Tran Huong Hue

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Full Name: Tran Huong Hue
Position: First Navigator, FSS Valletta
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 2028/20
Place of Residence: Nguyen Xuan Vinh City, Gagarin/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6
Handedness: Left

Personal Notes

Notes from Starfleet dossier
Tran Huong Hue. Born 2028 in Nguyen Xuan Vinh City, Gagarin. Despite her terrestrial birth, the Tran family operate an interstellar trading company, and so Tran has spent much of her life in space. She possesses a competence in zero-gravity beyond the norm for Neogens. In 2046 she enrolled at the Melbourne Starfleet Academy, specialising in navigation, in which she excelled to the point that she completed the course in record time. The FSS Valletta is her first posting.

Psychological profile outlines a relaxed, cheerful personality and sense of self-confidence bordering on brashness. Tran seems to have joined Starfleet mostly chasing excitement and adventure amongst the unknown. As this is her first posting, it is unsure how well she will fare in stressful situations, although she performed adequately in stress-simulation tests at the Academy. She has a mild case of planetary agoraphobia, whereby she becomes unsettled and anxious beneath the open sky of a planet- not uncommon amongst children raised on Starships.

Notes from Rora Mist
A skilled and enthusiastic pilot, if ever there was one. Her bright, cheerful demeanor is sure to dispel most any doldrums from which one may be suffering, as is her energetic nature likewise a bane to lethargy. ray of light piercing overcast skies

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