All of the pilots from all across the world have been assembled to fight in a simulated combat league- and there can be only one winner!

Six teams are competing- Boston, Paris, Berlin, Leningrad, Beijing and Tokyo. Each team fights every other team once; the team with the most points at the end of the competition is crowned Thunderdome Champion and receive rewards.

The whole world is watching (NERV is selling the footage to television providers as extreme sports). So don't screw up.

Special Rules

1) Feedback is in full effect, except for situations where it'd cause physical wounds. Any effects that would cause physical wounds are disabled.
2) AT Field Ego erosion is not in effect.
3) Unique equipment such as Angel weapons, Harken blades or Commissioned weapons are not allowed.
4) F-Type equipment is not allowed.
5) A-Type equipment can be used at no cost.
6) Everyone goes into a battle with 20 WUP of weapons each- they do not take their normal weapons into battle but 'buy' new ones. This includes natural weapons.
7) Biological upgrades and Structural upgrades carry over normally.
8) Battles last for 20 rounds.
9) Berserking is disabled.

Let's Make it Interesting!

At the start of every battle, roll on the chart below and employ the effect.

Roll Effect
1 Real World Fighting: No AT Fields or AT Field effects can be employed.
2 Name Your Attacks: All pilots must loudly scream attack names when they attack. If they do particularly well (passing a charm or intimidate test) they get extra points.
3 With a Whimper: All Synch Disruptions are automatically negative.
4 With a Bang: All Synch Disruptions are automatically positive.
5 Flying Blind: No OD support.
6 Neutral MAGI: All pilot data is visible to everyone.
7 Three Times as Fast: One pilot chosen at random from each team is given the Celerity trait.
8 More Dakka: All ammo is unlimited. Weapon semi/full autos increase by 1 and weapon Blast(x) increase blast size by 1.
9 Unfair Fight: Choose a side at random. It is upgraded to F-Type equipment and receives +10 WUP. However, the points scored by the handicapped team are increased by 50%.
10 Hyper Super Dimensional Evangelion War: You no longer have a Deflection rating, but all AT Fields are now strength 20.

Point Scoring

Points are scored in the following ways. When it comes to multipliers and you get more than one, simply pick the highest.

Method Points earned
Damaging an Eva 1 point per Eva
Critically Damaging an Eva 2 points per Eva
Removing a Limb 2 points per limb
Killing an Eva 5 points per Eva
Time Bonus +1 per round before round 15
Victory (All enemies destroyed) *2 to total points
Decisive Victory (All enemies destroyed, all Evangelions alive) *3 to total points
Flawless Victory (All enemies destroyed, all Evangelions unharmed *5 to total points
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