo: [("I've tried to call their bases to give a warning, but I'm not getting a response, or this damn thing's not strong enough. You need to go. I know you have hideyholes- try to call as many people as you know, get them out too if you can.")-
(13:34:05) Minaplo: [("What, now-") came the voice of whoever Freya had rung, but she quickly cut him off.-
(13:34:42) Minaplo: [("Yes! I don't know if I'll be able to find you, but I'll look if I can.")-
(13:35:10) Minaplo: [("Ugh. I won't bother asking where you are.") Said the other voice. Sera recognised it now- Malachi Ansel.-
(13:41:01) Minaplo: [("Good. Listen… If you can. The man who slept nowhere but old steel.")-
(13:41:05) Minaplo: [("What?")-
(13:41:11) Minaplo: [("Nothing. Go!")-
(13:41:12) Minaplo: [A click.]
(13:43:45) Sept: "What the hell is she doing?!" Sera vented his mounting confusion. "That's not 'safe'!"
(13:48:17) Minaplo: ["You're the expert." Said Jeanne breezily.]
(13:50:04) Sept: "Damn straight I am! And that was Malachi, right?"
(13:52:44) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(13:52:59) Sept: "How the shit is he still alive?"
(13:55:38) Minaplo: ["No idea." Said Jeanne. "We don't even know if he is, but it doesn't look like the Phantoms got him."]
(14:00:02) Sept: "…right. Ugh. How could she get wind of the Massacre?"
(14:01:57) Minaplo: ["Contacts, maybe…? But no, that seems unlikely unless someone really close to Seele tipped her off."]
(14:03:39) Sept: "Right. Anything suspicious about the call, besides… that last part?"
(14:08:44) Minaplo: ["Well, it wasn't bugged. What's also interesting is this: shortly before the Massacre, we installed Interceptor Relays throughout the city that could tap into electronic communications nearby. They're pretty reliable, but they didn't pick up on Freya's call. That suggests she's not in the city."]
(14:16:37) Sept: "Still in the country, though?"
(14:19:14) Minaplo: ["Probably."]
(14:21:28) Sept: "Damnit," Sera breathed. "Well, that line's probably meant for me. I'll check it out."
(14:22:40) Minaplo: ["What's it mean?"]
(14:25:13) Sept: "There was a guy a while back," Sera repeated for Jeanne. "He slept on old steel. That's what he did."-
(14:25:35) Sept: "The tower's cast iron, but you know."
(14:27:50) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])
(14:29:18) Minaplo: ["Some street kid joke?"]
(14:34:57) Sept: "It's like an urban legend person we knew. Vaguely. Maybe it means she's staying where the Eiffel Tower's buried. Long shot, but I'll check it out."
(14:35:11) Minaplo: ["Hmmmm."]
(14:39:42) Sept: "It narrows it down, anyway. Or maybe she's just saying not to worry about it and sleep well, I'm not a psychic."
(14:40:05) Minaplo: ["Yet."]
(14:40:28) Sept: "Hrm."
(14:41:39) Minaplo: [She smirked.]
(14:44:05) Sept: "Well, you'd be screwed if I was."
(14:45:01) Minaplo: ["Would I?"]
(14:47:52) Sept: "Would we ever have these talks if you couldn't surprise me?"
(14:52:03) Minaplo: ["What, just because you could read my mind, you wouldn't be surprised? I think if you could you'd never pick your jaw up."]
(14:56:29) * Sept rubbed his chin. "…mm. I guess. It's a shitty power, anyway. Who wants other people's thoughts?"
(15:01:20) Minaplo: ["People who don't think they can trust words."]
(15:02:03) Sept: "Thoughts aren't any better."
(15:06:52) Minaplo: ["Heh. Ask a telepath and see what they say, then."]
(15:10:33) Sept: "Hehe. Suppose Isabelle doesn't count."
(15:14:26) Minaplo: ["Go, Chiisana, San, Ezekiel… Albus. Tsubaki. They do."]
(15:16:13) Sept: "None of those discussions would end well."
(15:16:53) Minaplo: ["Occupational hazard, right?"]
(15:17:50) Sept: "I'll have you know, I had a very constructive and pleasant conversation with Maya the other day, and I rebuilt a whole bridge by myself."
(15:18:25) Minaplo: ["Was this the… You making up with Maya at the behest of Fontaine thing?"]
(15:18:56) Sept: "N… No," Sera insisted. "He didn't -do- anything!"
(15:21:45) Minaplo: ["Can't deny the value of a good handler."]
(15:23:10) Sept: "Goddamnit."
(15:23:37) Minaplo: ["He set the scene, he picked the terrain, he made the plan. Let's face it, soldiers need generals and generals need soldiers."]
(15:24:03) Sept: "Let's not!"
(15:42:04) Minaplo: ["Who's he got lined up for you next?"]
(15:47:39) Sept: "He doesn't-! Grrmm…"-
(15:47:44) Sept: "I don't know."
(15:53:28) Minaplo: ["Hmmm…"-
(15:53:31) Minaplo: ["Want me to find out?"]
(15:55:40) Sept: "-No-?"
(15:55:59) Minaplo: ["Haha. That all, then?"]
(15:56:21) Sept: "Is it?"
(15:57:43) Minaplo: ["From you?"]
(15:58:11) Sept: "Yeah."
(15:58:47) Minaplo: ["Heh. You off?"]
(16:00:31) Sept: "Guess I am."-
(16:01:02) Sept: "If you're really at the end of your rope here, we can figure something out, okay?"
(16:06:58) Minaplo: ["Haha, no problem. They wouldn't have hired me if I couldn't handle a bit of stress."]
(16:10:04) Sept: "Same, but I need time off, too. I'll see you around?"
(16:10:17) Minaplo: ["I'll see you at least."]
(16:12:22) Sept: "Mhm!"
(13:07:33) Sept: The place looked ravaged by war, even though it'd never been attacked.-
(13:07:45) Sept: The unofficial satellite towns surrounding Paris-2 had always been the picture of Dorian Gray for the city, reflecting the latest tragedy while the metropolis was always immediately rebuilt just like it had been.-
(13:09:10) Sept: This settlement had had a lot of names over the years, nostalgic ones like "Old Paris" and, more practically, Nouevelle Châtenay, from the names of the abandoned train stop and landfill the shantytown was sandwiched between.-
(13:20:07) Sept: Sera had walked the last mile or two over after his crude jaunt into the vicinity, having to consult a GPS to stay on course. But he'd finally made it to the clearly out-of-use train tracks and followed them the short rest of the way to the train stop itself, from where the vaguely geometric arrays of huts of corrugated iron spread out.-
(13:20:29) Sept: He was convinced his gray hoodie would let him blend in seamlessly. If there were any people still around to blend in with.
(10:26:23) Minaplo: [Sera certainly couldn't see anyone else. Perhaps they were hiding, or away… Or there really wasn't anyone here.-
(10:32:14) Minaplo: [As Sera looked over the hollow, rubbish-strewn urban ruin, however, he'd hear something, faint… For a moment it could be mistaken for rustling, yet the harder he listened, the more it sounded like crackling flame.]
(10:39:17) * Sept followed the sound, the debris cracking under his boots. Maybe it would've been helpful to bring goods to trade with. Oh, well.
(10:48:43) Minaplo: [It came from atop the station platform, where some of the roof had caved in; large slabs of concrete and girder blocked off what looked like a security office. Only a small gap, big enough only for a child, allowed access.]
(10:55:13) Sept: "Someone out there?" He called in French before trying to approach.
(10:56:37) Minaplo: ["…"-
(10:57:01) Minaplo: [There was a muffled thump. The sound of crackling flame died out.]
(10:58:45) Sept: "I'm not a fuckin' inspector, or a looter. I just want to talk."
(11:02:50) Minaplo: ["…"-
(11:03:08) Minaplo: ["You what?"-
(11:03:21) Minaplo: [The voice… It sounded young.]
(11:06:57) Sept: "I want to talk. I'm looking for someone."-
(11:07:12) Sept: "My name's Sept. Like the number. What's yours?"
(11:09:08) » Join: Mianplo (ua.ten.tenii.nyd.34-93-841-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.34-93-841-421|olpaniM) (clones with: Minaplo)
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(11:12:05) Mianplo: ["… Élodie."]
(11:15:36) * Sept shifted his footing. It wasn't the best way to have a conversation, but he didn't want to push his luck. "You know anyone who's stayed here for a long time, Élodie? Like since last winter?"
(11:16:58) Mianplo: ["… Some around here."]
(11:18:51) Sept: "Know where I could find them?"
(11:19:22) Mianplo: ["Depends."]
(11:21:23) Sept: "You want something?"
(11:22:12) Mianplo: ["Tell me who you are, first."]
(11:23:08) Sept: "What do you mean?"
(11:24:12) Mianplo: ["Your name, what you do."]
(11:26:15) Sept: "I could lie to you."
(11:27:06) Mianplo: ["What if I've got a message?" Said Élodie. "That I'm s'posed to give someone? Could be for you… Wouldn't know if I lied."]
(11:27:08) Mianplo: <you lied*>
(11:29:19) » Zack is now known as ZackSleep
(11:29:21) Sept: "That's true. Sera de Pteres, Evangelion pilot. A UEF soldier, basically."
(11:32:02) Mianplo: ["…"-
(11:33:50) Mianplo: [A crumbling sound as several pebbles shook loose. A second later, a girl appeared on the other side of the hole. The gloomy light made it difficult to tell how old she was- Sera guessed anywhere between 10 and 15. She had long-ish hair tucked into a soft cap, and wore a somewhat tattered brown coat over a grubby white t-shirt.-
(11:34:11) Mianplo: [She stared at him.]
(11:35:24) * Sept kept his distance a few meters away from the opening.-
(11:35:50) Sept: "Hey, don't give me that. We're not all bad."
(11:37:58) Mianplo: ["You fell on my house!"]
(11:44:36) Sept: Sera bit his lip and looked guilty. He should've lied.-
(11:44:56) Sept: "I probably did. I'm sorry."
(11:45:35) Mianplo: ["I had a rabbit!"]
(11:47:57) Sept: "…"
(11:52:22) Mianplo: [Élodie stared at him for a little while longer.-
(11:52:33) Mianplo: ["So you rich, then?"]
(11:57:20) Sept: "… I guess. I don't live like I am."
(11:59:00) Mianplo: ["Where do you live, then?"]
(12:00:17) Sept: "You know that airship, Dorian LaChapelle?"
(12:03:28) Mianplo: ["Yeah?"]
(12:06:42) Sept: "That's where I live. Just regular, small rooms."
(12:07:17) Mianplo: ["I want on."]
(12:09:49) Sept: "I don't know if I have that kind of power. Are you alone out here?"
(12:10:50) Mianplo: ["No folks, if that's what you mean." Said Élodie; for a moment she bowed her head.]
(12:12:13) Sept: "Sorry. Was it the same back in the city?"
(12:12:30) Mianplo: ["Not always."]
(12:15:11) Sept: "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."-
(12:16:26) * Sept crossed his arms uncomfortably. "But still, I can't help you for nothing."
(12:16:45) Mianplo: ["Who you looking for?"]
(12:19:39) Sept: "Girl, about my age and height. Might've come through here two months ago or so."
(12:21:42) Mianplo: ["Any more than that?"]
(12:24:47) Sept: "Anything else could be changed. A nice person? Maybe those stand out."
(12:26:28) Mianplo: ["… I did meet someone like that, yeah."]
(12:27:30) Sept: "Mhm?"
(12:29:01) Mianplo: ["Gave me a bit of money, something to eat."]
(12:30:12) Sept: "Anything else about her?"
(12:33:53) Mianplo: ["Told me a story."]
(12:35:04) Sept: "What kind of story?"
(12:35:18) Mianplo: ["A… Creepy story."]
(12:36:20) Sept: "You didn't get their name or anything?"
(12:36:58) Mianplo: ["I asked, but she said it was too dangerous to know."]
(12:38:22) Sept: "Alright. Do you remember the story?"
(12:39:33) Mianplo: ["It was about…"-
(12:39:53) Mianplo: [She paused, staring at him warily. "You won't run off?"]
(12:40:55) Sept: "I'll try not to."
(12:41:31) Mianplo: ["…"-
(12:41:41) Mianplo: ["It was about the Eiffel Ghost." Muttered Élodie.]
(12:45:43) * Sept nodded. "Sounds familiar. May I hear it?" Sera sat down cross-legged on the rough pavement in front of Élodie's security office.
(12:46:26) Mianplo: ["Sure."-
(12:47:27) Mianplo: ["So when they rebuild Paris, right, after the Impact, everyone said that they used old stuff to rebuild all the monuments."]
(12:49:11) Sept: "Right."
(12:52:21) Mianplo: ["And that meant the Eiffel Tower too." Said Élodie. "And there was a man, who before the Impact, right, was a tour guide. Used to show people all around the Tower and explain its history."]
(12:53:07) Sept: "Oh, -right-. Tour guide."
(12:53:36) Mianplo: ["Huh?"]
(12:54:19) Sept: "Nothing. I don't know. Go on."
(12:54:27) Mianplo: ["…"-
(12:55:04) Mianplo: ["Anyway, the man lost everything. His family, children… All he had left was the Tower."-
(12:55:29) Mianplo: ["When they rebuilt it, they told him he could be a tour guide again. But… People stopped coming. No money, or didn't care, or something." She shrugged.]
(12:56:18) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
(12:56:43) Sept: "Yeah. A lot of things changed, I guess."
(12:56:52) Mianplo: ["Yeah…"-
(12:57:34) Mianplo: ["They told him he couldn't work there anymore, couldn't afford him." Said Élodie. "And… He had a breakdown. He kept sneaking in at night, wouldn't leave…"]
(12:58:39) Sept: "How do you sneak onto the Tower? Aren't the lifts closed down?"
(13:01:52) Mianplo: ["He climbed."]
(13:02:58) Sept: "Wow."
(13:03:21) Mianplo: ["Yeah."-
(13:03:54) Mianplo: ["Then he stopped. He learned that the Tower wasn't made from old stuff at all, but was entirely new. The old parts were lying around in dumps."-
(13:04:11) Mianplo: ["So… he left, after that. And vanished."]
(13:04:45) Sept: "And he wasn't heard of since?"
(13:05:02) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])
(13:08:24) Mianplo: ["Nuh. Some say he's seen every so often, though. He comes back to visit the new tower… Maybe he forgets sometimes."]
(13:13:41) Sept: "Hehe. Or tries to?"
(13:14:08) Mianplo: ["Maybe."]
(13:14:43) Sept: "Is that it for the story?"
(13:16:35) Mianplo: ["Yeah…? Well, apparently he once lived out here…"]
(13:19:56) Sept: "Oh? What makes you think that?"
(13:20:40) Mianplo: ["There's supposed to be some of the old tower buried around here somewhere, I dunno."]
(13:21:07) Sept: "You don't know where exactly?"
(13:21:57) Mianplo: ["I have a pretty good idea…"]
(13:24:12) Sept: "That's all you talked about with her, right? She helped you out, told you the story and left."
(16:45:47) Mianplo: ["She also told me things might get dangerous soon, so I should keep my head down. She was right!"]
(16:50:55) Sept: "Things got dangerous out here?"
(16:51:30) Mianplo: ["Look, when big danger happens in the city, the shit flows out here."]
(16:53:43) Sept: "I guess. When a lot of people show up, there's inevitably fighting. Is that what you mean?"
(16:54:51) Mianplo: ["Kinda? When shit happens in the city, people run outwards, and that's messy. Not including, y'know… When the shit also happens here. Stray shots, that kind of thing."]
(16:56:45) * Sept nodded.-
(16:56:59) Sept: "Suppose NERV never wanted to take responsibility for the fringes, either."
(16:58:24) Mianplo: ["Nuh."]
(17:02:23) Sept: "Well, I'm gonna look for the Tower bits and hope she left something for me. Wanna help?"
(17:03:50) Mianplo: ["… Yeah, sure."-
(17:04:05) Mianplo: [After a minute of careful crawling, Élodie emerged.-
(17:09:10) Mianplo: [She was a thin, scrawny thing, obvious even under her coat. She had wavy dark brown hair; Sera wasn't sure how long it was, as she'd tucked most of it into a soft black cap. She was pale, with distinctively large hazel eyes and thin lips. She had a somewhat unsettling gauntness to her face, suggesting she'd been underfed; Sera could see the gentle lines of her jaw and cheeks quite easily.-
(17:11:38) Mianplo: [Yet now that she was out in the open, Sera could see she was a little too tall and a little too developed to be just a kid; she was at least 13 or 14.]
(17:14:54) Sept: Sera watched as she made her way out of her fortress. "Lead the way, I guess."
(17:20:54) Mianplo: ["You armed?"]
(17:24:14) Sept: "Nah. I can handle a problem, though."
(17:27:13) Mianplo: ["Uh-huh."-
(17:27:17) Mianplo: […-
(17:30:36) Mianplo: [It was a hill.-
(17:31:21) Mianplo: [A large, uneven, dangerous hill of metal and trash. Girders stood out like hedgehog spines, jutting out of piles of scrap sheet metal, old tins, slabs of concrete and chunks of asphalt.]
(17:33:28) Sept: "They've got no idea what to do with all this, huh."
(17:39:15) Mianplo: ["Sometimes, when there's been a good run of things, they manage to recycle it and the hill shrinks… But every battle makes it higher an' higher."]
(17:41:55) Sept: "Always wondered what the sheet metal is for."
(17:43:08) Mianplo: ["Cars and planes, I think…"]
(17:46:24) Sept: "I guess. Sometimes it feels like it's made specifically for places like these. You think it's somewhere at the bottom?"
(17:46:50) Mianplo: ["Uh… No idea. Someone sent you here though, right?"]
(17:49:48) Sept: "Grasping at straws a bit. Maybe it's the ghost I should be tracking rather than the Tower."
(17:50:53) Mianplo: ["You'd think they'd be in the same place. Or at least somewhere you could find."]
(17:53:51) Sept: "I hope so. Hmm."
(17:54:29) Mianplo: ["Hmm?"]
(18:00:25) Sept: "If the ghost lived here once, the hill might be loose enough to have navigable tunnels somewhere in there. So it'd be best not to dig down by force."
(18:02:27) Mianplo: ["Mmm."-
(18:02:40) Mianplo: ["Did the ghost… Sleep especially on the old tower or just near it?"]
(18:06:20) Sept: "Dunno. I'll have to look around first. Is this how it was two months ago?"
(18:06:40) Mianplo: ["Yeah."]
(18:13:55) Sept: "Thanks. I'll check it out." It wasn't the simplest task, but at least it wasn't the decomposing kind of landfill. Sera set to scaling one side of the hill, scanning his surroundings for both safe places to step on as well as anything unusual.
(18:16:31) Mianplo: [Élodie, meanwhile, stood back and watched, ready to shout a warning if it began to collapse.-
(18:19:32) Mianplo: [It'd take Sera… Maybe 15, 20 minutes to scale the hill. He slipped once, and only a quick yell from Élodie saved him from having his shoulder impaled by a sliding spear of metal fragment.-
(18:20:54) » ZackSleep is now known as ZackWork
(18:22:26) Mianplo: [Once Sera had reached the top, he'd have a chance to look around…]
(18:27:09) Sept: He made sure to do a complete 360 of the landscape before refocusing on the hill itself.
(18:33:08) Mianplo: [On the other side of the hill… He'd spot a metal frame jutting out of the waste. It looked like a pair of steel beams crossed over. The angle of its resting, and the fact that two of the 'arms' had been severed, made it look like a lopsided Christian cross.]
(18:36:27) Sept: "…"-
(18:37:15) Sept: .She wouldn't be that dramatic, the words echoed. "Checking out this side. You can chill for a moment."
(18:41:00) Mianplo: ["Kay."]
(18:45:56) * Sept started his descent towards the cross, hopefully less eventfully.
(18:51:36) Mianplo: [This time he had no problems; before long, he was standing before it. Up close, he could see that it was about as tall as he was.]
(18:56:01) * Sept inspected the cross itself before kneeling down to examine the debris at its base.
(18:59:23) Mianplo: [The cross itself was unremarkable… But the debris at its base looked disturbed and loose.]
(19:02:52) Sept: Nothing for it but to dig through it manually. Surely this was exactly what robot hands were for: preventing tetanus.
(19:05:53) Mianplo: [After a few minutes of digging, Sera would find…-
(19:06:08) Mianplo: [A human skull, resting against a wooden box.]
(19:06:44) Sept: "Why's there a skull?!"
(19:09:07) Mianplo: ["A skull?!" Shouted Élodie.]
(19:10:40) Sept: "Nevermind!"-
(19:11:56) * Sept set the skull aside and carefully picked up the box, placed it on his lap and tried the lid.
(19:15:59) Mianplo: [The lid cracked open, revealing…-
(19:17:53) Mianplo: [Packing material?-
(19:18:17) Mianplo: [No, it was more colourful… It was. An endless stream of NERV logos, Parisian and French and UN flags, with plain green and orange ones in between. There was probably enough for the perimeter of every room of at least a two-person apartment, if not more.]
(19:25:02) Sept: Well, it was… something to do with Freya, alright. There'd be no end to it if he started unboxing it here. The box found its place by the skull while Sera made a last check of the hole he'd dug by the cross.
(19:27:19) Mianplo: [Nothing more… Well, he found a disturbing hint of a ribcage.]
(19:30:46) Sept: The skull… maybe wasn't a fake. Back in the hole it went. Rest in relative peace, Eiffel Ghost.-
(19:32:01) Sept: Sera filled up the hole with the leftover debris, grabbed the box and stood up. After a stretch, he started his trek back around the hill d'garbage.
(19:35:35) Mianplo: ["How'd it go?" Asked Élodie as Sera reappeared.]
(19:37:46) Sept: "Um. There was a skeleton. Dunno how to feel about it. Or how that ranks on what I expected to find."-
(19:38:05) Sept: "But you didn't lie, so I've gotta see what I can do about you."
(19:42:50) Mianplo: ["You mean… You'll take me to the airship?"]
(19:44:10) * Sept thought about it for a moment.-
(19:47:31) Sept: "What I can promise you are some supplies and that I can have you dropped off somewhere that isn't here, if you'd like."-
(19:50:11) Sept: "You get that there's problems involved in taking strange people on board a military vessel, though. I wouldn't hold my breath, but I'll make your case for you."
(19:51:48) Mianplo: ["… Okay." Said Élodie slowly. She let out a sigh.-
(19:52:06) Mianplo: ["You'll do your best?"]
(19:57:57) Sept: "I will," Sera nodded.
(20:15:18) Sept: "Righ, um. Give me a minute, I need to figure out how we'll get out of here." Sera fished a phone out from one of his pants pockets and dialed a number back to the mothership.
(13:19:42) Minaplo: [After a minute of digital transferrals and recorded messages, Sera would hear…-
(13:20:33) Minaplo: ["This is Cole." Came a voice, speaking French with a distinctive Irish lilt. "What's your hassle, pilot?"]
(13:25:56) Sept: "Finally. I need transport back to the ship, and I've got someone I'd like to be immediately considered for asylum on the Dorian. What do I need to do?"
(13:26:50) Minaplo: ["Asylum, aye? Uh…"-
(13:27:06) Minaplo: [There was the sound of rapid button presses. "Asylum, asylum…"-
(13:29:10) Minaplo: ["Uh, righty, looks like you need to declare… Wait, no…"-
(13:30:13) Minaplo: ["Right, here we are. Okay. So firstly we need to be notifying security, aye? Then on arrival, you they will be taken for processing, and you will be questioned, then your application will be reviewed by the commanding officer."]
(13:31:07) Sept: "Which is who?"
(13:35:17) Minaplo: ["Well that would be Marshal Amatore, wouldn't it, boyo?"]
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(13:37:15) Sept: "You'd know. Can you get my location from the call, or do you want coordinates?"
(13:39:04) Minaplo: ["Well that depends! Are ye askin' for a dirac or more earthly methods?"]
(13:40:22) Sept: "We're not in a hurry. Is it less of a hassle if you send a shuttle or car?"
(13:40:23) » Join: Raphael (~ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT)
(13:41:08) Minaplo: ["Shuttle it is, then! Hold tight fer 15 minutes, boyo."]
(13:43:39) Sept: "Alright, thank you." Sera hung up on her and turned back to Élodie. "Said it'd be 15 minutes."
(13:44:09) Minaplo: ["Kay. Can I go get some stuff?"]
(13:47:49) Sept: "Yeah, go ahead. I'm not gonna disappear." Sera fiddled with his phone for a second before stuffing it away and turning his attention back to the box with Freya's decorational bunting in it.
(13:50:25) Minaplo: [It was full of bunting. Sera didn't know if it was 100% bunting; he'd have to search.]
(13:53:08) Sept: Well, he had a bit of time on his hands, and he'd hate to have to come back here later if something turned up…-
(13:56:04) Sept: Sera looked for a spot of pavement he could trust not to swallow up any small items that fell out, and set to de-bunting the contents of the box, laying the fabric next to him in a pile as he ran it through his fingers with a cursory examination.
(14:01:15) Minaplo: [At the very bottom, tied up in a knot of bunting, was a thin green rod about four inches long and an inch wide.]
(14:04:39) * Sept turned it around in his hands for a moment. Any markings or seams…?
(14:14:56) Minaplo: [There were what looked like little light emitters on one end.]
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(14:18:23) Sept: But nothing to engage them with. Sera shook the object, holding on to both ends.
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(14:43:33) Minaplo: [Nothing happened.]
(14:56:03) Minaplo: [A few minutes later, Élodie returned.-
(15:02:43) Minaplo: [She'd gathered up all she owned, or at least all she wanted to take. Front and centre was a worn wheeled travel bag with extendable handle; visible on the plastic front despite being faded and marred was an anime image of a brown-haired girl in green-trimmed outfit. Atop the bag was a rolled up sleeping bag, stuffing peeking out of a dozen little holes.-
(15:03:24) Minaplo: ["Done."]
(15:06:08) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
(15:06:10) Sept: "Mm." Sera was just packing the last of the decorative flags back in the box, leaving the alloy rod half-sticking out from his hoodie's front pocket. "So am I."-
(15:06:53) Sept: "We'll find you a better place, no matter what. Alright?"
(15:09:29) Minaplo: ["Kay."-
(15:09:48) Minaplo: [She turned and looked back at the mound of rubble that obscured her now abandoned shelter.-
(15:09:54) Minaplo: ["Shouldn't be hard." She said with a wry little grin.]
(15:11:14) Sept: "Can be hard to call a place home, no matter how nice it is."
(15:12:08) Minaplo: ["I know."]
(15:13:08) Sept: "I really hated living in that apartment when I was hired to pilot."
(15:13:32) Minaplo: ["Whysat?"]
(15:15:17) Sept: "We had some really nice abandoned shacks before that. Top of the line."
(15:18:18) Minaplo: ["Kept the rain out?"]
(15:20:51) Sept: "With crappy portable stove and everything."
(15:21:32) Minaplo: ["Coo."]
(15:24:22) Sept: "But more than that, things being weirdly silent and always being in the same place. I guess you had the opposite?"
(15:26:28) Minaplo: ["… Yeah."-
(15:27:00) Minaplo: [Sera would faintly hear the sound of a VTOL engine; he could see it approaching in the distance.]
(15:27:46) * Sept glanced at the approaching silhouette.-
(15:27:48) Sept: "I hope that's ours."
(15:34:10) Minaplo: ["Y'don't see many of 'em."]
(15:38:03) Sept: "Mhm. So when we get there, they'll want to interview you, for some basic information and security checks. Nothing rough. That's fine, right?"
(15:48:41) Minaplo: ["… Sure."]
(15:52:29) Sept: "You got a last name, Élodie?"
(15:59:14) Minaplo: ["Belrose."]
(16:00:33) Sept: "Nice to meet you."
(16:00:52) Minaplo: ["You too, Sept."]
(16:09:11) Sept: Sera gathered up his box of mysteries under one arm, and the two of them waited for the aircraft's landing in silence.-
(16:09:17) Sept: […]
(16:11:40) Sept: An uneventful VTOL trip later, Sera and Élodie found themselves in one of the Dorian LaChapelle's hangars, carrying their respective luggage over to their welcoming party while the pilot stayed behind for post-flight checks.
(16:13:13) Minaplo: [The welcoming party in this case consisted of a FISF agent accompanied by a marine.-
(16:13:31) Minaplo: ["Pilot de Pteres, welcome back. This is the asylum seeker?"]
(16:19:01) * Sept nodded once to respond to the greeting.-
(16:19:17) Sept: "Yeah. She had contact with someone probably wanted by the UN, so it should be a clear-cut case."
(16:19:46) Minaplo: ["I see."-
(16:19:59) Minaplo: ["Hey." He said, turning to Élodie. "What's your name?"-
(16:20:27) Minaplo: ["Élodie. You're gonna question me?"-
(16:20:30) Minaplo: ["That's right."]
(16:23:51) Sept: "Need anything from me for now?"
(16:24:13) Minaplo: ["If we need you, we'll let you know."]
(16:25:55) Sept: "Alright. I'll be back shortly to check on you. Let me know as soon as you reach a decision, too."
(16:28:19) Minaplo: ["Understood."]
(16:33:21) Sept: "Great. Take care, Élodie."
(16:34:13) Minaplo: ["Kay."]
(16:36:07) * Sept stayed back in the hangar, pulling out his phone again to dial the internal switch number. He'd probably have to wait and go through Cole again, but it'd be worth it in this case.
(16:43:17) Minaplo: […-
(16:43:23) Minaplo: ["Cole speaking. What is it, Pilot?"]
(16:47:02) Sept: "Yeah, I need a moment of Surov's time, and I'd rather handle it by phone. Can you help?"
(16:57:06) Minaplo: ["Onna these days I'm gonna teach you to use the on-board comms, boyo. Let me patch ya through."-
(16:57:23) Minaplo: [There was a burst of static, then…-
(16:57:24) Minaplo: ["Surov."]
(17:01:19) Sept: "Sera here. Found a thing outside, wanna make sure it's not a biological weapon before I bring it in. Think it's surovite, one by… four inches, lights on the end? That tell you anything?"
(17:02:30) Minaplo: ["I believe it's a Surein Optodata rod."]
(17:04:04) Sept: "Seems likely. Do I need to worry about which lab computer I read it with? Security issues?"
(17:04:50) Minaplo: ["Best to bring it to me. Only certain computers are equipped to take an optodata rod in the first place."]
(17:05:33) Sept: "If you say so. I'll see you in a moment."
(17:06:47) Minaplo: [The comm cut.]
(17:10:19) Sept: About ten minutes later, the relative warmth of Technical greeted Sera, even if the difference wasn't as stark nowadays as it had been on Mars. The first place to check would've been the dais of Surov's throne…
(17:13:17) Minaplo: [And there Surov was.-
(17:13:31) Minaplo: [In reality, this had been somewhat rarer a sight recently…]
(17:16:07) Sept: "Surov!"-
(17:17:03) Sept: Sera's attire for his Technical visits was usually more respectful than a thoroughly smudged hoodie, too.
(17:19:33) Minaplo: ["Yes?" He didn't turn around.]
(17:21:12) * Sept dug out the optodata rod and twirled it in his hand slowly, still holding the box under his other arm.-
(17:21:15) Sept: "Any developments?"
(17:22:45) Minaplo: ["Sarasvati is stable. Still resting."]
(17:24:40) Sept: "Mm. Can you advise me with the data rod?"
(17:26:08) Minaplo: ["I can."]
(17:28:26) » Quit: Raphael (~ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT) (Quit:)
(17:28:34) * Sept waited for him to finish what he was doing, info pipe still slowly rotating.
(17:30:28) Minaplo: [Surov turned; he walked off the dais and away toward one of his labs.]
(17:31:40) * Sept followed, glancing back at the screens for some inkling on what he'd been working on. Not that it had ever worked before.
(17:33:19) Minaplo: [Standby mode had engaged.-
(17:33:45) Minaplo: [Surov led Sept into the MAGI interface room- the large MAGI viewscreens filling up an entire wall- then held out his hand.]
(17:34:30) * Sept handed over the rod unceremoniously.-
(17:34:41) Sept: "Can't know where it's been," he repeated.
(17:38:44) Minaplo: ["Mmm."-
(17:39:08) Minaplo: [Surov took the rod and placed it into a round socket on his console.-
(17:39:41) Minaplo: [A low hum emanated from the rod for a few seconds, then stopped.-
(17:40:05) Minaplo: [The viewscreen reconfigured itself, displaying a folder. Within was…-
(15:00:22) Mianplo: ["Audio files." Said Surov. "527 of them. Earliest dates from 2010, the latest was just before the Massacre."]
(15:04:44) Sept: "Hmm. Might be her source. Did you ever have any contact with Freya?"
(15:05:18) Mianplo: ["No."]
(15:08:17) Sept: "Do we keep a pile of these rods in a storage where she could've taken one?"
(15:10:41) Mianplo: ["We do have a stock of optodata rods, but each one has to be requistioned separately and inventories are taken regularly. There is a process. If she did, then there would have to be records."]
(15:14:55) Sept: "Great. These may be too sensitive to check out here, but can I get a copy of them in a more readable format? I can go over them with F— with S2."
(15:17:23) Mianplo: ["Will an old-fashioned flash drive do?"]
(15:19:06) Sept: "That's fine."
(15:20:24) Mianplo: [A few minutes later, Surov handed Sera a small red flash drive.]
(15:24:55) Sept: "Thanks," Sera said, pocketing it. "I'll take care of the rod, too. Do you know where I could find, um. Doctor Riel?"
(15:27:15) Mianplo: ["She's in Targeting Control."]
(15:32:57) Sept: "Mm. Thanks, again. I'll just have the rod and let you get back to it."
(15:36:35) Mianplo: ["I wish to examine it more closely later." Said Surov, slowly pulling the optodata rod out and holding it out.]
(15:39:40) Sept: "I want to run it by Jeanne first. She'll probably get it right back to you anyway, but…"-
(15:42:49) Sept: Sera stuck the rod back in his hoodie's front pocket, concealing the part sticking out in his sleeve. "Anyway. Have a productive day?" He turned around and started heading back to the Technical hub to try and hunt down Luna.
(15:44:21) Mianplo: […-
(15:45:08) Mianplo: [Targeting Control was home to the core units dedicated to coordinating the Dorian's myriad weapons systems.-
(15:48:43) Mianplo: [Here, supercomputers received data from the ship's sensors, and reacted accordingly; the anti-air autocannons would swivel to meet targets, the LRM bays would slide into position… Even the mighty impact cannons had their firing solutions plotted by the computers here.-
(15:49:37) Mianplo: [The room was mostly a grey box lined with consoles set in rows. At the end of the room, built into the wall, was a computer core- a large bulbous metal protrusion, connections snaking away like tree roots.-
(15:50:06) Mianplo: [Luna Riel was in here with a small band of technicians. She sat in her chair, silent, as they worked.]
(15:54:26) * Sept approached with both his hands in his pockets over his stomach, trying to keep a low profile. "Doctor Riel?"
(16:13:01) Mianplo: ["Hum!?"-
(16:13:13) Mianplo: [Riel turned a little too quickly; she winced and put a hand to her neck. "What is it?"]
(16:16:24) Sept: "I was- hoping for a moment of your time. I have some questions about some of… your previous work. Doesn't have to be now."
(16:22:33) Mianplo: ["… I see. Now's as good a time as ever."]
(16:24:35) Sept: "It's about your time at Eden Base."
(16:27:49) Mianplo: ["Not here, de Pteres." Hissed Riel, and Sera could see why; the team of techies had turned around almost in synch at the term "Eden base".-
(16:27:53) Mianplo: ["My office."]
(16:32:08) * Sept nodded, expression sort of serious. Presumably she'd lead the way?
(16:32:17) Mianplo: [She did.-
(16:32:18) Mianplo: […-
(16:33:42) Mianplo: [Her 'office', as it turned out, was actually her Dorian quarters. There was a familiar-looking desk in here, although no chair behind it. There was of course a bed. Against one wall were shelves, filled with books or trinkets- Sera could see a framed photograph of Riel, James and a pair of older people he didn't know. Next to it was a picture of a lazy tiger lying on its back.-
(16:33:51) Mianplo: [Riel moved in behind her desk. "Alright."]
(16:37:01) * Sept followed her into the room and closed the door behind him. He considered leaning on the wall by the door, but decided she probably didn't want it stained.-
(16:37:01) Sept: "It's not that classified, is it? Are you just worried about rumors?"
(16:44:35) Mianplo: ["Of course I am!" Said Luna, running a hand through her hair.]
(16:45:55) Sept: "Well. I apologize for bringing it up like that."-
(16:46:20) Sept: "Were you involved in salvaging Silas Caine's soul?"
(16:56:52) Mianplo: ["I was."]
(16:59:34) Sept: "How would it have been stored? Was it fundamentally the same technology we use today?"
(17:03:26) Mianplo: ["More or less, yes." Said Riel. "Not very… Convenient or sophisticated designs, but the same foundation. We would store a soul within a single container usually weighing up to five hundred kilograms."]
(17:07:18) Sept: "How do you think it ended up in Azariah's hands?"
(17:09:55) Mianplo: ["Oh, that's easy. He took it with him when he left."]
(17:14:24) Sept: That garnered an amused smile from Sera. "Alright, that clears some of it up. Do you know what happened to it after that?"
(17:15:07) Mianplo: ["It must've went with him, obviously, with the rest of the Eigenhart Initiative. Obviously it ended up in the Synfront, I don't know the exact story in-between."]
(17:19:38) Sept: "That's fine. We'll be looking at some other things from back then that we may need your opinion on, but that's the only thing I wanted to straighten out right away."
(17:22:41) Mianplo: ["… Why…?"]
(17:23:54) Sept: "We're not reviewing you or digging up skeletons, if that's what you're worried about."
(17:26:29) Mianplo: ["I can see that now, but why this curiosity about Silas's soul?"]
(17:29:50) Sept: "If it hadn't been salvaged then, I'd have to dream up a lot more conspiracy theories about how he got back, and conspiracy theories take time. Does that make sense?"
(17:30:48) Mianplo: ["Mm… I suppose."]
(17:34:12) Sept: "But that won't be for a while, so you can come up with an alibi by then."
(17:36:41) Mianplo: [She gave him a flat look.]
(17:39:40) Sept: "Good one, Sera," he said, looking away. "Look, sorry about all this, I'll just get on my way."
(17:48:20) Mianplo: ["Okay."]
(17:51:09) * Sept wished Luna a nice day and slinked his way out of her officebedroom.-
(17:54:59) Sept: Outside, he breathed a sigh and headed out of Technical, right hand firmly wrapped around the thumb drive and optodata rod in his pocket.
(17:55:33) Mianplo: [On his way to security?]
(17:57:35) Sept: [On his way to security.]
(17:58:26) Mianplo: […-
(17:59:35) Mianplo: ["Hey. Saw you brought something back." Said Jeanne as he entered. Her feet were back up on the desk. "And someone."]
(18:01:28) Sept: "Yeah. I'm pretty adamant about getting her a place to stay, so if there's any complications…"
(18:07:24) Mianplo: ["I've been watching her processing. Nothing to worry about so far. She should get through okay, then you can go have a word with Amatore."]
(18:11:45) Sept: "Great. Then I found this." Sera placed the optodata rod on her desk, wiped the sweat off the thumb drive and placed it next to the rod. "Several hundred audio files, no one's touched them yet. I figured we'd check out what they're about. It might be her source"
(18:11:53) Sept: ."*
(18:22:39) Mianplo: ["Her source, you reckon?"]
(18:23:51) Sept: "Either that or some kind of personal logs of hers. Last one was dated just before the massacre."
(18:25:14) Mianplo: ["Alright."-
(18:25:36) Mianplo: [Jeanne took the flash drive and plugged it into a port. Then she picked up the optodata rod. "This one of ours?"]
(18:28:43) Sept: "Didn't check. Surov told me they have to be requisitioned separately. He wanted to look at it some more, too."-
(18:30:18) Sept: "Even if she got it without raising any flags, how would she have been able to transfer or record these on it? That's not simple, either."
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(18:36:20) Mianplo: ["She'd need access to a certain type of computer system, yeah." Said Jeanne. "And she'd have access to it around the time of the massacre… Very curious."-
(18:36:43) Mianplo: [Jeanne peered at her computer. "Files are loaded." She tossed Sera his pair of headphones. "Start from the beginning?"]
(18:40:09) Sept: "I'm most curious about the last one, but yes." Sera put the headphones on only halfway, like some kind of cool radio operator.
(18:42:53) Mianplo: ["Starting now."-
(18:43:04) Mianplo: [There was a burst of static, then…-
(18:44:09) Mianplo: [("Light… Means on. Okay.") A voice. A girl's voice, quite young, maybe twelve or thirteen. Sera could recognise it. Freya's voice… Although he hadn't heard it like this in years.-
(18:46:22) Mianplo: [("This is, uh… Freya, Freya Solheim, um. Um… Father Max from the church home told me to use this to give… Reports. Every week I gotta talk about myself a little, and talk about… Sera.")-
(18:50:10) Mianplo: [("I dunno if I… Get all this.") She muttered. ("Guess I am keepin' an eye on him and stuff, but… uh, anyway, entry one? Entry one. Sera's a kid. He's all scrappy and thin and mouthy, but in a funny way, like a little puppy dog who barks at a rottie.")]
(18:51:46) * Sept was blushing, looking down at the front of Jeanne's desk, and — now wearing the headphones properly — pressing them very intently against his ears.
(18:53:40) Mianplo: [("Actually, he's more like a cat. Always climbing. It's like his body's made of a bunch of rope or something, the way he climbs.") Freya sighed. ("He's good at it, faster than me. Always shootin' up a wall to get away from other people or something. Then sometimes he watches 'em pass, sometimes he just puts his back to 'em…")-
(18:54:29) Mianplo: [("It was tough talking to him at first. Didn't like opening up, but Father Max gave me my money today so I was able to buy him some croissant from the good place. He liked it. Geez, he really is like a cat.")]
(18:58:35) Sept: "…" Systems overheat, abort immediately. "C-Can we jump to the last one?"
(19:02:59) Mianplo: ["Just a little more." Said Jeanne. "She might tell us a bit about whoever she's reporting to…"-
(19:04:17) Mianplo: [("Anyway, he's… Not hurt or anything. Got scrapes but he's not sick or really hurt. I tried to figure out his smarts like I was asked but he wouldn't play nice.")-
(19:05:34) Mianplo: [("That's uh… All I can think of. One of these a week, and every four weeks, give the tape in to Father Max. Uh… I think I can do that. Um. What do I say? Freya Solheim, signing off…? It's not a radio, though…")-
(19:05:50) Mianplo: [The sound of fumbling. Then-
(19:05:54) Mianplo: ["And end." Said Jeanne.]
(19:08:36) Sept: "Ughh…"
(19:09:39) Mianplo: ["So it looks like she was raised in Church care." Said Jeanne. "And she passed her info on through them."]
(19:12:45) Sept: "Y-Yeah. So William's bound to either find something or ruin everything, or both."
(19:17:52) Mianplo: ["Almost certainly."]
(19:22:43) Sept: "Are you gonna listen to all of these? I can… do that for you."
(19:25:42) Mianplo: ["You're pretty embarrassed, huh?"]
(19:26:52) Sept: "I could've not brought it to you…"
(19:40:36) Mianplo: ["Yeah, yeah. Look, I'd be interested to listen to them all, you know, for security reasons, but there's a heck of a lot and I won't have enough time to do it all at once. You can have the files, and once you're done, you can decide if I can have 'em back."]
(19:41:54) Sept: "Thanks, Jeanne."-
(19:45:02) Sept: "… it's not a secret I'm actually really cute on the inside, right?"
(20:01:59) Mianplo: ["It's a bit of a secret."]
(20:03:13) Sept: "How about… if I leak some of these accidentally?"
(20:03:50) Mianplo: ["What, left one lying around Blue's bar, that kind of thing?"]
(20:04:21) Sept: "Would that help me, or just ruin her reputation?"
(20:08:13) Mianplo: ["Think she'd get a friend pass."]
(12:09:00) Sept: "I'll have to consider it."
(12:09:39) Mianplo: ["Heh."]
(12:14:49) Sept: "I guess that leaves us with any forensic examination of the rod itself, and the records that… I don't think I have clearance for.
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(12:22:05) Mianplo: ["I'll let you know how that goes." Said Jeanne. "Want to listen to the last recording?"]
(12:24:21) Sept: "Yeah. Go ahead."
(12:27:06) » Join: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS)
(12:30:20) Mianplo: [A crackle of static, then…-
(12:30:52) Mianplo: [("Freya Solheim, 527th and last update.")-
(12:31:59) Mianplo: [("Heh. Just wanted to say that. Make it sound all cool. They're not taking my recordings anymore, they're not needed. They haven't been for awhile, but that's just going double when he's barely around anymore.")-
(12:32:18) Mianplo: [A sigh.-
(12:32:49) Mianplo: [("So this recording isn't really for them. It's for him. For you, Sept… If you've found this.")-
(12:33:49) Mianplo: [("If you've found this recording, then I'm assuming the following: that you're alive, obviously. That I'm not around. And that something terrible happened since I recorded it. Something atrocious.")]
(12:39:15) Sept: "… would've looked even if it hadn't," Sera muttered. "Don't do something reckless…"
(12:41:37) Mianplo: [("I hope you're alright. And everyone else is, too. I… Don't know if they will be.")-
(12:42:41) Mianplo: [("Sera, listen. I'm not in any danger. Stop. I'm not. Okay? I might be taking some risks right now, and will definitely be taking more, but… I have a guardian angel looking out for me. And more to the point, I have to do it.")]
(12:45:04) * Sept shut up reluctantly, looking deeply worried.
(12:48:12) » Join: Raphael (~ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT)
(12:51:30) Mianplo: [("If you've found these recordings, then you can see there's a lot of 'em, and… They're pretty detailed. You're gonna remember things that happened years ago. You're gonna learn about things you've been made to forget.")-
(12:54:01) Mianplo: [("And you're gonna have to deal with… What I've done. The things I've told them about, for such a long time… This might be when it sinks in for you what that really means.")-
(12:55:34) Mianplo: [("I can't hope for your forgiveness. I wish I hadn't done it now, but… That's not enough. I can't change it, so I have to make up for it in some other way, which is what I'm gonna try and do now.")]
(13:01:01) * Sept took a deep breath and exhaled shakily, sitting cross-legged on Jeanne's guest chair and looking down at his hands.
(13:06:53) » Zack is now known as ZackSleep
(13:11:36) Mianplo: [("… Listen.")-
(13:12:34) Mianplo: [("There's a lot about me you don't know.") Said Freya. ("And until recently, a lot of that I didn't know either. I've learned some stuff, Sera. And… I dunno if it's good stuff, but it's something I can use. I won't talk about it here, because I don't know who else might be listening, and… I want to tell you in person if we meet again.")-
(13:14:29) Mianplo: [("I can't tell you where I will be when you're listening to this. I'm not intending to stay in just one place, all safe and immobile. I'm going to be moving around a lot. I know, I know…")]
(13:18:03) Sept: "There's nothing I can- do about that. I hate it."
(13:19:38) Mianplo: [("I'm taking Malachi with me too.")]
(13:21:06) Sept: "Of course you are…" Sera whined.
(13:23:19) Mianplo: [("He's a smug brat, an inveterate schemer and a dirty perv, but he has his uses, and he knows more than he really should about some things.")-
(13:25:47) Mianplo: [("Because I can't be in one place, I'll try to leave messages for you whenever I go, detailing what I was doing here and where I'm going next. I can't let these be too easily traceable or interceptible, so I'll try to, uh, encode them. In… Memories, of us. If you found this here, you probably had the help of a young girl. Well, I'll be doing a bit more of that in the future. If you want
(13:25:48) Mianplo: to find me, you're gonna need to be sharp, and you're gonna need to talk to a lot of people without pissing them off.")]
(13:31:09) Sept: "I hate it," he said again, wiping his face with a sleeve.
(13:31:46) Mianplo: [("It's a lot of hassle, I know. It's up to you to decide if I'm worth it. I'd understand if you didn't.")]
(13:34:43) * Sept bristled visibly, mouth drawn into a thin line, but stayed quiet.
(13:36:42) Mianplo: [A sigh.-
(13:37:23) Mianplo: [("This one time, I can give you firmer directions. I'm going to Orleans. Malachi has some government connections, and there's some local ties I want to use to find what I'm looking for.")]
(13:41:00) * Sept breathed deep to try and recompose himself, finding a pose slightly more dignified than the ball he had been slowly devolving towards.
(13:42:24) Mianplo: [("I probably won't see you there. But you'll find someone who has.")-
(13:43:07) Mianplo: [("Alright. I think that's it for me. Oh! One last thing.")-
(13:43:25) Mianplo: [("I've lied to you, hidden things from you- still am. But I never had to pretend to be your friend.")-
(13:43:38) Mianplo: [("Freya Solheim, signing out for the last time.")]
(13:45:18) Sept: "…"-
(13:45:35) Sept: "I hate this," he said to Jeanne one last time.
(13:46:18) Mianplo: ["I can tell." Said Jeanne. "How do I help?"]
(13:48:15) Sept: "Dunno. D'you have… official business to Orleans, or some other excuse I could go there under?"
(13:54:03) Mianplo: ["I could find some business." Said Jeanne.]
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(13:57:42) Sept: "Yeah. If I can't find these- 'local ties', I've got no way to look into it without looking suspicious."
(14:00:17) Mianplo: ["For sure."]
(14:04:24) Sept: Another deep breath. "Should I ask Marianne about it, too? I'd rather keep the story from spreading, even among our own."
(14:14:27) Mianplo: ["… Might be wise." Said Jeanne. "Be careful, though. You're not in Amatore's good books right now. You're not even near the library."]
(14:16:17) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])
(14:18:59) Sept: "Ah. You're not the first person to say that. I don't understand it."
(14:24:02) Mianplo: ["You don't need to understand it, you just need to keep it in mind when dealing with her." Said Jeanne. "Be respectful."]
(14:26:29) Sept: Sera stayed in silent thought for a few moments before looking back up at Jeanne. "… yeah. Of course."
(14:32:06) » Quit: Raphael (~ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT) (Connection reset by peer)
(14:36:49) Mianplo: ["Anything else I can do?"]
(14:37:14) » Join: Raphael (~ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.031-791-291-271-epc|oaT)
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(14:43:38) Sept: "Don't think so. This got out of hand… I hope I'll have the time to keep pursuing this."
(14:44:05) Mianplo: ["Mmm. Wonder what she's up to…"]
(14:47:46) Sept: "I can't help but think her church connection goes back to the UN or the Caines somehow, the way she knew about the massacre. Elisha could well have been responsible for her placement, but so could any number of others."-
(14:48:41) Sept: "Whatever it is, she must've found a way to leverage her position for authority."
(14:50:31) Mianplo: ["Considering Michael's own background, it's not unlikely."-
(14:50:51) Mianplo: ["Were you going to share some of these with him, by the way?"]
(14:51:51) Sept: "Maybe. I might not need to, if he's found this Father Max guy."
(14:53:17) Mianplo: ["Father Max… I wonder."]
(14:54:04) Sept: "Might be dead by now. Maybe that was what she was referring to."
(14:54:48) Mianplo: ["Possibly. Not the possibility I was dwelling on, though…"]
(14:55:14) Sept: "What, then?"
(14:59:35) Mianplo: ["Pope Pius XIII, the head of the Catholic Church, is currently aboard as an observer." Said Jeanne. "However, before he became Pope, he was the Archbishop of Cologne, and his name was Max Heppenheimer."]
(15:01:55) Sept: "Oh, fuck me. He must have known! That religious, meddling asshole!"
(15:02:53) Mianplo: ["Slow down, explain?"]
(15:07:25) Sept: "He met with the pope just last week!"-
(15:07:28) Sept: "Supposedly!"
(15:13:24) Mianplo: ["Oh yeah, I heard about that. Apparently he used to be Michael's tutor when he was young. Taught him reading and writing and maths and all that."-
(15:13:32) Mianplo: ["Still, this doesn't prove anything…"]
(15:14:46) Sept: "No, no, I'm not gonna go beat him up over this… I'll be fine."
(15:23:39) Mianplo: ["I'll run some background checks in the meantime." Said Jeanne. "See if there was a Father Max serving in one of the Parisian parishes around that time, and if it's really the Pope."]
(15:29:18) Sept: "Great. You're a real friend. I guess that's it for now, then."
(15:29:35) Mianplo: ["Cool."]
(15:33:45) * Sept set the headphones back on Simon's desk and extended his hand.-
(15:34:31) Sept: "I'll report back to you if there's anything relevant in her logs. D'you want me to drop the rod off with Surov, or do you have your own specialists?"
(15:40:22) Mianplo: [She took his hand and shook it. "Surov, please."]
(15:45:25) Sept: "Right." Sera took the rod and stuffed it inconspicuously back in his front pocket. "And the stick, please. I think it's best to try and not make any more copies, at least until I'm finished with the Orleans thing."
(15:51:33) Mianplo: ["Sure." The stick was returned.]
(15:53:24) Sept: "Thanks, again. Have a nice day, Jeanne." Sera left her office ever so slightly less confused about the world's affairs than he had been going in.
(16:08:17) Mianplo: […]
(16:15:58) Sept: Later that day, Sera had had time to change out of his disguise and into a more respectable jeans-and-white-shirt affair, the flash drive with Freya's logs neatly stashed on his person. He hit the buzzer by Michael's door twice in quick succession and waited.
(16:19:19) Mianplo: [The lock-light went from red to green. ("Come in.") Came his voice.]
(16:23:04) Sept: With the door's consent, Sera opened it and followed Michael's voice inside.
(16:23:50) Mianplo: [Michael was inside, wearing a white button-up shirt and black trousers held up by suspenders. He was sitting behind a desk, working on a laptop computer. "Hello, Sera."]
(16:25:01) Sept: "Hey."-
(16:26:00) * Sept closed the door and looked around briefly. "Find anything?"
(16:29:01) Mianplo: [As might be expected, Michael's room was straight-rule neat and tidy. The bedsheets were unerringly smooth, the bedside tables lined up well, and the alarm clock, book and photograph (of a scowling Fatima) were all neatly ordered so as to not look cluttered. A dull grey metal safe sat in the corner of the room.-
(16:31:18) Mianplo: [On the wall to Michael's right was a poster displaying a gorgeous fair-skinned Eurasian girl with long blue hair, done up in princess curls, wearing a body-hugging low-cut green dress edged in pink ribbons, which just barely fell to halfway down her thighs. Her long legs were coverd in white stockings. She was currently blowing a kiss out at the world, and winking at them with vibrant
(16:31:18) Mianplo: green eyes.-
(16:31:30) Mianplo: ["I found some things, yes." Said Michael. "Take a seat."]
(16:35:22) * Sept pulled up a chair by Michael's desk and sat down.-
(16:35:31) Sept: "I'll let you go first, then."
(16:42:38) Mianplo: ["Very well."-
(16:45:13) Mianplo: ["Firstly, it seems Freya was known to the church. Specifically, she used to be in their care as an orphan." Said Michael. "And… Apparently she remained in touch informally even after she, ah… 'Left'."]
(16:46:46) Sept: "Not that surprising. In touch how?"
(16:51:27) Mianplo: ["Meetings, occasionally. More regularly, she'd give them audio reports about your dealings. They also paid her a monthly stipend."]
(16:52:37) Sept: "I found the same. Did you find anyone she dealt with directly?"
(16:55:49) Mianplo: ["I found out the names of her… Handlers, yes."]
(16:57:03) Sept: "Anyone interesting? Any idea why they were having her do it?"
(17:07:11) Mianplo: ["Well…" Michael slowly clasped his hands together. "It looks like her first handler was Father Max… That is, Pope Pius XIII. My mentor and, it seems, her's as well."-
(17:08:09) Mianplo: ["For a time, Max and a major faction in the Church were informally aligned with Mary Caine. Seems as though it was at SEELE's bidding that this happened, although no one I talked to was willing to say so overtly."-
(17:08:46) Mianplo: ["Max didn't stick around, though. Only for a year before he became Archbishop of Cologne. After that there was Father Jean, then Father Lucien."]
(17:11:10) Sept: "But the information would've still been going to Mary, of course."
(17:15:37) Mianplo: ["Yes."-
(17:17:40) Mianplo: ["I shouldn't paint too neat a picture, however." Said Michael. "There was a lot of tension between SEELE and the Church. Apparently they decided they couldn't keep doing it and stopped passing information on about two years ago."]
(17:21:27) Sept: "That long ago, huh. Guess there's a bunch of stuff I can't blame them for."
(17:26:35) Mianplo: ["Mmm. There were more than a few arguments it seems. No one I spoke to was happy with the arrangement."-
(17:27:41) Mianplo: ["Nonetheless, we now know of one of Freya's main sources of aid. They kept and are keeping an informal account for her… Apparently they're still doing it even though they're no longer working with Mary. Apparently on Pius's own private order."]
(17:33:21) Sept: "Odd. I suppose they're not getting much from it right now. Or do you think they've got ways to track her?"
(17:43:47) Mianplo: ["At least a rough method." Said Michael. "Freya's 'account' doesn't use electronic methods. Instead she carries special church bonds with her. If she's in a different city and needs money, she can head over to some of the more major churches, put in a bond, and they hand her the money."-
(17:44:50) Mianplo: ["The bonds eventually get processed in a central location, but it only happens once a month and she's likely to be using an assumed name. If you knew the name, then you could theoretically figure out where she'd last been."]
(17:47:03) Sept: "Does that system work anywhere in the world?"
(17:50:40) Mianplo: ["Anywhere there's a Catholic church."]
(17:51:14) Sept: "Uh huh. Well, she left some bread crumbs for me to follow, so I'm sure she's made use of different names along the way."
(17:51:35) Mianplo: ["Seems likely." Said Michael.-
(17:52:27) Mianplo: ["I also may have picked up a clue as to where she's going next."]
(17:54:20) Sept: "…ah."
(17:55:56) Mianplo: ["It's mostly through inference, but I suspect she's heading to Orleans." Said Michael. "There were references to her looking up an address- the one to the de Orleans ancestral home."]
(18:00:37) Sept: "Mmh," Sera breathed a short sigh. "She told me as much. That last part is new information, though. I might not need to jump through as many hoops if that's really where she was headed."
(18:02:24) Mianplo: ["Ah, told you- I see…"-
(18:02:27) Mianplo: [Michael coughed.-
(18:02:31) Mianplo: ["Finally, there's one last thing."]
(18:04:23) Sept: "What's that?"
(18:08:28) Mianplo: ["I… Can't tell you." Said Michael. "I know you're wondering why I brought it up, but. I didn't want this to come up later and you feeling like I'm leaving you out of the loop."-
(18:08:45) Mianplo: ["Simply put, I've found something. But it's not my place to say what it is."]
(18:11:13) Sept: "You're worse than me with this shit."
(18:15:45) Mianplo: ["I'll take that as a compliment."-
(18:15:49) Mianplo: ["Now then. Your turn."]
(18:19:06) * Sept looked away, tapping on his left hand with his right index finger for a moment.-
(18:21:57) Sept: "We had a bugged phone call between her and Malachi from shortly before the Crystal Massacre. They're probably still working together. She left me a clue in the phone call, I followed it and found a copy of all of those journals of hers. Last one pointed to Orleans."-
(18:23:11) Sept: "Oh, and they were stored in a Surein data rod. We're looking into how that happened."
(18:25:47) Mianplo: ["Hm." Michael's eyebrows rose. "Impressive, Sera."-
(18:26:16) Mianplo: ["Chances are the Church handed it to her. Otherwise… Well. Probably not important, the rod."]
(18:30:37) Sept: "Since when do churches use military-grade optic data?" Sera adamantly demanded.
(18:34:25) Mianplo: ["Since they began dealing in heavy stuff with a military-grade secret society?"]
(18:36:59) Sept: "That's what your secret's about, isn't it? They're planning something else in there."
(18:40:29) Mianplo: ["I assure you it isn't." Said Michael. "The 'secret' is about Freya, and so it's up to her to discuss it. But I've already told you, the tie between Caine and the Church is practically dead- the optodata rod could've been a leftover from the days when it wasn't."]
(18:43:39) Sept: "You're saying they're just a regular old humanitarian organization now?"
(18:55:35) Mianplo: ["The Church is never 'just' anything, but it's putting this particular twisted branch behind it."]
(18:58:53) Sept: "I'll take your word for it."-
(19:00:21) Sept: Sera crossed his legs and faced Michael directly. "So I'm heading to Orleans as soon as I can."
(19:03:20) Mianplo: ["Good idea. I'll come with you."]
(19:04:27) Sept: "I was afraid you'd say that. Not like I can stop you," he shrugged.
(19:06:35) Mianplo: ["You don't want me to help?"]
(19:10:51) Sept: "Not particularly. But I probably need your help. I just wanted to keep a low profile with this. There's enough odd rumors going around."
(19:12:13) » ZackSleep is now known as Zack
(19:14:20) Mianplo: ["I can keep a low profile, don't worry."]
(19:15:52) Sept: "Oh, in that case."
(19:22:22) Mianplo: [Michael smirked.]
(19:24:41) Sept: "Mm. You got any obligations around the ship, or can I ask you to get ready whenever?"
(19:27:12) Mianplo: ["I need to go accompany the Guard on an Angelspawn patrol tomorrow. After that, I'm fine."]
(19:30:18) Sept: "Got it. I'll… get back to you on that, then?"
(19:30:33) Mianplo: ["No problem."]
(19:32:26) * Sept uncrossed his legs, stood up and scooched the chair back in its place.-
(19:33:33) Sept: "If that's everything, I'll let you get back to your typing."
(19:38:02) Mianplo: ["You don't want to stay around? We could do something fun."]
(19:40:30) Sept: "What?"
(19:45:21) Mianplo: ["We could just talk." Said Michael. "Or we could play a game. Watch some television…"]
(19:46:21) Sept: "Maybe another time. I'll see you around, Michael."
(15:00:29) Mianplo: ["Not even lunch?"]
(15:03:34) Sept: "What, by the two of us?"
(15:11:32) Mianplo: ["Sure."]
(15:16:09) Sept: "I don't think it'll be "fun", but you're welcome to join me."
(15:22:13) Mianplo: ["I like it." Michael leapt to his feet and grinned.]
(15:25:12) Sept: "Is the cafeteria fine? I don't have a ton of time."
(15:29:47) Mianplo: ["Not a problem."]
(15:32:00) Sept: "Alright." Sera nodded towards the door, opened it and headed out.
(15:41:06) Mianplo: [Michael followed; he made sure to lock the door behind him before he went.-
(15:41:46) Mianplo: ["So. Any idea on how you're getting to Orleans?"]
(15:43:26) Sept: "Not yet. I've asked people about official business excuses, you don't need to worry about it."
(15:48:35) Mianplo: ["People?"]
(15:50:37) Sept: "I've been working with Simon on it, if you have to know."
(16:06:05) Mianplo: ["Ah. A logical choice."]
(16:09:23) Sept: "Mm."-
(16:10:01) Sept: "I'm gonna ask you again. Why are you so bent on helping me with this and being- friendly?"
(16:12:34) Mianplo: ["What was my earlier answer?"]
(16:13:24) Sept: "Something really vague."
(16:13:50) Mianplo: [Michael chuckled.-
(16:13:59) Mianplo: ["Alright. So you want an involved answer, then."]
(16:15:38) Sept: "Sure."
(16:17:21) Mianplo: [They stepped onto an elevator. Michael leaned against the wall, his arms at his side.-
(16:18:30) Mianplo: ["Do you think how I'm pursuing this situation is unusual?"]
(16:20:58) Sept: "I think most people would've given up, considering our history and my treatment of you."
(16:24:00) Mianplo: ["… I want to be able to help." Said Michael. "More than that, I want helping to define me. Even if it's someone I haven't always seen eye to eye with. In fact… Especially in that case. I want to be able to forgive others' trespasses, and help them anyway. To embody that sort of drive. Do you understand?"]
(16:28:32) * Sept was leaning against the wall opposite Michael, facing him with arms crossed.-
(16:29:39) Sept: "Right. I think I get it. Even if talking about forgiving others sounds odd."
(16:30:40) Mianplo: ["Oh?"]
(16:34:27) Sept: "It's fine, you just make it sound bad. You've done a lot of shitty things with good intentions, so implying anyone's looking for your forgiveness is vain. But I think I get what you mean."
(16:36:32) Mianplo: ["… Does doing terrible things make you unable to forgive others?"]
(16:39:41) Sept: "Not exactly," said Sera with a note of tiredness. "I think you meant you want to help people regardless of who they are. But you said you want to be able to forgive their trespasses and still help them. Right?"
(16:42:36) Mianplo: ["That's right." Said Michael. "I want to be able to help them without letting any antagonism, or personal differences, or history… Get in the way."]
(16:44:59) Sept: "Sure. Maybe there isn't a difference."
(16:51:29) Mianplo: [Michael was silent; he rubbed his cheek slowly, his face a frown.]
(16:55:47) Sept: "Mmh," Sera said out of discomfort. "The way I see it, for better or worse, we've both got conviction. There's nothing either of us can do to convince me I can count on you for rebuilding the world, even if I have it on good authority I can count on you 90% of the way there."-
(16:56:36) Sept: "I don't want this to come up later and have you feel like I've abused you for an outcome you didn't want," he finished wrily.
(16:58:06) Mianplo: ["Don't think that's a problem." Said Michael.]
(16:58:28) Sept: "How's that?"
(16:59:55) Mianplo: ["Why would I feel abused? Because I offered help and you might use it to do something I didn't want?"]
(17:01:10) Sept: "Sure. You're saying that's covered by this forgiveness of yours?"
(17:05:22) Mianplo: ["Absolutely."]
(17:06:29) Sept: "I suppose that makes me feel better."-
(17:06:38) Sept: "What're you having?"
(17:21:29) Sept: […]
(17:24:01) Sept: Strangely, no one got stabbed during lunchtime. Following the vaguest possible description of the rest of his day to Michael, Sera took off and headed for the administrative block, home of God General Marianne or whatever the hell her title had been inflated to.-
(17:24:19) Sept: Sera decided he should find out before he met with her.
(17:45:40) Mianplo: ["Adeptus Marshal, boyo." Said Casey Cole.-
(17:54:55) Mianplo: [Second Lieutenant Casey Cole sat at the Comms position in Ops. Or as she'd been reminded a few times unintentionally recently, at Sophie's position.-
(18:01:04) Mianplo: [Casey was a rather tall, skinny young woman, maybe about 26 or 27 years old. She had curly shoulder-length hair of a vibrant bright red, bright hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles across her face.-
(18:01:22) Mianplo: [She finished polishing her glasses and placed them back on. "Marshal of the Adeptus Evangelion, you know."]
(18:07:00) Sept: "You make it sound so simple, you might as well all be Marshals for what I know. I had no idea she had to sign off on everyone wanting on board until today…"-
(18:07:04) Sept: "Is it busy here, usually?"
(18:15:20) Mianplo: ["Yeah." Said Casey. "A little busy. Gets crazy in battles."]
(18:16:56) Sept: "I thought you would've handled everything like that from Operations."
(18:26:04) Sept: [Update: Syntax is a dumb]
(18:26:25) Sept: "I guess. So does everywhere else, though?"
(18:28:48) Mianplo: ["We get extra busy, since we handle everything like that from Ops." Said Casey.]
[ed. note: it is at this point that we had to stop to put Syntax back together]
(18:31:03) Sept: "Anyway. Is she available?"
(18:31:21) Mianplo: ["Sure. She's in the Captain's Cabin."]
(18:35:12) Sept: "Thanks. I won't keep you, then." Sera headed over, took a deep breath and hit the buzzer for Marianne's luxury suite.
(18:37:12) Mianplo: [("Enter.")]
(18:41:34) * Sept let himself in, nodded a greeting to Marianne, and closed the door behind him.-
(18:41:55) Sept: "Thanks for taking the time to see me…"
(12:20:16) Minaplo: [The captain's cabin was dark; the only visible lights were a dull orange glow around Marianne's desk, mixed with the brighter gleam of her computer screen.-
(12:25:21) Minaplo: [Marianne sat behind her desk, cast in the harsh orange light. "De Pteres."]
(12:27:09) Sept: "Marshal."-
(12:28:36) Sept: Sera took two steps forward to get away from the door. "It's about the asylum application from earlier today."
(12:34:57) Minaplo: ["Did you have something to say about it?"]
(12:40:54) Sept: "Yeah," Sera said, standing up straight, putting his hands together over his stomach.-
(12:41:57) Sept: "Apart from the humanitarian concerns, she talked to Freya at some length two months ago. That might well put her in danger."
(12:51:00) Minaplo: ["One could argue that since its been two months, anyone who had intended to do her harm could have, and yet have not."]
(12:54:45) Sept: "I don't think they'd want her for her information. I didn't know about her until today. I think that changes things."
(12:55:23) Minaplo: ["Does it?"]
(12:59:18) Sept: "Well… yes. If I want to find Freya and keep following her trail, and they go after anyone I talk to on the way… I think it fits their way of doing things. Don't you?"
(13:05:08) Minaplo: ["I'll take your word for it."]
(13:08:27) Sept: "Does that mean you'll approve it?"
(13:09:03) Minaplo: [Marianne didn't respond for a few moments.-
(13:09:17) Minaplo: ["Is that the only reason?"]
(13:13:30) Sept: "It's… the most rational one," said Sera slowly. "I think Freya anticipated I'd do this. Élodie helped me out, so of course I want to help her. She's a sharp young girl and deserves better."
(13:24:01) Minaplo: ["Would you have helped her if she couldn't have helped you?"]
(13:30:13) Sept: "I suppose I would've? Maybe not enough to appeal for her placement here."
(13:34:31) Minaplo: ["What would you have done with her then?"]
(13:36:36) Sept: "The Dorian isn't the best environment," Sera said, glancing to the side to escape Marianne's questions for a moment.-
(13:38:13) Sept: "So if her safety isn't a concern… I would've helped her find and get to another kind of home. Access to medical treatment, the opportunity at least to work or be provided for."
(13:42:12) Minaplo: ["You would've kept in contact?"]
(13:43:40) Sept: "Maybe not. At least follow up on how she's settling in, of course…"
(13:51:48) Minaplo: ["What are your plans for her being on the ship? Did you intend to care for her personally?"]
(13:53:01) Sept: "… If need be."
(13:54:35) Minaplo: ["What would you prefer happen with her?"]
(13:55:02) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 39.0/20150630154324])
(13:59:20) Sept: "I'd like her to have a better home than I can provide, of course. We're all in this together, but there are a lot of people here who are more present and less directly affected by the war."
(13:59:42) Minaplo: ["Anyone specific you had in mind?"]
(14:00:00) Sept: "Didn't get that far."
(14:05:01) Minaplo: [Marianne was silent.]
(14:09:36) * Sept didn't break the silence, just letting his gaze wander around the dim room. As it did, his discomfort began to show on his face more clearly.
(14:10:01) Minaplo: [Marianne remained silent and impassive, her expression still.]
(14:19:49) Sept: Sera rubbed his left arm anxiously. "Is there something you want…?"
(14:22:16) Minaplo: ["Yes, de Pteres, I want you to think of someone specific to help provide for your applicant."]
(14:42:09) Sept: "… very well."-
(14:50:15) Sept: Sera turned slightly away from Marianne and took a step back from the center point of her attention as he stuck a hand down his collar, produced the ornate whistle therein and bit on it for a moment.-
(14:55:19) Sept: After a second, he slipped it back in and took a deep breath. "If we're hard-pressed to find anyone right now, I can make arrangements with Fontaine. But I think there's value in placing her in a family in your officer corps. Jeanne's stress isn't sustainable, I think she needs a change of pace. Casey, your medical staff… Those kinds of people would benefit the most."
(14:57:11) Minaplo: [Marianne remained silent.]
(14:58:51) Sept: "Would you like me to interview them personally first? That's not a problem."
(15:02:04) Minaplo: ["That isn't necessary." Said Marianne. "Those are your nominees, then? Simon, Cole, and 'my medical staff'?"]
(15:03:36) Sept: "Which is a euphemistic way of saying 'Clement', since I know nothing of his condition now…"
(15:04:02) Minaplo: ["No one else?"]
(15:06:50) Sept: "Not out of your officers who could use the company, unless you have other ideas."
(15:07:46) Minaplo: ["I see."]
(15:14:45) Sept: "Anything else? Anything I can help with?"
(15:16:41) Minaplo: ["… No."]
(15:22:43) Sept: "Then, I had one more thing. I'm pursuing this Freya thing, wherever it leads. I don't want to draw too much attention, but if there's anything you need done in Orleans, I'm investigating something there as soon as we get our breakthrough with the Evas."
(15:23:42) Minaplo: ["Even if it conflicts with your obligations as a pilot?"]
(15:24:33) Sept: "You can contact me at any time. I don't intend to go dark."
(15:27:03) Minaplo: ["These actions could put you in danger and disrupt contact with Adeptus Command nonetheless." Said Marianne.]
(15:32:46) Sept: "I understand that. And it is important to me personally, but there's also a significant possibility she's leaving valuable intelligence behind her. She knew about the attacks before they happened."
(15:35:36) Minaplo: ["She did? Did she attempt to pass this information on?"]
(15:38:05) Sept: Sera paused for a moment, surprised. "… Yes, according to the logs we had, but she couldn't get through."
(15:38:34) Minaplo: ["I see."-
(15:39:16) Minaplo: ["Very well. For now, then, I approve of this endeavour. However, I expect regular updates, and if your goals lead you beyond Orleans then my permission is to be sought before you proceed."]
(15:41:42) * Sept closed his eyes for a moment and breathed out.-
(15:42:43) Sept: "Alright. Thank you, Marshal. And Élodie's application?"
(15:42:55) Minaplo: ["I approved it twenty minutes ago."]
(15:44:12) Sept: Sera's eyes widened. "You-"-
(15:44:32) Sept: "You're unbelievable. Is that everything?"
(15:47:02) Minaplo: ["I beg your pardon?" Said Marianne calmly.]
(15:51:58) Sept: "Nothing. You're following Dorian's footsteps admirably. Have a good day, Marshal."
(15:54:58) Minaplo: [Marianne didn't say anything as he left.-
(15:55:11) Minaplo: ["Went alright, Boyo?" Asked Casey; she didn't turn to look at him.]
(15:57:29) Sept: "You never know with ODs," Sera concluded sullenly.
(15:58:01) Minaplo: ["No?"]
(15:59:18) Sept: "Well, I don't. It didn't blow up in my face immediately, I guess."
(16:07:30) Minaplo: ["Anywhich you walk away from."]
(16:09:40) Sept: "Yeah," Sera said, stretching. He didn't look ready to put the meeting behind him, though. "I guess my part is done, here. Thanks for all the help today, Casey."
(16:12:22) Minaplo: ["Just my job, boyo, but yer welcome."]
(16:13:46) Sept: "Uh huh," Sera said, walking away with a wave to Casey over his shoulder. "I'll see you around."

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