Thruster Iron Nelson



Name Value Bonus
Weapon Skill 60 6
Ballistic Skill 60 6
Strength 70 7
Toughness 60 6
Agility 40 4
Perception 45 4

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Body Parts

Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds Qualities
Head 1 – 10 24 34 WS (6)
Right Arm 11 – 20 24 34 WS (4)
Left Arm 21 – 30 24 34 WS (4)
Body 31 – 50 28 40 Ablative (5)
Right Leg 71 – 85 24 34 WS (4)
Left Leg 86 – 100 24 34 WS (4)

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Movement Speed

Movement Type Half Move Full Move Charge Run
Walking 4 6 8 12

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Trait Subtitle Effect
Ablative Shell - The unit possesses an Ablative (5) Quality on the Body Location.
Anchoring System - You entrench (or unentrench) as a full action. You cannot move or dodge, but gain a +20 to all Toughness tests, and may test Toughness against any effect that might knock or push you down in place of any other roll- if there is no roll allowed, then you can use Toughness to negate it anyway (with GM permission). Also grants a +10 bonus to BS, grants the Auto-Stabilised trait and increases the range of all weapons by one step, to a maximum of Very Long.
Command Team - The Nelson has an elite crew of four. This is represented by a single character sheet with four pools of wounds, one for each. Whenever a pilot of the Nelson would be harmed, roll a 1d4 and match the number to the character below; that character takes damage. Each character provides specific bonuses; if the pilot is killed, stunned or knocked unconscious, the Iron Nelson loses access to those benefits.
- Ewan Cameron, Captain Provides +20 to Willpower tests and access to Interpersonal Talents. Each turn, grants the Iron Nelson one extra half action which may be used as normal.
- Fionn O'Maolain, Weapons Provides access to Combat Talents.
- Llewellyn Blevins, Helms Provides access to Physical and Piloting Talents.
- Melinda Granger, Info Provides access to Mental and Support Talents.
Integrated Weaponry - The Nelson's weapons are attached to the hull permanently, and installing or replacing weapons takes hours of work. As a result, the Nelson cannot drop any of its weapons. However, its weapons may not be removed or Disarmed by enemy action, and weapons' ammo clips are doubled automatically, unless they're Energy type, in which case they have unlimited ammo. Furthermore, it ignores any penalties associated with the Mounted weapon quality.
Machine - This unit is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage.
The Original - Being based off the Thruster Solace means that the Iron Nelson has little compatibility with the module-based technology of the Second and Third Generation Superheavies. It may benefit from Upgrades, but as for Modules, it may only take from the following:
- Head May take Universal Sensor upgrades.
- Body May take Universal+D-Titan Esoteric Upgrades, and Pilot Computers.
- Arms May take Arm Actuators.
- Legs May take Leg Actuators.
Size 5 (Hulking) You are size 5 (Hulking), giving you a -10 to Stealth and enemies take a +10 bonus to attack you. You take a bonus to grapple targets smaller than you equal to the difference in size*10, and they take the same penalty when parrying attacks from you. You count your AB as +1 for the purposes of movement calculations.
Sturdy - This creature takes a +20 bonus to resist Knockdowns and Takedowns. Grapple attempts on them take a -20 penalty.
Weapon Loadout Iron Nelson - This unit may not wield normal weapons. Instead, it is outfitted with eight weapons, seen below. All weapons are integrated, and so cannot be disarmed or removed.
- Sledgefists Each hand has a Sledgefist, which is identical to a Smash Knuckle. Its hands are still free to manipulate items.
- Thruster Shields Each arm has a Thruster Shield, which may be any one-handed Shield.
- Gatlings Each arm has a Gatling weapon, which may be any Basic weapon (inc. Dread Base) with a burst capacity. The weapon gains the Storm quality and doubles its ammo capacity.
- Glare The head is equipped with a single Glare weapon, which may be any Basic energy weapon. The weapon loses any burst quality (becoming single-shot only), but gains the Accurate quality and doubles its ammo capacity.
- Supergun The body is equipped with a single Supergun, chosen from one of three unique weapons: the Disruptor Cannon, the Mega Multilauncher, or the Battleship Killer. The Nelson must be Anchored (se Anchoring System) to fire a Supergun.
Vulnerabilities - The Iron Nelson is an overdesigned mess, and the engineering knowledge that went into it was not equal to the dream of its design. It possesses multiple vulnerabilities, each of which may be removed permanently by paying 25 Reserves.
- Faulty Wiring All Energy Weapons integrated into the Iron Nelson gain the Overheats quality.
- No Ejection The Iron Nelson lacks an ejection system entirely. They may not eject whatsoever.
- Top Heavy The Iron Nelson takes a half action extra than normal to rise from Prone (making it a Full Action, Half w/Leap Up).
- Uneven Armour The Iron Nelson has the Weak Spot (4) on the Arms and Legs, and Weak Spot (6) on the Head.

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Advancement Upgrade
Agility 2
Durability 2
Strength 2
AC Suit Mods Care Mod, Defense Locker, OTIS II, Survival Mods

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 Scope Array

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Component Slot Component
Esoteric Defense Pseudo-Ablative Gel
Pilot Computer Mk2 Core

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators Lion-Class Actuators

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Component Slot Component
Actuators Anaheim Actuators

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Name Subname Effect
Agility - Each rank of this Upgrade increases your Superheavy's Agility by 10.
- 1 +10 to your Superheavy's Agility.
- 2 +10 to your Superheavy's Agility (+20 total).
Durability - Each rank of this Upgrade increases your Superheavy's AP and Wounds on all areas by 2.
- 1 +2 to your Superheavy's AP and Wounds.
- 2 +2 to your Superheavy's AP and Wounds (+4 total)
Strength - Each rank of this Upgrade increases your Superheavy's Strength by 10.
- 1 +10 to your Superheavy's Strength.
- 2 +10 to your Superheavy's Strength (+20 total).
AC Mods - You gain access to the following AC Mods, which provide you with special resources accessible through the AC Suit. You may equip your Plug with four of them per battle.
- Care Mod The first 2 times your OD uses the Remote Care talent on you per battle, it becomes a Free Action instead.
- Command Mod You gain a free Half Action per round which may be used only to activate Formations, Tactics or issue orders (eg. The command skill).
- Defense Locker You gain a locker containing a single suit of armour and three basic or smaller weapons, or one basic or smaller weapon and a heavy weapon.
- Enviroseal You gain an emergency secondary seal that deploys in the case of an Entry AC Suit breach in space or underwater.
- OTIS II The first 2 times your Commander uses the Precision Targeting talent on you per battle, it becomes a Free Action instead.
- Reference Mod You gain a comprehensive computer database that may be accessed through the AC Suit's systems. So long you're in the AC Suit, you're treated as being trained in all Lores, but using Lores that you're not trained in naturally takes one hour per use, minus 5 minutes per Degree of Success. If you are trained in the skill, then as normal but you gain a +10 bonus instead.
- Safe Port You gain a small, heavily reinforced compartment within your AC Suit, in which you may store one item no less than a metre long and wide. Items in this port are almost guaranteed to survive any damage to the AC Suit, and are useful for storing mementos or items to which you are highly attached.
- Superior Jets You gain a +20 bonus to Ejection rolls.
- Survival Mods Your Suit is outfitted with an emergency supplies intended to keep you alive. It includes a two-week food and water ration, a portable solar generator, an emergency beacon, a UN Survival Kit, and a medikit with a single shot of biogel. Furthermore, assuming it is not damaged, your AC Suit systems can now sustain breathable atmosphere indefinitely.
Sensor Upgrades
Raven Sensors - You gain +5 Perception, and reduce penalties to hit due to size by 10.
Scope Array - You gain +5 Perception; when using the Full Aim action, you may sacrifice your bonus to negate all penalties to your ranged attack.
Superheavy ECM - Attacks at you from machine or electronic-based enemies reduce the attack test bonus from Aim actions by half. Furthermore, these units also take a -20 penalty to Awareness if they are within 6km of you.
Superheavy ECCM - Cancels out Superheavy ECM effects on allies within 6km of you.
T-Sat Network - you gain +10 to Awareness and Unnatural Perception (2) (expands vision radius).
True Sight System - You gain the Dark Sight trait.
Esoteric Defenses
Cerovite Shell - You gain the Cerovite Armour Quality.
Damaskite Mantle - You gain the Damaskite (3) Armour Quality.
Distortion Field - You produce a 1km bubble around yourself. Ranged attacks against allies in the bubble take a -10 penalty. Overlapping Distortion Bubbles stack their effects, to a total of -60 penalty.
Fieldblinder Fitting - You gain the Fieldblinder Armour Quality.
Prox Drone Network - As a half action, you may deploy a Prox Drone Network. This network occupies Close Range (3km) around you, and travels with you. The Network contains three uses. As a Free Action, you may use the Network on anyone within or who passes through it, even if it is not your turn. They suffer an automatic hit dealing 1d10+4X P4, which they may dodge or deflect as normal. You may use extra uses of this upgrade to increase the damage and penetration by 2 per extra use.
Self-Repair Module - As a Full Action, you may restore up to TB*4 wounds, spread across limbs as you like. Any damage to Armour (not including Ablatives) is also repaired. You gain three uses of Self-Repair per battle.
Shadowline Weave - You gain the Shadowline Armour Quality.
Signal Jammer - You may use Signal Jammer as a Free Action. Until the start of your next turn, all enemies within 3km of you- or enemies that move into that radius- are unable to benefit from or send OD benefits, including talents or tactics, and their LoS is not treated as shared to the rest of their allies.
Esoteric Defenses (D-Titan and Trident Exclusive)
Kinetic Barriers - You gain a Deflection Rating of 50%, which may deflect any type of attack except for Blast attacks; you may test Deflection without sacrificing your opportunity to dodge or parry. As a Full Action, you may increase the Rating to 100%, or expand it to create a bubble with a 1km radius; in either case, the Barrier now works against Blast attacks. Disruption, AT Penetration, Positron, Neutralisation and other effects which negate or affect Deflection work as normal on Kinetic Barriers.
Point Defense Grid - At the end of every round, you make a single BS test, and record the DoS. Every ranged attack aimed at you that comes from more than Assault (1km) range away compares its own DoS to the DoS of the Grid test; if the Grid is higher, the attack is neutralised, and the Grid's DoS is reduced by one. Otherwise, the attack prevails. If the attack's DoS is higher than the Grid's by 3 or more, the Grid shorts out instantly and requires a full round to reboot. The Point Defense Grid may not neutralise Blast or Cone attacks; attacks from Heavy Weapons with more than 1 d10; and treats its DoS as being 3 lower against Positron attacks.
Pseudo-Ablative Gel - You gain a permanent level of Cover (12) which protects your entire body. This Cover depletes as normal, but regenerates at the start of your turn.
Shimmer Barriers - You gain the Shimmer (2) Quality.
Pilot Computers
Mk2 Core - You gain +5 WS and BS.
Pilot Map System - You gain +10 WS.
Sniper-T System - You gain +10 BS.
Arm Actuators
Blitz Actuators - You increase the Degrees of Success of all melee attacks by 1. You also increase the maximum number of attacks dealt with Swift and Lightning Attack by 1.
Lion-Class Actuators - Twice per battle, you may use Lion Actuators. Until the start of your next turn, you count as having Unnatural Strength (+4).
Rapid Guidance Actuators - Twice per battle, you may use Rapid Guidance Actuators. You instantly make the Feint action against a single target as a Free Action.
Leg Actuators
Anaheim Actuators - Twice per battle, you may use Anaheim Actuators. Until the start of your next turn, you count as having Unnatural Agility (+4).
Nimbus Actuators - Twice per battle, in response to an enemy attacking you, you may use Nimbus Actuators to grant yourself a free Dodge attempt against the attack.
Shock Resistant Actuators - You gain +10 Toughness but lose -10 Agility.

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Melee Weapons

Weapon Subweapon Class Range RoF Damage Penetration Clip Reload Qualities Upgrades
Sledgefist Base Melee - - 1d10+3I 5 - - Pneumatic; Concussive, Devastating (2); Unwieldy
- Real Melee - - 1d10+3+7+3+3I (+16) 3 - - Pneumatic; Concussive, Devastating (2); Unwieldy
AM Shield Base Melee - - 1d5+0 0 - - Shield (2); Defensive, Specialised (E, 2)
ESV Unit Base Melee - - 1d5+0 3 - - Shield (2); Ablative (6), Defensive

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Ranged Weapons

Weapon Subweapon Class Range RoF Damage Penetration Clip Reload Qualities Upgrades
Gatling Storm Bolter Base Basic Medium (6km) S/3/4 1d10+6x 5 16 Full Dread-Base, Special Bolts; Storm, Tearing
- Real Basic Medium (6km) S/4/5 1d10+6+3X (+9) 5 16 Half Dread-Base, Special Bolts; Storm, Tearing
Gatling Pulse Autorifle Base Basic Medium (6km) S/3/5 1d10+4E 4 20 Full Modal (1), Positron, Overheats
- Real Basic Medium (6km) S/4/6 1d10+4+3E (+7) 4 20 Half Modal (1), Positron, Overheats
Positron Gun Glare Basic Basic Medium (6km) S/-/- 1d10+5E 7 12 Full Maximal, Positron; Accurate; Overheats
- Real Basic Medium (6km) S/-/- 1d10+5+3E (+8) 7 12 Half Maximal, Positron; Accurate; Overheats
Disruptor Cannon Basic Heavy Orbital S/-/- 3d10+2E 10 3 2 Full Positron, Maximal; Accurate, Disrupt (10), Longshot; Overheats
- Real Heavy Orbital S/-/- 3d10+2+3E (+5) 10 3 3 Half Positron, Maximal; Accurate, Disrupt (10), Longshot; Overheats
Mega Multilauncher Basic Heavy Orbital S/2/4 2d10+4X 6 8 2 Full Blast (3); Devastating (4), Tearing, Indirect (5), Longshot
- Real Heavy Orbital S/3/5 2d10+4+3X (+7) 6 8 3 Half Blast (3); Devastating (4), Tearing, Indirect (5), Longshot
Battleship Killer Basic Heavy Orbital S/-/- 6d10 I 30 1 Breaks after Firing Longshot, Proven (5), Tearing; Faulty, Inaccurate, Slow, Ungainly, Unreliable
- Real Heavy Orbital S/-/- 6d10+3 I 30 1 Breaks after Firing Longshot, Proven (5), Tearing; Faulty, Inaccurate, Slow, Ungainly, Unreliable

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