Tsubaki's Drive

(13:31:25) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(13:32:11) @Minaplo: [Tsubaki Akagi stared at the clothes in front of her.-
(13:32:28) @Minaplo: [Tentatively she reached out and pushed the rack aside.-
(13:32:40) @Minaplo: [There was, surprisingly enough, no Sera behind them. She frowned.-
(13:35:59) @Minaplo: [She turned around and gazed at the rest of the clothing store. She wasn't entirely sure how she had managed to find her way here. In fact, she wasn't even sure where -here- was.-
(13:36:53) @Minaplo: [She had a hat on. She had bought it in one of the stores. It was floppy, white, cloth, and was completely lost against her hair and skin.-
(13:37:31) @Minaplo: [Tsubaki left the shop, taking off her hat and looking down thoughtfully into it. It yielded no answers.-
(13:38:02) @Minaplo: [She placed it back on and resolutely (for Tsubaki) marched into the next most likely place to find Sera: a tobacco store.]
(13:49:47) Sept: Unfortunately, that wasn't how Sera was spending his days of recovery. He had, however, been ordered to get out of his room more. According to the doctors, there was such a thing as 'too much Vassa'.-
(13:53:27) Sept: Now, he wandered through the locales of the Synfront, trying to find something like a rooftop. But for now, only the avenues of the mall and the residential areas had provided any semblance of comfort.
(13:54:43) @Minaplo: [And so it was that Sera would wander into the sight of Tsubaki hitting a smoking pipe with a small rock hammer.]
(13:56:47) * Sept stared, mouth slightly open, trying to comprehend. A twitch ran through his replaced hand.
(13:58:14) @Minaplo: [She had an oddly determined look on her face as she smacked that pipe. Her rock hammer was so tiny that it didn't look like it'd do much damage any time soon, and yet she kept at it.]
(14:02:56) Sept: "-What are you doing?!-", was what he finally got out of his mouth. He was still standing where he'd spotted her, quite a ways further than a polite conversational distance.
(14:05:34) @Minaplo: ["Oh, onii-chan. I'm trying to crack the pipe."]
(14:13:21) Sept: "You're… is there something inside..?" He was still essentially yelling from that distance, refusing to approach as if she had a bomb in her hands.
(14:14:00) @Minaplo: ["I hope so." Said Tsubaki with a frown. "The man who sold it to me said it was a walnut pipe."-
(14:14:06) @Minaplo: [And with that she continued to hammer away.]
(14:18:46) Sept: "I don't think there's a walnut inside, Tsubaki." He began to walk towards her, slowly.
(14:19:26) @Minaplo: ["Why not?" She said, disappointed, her hammer arm dropping to one side lamely.]
(14:25:06) Sept: "There's no reason there'd be a walnut inside a pipe, Tsubaki." He ran his hand along the other arm's mitten awkwardly.
(14:25:25) @Minaplo: ["Then why's it a walnut pipe?"]
(14:27:15) Sept: "I don't -know-, Tsubaki," he said, tiredly.
(14:27:59) @Minaplo: ["Are you ok, onii-chan? You're wearing a giant mitten."]
(14:30:03) Sept: "I am?" he asked drily.
(14:30:28) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, that's what they call them back home. Giant mittens. I had to have some once when I got in a really bad fight."]
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(14:54:33) Sept: "Yeah, well. I got in a bad accident."
(14:57:20) @Minaplo: ["Oh. I'm sorry. I've been trying to find you for ages but I keep getting lost." Tsubaki pocketed the scuffed walnut pipe and the rock hammer, walked over to Sera and put her arms around him. Her thin arms were around his chest- not his arms, that'd hurt- and her head against his shoulder.]
(15:02:14) Sept: "…" Sera responded as well as he could with one arm.
(15:06:50) @Minaplo: ["I've missed you, onii-chan. So much stuff is happening and we haven't had a chance to do anything together properly for awhile."]
(15:15:46) Sept: "Neither has anyone else. Everything's gone bad."
(15:17:51) @Minaplo: ["Everything'll go right soon though, onii-chan. Right?"]
(15:19:39) Sept: "Maybe. But why should it? We're still just fighting."
(15:20:47) @Minaplo: ["Everything has to get better sometime, onii-chan!"]
(15:24:32) * Sept finally exited the embrace, taking a step back. "No, it doesn't. You, we can't just count on that."
(15:26:16) @Minaplo: ["H-Huh? Why not? Of course I can, it always gets better, it always does…"]
(15:32:24) * Sept frowned. "When has it ever gotten better for your kind? For any of the pilots?"
(15:36:51) @Minaplo: ["When I met you, onii-chan."]
(15:39:25) Sept: Sera's eyes lowered slightly, his face flushing. "You have no idea…"
(15:41:10) @Minaplo: ["I don't…? But onii-chan, do I need to? I know what I know, onii-chan, isn't that enough?"]
(15:45:15) Sept: "Viviane and Natasha knew what they knew. I don't want you to die for nothing, and I don't to waste our time fighting the tide…"
(15:45:34) Sept: want to*
(15:51:07) @Minaplo: ["We won't waste our time! If we're together- the family- we can beat anything, I know we can!"]
(15:55:22) Sept: "But -I'm- not fucking together! This," Sera waved his unliving hand around in front of him. "this isn't even the start of it, she's in my head all the time and I can't do this anymore!"
(16:00:24) @Minaplo: ["… Who, onii-chan?"]
(16:03:33) Sept: "Mary Caine! That's why we're here, so she can do what she wants with us, and so I can help her do whatever the hell she wants!"
(16:08:32) @Minaplo: ["But… But…" Tsubaki seemed to be in over her head. "But onii-chan, you- you don't have to do what she wants!"]
(16:15:11) Sept: "You can't -think- that way now!" Sera hissed, equal parts pleading and anger. "You can work together with everyone, and you can probably do anything, but you can't trust me with it."
(16:25:39) @Minaplo: ["B… But you're the one I trust the most…"]
(16:36:40) Sept: "And I'm telling you to trust someone else. All I can trust right now is this in-sufferable- will to live. Make the best use of me you can, and nothing more. If you can do that for me, we won't have to regret it later. It won't, end, here."
(16:41:16) @Minaplo: [But Tsubaki shook her head vigorously. "I won't use you. And I won't trust someone else! You- you don't do that to me." She said, her eyes growing full of hurt and sadness. "You're… You're my onii-chan. Mine. I don't care about regret or any of that."-
(16:41:29) @Minaplo: ["You- you promised to meet mama…"]
(16:43:31) * Sept hesitated. "I- I know I did, but we… that was a different… You're being stupid..!"
(16:56:24) @Minaplo: ["No! You're being stupid! Stupid stupid Sept!" She thumped his chest. "I trust you! You don't get to throw away that trust! That's never going to change anything, you'll never change if no one can trust you first, so I-"-
(16:56:45) @Minaplo: [Alarms sounded, klaxons screaming, drowning out her words.-
(16:56:56) @Minaplo: ['Alert! All hands to combat stations, priority one emergency situation. Evangelion berserk event. I repeat, Evangelion berserk event. Pilots to their units…']
(17:03:53) * Sept listened to the noise first in confusion, then shock, then absolute terror. "No, no, no!! They can't make me, Tsubaki, you hav-" Sera's cold, synthetic fingers found one of her hands as he stared straight into her eyes. "Tsubaki, you have to hide me, I can't pilot now..!"
(17:07:47) @Minaplo: ["…" Tsubaki took his hands with both of hers. "Come on. I know where to hide you."]
(17:16:25) Sept: "…right. Thankyou." He glanced around, and followed.
(17:19:55) @Minaplo: [She ran, down a corridor- she turned left, turned right, as though unsure- then took Sera into a stairwell. Down, down, out into another corridor- and then she abruptly turned and pushed him into what appeared to be a broom cupboard, jumping in after and shutting the door tight, dooming them to darkness.-
(17:20:13) @Minaplo: [Not a second later, Sera would hear the heavy footsteps of a company of Storm Troopers passing by.]
(17:30:46) Sept: "…thank you." He was breathing quite heavily. "What are you going to do? What do we do?"
(17:31:50) @Minaplo: ["… I don't know." She said quietly. "Mama's not repaired yet, so I don't have to go anywhere, so I'll work on hiding you. I don't think we can stay here…"]
(17:42:52) Sept: "Right. We have to… I don't know, they'll have to deal with the Berserker, she has resources…"
(17:43:32) @Minaplo: ["Your arm is broken, so staying safe is a good idea." She said firmly. "We should go down…"]
(17:46:37) Sept: "Yeah. That'd be safer. Let's go."
(17:52:35) @Minaplo: [Tsubaki opened the cupboard door, peering out, then walked out. "Come on. What's down…? A safe place that's down… Eva storage? Power?"]
(18:03:28) Sept: "Yeah. Something they won't need during an attack… Long-term storages…"
(18:10:24) @Minaplo: ["Right." She grabbed his hand and began to run.-
(18:10:53) @Minaplo: [They ran into a stairwell. Down, down, down…-
(18:11:12) @Minaplo: ["Not… Much farther." Panted Tsubaki after the fifth flight of stairs.-
(18:13:25) @Minaplo: [The ground- the walls- everything suddenly -shook-. The lights flickered- then an almighty crash ripped through the stairwell. Sera would feel his skin crawl as he felt an AT Field- and his bones vibrated at the sound of a berserker's roar.-
(18:13:41) @Minaplo: [The stairwell began to give way, the lights died, a falling sensation-!]
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(18:17:18) Sept: "Tsubaki!" Sera managed to yell out, tightening his hold on her hand, still trying to scramble forward..!
(18:17:48) @Minaplo: [She was sliding away-!-
(18:19:32) @Minaplo: [She caught at the last minute, screaming, hanging freely over an edge into the abyss. She clenched onto him, scrabbling madly. "On-onii-chan! Help me help help help-!"]
(18:27:15) * Sept fell flat on the ground, the damn mitten still preventing him from getting hold of something, anything..! But he still held on to her hand, feet looking for anything stable, and pulling..!
(18:29:04) @Minaplo: [… And she came up, away from the certain death below, up onto the remaining steps. Through sheer lucky Sera had managed to find the solid concrete platform that stood at every corner of the stairwell.-
(18:29:17) @Minaplo: [Tsubaki collapsed into him, sobbing in terror.]
(18:31:25) Sept: His muscles ached, and his arm -burned-. But he wrapped himself around her as tightly as he could manage and broke down in tears, too.

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