Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

[20:13] <@Lt‘Peters> [Valletta, Malta. The 21st of March.-
[20:21] <@Lt`Peters> [A fast VTOL skims at dangerously low altitudes towards the island, approaching from the western side. The fact that the island exists at all is a testament to its geography- this little bastion in the Mediterranean was all but untouched by the Impact. But Malta’s luck has run out- it's now the front line between the UN and the LN in what is fast starting to be called World War III.-
[20:21] <@Lt‘Peters> [The VTOL puts down in the middle of ruined buildings and broken roads, opening its doors. Within…]
[20:27] <Raphael> Raphael’s team begins disembarking the moment the doors are open, not wanting to keep the VTOL exposed in such hostile territory for a second longer than necessary. Group Captain Guillory is the last one out the door after one quick word to the pilot, and he slides the wide door shut behind him before hurrying over to where the rest of the soldiers are setting up a perimeter.
[20:31] <@Lt‘Peters> [The squad’s carting the very latest in equipment. New Carapace armor- heavier than the old armor they're used to, Carapace armor is made up of sheets of interlocking ceramic-steel plates, like tank ablatives. Hugues is toting a new Maser Gun- a rifle with a thick stock and narrow barrel, whilst Marie has (not set up, of course) a 'Heavy Maser Gun', which resembles a hybid of a HMG and the weapon Hugues is wielding. "Perimeter is secure, sir."]
[20:33] <Raphael> "Alright, no time to waste. Let's get to the rendezvous. Quick and quiet, soldiers."
[20:36] <@Lt‘Peters> [They nod, preferring not to say anything else. They head off.-
[20:37] <@Lt`Peters> [The sound of warfare is a constant. Artillery can be heard pounding away somewhere; bullets. All far off, for now. But it’s getting louder.-
[20:38] <@Lt‘Peters> [Eventually they come to a building, nondescript- single storey. The windows are boarded up, but a small scrap of cloth above the window- light blue, no insignia- designates this place as a UN outpost.]
[20:47] * Raphael had taken a moment to examine the outpost from the ruins of a bombed out house a short way away… but that little scrap of blue was as good a confirmation as he’d been told to expect, and so the squad is on the move again soon after. Raphael's own long rifle sports many of the same odd design features that serve as the hallmarks of maser technology, most notably a bulky power pack
[20:47] * Raphael in place of the usual magazine.-
[20:49] <Raphael> A few moments later they've made it to the outpost door, with Raphael in the lead. He steps up to the door and taps out a short pattern of knocks on the door as he's been instructed, feeling a little foolish even as he does it.
[20:53] <@Lt‘Peters> [The door opens inwards, revealing a dank, poorly lit room. A tired-looking soldier in standard-issue UN armor greets him. "You the reinforcements, then? The Lieutenant is waiting inside.-
[20:53] <@Lt`Peters> [The soldier nods at a series of crates, which shield a youngish man sitting at a desk, radios and maps surrounding him. The desk is lit up, which makes sure it stands out.]
[20:56] * Raphael gives the soldier a quick nod and proceeds inside, heading towards the desk with the others trailing in behind him. "Lieutenant Peters?"
[20:57] * @Lt`Peters looks up from his desk. He stands immediately, snapping off a salute. "Lieutenant Peters reporting. Are you Group Captain Guillory?"
[21:01] <Raphael> "That’s right, Lieutenant." Raphael says, returning the salute. "Has there been any new word since you sent our people at NERV the brief, Lieutenant?"
[21:02] <@Lt‘Peters> "Some, sir. The situation’s worse than we feared."
[21:04] <Raphael> "What's the situation?" He asks, motioning for Hugues to join them at the desk.
[21:09] <@Lt‘Peters> [Hugues nods, and steps up.-
[21:10] <@Lt`Peters> "Well, the strength of the enemy force we’re dealing with is larger than anticipated. We're facing company strength just in this area, and they have the VIP holed up in St. John's Cathedral. The whole place is a fortress."
[21:15] * Raphael drums his fingers. "St. John's Cathedral…" He murmurs, nodding slowly. "What's the status of your units in the field?"
[21:17] <@Lt‘Peters> "I have three squads left at this point. Two of them are holding the line a few blocks from here; the third is cut off to the east of the Cathedral."
[21:25] * Raphael nods again, examining one of the maps that litters the Peters’ desk. "… Alright, Lieutenant. Now, our primary objective is the extraction of that VIP, but if we're able to reinforce your soldiers out there along the way… well, I promise we'll do our best. Are you able to give our technician a list of whatever communications frequencies your teams are operating on?"
[21:26] <@Lt‘Peters> "Absolutely."
[21:27] <Raphael> "Excellent. Sergeant Duval?"
[21:29] <@Lt`Peters> [Henri stepped forward. "Present, sir."-
[21:30] <@Lt`Peters> "Right." Peters held out a list of codes for Henri. The list had eleven codes written onto the paper- all but four had been crossed off.
[21:32] <Raphael> "If there’s nothing else, Lieutenant…"
[21:33] <@Lt‘Peters> "That’s it, sir. I'll try to keep you posted as I hear reports from my men."
[21:34] <Raphael> "I'd be much obliged." He says, giving the young officer another quick salute.
[21:35] * @Lt‘Peters returns the salute. "Good hunting, sir."
[21:38] * Raphael nods and turns to face his team. "Alright, you all know the brief. Let’s bring our VIP home."
[21:38] <@Lt‘Peters> [They nodded as one. Hugues stepped up. "Ready to go, sir. We might want to move fast. This place is a god-damned deathtrap."]
[21:40] <@Lt`Peters> [A minute later and they’d be back outside in the smoky haze of a wartorn city. "Where to, sir?"]
[21:45] <Raphael> "The Cathedral is our first priority." Raphael says, checking his rifle one last time. Even after the better part of a week on the rifle range the maser tech still feels strange. "We can work on aiding the UN troops after that."
[21:46] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yessir."]
[21:51] <@Lt`Peters> [Marie headed alongside the wall, Mana past her. The latter ran to the corner, peering around. "Damned haze- I can see a friendly, looks like a trooper."]
[22:11] * Raphael nods and pauses alongside Mana at the wall, peering around Mana for a moment before nodding to Hugues and dashing off down the street and into the next alleyway. It wouldn’t take more than a second before his voice would crackle to life on Henri's radio. "UN squad sighted, with a LN unit in hard cover just beyond. Looks like UN are moving to engage. Move up on my mark."
[22:14] <@Lt‘Peters> [The soldiers are engaging now, machine guns firing.]
[22:16] <@Lt`Peters> [Their targets? LN soldiers, armed in armour similar (but not quite the same) as Raphael’s, armed with assault rifles. A uniformed man wearing a peaked cap led them- he was holding a long sword.]
[22:22] <Raphael> "Move."
[22:24] <@Lt‘Peters> [A grey-brown blur as Mana rushed past, sliding up against a wall amidst the UN troops. Raphael could hear her distant cries of "I’m reinforcements! Don't worry!"-
[22:25] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Setting up." Marie was eagerly putting down ’Death Blossom', her new gun. Name was Henri's idea.]
[22:33] <@Lt‘Peters> [The enemy leader swung his sword. "Forward! For the glory of our new world order!" He boltered forth, half of the squad firing, the other half charging with him. They ducked behind a building.]
[23:02] <Raphael> But not before a searing bolt of microwave energy sliced across the street from an alleyway barely even visible in the fog, burning a hole straight through the Lieutenant’s helmet.
[23:09] <@Lt‘Peters> [Or rather, his hat- the Lieutenant isn’t wearing a helmet. The blow staggers him, and bolts of Masgun energy fly down the street from Marie's Death Blossom, ripping through the sandbags and cutting down two more.-
[23:10] <@Lt‘Peters> [Mana finishes this new, shocking display of their new technology by opening fire on the Lieutenant. Two bolts hit his head- the skin melts away, showing, for a split second, muscle and sinew- before it explodes completely, leaving a messy stump. The body falls backwards.-
[23:10] <@Lt`Peters> ["O-Oh God." Mumbles one of the LN soldiers, now covered in blood. "Oh… Oh God…"-
[23:11] <@Lt`Peters> ["F-Fall back! Fall back!" Screams another, hysterically. Even Mana looks horrified at what she’s done.]
[23:19] <@Lt‘Peters> [Before long they’re all scrambling back over the sandbags, to cries of victory from the UN soldiers.-
[23:20] <@Lt‘Peters> [All except one LN soldier, who is laughing, a mad, horrified edge to his laughter. He takes his assault rifle and slams it into the body of his companion- a cry of pain shows that his target, dying, is nevertheless still alive.-
[23:22] <@Lt`Peters> ["Ahahaha-haaaahaaaaaaa-" Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! There was a crack, and blood splattered across the man’s face. And another. And another. The man slips, but the sounds of carnage can still be heard.]
[23:31] * Raphael doesn't see the Lieutenant go down - if such a phrase can suffice - but he does hear the screaming, and the sudden madness from the last remaining soldier. But it's the sight of Mana's horrified expression that makes his expression shift. He raises his rifle again, firing off another shot at the cackling man… which misses as the man slips in the puddle of blood that surrounds
[23:31] * Raphael him.
[23:32] <@Lt‘Peters> [The bright beams of energy from Hugues fail to hit either.-
[23:32] <@Lt`Peters> ["Alright, men." Comes the gravelly voice of a man in an alley- clearly the sergeant. "Form up and put that crazy fucker out of his goddamned misery!"
[23:32] <@Lt`Peters> ]
[23:34] <Raphael> "…" Raphael watches as the soldiers emerge from their hiding places and advance on the survivor and sighs, reaching down to his radio. "Sergeants Favager and Duval, form up with us. Good shooting."
[23:35] <@Lt`Peters> ["Yessir. Thank you sir." Marie pulls Death Blossom off of its tripod, with Henri getting to carry the battery and other assorted things.-
[23:35] <@Lt`Peters> ["Am I gonna get to fire the gun, Marie?"-
[23:35] <@Lt`Peters> ["You keep your hands off my gun."]
[23:46] <@Lt`Peters> [Euphrasie headed on, towards the battleground, shaking her head in disgust at the confronting sight. Mana couldn’t bring herself to kill the man she'd driven insane…]
[23:48] <@Lt‘Peters> ["FIRE!"-
[23:49] <@Lt`Peters> [The soldiers opened fire- and the man fell, dead.-
[23:50] <@Lt`Peters> ["Jeeeeesus Christ. Alright, you lot, secure the perimeter." The sergeant- a gruff man- turned around to look down at his saviours, his eyes focusing on Mana. "Here now, you’re only a little girl!"]
[23:54] * Raphael is advancing now, with Hugues and the others grouped around him, but even with the sergeant talking to him he's watching Mana. "Sergeant Kirishima. I need you to go scouting up ahead, alright? Don't move to engage, keep radio contact with Henri. You know the channel."
[23:59] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Y-Yes, sir, right away." She didn’t answer the sergeant- she's off into the alleyway.]
Session Time: Sat Jan 28 00:00:00 2012
[00:02] <Raphael> "Pardon, sir." He says, moving a little closer to the sergeant as soon as Mana is gone. "Group-Captain Raphael Guillory with the NERV Expeditionary Force."
[00:04] <@Lt‘Peters> [The Sergeant looks over at Raphael. He looks him up and down slowly, and nods. "Gunnery Sergeant Blake Macnair, UN 46th American Infantry Regiment. You’ll have to forgive me if I don't salute. Snipers all around these fuckin' parts."]
[00:09] * Raphael shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. I'm quite used to all of that." He says, although his eyes automatically try to scan the nearby windows. "What state's your squad in, Gunnery Sergeant?"
[00:11] <@Lt‘Peters> ["We’re actually a lot better off than I'd expected, and that's your doing, I'd wager. These LN assholes are fucking crazy. I dunno what's got in 'em, but with some of them, the moment those black-shirted fancy-pants sons of bitches start waving those swords around it's like they're doped up on Speed or somethin'." Macnair holds his assault rifle with practised readied casualness. "We're not even hit yet."]
[00:17] <Raphael> "Good." Raphael says, glancing over at the body of the downed Sergeant with a thoughtful and strangely unperturbed look. "Can you push on? We have our objective to deal with ASAP, but Lieutenant Peters said that you had a UN unit pinned down on the other side of the church."
[00:21] <@Lt‘Peters> ["We oughta. And yeah, Sergeant Pai’s squad. Victor Pai. Vickie, we call 'em. He's a tough bastard, but they had him surrounded. You could cut through to him through the alleys in these buildings, but Sergeant Martins went in with her squad an hour ago and haven't come out yet. They're alive, but they're fightin' hard."]
[00:21] <@Lt‘Peters> [There was a crackle, and Henri called down the street. "SIR! MESSAGE FROM KIRISHIMA!"]
[00:22] <Raphael> "… These alley-" Raphael began, already partway to a frown when Henri shouted. "… Damn. Put it through, Sergeant Duval!"
[00:24] <@Lt`Peters> [Raphael’s radio crackled. "Sir? It's me. Don't go north. I repeat- don't go north. They have that entire area covered with two Heavy Machine Guns. To the east we have fighting- UN soldiers and LN."]
[00:25] <Raphael> "Are you under fire?"
[00:26] <@Lt‘Peters> ["No, sir, I don’t think I've been seen."]
[00:27] <Raphael> "Keep it that way for the moment. Reinforcements are on the way." He says, before releasing the send key and turning to the others. "
[00:32] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Sir, they’re on the move."]
[00:39] * Raphael hears the message, but doesn't move to respond just yet. "Sergeant Herriot, we have HMGs that need to be cleared to the north, and you and Sergeant Beringer are going to do it. Sergeants Duval and Favager, get that masgun set up on the corner. Hugues…" He pauses for a moment as a thought strikes him. "… Go and check the body of the downed Lieutenant for anything we might need.
[00:39] * Raphael The church could have security."
[00:40] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yes, sir."-
[00:41] <@Lt`Peters> ["Yessir."-
[00:41] <@Lt`Peters> ["Right, sir."-
[00:41] <@Lt`Peters> [The four of them begin heading to their respective areas.]
[00:45] <@Lt`Peters> ["Alright, boys, let’s get to it. Johnny, Leroy, you move up and help these boys take their objectives. Everyone else, you're with me on assaultin' them guns!"-
[00:46] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yes, Sarge!" Two young infantrymen head off through a house.]
[00:47] * Raphael checks his rifle quickly and moves towards the entrance to the alleyways. He gives Blake a quick nod of thanks as he passes.
[00:48] <@Lt`Peters> [The sergeant gives him a rough but respectful one in return.]
[01:00] <@Lt`Peters> [Mana opens fire, her dual Maser pistols blazing away. One LN soldier is struck in the arm and then the body, the bolts burning through his armor and igniting his tunic underneath. He falls, screaming to the ground, roasted inside his own clothing. His body is actually igniting. "…….."]
[01:40] * Raphael leans around the corner of the alley, sighting the black cap of a Lieutenant among the bodies rushing down the narrow space. He takes a moment to aim before letting of another burst of energy, lighting up the gloom. Both his target and the soldier directly in front of him dive at the first sight of him… but the latter appears to try and dive in -front- of the blast in an attempt
[01:40] * Raphael to take the shot. "…"
[01:41] <@Lt`Peters> [The shot goes awry, either way. The Lieutenant jumps backwards…-
[01:41] <@Lt`Peters> ["Fire in the hole!" Blaise lets loose with a grenade, which bursts in the midst of the enemy group. At the last second, the Lieutenant crouches, pulling his mantle around him- and emerges mostly unscathed.-
[01:43] <@Lt`Peters> [The Lieutenant stands slowly, withdrawing his long, gleaming sword from its sheath. "These men intend to stand against our promised utopia! We will let nothing stand in our way- destroy them! For Paradise!"-
[01:44] <@Lt`Peters> [There’s a roar from… Somewhere, and the Lieutenant and his two men storm into a breach in the building, bayonet and sword leading the way.]
[01:52] <Raphael> "… Goddamnit." Raphael spits. "Sergeant Kirishima!" He shouts, already running deeper into the alley himself. "Try and get a shot at the one in the black cap! We're right behind you!"
[01:54] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yessir!" She runs forward, keeping low, and slide-shoots at the black-caped Lieutenant…-
[01:54] <@Lt`Peters> [Only for that same trooper to jump in the way. This time he gets hit, and the blast sears through his leg, sending him screaming to the ground.]
[02:03] <@Lt`Peters> [There are bursts of gunfire, and…-
[02:04] <@Lt`Peters> ["Captain!" Mana shouts. "That Lieutenant is dead. Allied fire."]
[02:04] <@Lt`Peters> ["… Sir, there’s another squad heading for our rear."]
[02:06] <Raphael> "…" Raphael pauses in a doorway for a moment, biting at his lip. "Acknowledged. Sergreant Favager, is that Masgun set up yet?"
[02:07] <Raphael> «Sergeant*»
[02:07] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Not yet, sir."]
[02:09] <Raphael> "Change that in a hurry. Leave the HMGs for the moment and have it aiming back the way we came." He says, and he’s three steps closer to the fighting before he opens the channel. "And warn the Gunnery Sergeant."
[02:09] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yessir."]
[02:25] <@Lt`Peters> ["Hey, Johnny or whatever…" Blaise, now, his eyes flitting over to the alley.-
[02:26] <@Lt`Peters> ["Yessir?"-
[02:27] <@Lt`Peters> ["Spot for me, willya? I’m going to fire this grenade at that wall, bounce it off the other one and land it right on the enemy."-
[02:27] <@Lt‘Peters> ["WHAT?! You’re crazy!"-
[02:27] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Shhh. No one cares for your opinion. Distance?"-
[02:27] <@Lt`Peters> ["Uh… About 20, 21 metres?"-
[02:27] <@Lt`Peters> ["Ok, good enough. And how high are their sandbags?"-
[02:27] <@Lt`Peters> ["About one, one half metres?"-
[02:28] <@Lt`Peters> ["Alright. Keep your heads down, because if this goes wrong you’ll probably cop a face full of shrapnel."-
[02:28] <@Lt‘Peters> [Johnny and Leroy would look up to see a grenade, fired high, bounce off a wall, ricochet off another one, and land on the top of a distant sandbag.-
[02:28] <@Lt`Peters> ["… TAKE C-"-
[02:28] <@Lt`Peters> [The grenade exploded. There was a short, sharp scream somewhere.-
[02:29] <@Lt`Peters> ["Holy -shit-! He did it!"-
[02:29] <@Lt`Peters> ["… Ohhhh shit. Uh, sir? Like a dozen Libs ran out towards Sarge. Another one of them crazy sword dudes with ’em."]
[02:30] <@Lt‘Peters> ["… Ah, crap. Marie! Squad of Libs headed your way!"-
[02:30] <@Lt`Peters> ["I know!"-
[02:30] <@Lt`Peters> ["No, another squad! From the front!"-
[02:30] <@Lt`Peters> ["MERDE!"]
[02:37] <@Lt`Peters> [A Lib soldier thrust his bayonet into the unarmored throat of one of Martins’s men. He went down gurgling.-
[02:37] <@Lt‘Peters> [Mana stared- but a second later she was jumping backward in alarm. "Sniper fire!"-
[02:37] <@Lt`Peters> [Euphrasie looked up suddenly, frowning. "… Damnit."]
[02:45] <@Lt`Peters> [Leroy and Johnny ran in next, Leroy looking up as a bit of dirt fell on his face. "…? Oh -shit-! Sniper up there! He’s up there!"-
[02:45] <@Lt‘Peters> [Meanwhile, Hugues had reached the first fallen Lieutenant’s body. He took the sword. "Heh." And buckled it onto his belt. Next he took the hat and surreptitiously perched it on his helmet. Finally, he took the man's security keycard- and a wallet.-
[02:46] <@Lt‘Peters> [It was Hugues’ custom to respect the fallen foe by sending personal belongings back if possible. He flipped the wallet open.-
[02:47] <@Lt‘Peters> [That same man, young in face, handsome, his arm around a young boy of around seven, who was grinning and clutching his dad even as he posed for the camera, that same hat perched on the boy’s head. Hugues sighed.-
[02:47] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Damnit, son. Is this how you wanted to die?"]
[03:02] <@Lt`Peters> [Mana was off again- this time aiming for one of the LN soldiers in melee- the target pulled his bayonet free of his foe- and took a bullet to the torso from a nearby LN soldier.-
[03:02] <@Lt`Peters> [Mana finished him off, unable to stomach the sight of the man’s eyeballs liquefying.]
[03:08] <@Lt‘Peters> [Raphael and Euphrasie would hear footsteps. He himself would see a shadow under the gap of a door, still shabbily attached to the wall of the devastated building they were hiding besides…]
[03:45] <Raphael> The intruders on the other side of the door would find their thin cover sporting a perfectly circular, sizzling hole at roughly head height.
[03:47] <@Lt`Peters> [Nothing on the other side, though there was the telltale sound of someone diving.-
[03:48] <@Lt`Peters> [Meanwhile, there was the sound of yelling could be heard to Marie’s ears.-
[03:49] <@Lt‘Peters> ["These men would take your lands and drive you into slavery! We will be free!"-
[03:49] <@Lt`Peters> [The horde burst around the corner, ululating like beasts. One of them- a black-clad Lieutenant, sprung upon the sandbags.-
[03:50] <@Lt`Peters> [Marie had opened fire, but even she hadn’t been prepared for what happened.-
[03:51] <@Lt‘Peters> [The man’s head exploded- but the rest of his body suddenly caught fire. The body flailed about, burning limbs smacking everyone nearby- and spreading the fire.-
[03:51] <@Lt‘Peters> [The headless flaming body fell backwards and ran down the street, bouncing off a wall.-
[03:53] <@Lt`Peters> [Marie could only watch in horror as two of the LN soldiers flailed- one of them dying where he stood- another running down the street, on fire.-
[03:54] <@Lt`Peters> [The last two survivors were cut down by Marie’s other bolts, but now there were two UN Soldiers on fire as well.-
[03:54] <@Lt‘Peters> ["I’m on fire, Sarge." Said one with forced calm.-
[03:54] <@Lt‘Peters> [Macnair was staring at Marie open-mouthed. "The -fuck- was that?!"-
[03:54] <@Lt`Peters> ["… Uh…"]
[04:02] <@Lt`Peters> [The single fleeing burning Soldier was soon chased by a roaring Hugues, sword in hand. "AAAAGH!" Hack! Hack!-
[04:04] <@Lt`Peters> [Meanwhile, in the deceptive alleyways, Leroy sprung to the left as a bullet came far too close to pulping his brain- and shot his attacker, putting the sniper down.-
[04:04] <@Lt`Peters> ["S’what you get, asshole."]
[15:17] <@Lt‘Peters> [Marie ran forward frantically now, beating one of the flaming soldiers, fearlessly trying to put out his pain.-
[15:17] <@Lt`Peters> [Whilst Mana, with help from two other UN soldiers, put down one of the berserkers…-
[15:19] <@Lt`Peters> [The door Raphael at fired at burst open- two LN Soldiers ran forward, followed by a black-clad lieutenant. They opened fire, but missed completely.-
[15:19] <@Lt`Peters> ["Sir, they’re trying to come up the alley." Euphrasie opened fire, clocking one in the helmet.]
[15:41] <@Lt‘Peters> [There was a short cry mixed with profanity as one of the soldiers attached to Raphael’s squad took fire. "Shit, I'm hit, Leroy! Get over here and help me!"-
[15:44] <@Lt‘Peters> [Meanwhile- Hugues’s prey ran off, screaming, and Hugues shrugged and ran down the alleyway. "Cavalry's here!"-
[15:44] <@Lt‘Peters> [At the same time, a grenade bounced off the wall a mere 50cm from Raphael, and vanished into a house, exploding with a deafening thud.]
[15:45] <@Lt`Peters> [The flaming UN soldiers were panicking now, although the one they’d all crowded around to help was now only smouldering and crying…]
[15:56] * Raphael flinches at the unexpected sound of the grenade bouncing off the wall beside his head, but without any accompanying screams the explosion that follows barely registers. "… Sergeant Herriot, watch your-" Suddenly his ears are ringing as a lucky shot finds its way past cover and smacks hard against the ceramic plating of his armour, only for the force to be harmlessly dispersed by
[15:56] * Raphael the specialised ablative coating.
[16:01] <@Lt‘Peters> [Which is fortunate, as the blow jerks his head back- enough to miss the sudden tip of a sword as a black-coated Lieutenant emerges, sword swinging violently. There is cold, focused murder in his eyes.]
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> ["Cover your eyes!" Blaise ripped out a grenade and tossed it- a flashbang.-
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> [It landed near the end of the alley…-
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> […-
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> ["… Son of a -bitch-!"-
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> ["A dud?" Asked Euphrasie.-
[16:20] <@Lt`Peters> ["Yeah."]
[16:27] <@Lt`Peters> [Before long, Marie’s other poor bastard victim would be cooled down. "I'm so sorry." She muttered, dragging Death Blossom over to the sandbags.]
[16:31] * Raphael gets his wits about him just in time to draw his pistol with one free hand and fire a hurried shot at the Lieutenant's head as he edges back, drawing a bloody gash across the side of the officer's face. "Hugues!"
[16:43] <@Lt‘Peters> ["I’m coming, sir!"-
[16:44] <@Lt‘Peters> [Now that the Lieutenant is close at hand, his swings become more fluid and quick- there’s an elaborate style to this, where he combines sword slashes and shots from his pistol. There's a deep rending cut across Raphael's ribs as the man swings.-
[16:45] <@Lt‘Peters> [A worn down squad of UN troops emerge, led by Mana. One of them is clearly a sergeant, although she isn’t asking questions.-
[16:45] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Sir!" Leroy, who is muscling through recent pain quite well. "Another squad! North! Headin’ for Sarge!"]
[16:59] <Raphael> It's enough to make him lose his breath, but he holds his ground for a few moments longer, turning another errant swing from the second soldier away with the butt of his rifle. He holds on until he hears rushing bootsteps behind him, and only then does he stand aside.
[17:01] <@Lt‘Peters> ["YEAAAAAGH! FREEDOM AND LIBERTY AND WHAT HAVE YOU!" Hugues waves the sword around, but it does nothing except enrage and infuriate his opponents.-
[17:01] <@Lt`Peters> [The blade nicks the soldier in an unarmored part.]
[17:52] <@Lt`Peters> [Fire from nearby- Marie shoots down at the HMG line with Death Blossom, inflicting a few hits- nearly tearing apart another Lieutenant- but she ducks away quickly from the counter-fire. "Merde…"]
[17:54] <@Lt`Peters> [Whilst especially concentrated fire would send Euphrasie and Blaise scrambling for cover. "They’re keeping us pinned!"-
[17:55] <@Lt‘Peters> [There was a painful scream down at the other alley as Private Leroy’s brain was pulped by a bullet. He fell, dead.]
[18:11] * Raphael 's face is blank as he tried to aim past the melee Hugues had found himself in, but Blaise's words seem to reach him. "Hold the line, Sergeant." He says flatly, a momentary flicker of pain going through his eyes as he hears the scream from ahead.
[18:11] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Yessir."-
[18:13] <@Lt`Peters> [Meanwhile, Hugues was now in deadly combat with his enemy- parrying a bayonet, he’d see a gleaming officer's sword smack into his armor- bounce off the ablative- but then, the roaring sound of a bolt pistol followed by ringing pain and dizziness as it grazed his head, the explosion snapping it forward. He wasn't dead- not yet- but it hurt. Really, deeply hurt. He was used to pain, but this…-
[18:13] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Ggggggh… S-Shit…"]
[18:19] <Raphael> "…" A growl escaped Raphael’s throat as he stepped forward, brushing Hugues back against the wall with one hand even as he rapidly pulls the trigger of his pistol, the bullets tearing through the armour of the Lieutenant's hand and chest to rip at the flesh and splinter bones.
[18:22] <@Lt‘Peters> [A short, sharp cry of pain, and the Lieutenant drops his weapons, his right hand useless, his left hand held to his chest. "A… Aaagh…-
[18:22] <@Lt`Peters> ["D-Don’t shoot. We surrender."-
[18:22] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Sir, you can’t surrender!" The soldier turns to stare at him flatly.-
[18:23] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Don’t- don't, Pavel. I can and will." He drops to his knees. "I promised you men I wouldn't lead you to your deaths, and I don't intend to."]
[18:27] <Raphael> "…" Raphael stares at the man with flat, impassive expression for a split second, his gun still pointed squarely at the man's forehead. "Call of the rest of your men, officer. Have them lay down there weapons. Sergeant Beringer! See to Hugues right now."
[18:28] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Lay it down, men!" Calls the Lieutenant, staring at the soldier at his side with intensity. "Lay it down."-
[18:28] <@Lt`Peters> ["…"-
[18:29] <@Lt`Peters> [The only response is a savage cry of hurt and rage- the soldier raises his gun like a club. There’s only madness in his eyes- and it's a madness mirrored with the other soldier nearby.]
[15:14] <@Lt_Peters> #1[18:28] <@Lt‘Peters> ["Lay it down, men!" Calls the Lieutenant, staring at the soldier at his side with intensity. "Lay it down."-
[15:14] <@Lt_Peters> [18:28] <@Lt`Peters> ["…"-
[15:14] <@Lt_Peters> [18:29] <@Lt`Peters> [The only response is a savage cry of hurt and rage- the soldier raises his gun like a club. There’s only madness in his eyes- and it's a madness mirrored with the other soldier nearby.]
[15:42] <@Lt_Peters> ["Oh no you don't, lad-"-
[15:42] <@Lt_Peters> [Hugues reached forward, jabbing one of the soldiers in the eye and ripping his gun from him.]
[15:52] <@Lt_Peters> [A second later bullets ripped through his chest- and Mana put down his partner with her pistols.-
[15:53] <@Lt_Peters> [The surrendered Lieutenant sighed and fell backwards against the wall. "So am I going to get medical treatment, or am I going to bleed to death here?"-
[15:53] <@Lt_Peters> [The soldier in the alley threw down his gun- the others made a break for it, running away.]
[16:04] <@Lt_Peters> ["They're coming from the south." Said Henri, looking up at Marie. She nodded, turning Death Blossom around-
[16:05] <@Lt_Peters> [And took a bullet to the face, striking past her nose. It burst with a spray of blood- she went down, screaming.-
[16:09] <@Lt_Peters> ["MARIE!" Henri grabbed at her. "Damnit- Sargeant, can you cover us? We'll try to pull back and set up the gun elsewhere, but right here isn't any good!"]
[16:10] <@Lt_Peters> ["Yeah, alright. Come on, you lot, get into cover and watch that door!"]
[16:20] <Raphael> "Of course, Lieutenant." Raphael says flatly, giving the Lieutenant on last hard look before motioning over Euphrasie. "Take care of him first, Sergeant. Will you hold for a moment, Hugues?"
[16:22] <@Lt_Peters> ["Oh, hold the looks. I'm not a child to be scolded." Says the Lieutenant, cradling his hand, his face remarkably calm- although a sheen of delirious sweat is forming on his brow.-
[16:22] <@Lt_Peters> ["Yes, sir."-
[16:22] <@Lt_Peters> ["'Course, sir." Hugues wipes off his blade and sheathes it.]
[16:24] <Raphael> "As you say, sir. But watching two of your men attempt to beat their commanding officer to death will put a man on edge."
[16:25] <@Lt_Peters> ["I'd surrendered. To them, I was just another enemy."]
[16:26] <Raphael> "Mmm." He murmurs, before looking over to the squad on the far side of the alley. "Sergeant Martins?"
[16:26] <@Lt_Peters> ["That's me." A woman, glowering down at her assault rifle, looks up. "You're the reinforcements?"]
[16:29] <Raphael> "It seems so." He says, nodding slightly. "Do you think your squad could do me a small service?"
[16:30] <@Lt_Peters> ["What is it?"]
[16:33] <Raphael> "I need to move these two back to the UN outpost until I can arrange an extraction, but my team's in something of a hurry. Are you able to escort them?"
[16:37] <@Lt_Peters> ["I can do that."-
[16:37] <@Lt_Peters> ["Sir!" Henri's voice, tinged with frantic worry. "We're under attack- Marie's hit-!"]
[16:39] * Raphael had part of his thank you out of the way before Henri's voice cut across it, and the pleasantries are rapidly replaced by a very low string of French curses. "Moving to reinforce you ASAP, Sergeant. What's Marie's status?"
[16:39] <@Lt_Peters> ["Ah, there's blood all over her face-"]
[16:43] <Raphael> "Is she on her feet, Henri?" Raphael cuts in quickly.
[16:44] <@Lt_Peters> ["She can't see, but we've pulled into cover. Macnair's boys are setting up to defend-"-
[16:47] <@Lt_Peters> [Blaise looked down the alley way. "Hmm, yeah." He fired a grenade at a wall, which bounced into a building and exploded- to little effect.-
[16:47] <@Lt_Peters> [But before long, the cries of fury and mad soldiers could be heard by Raphael- including gunshots and screams.]
[16:48] <@Lt_Peters> [Euphrasie was busying herself with the captive, however, medkit out. "Stay still."-
[16:50] <@Lt_Peters> ["Ah. You must be the medic." Said the Lieutenant, smiling feebly. "Special weapons, special armor, special captive- you must be with NERV."-
[16:50] <@Lt_Peters> ["Yeah, that's right." She said diffidently, pulling back the sleeve of his arm and ripping off his black glove.-
[16:53] <@Lt_Peters> ["Strange." He winced as she pulled off his glove.-
[16:54] <@Lt_Peters> ["What? Out with it."-
[16:54] <@Lt_Peters> ["Here I was thinking it was NERV's task to destroy Angels, not employ them."-
[16:54] <@Lt_Peters> ["… Just shut up and sit still." She applied some bandages a little more forcefully than needed.]
[16:56] * Raphael releases the send button, still wearing that blank look of unsettling battle-calm. "Sergeants Herriot and Kirishima, we're moving to reinforce right now." He says, unslinging his Maser. "… Euphrasie, we're going to clear a path to get you to Marie. She'll need your attention." And then he's off at a flat sprint.
[16:56] <@Lt_Peters> ["Yessir."-
[16:57] <@Lt_Peters> [Blaise looks over at him and sometime after he turns his head, but hefore his eyes turn to Raphael, Mana has gone past. "As you say, sir."]
[16:57] <@Lt_Peters> [When Raphael arrived, he'd see- more crazed soldiers lunging towards the UN line. One of them already dead on the ground-
[16:57] <@Lt_Peters> [At the door, a calm Lieutenant firing his gun, flanked by two sane soldiers.]
[17:03] * Raphael crouches in the ruined doorway of one of the buildings, maser braced against the wall as he lines up his shot. A moment later the look of calm on the Lieutenant's face would be interrupted by a pinpoint microwave beam striking him in the temple.
[17:05] <@Lt_Peters> [The head vaporises, leaving a burning, flaming crater of a neck. Flailing arms ignite and strike the other soldiers, and before long the corpse is running back the way it came, collapsing and burning out on wooden floorboards… That soon catch fire.]
[17:54] <@Lt_Peters> [Soon, Maser bolts- that of Death Blossom- raked the area, but it wasn't enough to take any of the suddenly burning soldiers down, who soon ran in all directions.-
[17:55] <@Lt_Peters> [Raphael would, however, see a crazed LN soldier bayonet a UN soldier in the ribs, sending him to the ground, before savagely mauling his corpse.]
[18:08] <Raphael> But that last few moments of brutality are cut blessedly short as the long mas fires again, this time shearing off the crazed soldier's leg at the thigh and sending the man tumbling to the ground. Though his expression remains almost unchanged, Raphael's lips are pressed tighter together by the second.
[18:13] <@Lt_Peters> ["Sir!" Radio. Hugues. "Shit, sir. It looks like we're being hit in the east."]
[18:18] <Raphael> "On my way." Raphael says, shouldering his rifle and is about to return to the alleys when a flaming LN soldier sprints straight past him, aflame and screaming, before bouncing off a nearby wall. "… Sergeant Kirishima, are your targets dealt with?"
[18:19] <@Lt_Peters> ["Yessir." Says Mana's quiet voice.-
[18:19] <@Lt_Peters> Quite suddenly, another voice can be heard on the radio. "Captain Guillory? This is Peters. What's the situation?"
[18:24] * Raphael waits to get behind cover before answering, poking his head around the edge of the wall to sneak a look at the advancing soldiers. "We're encountering heavy resistance, sir, but we've managed to free Sergeant Martins and relieve Gunnery Sergeant Macnair. Sergeant Martins is on her way to your position with a pair of captured soldiers as we speak."
[19:22] <@Lt_Peters> "What about Pai? Have you heard anything from him?"
[19:25] <Raphael> "No, sir. Quite frankly with these numbers" A pause just long enough for Raphael to fire a mas shot into a LN trooper's head as he peeks from cover. " With these numbers it's been all we could do to assist the other units."
[19:33] <@Lt_Peters> [Mana's covering the passage, and as a soldier flits between building to building she guns him down.-
[19:34] <@Lt_Peters> "Damnit…"-
[19:34] <@Lt_Peters> "… Hold on. I'll get back to you in a minute."
[19:37] <@Lt_Peters> ["This is Martins. We're under fire from LN flankers!"]
[19:42] <@Lt_Peters> [Meanwhile…-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> ["Alright." Blaise stood up, detonator in hand. He walked away from the wall. "The charges are set."-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> ["You sure?" Asked Euphrasie.-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> ["You -always- say that." Muttered Blaise. "Yes, I'm sure. Cover your ears."-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> [Henri, Marie and Euphrasie all did so. Blaise walked back and hit the detonator.-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> […-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> […-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> […-
[19:43] <@Lt_Peters> ["Blaise…" Marie's voice, tinged with warning.-
[19:44] <@Lt_Peters> ["… Son of a -bitch-. Where did we -get- this bullshit equipment from? Russia?!"]
[19:45] <Raphael> More quiet curses from Raphael at that news. "Get into hard cover and stay there, Sergeant. I'm sending help now." He says, quickly switching channels. "Mana! We've got flankers coming down the road. I need you to give Sergeant Martins some support."
[19:45] <@Lt_Peters> ["Right. on it."-
[19:45] <@Lt_Peters> "Captain? It's Peters. I've gotten word to Pai- he says there's a lull where he is. He might be able to move to help you."
[19:46] <Raphael> "If he can manage I wouldn't say no, sir." Raphael says tersely.
[20:02] <@Lt_Peters> "Then consider it done." Radio cut.
[20:19] <Raphael> The sound of sniper fire echoes down the long alleyway, two rounds chipping deep gouges in the concrete alongside Raphael's head. He manages to spot one crouched behind the litter and dumpsters further down, and though his first shot is easily dodged Raphael's second maser shot finds its mark on one of the snipers' heads.-
[20:19] <Raphael> "Chief Sergeant Hugues, can I have some covering fire?"
[20:20] <@Lt_Peters> ["'Course, sir."-
[20:20] <@Lt_Peters> [A hail of mas bolts has the rest of them hiding their heads.]
[21:12] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Hey Blaise, you do it properly this time?"-
[21:12] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Shh." Blaise frowned, replacing the detonator. "Ok. I’ve got it." He stepped back. "Cover your ears. Three, two…"-
[21:12] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Boom!-
[21:12] <@Freya`Solheim> [The wall blew apart, Blaise clapping his hands over his ears.-
[21:13] <@Freya`Solheim> [The soldiers behind it looked up in abject horror and surprise- and were immediately rewarded for their efforts with a flashbang. "Augh- my eyes-"-
[21:13] <@Freya`Solheim> [Masbolts flew, cutting down three of them instantly and wounding the last, who staggered backwards, clutching his side.-
[21:13] <@Freya`Solheim> ["P-Please don’t-" He cried, cradling his eyes. "I-I-I have…-"]
[21:18] * Raphael takes a glance back towards the building and nods. "Mana! Hugues! Pull back towards the building. We'll hold out there."
[21:21] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Alright!"-
[21:22] <@Freya`Solheim> [Mana ran, focusing her guns at that final, panicky soldier- but something in his face saw her fire only half-heartedly, the shots ringing off the walls. The man ran, crying, and tripped in his blindness. There was the dull roar of a bolt pistol.]
[21:24] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Hey, Captain. This is Macnair."]
[21:29] * Raphael is there a moment later, rifle readied. He gives Marie a worried look - Though he’s careful not to give the messy wound anything more than the quickest of glances - before the radio cuts in again. "I'm here, Gunnery Sergeant."
[21:31] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["It seems to me like you’ve taken out that fortified position. If you like, Watson and I can move up and take their guns, and your sword-wielding sunofabitch can see about opening that gate behind us."]
[21:42] <Raphael> "Agreed, sir." Raphael says after a quick look around at the weary squad. The sound of shouts and warcries is growing closer in the alleys again now, and with Hugues guarding the corner… "Chief Sergeant Hugues is a little busy, though." He says, looking up from the radio. "Sergeant Beringer, do you think you can make it there?
[21:43] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["I should be able to, sir."-
[21:44] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Put these imperialist scum to the sword, men!"-
[21:44] <@Freya`Solheim> ["God’s blood, they don't give up easily." Muttered Hugues, opening fire.]
[21:56] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Mana finished her run- getting to cover, over the debris of Blaise’s handiwork. That same soldier- dizzily, groggily trying to head towards her.-
[21:56] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Please- I-I have a wife-"-
[21:56] <@Freya`Solheim> [His head exploded, the body falling sidewards after a secondary delay. "THAT IS THE PRICE OF COWARDICE!" Mana could hear from some distant place.]
[21:57] <@Freya`Solheim> ["……"]
[22:13] <@Freya`Solheim> [An LN soldier charged through the breech now- towards Blaise. Blaise sidestepped and shot him in the back six times as he fell.-
[22:13] <@Freya`Solheim> [Meanwhile, Hugues was now caught fighting no less than three soldiers… "Off, ya bastards!"]
[22:19] * Raphael was trying to support him, firing his rifle into the fray from the rapidly diminishing ruins of a building set alight by maser fire. But no matter how careful his aim, the Lieutenants were startlingly fast to dodge his shots…
[22:27] <@Freya`Solheim> [Mana leaned around her wall, grabbing Death Blossom and firing down the street.-
[22:28] <@Freya`Solheim> [The response was immediate. A sheer storm of bullets bouncing off the wall and ripping the ablative layer off of her armour. "A-Ah!"]
[22:34] <@Freya`Solheim> [The Lieutenant did, in fact, managed to dodge Raphael’s shot- and as he rose from his crouch, levelled his bolt pistol at Hugues' face.-
[22:34] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Click!-
[22:34] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Hah!"_
[22:34] <@Freya`Solheim> [Hugues paid for his taunt with a deep cut to the cheek.]
[23:01] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Why, I-"-
[23:02] <@Freya`Solheim> [Raphael would see, down his scope, now, UN soldiers at the very far end of the alley, barely visible through the fog. But a grenade’s explosion could be seen…-
[23:02] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Captain! Take it! Hyah!" Hugues lunged, a bold and cutting thrust at the Lieutenant, who parried it, but slipped a little, off-balance…]
[23:09] <Raphael> The opening gave him just enough time… The Lieutenant would feel an incredibly intense heat engulf his sword arm, cooking flesh and and armour alike, before simply snapping his radius and ulna as the marrow boiled.
[23:15] <@Freya`Solheim> [He screamed, but the blessed relief of unconsciousness soon overwhelmed him, and he fell.-
[23:16] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Hah! Nice shot!"-
[23:16] <@Freya`Solheim> [Inaccurate rifle fire raked the walls as Martins’ squad returned. "Need a hand?"]
[23:24] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Mana continued to return fire, but more bullets- this time, striking her arm and head. She fell backward, dazed. "U-Ugh…"-
[23:24] <@Freya`Solheim> [Euphrasie, however, was running for the gate…-
[23:24] <@Freya`Solheim> [She slid the card through the keypad…-
[23:25] <@Freya`Solheim> [The gate slid open, and she glanced through it.-
[23:25] <@Freya`Solheim> ["…"-
[23:25] <@Freya`Solheim> [She pulled back. "TANK!"-
[23:26] <@Freya`Solheim> [She yelled into her radio. "Tank! There’s a tank!"-
[23:26] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Henri looked up. "A tank? What model?"-
[23:27] <@Freya`Solheim> ["It looks like a main battle tank. Uh… A Prowler Model, LN build."-
[23:27] <@Freya`Solheim> ["What’s it's operational status?"-
[23:27] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["I dunno, it’s a ta-" … "Oh wait, I don't think it's on."]
[23:34] <Raphael> "Yes ma'am." Raphael says giving Martins a wan smile, a very thin tinge of relief to his tone. But then the chatter on the radio draws his attention. "… Alright. We're running out of time to evac the VP, so if we're going to move we have to move -now-. Sergeant Duval, can you make it to that tank?"
[23:35] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["I can, sir. Mana’s hurt, but if she pulls back, I think Macnair can give me the space I need."]
[23:38] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Ugh!" Hugues’ voice, low and painful, as he took a bayonet to the ribs.]
[23:40] <Raphael> "Right. You two seem to have bought Macnair the time he needs, so get out of there. Everyone else, we move for the church as fast as we can." He raises his rifle again. "Hold on, Hugues…"
[23:46] <Raphael> … He fires, turning the head of one of the two remaining soldiers threatening Hugues into a torch before the man collapsed. "Sergeant Herriot, take the shot!"
[23:47] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Bang! Bang bang bang-
[23:48] <@Freya`Solheim> [Blaise’s tradition of shooting more than is necessary continues. The first bullet rips through the soldier's body and kills him instantly, and the others are icing.]
[23:57] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Henri rushes for the tank as Macnair opens up, covering him. "Yeeeehaw!"]
Session Time: Mon Jan 30 00:00:00 2012
[00:06] * Raphael shoulders seem to release a little as Hugues is freed from combat, but there’s not a great deal of time to breathe. "… Sergeant Martins. We've got another injured Lieutenant here, ma'am."
[00:07] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["You seem to be collecting them. Jenkins, go grab him, send him back to Peters."-
[00:07] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Yes, Sarge." A weary, exhausted soldier ran down the alleyway.]
[00:09] <Raphael> "I’ve got to move up again, Sergeant." He says, looking more than a little weary himself but still pushing himself into a trot to catch up with the rest. "Thank you again for that support."
[00:11] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Not a problem."-
[00:11] <@Freya`Solheim> [A distant bang.-
[00:11] <@Freya`Solheim> ["Urgh." Macnair spat. "They’re shooting their own men for running."]
[00:31] <@Freya‘Solheim> [Henri ran for it, running to the side of the tank. "Uh… They’ve got a lot of guards around this church."]
[01:16] <Raphael> "It's fine, Sergeant. Just get that tank moving." Raphael's moved all the way up to a sprint now, clearing the house - now almost consumed by the flames - and rounds the corner just in time to see Macnair wounded in a hail of HMG fire. "Macnair, fall back!"
[01:19] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["Ugh-"-
[01:19] <@Freya`Solheim> [A second later, the other gunner’s ripped apart by rounds that clean rip apart the sandbags protecting him.-
[01:20] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["-Shit-. You said something about a tank? You need gunners for that. I’ll go see to that."]
[01:37] * Raphael nods and sights down his rifle again as another Lieutenant vaults the sandbags of the enemy HMG emplacement, a small squad following close behind. His aim is thrown off by the range and the fog, though, and instead of finding its mark in the centre of the officer's forehead it causes his cap to begin to smoulder. Of course, by that time he's already running to find his own cover.
[01:44] <@Freya‘Solheim> [There’s the hum- then the purr, as Henri would call it- of the battle tank as it comes to life.-
[01:44] <@Freya‘Solheim> ["We have power, Captain!" Henri’s voice is worringly gleeful.]
[16:03] <@Alexandre> [A hail of HMG fire raked them, Macnair and Martins only barely making it to safetly. "That was close." Muttered Martins.]
[16:30] <@Alexandre> [Raphael would, however, get front row seats to what would happen next.-
[16:30] <@Alexandre> [The approaching LN soldiers in the courtyard had dived into a tower when the tank had been commandeered.-
[16:31] <@Alexandre> [This would not stop Henri. The tank accelerated, turned a full ninety degrees and -rammed- into the tower, straight on. Half of it fell away, showering the tank with debris and bricks, but not stopping it at all.-
[16:32] <@Alexandre> [The two soldiers had not been expecting this. One of them scrambled and fell backwards-
[16:32] <@Alexandre> [The other was crushed beneath a tread, screaming painfully.-
[16:33] <@Alexandre> [The Lieutenant in the tower stopped and stared up.-
[16:33] <@Alexandre> ["…"-
[16:33] <@Alexandre> ["RETREAT! BACK TO THE MAIN ROOM!"-
[16:33] <@Alexandre> ["Ahahahah-AHAHAHAHAHAA~"-
[16:33] <@Alexandre> [Henri was cackling over the radio. "I ~love~ tanks! I ~love~ it~ I need gunners! Woohoo!"-
[16:34] <@Alexandre> ["…" Mana stared at the vehicle with an expression that clearly said she did not believe what she saw. However, before long she was scrambling up over the top and into the hull.]
[16:47] <Raphael> "… What in the world…?" Raphael murmurs, the sight even shaking him out of his impacable calm for a moment as he stares over wide eyed. "Sergeant Duval! Keep that thing in one piece!"
[16:47] <@Alexandre> ["It'll take it, sir~"]
[16:56] * Raphael shakes his head slowly and lowers himself into a prone firing position on the sandbags and taking aim at the Lieutenant again. This shot strikes a glancing shot to the man's eye, making the soft flesh bubble before popping entirely. Still the man advances…-
[17:01] <@Alexandre> [… Until his entire right leg is ripped off by a precise shot to the knee by Martins.-
[17:02] <@Alexandre> [The man goes down, -screaming- a scream that can be heard for a kilometre before he dies.-
[17:02] <@Alexandre> [Understandably, his two companions run…-
[17:02] <@Alexandre> [But vengeance HMG fire pushes Martins back with a jerking blow to the head. "Ugh-!"]
[17:16] * Raphael rolls from the sandbags to dodge a stray bullet that shreds the cover around him, falling hard on the concrete. But he's still better off than Martins…-
[17:17] <Raphael> "Sergeant Martins! Pull back and get into cover. I'll try and take it from here."
[17:26] <@Alexandre> ["Y-Yes sir."]
[17:33] * Raphael gives her a tight smile before springing over the sandbags again and sprinting for the next alleyway down as the HMG fire slows… only to find Blaise already waiting there. "… You're still here, Sergeant?"
[17:39] * Raphael isn't really waiting for an answer, though. He pulls his radio, playing with the bands for a moment before finding the one he's after. "Sergeant Pai, are you on this frequency?"
[17:42] <@Alexandre> [A crackle.-
[17:42] <@Alexandre> ["This is Pai. To whom am I speaking?"]
[17:45] <Raphael> "Group Captain Raphael Guillory with NERV's 1st Superheavy Regiment, sir. I'm seeing suppressive fire on the last HMG to the west. I'm assuming that's your work?"
[17:45] <@Alexandre> ["Yes, sir. I've pushed in from the east, cleared out one of the enemy squads in the alleys and am working on taking out the HMGs now."]
[17:50] <Raphael> "I'm in position to assist at range, Sergeant? I don't suppose you have a marksman in your squad?"
[17:50] <@Alexandre> ["I am the marksman, sir. That is, I found an enemy sniper willing to lend me his rifle."]
[17:59] <Raphael> "Splendid. I've got line of sight on the spotter closest to the wall. Blonde hair, cracked armour around the torso. Are you able to put down his partner?"
[17:59] <@Alexandre> ["Should be, sir."]
[18:00] <Raphael> "Alright, Sergeant. On my mark…"
[19:02] <@Alexandre> ["Ready."]
[19:02] <Raphael> "Fire."-
[19:05] <Raphael> Raphael's maser shot slices straight across the street and through a gap in the machine gun emplacement, striking the pair's spotter in the face even as the beam's excess heat cooks off a pair of bullets on the gun's ammo belt. The man goes down without a sound, dead a moment after impact.
[19:06] <@Alexandre> [There's the snap of sniper fire, and not even half a second later, Pai puts a bullet through the brain of the gunner himself.]
[19:09] <Raphael> "Good shot, Sergeant." Raphael says calmly, quickly checking the rest of Pai's team as they advance before retreating again.
[19:09] <@Alexandre> [There's a massive explosion, accompanied by Macnair's cries of victory.-
[19:10] <@Alexandre> [A whole wall of the church comes down, taking a hapless Lieutenant with it along with a soldier.-
[19:12] <Raphael> "…" Raphael sighs and shoulders his rifle, looking at the smoke rising from the church. "… Can your team take it from there, Sergeant Pai? I may be needed elsewhere."
[19:13] <@Alexandre> ["Yes sir."-
[19:13] <@Alexandre> [The destroyed wall reveals the interior of a church, its hallowed and masterful floor and walls marred by soldiers and war. Pews are stacked into walls of cover…-
[19:14] <@Alexandre> [At the centre is a tall man, wearing thick plates of armor, flanked by two lieutenants. He turns.-
[19:15] <@Alexandre> ["What! How? How is it that they have driven us back to our very headquarters? Not ten minutes ago we were on the cusp of victory! I will see someone-"-
[19:16] <@Alexandre> [Marie and Mana open fire with the Heavy Machine Guns, and for a minute the man's words are drowned out. But as the guns cycle for a second…-
[19:20] <@Alexandre> [Raphael's radio crackled. "Captain? This is Lt. Peters."]
[19:21] <Raphael> "I'm here, sir." Raphael says, his words slightly uneven as he sprints back towards the gate and the chaos beyond it.
[19:21] <@Alexandre> ["We've detected airborne reinforcements headed your way, ETA 30 seconds."]
[19:23] <@Alexandre> «*Enemy»
[19:27] <Raphael> "…" His mind is blank and calm, but he's biting the inside of his lip hard enough to draw blood with every jolting step. "… Noted, sir." He says. "… Chief Sergeant Hugues, where do we stand?"
[19:28] <@Alexandre> ["They're running, sir. We've got 'em but good."]
[19:31] <@Alexandre> [Indeed, the enemy captain is gesturing frantically to the other tower. "PULL BACK! WE'LL LET THE BIG BOYS TAKE CARE OF THIS! BACK! BACK!" He runs, sword and gun left behind…-
[19:32] <@Alexandre> [A tank shell slamms into the wall as the enemy bottleneck- one goes down, another lets out an animal cry of agony, and the enemy Captain grunts, but stoically continues onward.]
[19:38] <Raphael> "… Good. Get let's get our VIP out of there. We've got airborne units inbound."
[19:38] <@Alexandre> ["We could take 'em." Says Henri, giddy with power.]
[19:41] <Raphael> "We have an objective, Sergeant Duval. Stick to it."
[19:41] <@Alexandre> ["R-right, sir."]
[19:43] <Raphael> "Good." He says. "Sergeant Pai, if you're still combat ready we've got a retreating command unit headed your way."
[19:44] <@Alexandre> ["Negative on that, sir. They won't retreat my way."]
[20:18] <Raphael> "Acknowledged, Sergeant." Raphael says, snapping the radio back to his belt as he runs through the ruins of the church tower, stepping over a body mangled by tank treads as he passes. "Euphrasie, with me. We need Sho on her feet in a hurry."
[20:19] <Raphael> «Shi*»
[20:23] <@Alexandre> ["Acknowledged, sir." Says Euphrasie, glad to be the one given the order to heal instead of harm.]
[20:30] <@Alexandre> [The tank continued to barrel forward unstoppably, shattering a corridor- the sound of screams audible. Mana's gun shoots down a soldier trying to escape past the tank itself.]
[20:54] <Raphael> The tanks path of rubble and shattered bodies has left the church empty of anything but encroaching allied soldiers and slowly settling dust… except for one roughly made cot in the far corner, behind all the makeshift barricades. Even in the chaos of a warzone it's easy enough to pick the bed's occupant as an Ayanami Sister based on little more than a glance.-
[20:55] <Raphael> Euphrasie and Raphael arrive at her side as the ear splitting crack of a tank shell detonates somewhere beyond the western wall. "Can we move her, Sergeant?"
[20:57] <@Alexandre> [Ayanami Shi is clearly unconscious, a hastily wrapped bandage around her head. Her clothes are stained with blood and dirt, although once upon a time they would've been very fine and attractive.-
[20:58] <@Alexandre> ["She's injured. At most I'd say she suffered a concussion and maybe a broken bone or two, but we should be able to move her. I could wake her if you like."]
[20:59] * Raphael bites his lip again, glancing back the way they came with a frown. "Do it." He says with a nod. "I'll try and arrange for our extraction."
[21:02] <@Alexandre> ["Yes sir." Euphrasie takes out a long needle from her medkit, filled with a colourless serum- she injects it into Shi and, a few seconds later, she wakes with a few murmurings of pain.-
[21:02] <@Alexandre> ["Makoto-sama…"]
[21:10] <Raphael> "Not yet, Pilot Shi." Raphael says, leaning against the wall as he adjusts his radio slightly. He doesn't look up at her. "I'm Raphael Guillory. A friend of Rei's."
[21:15] <@Alexandre> ["Rei-oneesama…" Shi sat up, wincing as she put a hand to her head. She climbed out of the cot. "Where-?"]
[21:16] <@Alexandre> [A little away, Hugues was disarming an enemy- the soldier hadn't offered any resistance, and as the gun was gone, fell to his knees and wept.]
[21:25] * Raphael there's a crackling static on the radio for a moment, and then finally he's found the channel he's looking for. "Euphrasie, can you get her up to speed and ready to move?" Raphael says quickly, before putting one hand over his ear to block the noise and pressing the send button. "This is First Superheavy Regiment, First Company reporting in. We've recovered our VIP and are requesting
[21:25] * Raphael an urgent extraction at the nearest available location. Repeat…" The message is quickly repeated, followed by a pre-arranged confirmation code and the unit's current coordinates.
[21:26] <@Alexandre> ["Copy that, First Company. Extraction point is at the forward UN outpost."-
[21:26] <@Alexandre> [Another frequency. "This is Pai. We've taken the eastern machine gun line."]
[21:29] <@Alexandre> [In the background, he'd hear Euphrasie patiently explain the situation to Shi. "You were captured. Your plane was shot down-"-
[21:29] <@Alexandre> ["Shot down? But- What about my pilot?"-
[21:30] <@Alexandre> ["I'm sorry. We don't know."-
[21:30] <@Alexandre> ["…"]
[21:30] <Raphael> "Good work, Sergeant. We've got an evac arranged for the UN headquarters and enemy reinforcements inbound. Can you pull back? We've got armour near your position to give you some covering fire."
[21:31] <@Alexandre> ["Acknowledged, sir. Pulling back."]
[21:37] * Raphael changes the frequency one last time, this time to the open UN channel, and sends one quick message as "All UN and NERV troops are ordered to pull back to headquarters for urgent evac. Our objective is secured."
[21:39] <@Alexandre> [There were acknowledgements.-
[21:40] <@Alexandre> [Raphael would hear a whistling sound much like an artillery shell, from above him- a small object was hurtling towards the area.-
[21:40] <@Alexandre> ["Captain? Your captive says it's best if you hurry…" Lt. Peters.]
[21:46] <Raphael> "… Noted." Raphael mutters, turning back to Euphrasie. "Sergeant Beringer, get out by the front door and take the alleys. Take Pilot Shi with you. I'll try and lead whatever's coming away."
[21:47] <@Alexandre> ["Yessir." Said Euphrasie.-
[21:49] <@Alexandre> [Shi had, at some point, managed to outrun Euphrasie and was at Raphael's side. "I should go with you." She proclaimed. "If you become injured, it would be my responsibility, ergo it is my duty to assist in leading them. I'm more then capable."]
[22:05] <@Alexandre> [Pai looked up as he heard a rubmling noise…-
[22:05] <@Alexandre> [The gate in front of him exploded outward, a tank smashing through, the cannon still firing at something behind it.-
[22:05] <@Alexandre> ["… These people… Come on, men. Let's follow the tank." He vaulted the sandbags and ran towards it, men in tow.]
[22:06] <Raphael> "If you insist, ma'am." It's all he has time to get out between breaths. All other oxygen is going towards outrunning the howling shell hurtling towards the courtyard.
[22:08] <@Alexandre> ["…" Shi looked up at the whistling shell above.-
[22:08] <@Alexandre> ["On second thoughts, you look quite capable. Come, medic. I will protect you."-
[22:10] <@Alexandre> ["Good, that's a good idea."-
[22:10] <@Alexandre> [The two of them withdrew inside.-
[22:11] <@Alexandre> [If Raphael were to look back, he'd see, as he turned around the wall, a perfect sphere hurtling towards the earth. It hit with an almighty crash.-
[22:11] <@Alexandre> [The top half slid open, but he didn't have time to see what was within…-
[22:12] <@Alexandre> [But before long, it would come to him. With heavy footsteps, a figure would burst through the gate. A humanoid figure, eight feet tall, clad in super-thick armour, a bolter wielded in its hands. It smashed into sandbags, taking cover behind a wall.-
[22:12] <@Alexandre> [A second followed it, this one carrying a portable Mascannon.]
[22:32] <@Alexandre> [One of them ran through the shattered church wall- but Euphrasie was already out, tossing the keycard to Chiisana. "The gate! Open it-!" She gestured, and Chiisana nodded, running over, doing so, then flitting through.]
[22:53] <Raphael> "…" The clanking nightmares were faster than anything of that size had any right to be, but it was the oddly soundless way they disembarked from their 'transport' - if you could rightly call it that - that really set his teeth on edge. Two of them were already on his heels by the time he made it to the gate, and then it was a flat sprint to the alleyway mere moments before they brought
[22:53] <Raphael> their guns to bear.
[22:55] <@Alexandre> [There was the sound of an incredible explosion as a tank shell whistled past…-
[22:56] <@Alexandre> [But it didn't seem to slow them down. Before long, one of the horrors was standing at the opening to that same alley, red eyes staring at him.]
[23:05] <@Alexandre> ["You guys go ahead." One of Martins' soldiers, who had accompanied the group on the storming of the Cathedral, turned around, training his gun on one of the Cyborgs- one wielding a sword and pistol.-
[23:05] <@Alexandre> ["Don't be a fool! You'll get yourself killed!" Shouted Euphrasie. "Come on!"-
[23:06] <@Alexandre> ["Ma'am, get moving."-
[23:06] <@Alexandre> ["… Idiot." Said Euphrasie, shaking her head. "Please be careful!" She turned and ran.-
[23:07] <@Alexandre> ["C'mon." The soldier turned his gun towards his opponent. "C'mon. C'MON!" He opened fire, roaring- the bullets bounced off the armor ineffectively.]
[23:32] <@Alexandre> [The decorated Cyborg charged, blade digging deep into the soldier's stomach-
[23:33] <@Alexandre> [But that didn't stop him. "Nnngh. You want this, motherfucker? Come get it."]
[23:35] * Raphael stares into the red lamplights that pass for the cyborg's eyes for a moment, hands on the trigger of his rifle and slowly raising the rifle to sight… but then there's a distant scream, and the whistle-crack of tank shalls, shaking him out of his brief moment of anger. One last look, and then it's back to barrelling down the alleyways, hoping the others were doing the same.
[23:37] <@Alexandre> [Those red eyes soon vanish…-
[23:38] <@Alexandre> [Euphrasie is running. And for a second it seems as though she won't make it- a Cyborg is almost on top of her before she dives into the alley way- and, Chiisana pulling her up, she's frantically running, ducking behind a wall, nearly hyperventilating.]
Session Time: Tue Jan 31 00:00:00 2012
[00:06] <@Alexandre> [Before long, Raphael would run into another Cyborg, passing down the length of the street, Mascannon in hand.]
[00:30] <Raphael> Past another alleyway - the burned house to one side now nearly burned flat - and into another set of ruins. He's almost to the door when he spots the new target, and it doesn't take long to realize where it's headed: To cut off the others. And it was fast enough to do it. Swearing under his breath, Raphael retreats back into the shadows before he's seen. By the time he's in heavier cover,
[00:30] <Raphael> he barely has time to set up his rifle and fire a snap shot, which only serves to glance off the cyborg's helmet and set fire to a nearby tree.
[00:31] <@Alexandre> ["Captain Guillory. This is Sergeant Pai."]
[00:31] <@Alexandre> [The sound of Bolter fire behind them, barely missing Euphrasie. Panic carefully controlled, she ran…]
[00:32] <Raphael> "… All UN Troops, the enemy reinforcements are moving to cut off our retreat via the main road. Henri, can you get out there?" He switches frequencies with a flick of his thumb. "Sergeant. What's your situation?"
[00:34] <@Alexandre> ["There's an enemy… Thing cutting us off our western flank, and enemy machine guns are covering the south. I'm going to order my men to open fire, and in that mix I'll try to put it down in the head. I'd appreciate any support you can give."-
[00:35] <@Alexandre> ["I'M GONNA GET FREEEEEEEEEE! I'M GONNA GET FR- Ahem."-
[00:35] <@Alexandre> ["I can do that, Captain."]
[00:35] <Raphael> "…"-
[00:36] <Raphael> "… I'll get into position, Sergeant."
[00:36] <@Alexandre> [The Mascannon Cyborg ran south, sliding to the ground, pointing its gun at the tank…-
[00:36] <@Alexandre> [A second later, a massive tank shell struck it square in the chest.-
[00:37] <@Alexandre> [It flinched, letting out a grunt and putting a hand to its head before continuing to aim.-
[00:37] <@Alexandre> [Another Cyborg had cut around the south- directly into Chiisana's path.-
[00:37] <@Alexandre> ["I demand you move!"-
[00:37] <@Alexandre> ["…" It raised its bolter.-
[00:38] <@Alexandre> ["Very well." Chiisana focused, her AT Field bursting into existence. Raising one pale arm, she gathered it into her hand and flung it like a wave at her opponents.-
[00:39] <@Alexandre> [The one blocking her shrugged it off, but the Mascannon Cyborg flinched, letting out a low, disturbing cry as its armor split open, blood seeping from the wound.]
[00:51] <@Alexandre> [But it wasn't enough. It raised its Cannon and fired-
[00:52] <@Alexandre> [The bright, actinic beam of Maser energy ripped through the armor of the tank, ripping apart guiding systems and steering controls. Henri jerked forward. "Shit, shit-"-
[00:52] <@Alexandre> ["That was fucking -close-!" Shouted Macnair, crossing himself. "It nearly hit the ammo!"-
[00:52] <@Alexandre> ["…" Henri nearly wet himself.-
[00:52] <@Alexandre> ["MANA! MARIE! SHOOT IT SHOOT IT SHOOT IT-"-
[00:52] <@Alexandre> [A hail of bullets. Endless bullets- it seemed as though it'd never go down…-
[00:53] <@Alexandre> [Then finally, a lucky bullet caught it. The Mascannon fell away and the cyborg slumped to the side.]
[01:18] <@Alexandre> [Hugues pulled the slide back on his Masgun. "I'm ready, Captain!"]
[01:23] * Raphael gives Hugues a thumbs up from the next piece of cover down watching as Euphrasie fires a panicked shot before scrambling aside. He falls into a prone firing position again, his rifle braced and ready, and fires a quick shot for the creature's head.
[01:23] <@Alexandre> [That's the signal. The thing stands aside-
[01:23] <@Alexandre> [But Hugues is firing, its masgun bolts mostly bouncing off the armor, but one hits true and burns away at the ablative coat.-
[01:23] <@Alexandre> [At the end of the alley, Pai's soldiers raise their weapons, Pai on his knees.]
[01:27] <Raphael> The first shot was more to throw the massive soldier off, to keep him off-balance for Hugues. This one is the real thing: A far more precise shot that strikes the cyborg in one of its crystal eyepieces so that it heats and shatters, then passing right on through to the unseen flesh behind its helmet.
[01:27] <@Alexandre> [It lets out a dull, low roar of anger slowly becoming unbridled…-
[01:28] <@Alexandre> [By then, a storm of bullets is firing at its back, bouncing off its power plant and armor, and the injuries from these two shots is enough to send it to its knees, clutching its head.-
[01:29] <@Alexandre> [The final killing blow comes from Pai, however. His bullet rips right through the head and into a nearby wall. The metal beast falls forward, dead.-
[01:29] <@Alexandre> [Pai lets out a sigh of relief. "Let's go!"]
[01:33] * Raphael 's expression is still fixed in that mask as he stands, almost bordering on a scowl. "Quite."
[01:33] <@Alexandre> [There's an almighty crash.-
[01:34] <@Alexandre> [If Raphael were to look to his left he'd see masonry and mortar give way as a Cyborg literally smashed through the wall.]
[01:35] * Raphael did look… and just sighed. He was ready for this day to be over. "Hugues! Take the lead! And where's Pilot Shi?"
[01:35] <@Alexandre> ["She's-"-
[01:35] <@Alexandre> [Blaise was staring out in awe. A whistling tank shell smashed into the chest of that one obstinace Cyborg- splitting its armor.-
[01:36] <@Alexandre> [Chiisana raised her hand, her AT Field flashing. A rising cross of energy burst from the ground, ripping through the cyborg's chest with ease and killing it. "Hmph."-
[01:36] <@Alexandre> ["She just killed one of those damned things with her AT Field!"]
[01:36] <Raphael> "… Alright." That seemed like the best answer. Sometimes it was hard to tell. "Move it, you three."
[01:37] <@Alexandre> ["Yessir!"]
[01:37] <@Alexandre> [Euphrasie was already off.]
[01:51] <@Alexandre> ["Damnit. Ok!" Henri fought for the tank controls, pulling them as slow as he dared- eventually the tank turned on its own volition and stuck itself into a muddy ditch.-
[01:51] <@Alexandre> ["Everyone out!"-
[01:51] <@Alexandre> [Henri was the first to go, popping the pilot's hatch, scrambling out and running to safety- followed by Macnair, who helped Marie to hop out- followed by Mana.-
[01:54] <@Alexandre> [Stomp stomp. The sounds of another Cyborg- heading down the street.]
[02:11] <Raphael> … With Raphael only a few metres in front of it, head down as he rounds the corner.
[02:12] <@Alexandre> [It continues to stomp, its stride growing longer and faster. Before long it's overtaken him.-
[02:12] <@Alexandre> [It points its sword at him. "Surrender the Ayanami."]
[02:12] <@Alexandre> [Its voice is low and electronic.]
[02:14] <@Alexandre> [Said Ayanami AT-hurls herself to a waiting Martins, grabbing the sniper rifle from her.]
[02:17] * Raphael actually laughs, though the sound was low and exhausted. He sidesteps the sword neatly, not breaking even breaking stride as he sprints across what's left of a park, snatching the radio from his belt as he goes. "Sergeant Favager, do you have the mascannon?" Apart from its breathlessness and exhaustion, his tone is still as calm as ever.
[02:19] <@Alexandre> ["Uh, yes, sir!"-
[02:20] <@Alexandre> [The Cyborg is after him, keeping pace, bringing its pistol up towards his face. "…"]
[02:33] <Raphael> "On my mark!" He says, spotting Blaise ahead of him just before throwing himself into a dive as he crosses a particularly muddy patch of ground. "Blaise, grenade!"
[02:35] <@Alexandre> ["Yessir!"-
[02:35] <@Alexandre> [Blaise tossed the grenade…-
[02:35] <@Alexandre> [It sidestepped.]
[02:38] <Raphael> A month of rain and blood and gunfire churning up the ground have left a thin, slippery slurry of mud across the the ground that today's fog hasn't helped. So by the time Raphael hits the ground after his long leap, a sprint's worth of inertia behind him, he's sliding quite impressively… rolling onto his back as he goes.-
[02:39] <Raphael> And as the grenade soars past him and forces the cyborg to dodge, Raphael thanks his lucky stars for lack of maser recoil and fires into the things' head.
[02:39] <Raphael> "NOW!"
[02:39] <Raphael> «Thing's*»
[02:40] <@Alexandre> [The head jerks back, the Maser energy eating at its helmet's visage-!-
[02:40] <@Alexandre> [Bang.-
[02:40] <@Alexandre> [Chiisana fired, the bullet spinning out of the barrel and entering its eye, the head ripping apart messily.-
[02:40] <@Alexandre> ["…"-
[02:40] <@Alexandre> [The body stood there. It took a step forward.-
[02:40] <@Alexandre> [Then fell forward into the mud.]
[02:45] * Raphael rests there for a moment, panting gently and getting lungfulls of fog for his trouble. But eventually he's ready to pick himself up and look back towards the others, his uniform now smeared with mud. "Thank you, Pilot Shi."
[02:45] <@Alexandre> [She pulls the bolt back on the rifle. "I would prefer to be called Chiisana Himesama. Shi is a very inauspicious name."]
[02:46] * Raphael glances past her, finding Mana in the crowd and raising his eyebrow in silent request for a translation.
[02:48] <@Alexandre> ["It means 'Little Princess'." She said.]
[02:50] <Raphael> "…" Raphael looks vaguely amused, which is a feat considering the amount of blood surrounding him. "… Sergeants Hugues, Herriot, Duval, come and help me get this thing ready for evac. Are we all here?"
[02:52] <@Alexandre> ["Pai isn't here." Said Lieutenant Peters, standing outside with his men. The coolly smirking man- the captured Lieutenant from earlier- is leaning against the wall, bolt pistol in hand.-
[02:52] <@Alexandre> ["I think- he's coming-!" Shouted Euphrasie as she ran.]
[02:53] <@Alexandre> ["Yessir." Blaise moved forward- as did Hugues.]
[02:55] <Raphael> "…" His eyes linger on the the Lieutenant for a moment on the Lieutenant - and then for a lot longer on the bolt pistol in his hand - but right at that moment he's more concerned with getting the evac prepared. Setting his rifle over one shoulder by the strap, he moves towards the downed cyborg and waits for Pai to arrive.
[02:59] <@Alexandre> [Before long, Hugues- accompanied by a shellshocked and unarmed LN soldier- Blaise and Henri are crowded around it.-
[02:59] <@Alexandre> ["It's big, innit?" Asked Henri.]
[03:03] <Raphael> "Mmm." Raphael murmurs, glancing between Hugues and the soldier for a moment before crouching and finding a good grip around the thing's shoulder. "On three. One… Two… Three."
[03:04] <@Alexandre> ["Huuuuuuuuuugh-"-
[03:04] <@Alexandre> [Even with five men lifting it (Hugues' new friend seems inclined to help) the thing is ridiculously heavy.-
[03:06] <@Alexandre> [A minute or so of carrying later, and five men leave the fog and finally arrive- the lead, a sergeant by his markings, is young and rather handsome, with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. His knees are shaking as he bends over, letting out a breath. "Sergeant Victor Pai. Reporting. Finally face to face, Captain Raphael Guillory." He smiled.]
[03:19] * Raphael smiles back, not looking a great deal better than Pai when all is said and done. "Pleased to meet you, Sergeant. Ready to go home?"
[03:20] <@Alexandre> ["Oh my, yes. Get me out of here." Pai started to laugh through sheer relief.-
[03:21] <@Alexandre> [Despite that, it'd be an unmissable fact to Raphael's eye that whilst Pai's soldiers all looked worn, none of them were injured at all.]
[03:27] <Raphael> "Then let's see what we can do." Raphael says, giving the younger soldier a pat on the back before reaching for his radio… and then, when he finds that his was rather broken by that last maneuver, reaching for Henri's. "… This is the First Superheavy Company confirming that the landing zone is clear and we're prepped for evac."
[03:28] <@Alexandre> ["Roger that, Superheavy. Bird is en route. Good job out there."-
[03:30] <@Alexandre> [Out of the foggy clouds, a stealth VTOL emerged, setting down about 20 metres away.-
[03:31] <@Alexandre> ["Let's go home." Said Lieutenant Peters. His soldiers began to march away, leading their various prisoners with them.-
[03:32] <@Alexandre> [Euphrasie was with Chiisana. After her last shot, she'd simply fallen back and sat where she was, overwhelmed with dizziness and nausea- Euphrasie was now supporting her on the journey back.]
[03:39] * Raphael stays watching the flattened parkland as the others run for the VTOL, first with Mana and Marie and their mascannon as the first wave are loaded on, and then by himself, scope glinting in the fog-dimmed sunlight. And then he's the only one left.-
[03:39] <Raphael> Even through the seemingly everypresent fog it's easy to see the smoke rising over Valletta. He gives it all one last look and heads for their VTOL, more than ready for the journey home.

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