Two Wizards Setting

The year is 904 BA, and it is a dark time to live in Agnesia.

404 years ago, the Agnesian Council of Mages overthrew the incompetent King of Paxia, replacing his rule with that of the Archmage of the Council. Ever since, the Archmages- styled the Magic Emperors- have ruled the country. Powerful in magic and politics, they have kept control of their nation through repressive policies and unspeakably advanced magic. Great scrying networks have been set up, allowing the ruling mages to survey massive swathes of the population, giving them the power to identify and root out traitors and seditionists before they can act. The people are being watched.

With their magic they have expanded the borders of the Empire, subjugating the Elves of Agnesia, breaking apart their cultures and forcing them to swear allegiance to the Emperor.

And with their magic they teach those who would learn the Art, educating the next generation who would, in time, become the ruling class… Whilst surreptitiously building in failsafes to prevent the 'next generation' from mimicking the coup they themselves once employed.

To be a wizard in this time is to live apart from society, to be caught between the two great pillars of Agnesia. It is to place your trust in a government that distrusts you immensely; it is to live amongst the people who would treat you with fear and horror, spurred away from mages by the rule of the Emperors.

To try to break from this is to find yourself struggling with the inbuilt weaknesses and checks placed upon your abilities, keeping you from using your powers against those who rule you. It is to try to help a populace who may never know of your efforts.

It is to be faced with the certainty that at some point, you will have to make a choice- to join the factionalised government, to ultimately pick a side in the secret war waged between the Council and Emperor Celestine, or to break with the government and risk your life in what might be a fruitless fight.


Map of Mardiel


Empire of Agnesia

City of Paxia

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