Timeline for Haplogame

14th Iest (Paraskest)
- Republic Day

3rd Isadorest (Isaday)
- Feast Day of Isador

1st Miramest (Miramday)
- Feast Day of Miram


7th Inmeldinest (Inmelday)
- Feast Day of Inmeldin

5th Manarest (Manarday)
- Feast Day of Manar

6th Firest (Damaneday)
- The Day of Elves.
7th Firest (Emblanday)
- Lucian Hamilton, CEO of East Paxian Shipping Corporation, is murdered, becoming the first person targeted by the Slayer.

15th Damanest (Isaday)
- Midsummer’s Day

3rd Paraskest (Miramday)
- Joshua Olon, CEO of Olon Merchant Organisation is murdered by the Slayer.
7th Paraskest (Paraday)
- The Feast Day of Paraskas

30th Aerest (Isaday)
- Richard Vickers, CEO of Vickers Corporation is murdered by the Slayer.

3rd Emblanest (Emblanday)
- Feast Day of Emblan, the Day of Justice.

7th Emblanest (Miramday)
- Michael Vickers holds a ball that ends in his announcement that the Vickers Corporation is closing down.

10th Emblanest (Emblanday)
- Tyraline Paskell breaks into the Vickers building to seek dirt on Michael and others.

15th Emblanest (Paraday)
- The Top Hat Strigoi, AKA Joshua Olon brought back from the dead, attacks Xirinas in the Festina Lente.
16th Emblanest (Damaneday)
- Xiri, Tyra, Maia and Diana research Joshua Olon and the Strigoi (as well as aviation technology), defeating a ghostly creature and finding evidence to indicate that the person who summoned the Strigoi is an Oblationist rogue.
19th Emblanest (Manarday)
- Joined by Lucius d’Armand, another Oblationist, the group scry for the rogue Oblationist Sophie Garland. Detecting her in a safe house, they rush to find her, but instead find Joshua Olon, the Strigoi, who is finally destroyed. They try to scry Sophie again, only to fail; but they meet the group known as the Angels en Garde.
20th Emblanest (Isaday)
- The Slayer explores one of the safe houses of Garland, leaving 2 remaining.
- Maia arrives back in Redspring to discuss the Angels en Garde with Father Tycho.
21st Emblanest (Miramday)
- The group investigate one of the safe houses whilst the police investigate the other. Their safe house is a bust; most of the police sent to the other are slaughtered. They quickly arrive at the other house, and after a draining and even somewhat traumatic battle, Melchion is defeated and Sophie Garland freed.

8th Balanarest (Inmelday)
- The Holy Feast Day of Balanar.

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