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Tomes are powerful, special artifacts that are necessary for a Persona user to focus and manage their powers. They are large, heavy leather-bound books with a white crystal engraving of a tree on every front cover, superimposed over a hexagram. The pages are thick and creamy coloured, and are made from the bark of Sophia, the Tree of Knowledge herself. The Tomes cannot be destroyed, nor can they be written upon with pens, paints, pencils, blood… it merely vanishes. They are invisible to normal people- only ghosts, Persona users or Shadows can see them.

The Tomes are each attuned to one person- a Persona User. Only that person can open their Tome. The Tome responds to a person's thoughts, meaning it can be moved or opened telekinetically. The Tomes will remain within 5 metres of their owner at all times, even if put under lock and key (they simply teleport out), unless the owner commands them to stay, or the Tome is taken and physically held by another Persona User. If the Tomes are held outside of these 5 metres, they cannot be used and do not respond to any commands as it is too far away.

The Tomes have many powers attuned to the secret world to which Personae and Shadows belong. Tomes can be used to detect or analyse Shadows; they are also where a person stores the Persona they intend to use. In fact, it is through Tomes that Persona users evoke their Persona, opening the Tomes to a certain page- where their Persona is illustrated in a golden frame- and issuing a mental command to come forth.

The Tomes are not infallible, however, and against certain Shadows or in certain areas, their powers can fail…

In conjunction with their special pages, Tomes hold an infinite amount of pages that can be written in telekinetically, responding to thought. These pages can be removed and they will continue to exist, and their appearance can also be changed, for example, to match foolscap or grid paper. Writing pages within the Tomes can also be set to 'diary' status, where they will transcribe your every thought, or your every word, action, so on and so forth.

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