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[15:52] <Raphael> Thursday night dinners in the Guillory household are typically informal affairs - It’s one of Raphael’s busiest days at the base, and leaves little room for fancy dinners. But tonight is different. Tonight they are in the company of a Princess…-
[15:52] <Raphael> Chiisana has already arrived, but she’s been left in the company of Suzanne while Rei and Raphael prepare the last of their dinner in the kitchen. Normally cooking isn’t something Raphael requires a great deal of assistance with, but tonight’s meal is a little less familiar.
[15:56] <Chiisana‘Himesama> [It was hard work getting Suzanne to agree to that. Once Rei walked through that door, Suzanne was at her side- and Rei was all too happy to give the little girl the very best big-sister cuddles she could.-
[15:57] <Chiisana`Himesama> ["Raffy-kun?" Began Rei, noodles frying happily in their pan.]
[16:04] <Raphael> "Mmm?" Raphael asks, looking up from the sink as he finished washing up the dishes.
[16:05] <Chiisana`Himesama> ["Do you like Chiicchin?"]
[16:12] <Raphael> "She seems like a good girl." Raphael nods. "She’s definitely a little more… intimidating than you are, but I think there's a good person beneath that."
[16:13] <Chiisana‘Himesama> [Rei giggles. "Yes. She’s very forceful at times, but she's also very reasonable. I hope she hasn't given you any trouble…"]
[16:17] <Raphael> "Not especially." Raphael says, finishing stacking the plates. "It's funny, though… of all your sisters, she's the one who reminds me of you the least."
[16:22] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Really, Raffy-kun?" Rei turns to look at him, not truly questioning, but more just curious. "Why’s that?"]
[16:29] <Raphael> "Hmm." He leans back against the counter and frowns. "I suppose when it comes down to it, you’re both strong girls, but where she wears that strength on the outside and makes sure we all see it, yours is a little… quieter. An inner strength. I know it’s there, but you still surprise me sometimes. Does that make sense?"-
[16:30] <Raphael> "… Nevermind that she's a lot less easygoing." Raphael adds after a moment, smiling ruefully.
[16:32] <Chiisana‘Himesama> [Rei nodded, giggling a little. "It’s like how Al-chan calls me his cuddly kitten, but Chicchin is more of a tiger cub. Right?"]
[16:34] <Raphael> "…" Raphael raises an eyebrow, but nods after a moment. "Right.
[16:34] <Raphael> "*
[16:36] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Chiicchin really is very strong. And headstrong, too." She smiles. "She and mama don’t get on."]
[16:43] * Raphael seems suddenly curious at that. "Really? Why's that?"
[16:44] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Chiicchin hates the name she was given, and… She doesn’t like being treated like a child, which is what mama does. It's not mama's fault, though…"]
[16:51] <Raphael> "No? It seems like if your mother knows that it's up to her to change it…"
[16:53] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["But Raffy-kun, we’re all mama's children. She'll always see us as that, even when we're older."]
[16:58] <Raphael> "Of course. But the way she shows that needs to change with age. It's a difficult thing for a parent, but it's still her job."
[17:00] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Mm… I guess you’re right, Raffy-kun." Says Rei thoughtfully. "You're always so smart."
[17:01] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ]
[17:01] <Raphael> "I don’t know about that…" Raphael says, but he's smiling a little as he says it.
[17:08] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Well, I do." Says Rei, giggling. "Raffy-kun? How’re those vegetables coming along? Let me know when I can start on the pork, ok?"]
[17:15] <Raphael> "They… should be almost ready. Let's get the pork prepared, hmm?"
[17:16] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Alright, Raffy-kun!"-
[17:18] <Chiisana`Himesama> [About 15 minutes later, they’re carrying out four bowls of hot, steaming, delicious noodles, coated in rich teriyaki sauce with assorted cuttings of vegetables- spring onion, cauliflower, beans- and little slices of fried pork. They place the bowls down at the table, a pair of chopsticks against each bowl. "Dinner is served, everyone~" Says Rei happily.-
[17:19] * Chiisana‘Himesama and Suzanne look over from the couch, where Suzanne has been avidly watching Chii demonstrate techniques with her umbrella for the past half hour. "Remember that a princess must be a master of the social -and- martial arts, otherwise- oh?" Chii’s eyes widen with warmth. "Ah, noodles! Splendid!"
[17:43] <Raphael> "Well, I figured it was only fair after you were denied them at lunch the other day." He says, setting down his bowls and casting a worried eye over towards the demonstration. What had she been teaching her? "… I hope you haven’t been causing Miss Chiisana any trouble, little one."
[17:47] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Huh?!" Suzanne unleashes an epic pout on Raphael for his comments. "Of course not!"-
[17:50] <Chiisana`Himesama> "She has been the very paragon of decorum." Says Chii, her umbrella vanishing. She is, tonight, wearing a lovely gown of blue silk with lily-white gloves. "She is also a fine student. If we can provide her with a steady education, by the time she reaches her maturity she will be an excellent swordswoman."
[17:58] <Raphael> "We’ll see." Raphael says, giving Suzanne an apologetic smile. "I suppose she already has her own sword."
[17:59] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "Indeed? Then that is a good start. But come, little Princess Suzanne." Says Chii. "It is time for dinner."-
[18:00] <Chiisana`Himesama> [Suzanne’s already wheeling herself over to her spot on the table. "Oooh. Noodles? Did you cook these, Reirei?"-
[18:00] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["A little. I mostly helped Raffy-kun."]
[18:09] * Raphael shakes his head, pulling out a chair opposite Suzie. "Rei’s being modest. Rei helped me make a few modifications to the recipe, and I think they'll made quite a difference."
[18:12] * Chiisana‘Himesama sits down as well. "In any case, they look very well-presented, and smell…" She took a moment to appreciate a bowl of well-cooked noodles. "Transcendent."-
[18:13] <Chiisana`Himesama> [Rei also sat down, breaking her chopsticks. "I suppose you haven’t had much chance to find good noodles like you found at home, huh, Chiicchin?"-
[18:13] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "Alas, no. No one in the Occident seems to grasp the technique that dear Prince Makoto brings to a bowl."
[18:19] <Raphael> "Well, I hope my own attempt comes close, Miss Chiisana." Raphael says with a little grin, reaching over to the centre of the table to grab a fork rather than a chopsticks. "How do you want to eat yours, Suzie? Do you want a fork, or are you going to try the chopsticks like Rei and Chiisana?"
[18:23] <Chiisana`Himesama> ["Hmm… I wanna use chopsticks!"]
[18:28] <Raphael> "Alright, then." Raphael says, handing her an unbroken set. "Don’t make too much of a mess, alright? Rei, do you mind helping her a little?"
[18:30] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["I don’t mind at all, Raffy-kun." She scooted over. "Ok, Suzie. The first thing you need to do is learn how to hold them properly…"-
[18:30] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "If you are unfamiliar with using chopsticks, Sir Guillory, I would be happy to demonstrate."
[18:36] * Raphael eyes the last set of chopsticks dubiously. "Really, ma’am, it's fine. You're a guest, there's no need to bother yourself with that."
[18:37] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "I do not mind if you are willing to learn, Sir."
[18:42] * Raphael gives his fork a last look before setting it aside. "I suppose I should at least try, hmm?"
[18:44] <Chiisana`Himesama> "There’s the spirit." Chiisana stands up and moves behind Raphael, leaning over. A sleeve of silk tickles his left earlobe. "Take the chopsticks firmly in your right hand."
[18:52] * Raphael reaches for the chopsticks, breaks them quickly and eyes them for a moment in silence. Then he grasps them between his fingers… and frowns. They felt comfortable there. Chiisana would be able to see that his grip was essentially perfect.
[18:57] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "That is a -good- start, Sir Guillory." Says Chii, her hand- which had moved to adjust his grip- withdrawn. "Now, simply move your fingers like thus to open your chopsticks…"
[19:02] * Raphael does so quickly and with little effort. After a moment’s hesitation he continues without Chii's instruction, easily snatching a bundle of noodles from the bowl and lifting them into his mouth as though he'd been using the utensils all his life. "… Hmmm."
[19:03] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "Onee-sama, look at this."-
[19:04] <Chiisana`Himesama> [Rei and Suzanne have been having a good deal of fun, although little progress. Suzanne had just mastered holding the chopsticks- clumsily- when Chiisana looks over. A bundle of noodles grasped in Suzanne’s pair collapse messily back into the bowl as her tenuous grip breaks. "Hmm? What is it, Chiicchin?" She looks over, and blinks.-
[19:05] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Raffy-kun, you don’t need any help at all!"-
[19:05] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "It -does- make sense."
[19:07] * Raphael is still staring at his hand with a sort of distracted confusion. "What does?"
[19:08] <Chiisana`Himesama> "You are able to use chopsticks naturally. It is logical to assume that this is due to the same mechanism that allows you to walk naturally with that body."
[19:12] * Raphael shakes his head slowly. "With respect, ma’am, I don't know that -anything- about this body makes sense to me." Although it doesn't seem to be putting him off too greatly, judging by the way he immediately grabs another portion of his meal.
[19:14] <Chiisana‘Himesama> "Fair." Chii sweeps back to her own seat and begins to eat.-
[19:14] <Chiisana`Himesama> ["Come on, Suzie, you can do it…" Encourages Rei.-
[19:15] <Chiisana`Himesama> ["Man, these are tricky…" Mutters Suzanne as she sloooowly lifts a bundle of noodles up. They start to slip, and she cheats a little, snapping them off before they can fall.]
[19:24] * Raphael grins and tries to slow his own progress in an attempt to stop her getting discouraged. "You’re doing well, sweetheart."
[19:27] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Al-chan has trouble too, Suzie." Says Rei, giggling. "I think you’re doing better than he did…"-
[19:27] <Chiisana‘Himesama> ["Really?" Suzie looks from Raphael to Rei, and back to her noodles, brow creased with determination.]
[19:30] * Raphael smiles and returns to his meal, leaving Suzanne to concentrate. "Have you been enjoying your time in Paris, Miss Chiisana?"
[19:33] <Chiisana`Himesama> "I have. It is a city that seems to know all too well what I appreciate, and offers such things to me when it can."
[19:34] <Raphael> "Such as?"
[19:39] <Chiisana`Himesama> "Why, just the other day I visited the Louvre. It is impressive how many fine objets d’art are still on display, despite the building's horrid misfortune."
[16:42] <Raphael> "It's certainly quite a sight. But I must ask, do you think it's worth all the money we spend to rebuild it after each battle? I understand the need to preserve our history, but after a certain point…"
[16:51] <@Isaiah> ["There are many explanations and debates about that topic." Says Chiisana slowly. "On the one hand, it is money that some might consider wastefully spent, repairing a non-essential building that seems prone to destruction. On the other hand, the Louvre is a symbol in many ways- as a Parisian landmark, and as a bastion of art and culture, which some would say is the creme de la creme of civilization itself. To some, repairing the Louvre as stubbornly as we do shows that our civilization remains unbowed and unbroken even at the worst of times."-
[16:53] <@Isaiah> ["My own opinion is far more practical. Simple research shows that what the Louvre accrues in rebuilding costs, it makes back as part of its normal operation. So it is ultimately not doing any -harm-…"]
[16:55] <Raphael> "A fair point, ma'am." He says with a little smile. "I suppose the true winners in this war will be the construction companies."
[17:04] <@Isaiah> ["Indeed."-
[17:04] <@Ayanami‘Rei> "Al-chan has had me and Sho cleaning up some places with our Evas." Said Rei.
[17:11] * Raphael smiles wider at that, continuing to work his way through the noodles. "Is that so? Good to hear. There was a lot of talk about using the Evas for that sort of work, but it never really seemed to happen. A bit of a shame, really, especially considering the good they could do in certain parts of the world…"
[17:18] * @Ayanami`Rei nodded. "It felt nice to finally be able to use them for something that wasn’t fighting…"-
[17:21] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["The Evangelions are war machines first and foremost." Said Chiisana. "But when disasters occur, it is the duty of any protecting party- whether as noble as a knightly order, or as base as a mafia family running a racket- to assist."]
[17:41] <Raphael> "True enough." He says with a slow nod. "… I’m curious what you two hope will happen to the EVAs when this war is over, though."
[17:47] <@Ayanami‘Rei> "Turn them into peace machines!" Says Rei cheerfully. "That go around, fixing disasters, protecting the innocent and stopping evildoers!"
[17:48] * Raphael grins. "I believe you’ve just described Suzanne's dream."
[17:49] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne nods fervently. "To stop all the evil robots."]
[17:49] <Raphael> "Evil robots?"
[17:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["They’re robots that are evil."]
[17:50] <Raphael> "Ah, of course."
[17:50] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Chiisana smiled as she watched the exchange, then…-
[17:51] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I would wish the Evangelions to be used for peace, yes, but also science and exploration. Theoretically speaking, despite their sheer destructive power, Evangelions could become a powerful tool for creating genuine peace through science."]
[17:57] * Raphael taps his chopsticks gently against the side of the bowl. "It’s certainly possible, at least as far as I can tell. Even ignoring some of the more… exotic capabilities of the units, widespread access to infinite power sources would be world-changing."
[17:59] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Indeed." Said Chiisana. "You could also handle pollution and disposal easily. An infinite power source is the first step to a post-scarcity civilization."-
[17:59] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Also, if any more aliens ever came, we could beat them up." Said Suzanne firmly.]
[18:01] <Raphael> "Quite right, little one." Raphael says, giving the girl an indulgent grin.
[18:04] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Or quite the opposite." Said Chiisana. "An Evangelion could very easily allow humanity to spread across the stars…"]
[18:06] <Raphael> "Better to fix our problems on this world before we add on those of another, I think."#
[18:35] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["What problems would you consider a priority?"]
[18:46] * Raphael falls silent for a few seconds, staring down at his food as he looks for the right words. "The reason so many have flocked to the LN’s banner is the simple truth that the UN has put them and their attendant problems - many of which go back to Second Impact - behind the countries with strong NERV ties. The decision to put the Evangelions first was a pragmatic one, and I agree with
[18:46] * Raphael it, but when the angels are defeated I hope we can do what’s right. Places like Australia and Africa will never stabilize without help."
[18:53] <@Ayanami`Rei> [Chiisana nods slowly. "You are right. However, I expect those places to recover once the Angels -are- defeated…"]
[18:54] <Raphael> "Oh?"
[18:56] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["With the Angels defeated, the UN could focus its efforts on rebuilding- and ultimately in the long run, reconstructing Australia and Africa is more lucrative than letting it collapse. The USA did the same thing after the 2nd World War."]
[18:57] <Raphael> "Ah, right. Yes, that’s what I'm hoping for. And while I would be interested in what we could gain from the Evangelions, I hope we see to those other problems first."
[18:59] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Chii nodded.-
[19:02] <@Ayanami`Rei> "Raffy-kun, what would you do after the fighting?"
[19:06] <Raphael> "After the fighting? Hmm. I don’t know if there will ever be such a thing for me. Even when the war with the angels is done, there'll still be plenty of work for a soldier. I imagine there'll be a surge of peacekeeping missions with the UN… maybe I'll return to that for a while."
[19:08] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["What would you do, if you weren’t needed, then?" Asked Chiisana.]
[19:10] * Raphael 's brow furrows slightly at the question. "… I don't really know. This is all I've ever known, and I've never really had cause to consider any other life."
[19:16] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Model." Says Suzanne firmly.]
[19:19] * Raphael gives Suzanne a dark look. "Absolutely not."
[19:20] <@Ayanami`Rei> "You could become a professional robot pilot, Raffy-kun! I’m sure Juju-chan will always need people to help him." Said Rei brightly.
[19:23] * Raphael laughs a little. "With the little Suzie here as my copilot. We'd fight the evil robots, hmm?"
[19:24] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Copilot?" Suzie frowned.]
[19:25] <Raphael> "Sidekick?" Raphael tried.
[19:27] <@Ayanami`Rei> [This worsened the frown. "You’ll be -my- sidekick."]
[19:28] <Raphael> "Hmm." Raphael said, seeming to give this serious consideration. "How about we just agree to be partners?"
[19:30] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Alright. In -different- robots."]#
[19:46] <Raphael> "Of course, little one."-
[19:47] <Raphael> "… of course, I’ll have the bigger one." He adds with a small smirk.
[19:48] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Fine." She says, pouting.-
[19:49] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Speaking of robots. How are you finding that T-RIDEN-T?" Asked Chiisana.]
[19:58] <Raphael> "It’s been an interesting challenge, though I’m glad I had time to get used to the control scheme in the Dreadnaught before I moved to the T-RIDEN-T. Getting used to the basic movement was difficult enough without the T-RIDEN-T’s odd weight distribution. Still, it’s exceptional as a mobile weapons platform." He says, scooping up the last of his noodles. "I’ve seen some of the
[19:58] <Raphael> Lib Neospartan pilots use their units in close combat, but that’s a bit beyond my ability."
[20:02] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["I could teach you." Said Chiisana promptly.-
[20:03] <@Ayanami`Rei> "Chiicchin." Cut in Rei. "Raffy-kun probably doesn’t need that sort of training for his line of work. Right, Raffy-kun?"
[20:05] <Raphael> "… Probably not." Raphael says slowly. "Although if I do happen to need a tutor I'll be sure to keep you in mind, Miss Chiisana."
[20:06] <@Ayanami‘Rei> [Chii nodded. "Good."]
[20:09] * Raphael smile, beginning to gather up his dishes. "So, would anyone else like seconds? If not, there’s some ice-cream for dessert."
[20:09] <Raphael> «Smiles*»
[20:11] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["Ice cream!" Said Suzie immediately.-
[20:11] <@Ayanami`Rei> Rei giggled. "I wouldn’t mind some ice cream myself, Raffy-kun."-
[20:11] <@Ayanami‘Rei> ["May I have seconds, please?" Asked Chii.]
[20:15] <Raphael> "Certainly." Raphael says, standing as he collects the rest of the bowls and cutlery and stacks them. "I take it my noodles were up to your high standards then, ma’am?"
[20:16] <@Ayanami`Rei> ["Of course." Chii nods elegantly.]
[20:22] <Raphael> "Glad to hear it, ma’am." Raphael says, ruffling Suzie’s hair as he passes by on the way to the kitchen. "I won’t be a moment, girls." He calls, smiling as the sound of excited, cheerful conversation began again behind him. It was a sound that made him wonder, if only for a moment, whether his days as a soldier might be drawing to a close after all…

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