Tyraline 'Tyra' Paskell

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Tyraline, level 7
Human, Rogue
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger
Rogue: Rogue Weapon Talent
Human Power Selection: Bonus At-Will Power
Background: Society - Noble (+2 to Diplomacy)

Str 14, Con 12, Dex 19, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 17.

Str 14, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16.

AC: 20 Fort: 17 Reflex: 21 Will: 18
HP: 54 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 13

Acrobatics +12, Stealth +12, Thievery +12, Bluff +13, Athletics +10, Insight +8, Streetwise +11

Arcana +7, Diplomacy +12, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +6, Heal +5, History +7, Intimidate +8, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +7

Human: Action Surge
Level 1: Backstabber
Level 2: Improved Initiative
Level 4: Jack of All Trades
Level 6: Nimble Blade

Bonus At-Will Power: Sly Flourish
Rogue at-will 1: Piercing Strike
Rogue at-will 1: Preparatory Shot
Rogue encounter 1: Positioning Strike
Rogue daily 1: Easy Target
Rogue utility 2: Adaptable Flanker
Rogue encounter 3: Jumping Blade Assault
Rogue daily 5: Mocking Strike
Rogue utility 6: Slippery Mind
Rogue encounter 7: Cloud of Steel

Adventurer's Kit, Arcane Signet Ring, Fine Clothing, Poisoned Dagger +1, Skald's Leather Armor +1, Lucky Charm +1, Thieves' Tools, Climber's Kit, Hedge Wizard's Gloves (heroic tier), Feyleaf Sandals (heroic tier), Travel Papers, Dagger (4), Hand Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts (60), Magitech Pocketwatch
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Basic Description:
A young human woman seeming to be in her early twenties at best, Tyra stands at about 5'6" and despite her notable curves maintains a rather lithe form. She has long black hair that is typically left unrestricted and descends to about midback or so while blue eyes peer out past her bangs. Her clothing oddly enough tends towards the masculine, though it's clearly tailored to her form. A white button up shirt with the top few buttons left undone tucked into a pair of rather well tailored black slacks. Her shoes are a pair of dress shoes with a small heel, propping her height a few inches higher. Over the shirt she wears a dark blue vest, tailored again to her form. Over the entire ensemble she wears a black silk jacket, the front usually left open. Her hands are typically clad in a set of fingerless black cloth gloves, a signet ring bearing the symbol of the Paskell family on her right hand.

Work Description:
When 'on the job' Tyra tends to alter her outfit quite a bit from the usual high class wear people are used to seeing the princess of the Paskell family in. An all leather outfit becomes the norm, padded at parts for added protection and cushioning for any springing about or acrobatics that may become necessary (though it also is a tad flattering for her figure too). A belt loops around her waist, an array of sheathed knives and other gear and pouches hanging from it. The dress shoes are replaced by boots with a slight heel, fingerless black gloves with full gloves that cover the entire hand. Her hair is bound up in a series of braids and such to keep it under control, her face covered except for her eyes and lips by a black and gold masquerade mask with various swirling designs etched into it.

The Company

Paskell Industries Brief History

A company founded before the rise of magitech, having specialized in simply armor and building materials and things of that sort. They base out of Paxia, though they have auxilary plants and buildings scattered around the entire country of Agnesia. While they weren't quite all that noteworthy in those days, the sudden advent of magitech allowed a few cunning individuals in the upper management to leap on the possibilities and develop them. Quite the risk some would say, but it has turned out to have paid out quite handsomely as Paskell Industries is now one of the leading names when it comes to the design and manufacture of Warforged in particular, though with the occasional branch in other aspects of magitech's blessings.

It is as many other industries in this time a bit of a nepotistic setup in terms of where the power in the company and the general order of succession and inheritance lies. The Paskell family are essentially one in the same with the company at this point, headed up by Williams Paskell and his wife Marianna. They still head up the company fifty years since the ignition of the magitech age, though the drawbacks of nepotism are beginning to be felt in some respects. A fair few children were had by the Paskells, the majority of them having positions of at least some consequence in the family. And they're all beginning to prepare for once Williams and Marianna pass on, trying to see who will end up in the CEO's office.

The company in general is rather in the public eyes and in the political eye, the family being a household name and well known upper society as well. the fact their products are basically soldiers and security and laborers mixed all together offers them more than a little clout when it comes to politics and such. This is rather well demonstrated in areas that would affect the company, as one would imagine.

Organization of Paskell Industries

The company in general is divided into five divisions, though it is four of them answering to a central division. Paskell family members are concentrated in the Central Operations division, though there are also more than a few in both Personnel and the Relations department. Manufacturing and R&D have escaped mostly due to their focus on being merit above all else, as they are the lifeblood of the company. Whether that will remain when Williams passes on is debatable, however.

Research and Development is basically as it says on the tin. It is where new methods of creating and improving Warforged and related Paskell products are designed. It is the prize of the company and is given both a great amount of autonomy as long as they keep to the guidelines set forth by the company and continue to turn out a superior product to their competitors. One of the rising stars in the R&D division is Diana Lucerne, only a hop and a skip away from being the head of the department itself. Perhaps in time she would find herself there? The R&D labs are kept in Paskell Tower, allowing for the best security and control of information possible by the company.

Manufacturing is another rather straight forward division, dealing with the manufacture and delivery of Warforged and other magitech products that Paskell Industries churn out. While R&D is based within the tower, the manufacturing plants are scattered in the city of Paxia and in the greater country of Agnesia to allow for ease of delivering products to where they are needed as soon as possible. They are not given nearly as much free reign as the R&D department, closely watched so that no issues work their way into the Warforged. It'd be a bit of a disaster if something went wrong in the mass production of them, after all.

The Personnel division is remarkably small considering the sheer size of Paskell Industries, though they manage to get the new hiring and firings and paychecks cut all on schedule. Unlike R&D and Manufacturing there are more than a few Paskell family members in this department, one of them serving as the head. It's likely they gravitate to it just for being able to control some of the purse strings while others find it far more simple work than the other divisions.

The Public/Competitor Relations department is something of a mixed bag when it comes to their actions. They have to present a rather charming and inviting facade towards the public and their customers at various levels of industry, government and politics. On the other hand, they also are point for negotiations and threats with competitors and such and can rarely show any quarter. Needless to say their are two separate factions within the division, though Paskells are quite common here as well in order to cement themselves as the face of the company.

Central Operations is the heart and mind and soul of the company. Everything not specifically covered falls into this department along with all of the major decisions regarding the company's fate. Security, budget, final say on deals and negotiations, it all comes here. The head of this division is also the head of the company, a spot currently occupied by Williams Paskell. The majority of the leading board are Paskells except for those from R&D and Manufacturing. It also has been the battleground of sorts amongst the Paskells for who will be taking the big chair come Williams' passing away.

The Family

Williams Paskell (Age: 81)
The current head of Paskell Industries and the one who guided it in the rise of magitech to become the power it is today, his name is practically iconic with the company and Warforged production in general. He has favored his family when it's come to company positions and such, though as he gets on his years and grows more frail in health the beginnings of a power struggle begin to shift under his feet.
Despite his growing older, he does what he can to remain in good health. Not yet bowed to age, he stands just shy of six feet tall and is solidly built. His hair has since gone grey with age and there are times when he has coughing fits and such but beyond that he attempts to maintain the same aura of control that's guided the company.

Marianna Paskell (Age: 76)
The wife of Williams Paskell and practically his partner in running the company, she's helped guide it with him since they married (as she had married after he had become the CEO of the company). Where he deal with the internal workings she was the public face for a while and helped advance the Paskell Industry agenda so that it grew into the trusted name it is today. Sadly her health has not remained as robust in old age as Williams, causing her to have to take more of a step back from the work of the company.
She's relatively short compared to Williams, standing at about 5'6" or so at best. She's maintained a refined and elegant beauty of sorts from her younger days when she broke many a heart though, but like Williams age is leaving its mark on her.

Samuel Paskell (Age: 54)
The second son of Williams Paskell and currently the Vice President, he's been the usual favored candidate for ascending to the coveted head spot of the company. There have been more than a few questions on if it is simply because he and Minvera have had a daughter, guaranteeing a continued line of inheritance (or if because Williams and Marianna tend to rather spoil Tyraline when they have the chance. Indulgent grandparents, perhaps?). His dealings usually have been fair, so he has only the normal collection of enemies.
He's a fairly tall man himself, standing a bit shy of six feet as well but possessive a rather lean build in comparison with his father. His features are best described as severe, both naturally and in how he presents himself. Dark hair kept carefully maintained along with a beard and mustache, dark eyes. His dressing habits do nothing to dispel it as well.

Minerva Paskell (Age: 48)
The daughter of a rather well to do family of her own, Minerva married into the Paskell family at least half for love and half to cement a family alliance to bring in more investors, though the specifics of which and what are hotly debated in some gossip circles. She tends to serve as taking the edge of Samuel some, making sure he isn't too off-putting with his severity.
A beautiful woman in her own right, it's rather obvious a fair bit of her looks were inherited by Tyraline. Long brown hair, blue eyes and a maintained figure even at her age prompt more than a few understanding nods as they see both mother and daughter and the similarities between them. She has a relatively pleasant demeanor, helping counterbalance Samuel's own usual attitude.

Silas Paskell (Age: 59)
The oldest son of William Paskell, he has taken over the role of being the face of the company since Marianna has stepped back due to her ailing health. So far he's managed to do rather well, switching between welcoming and cold as necessary in the day to day business dealings on that front. There is a bit of bad blood between him and Samuel since Samuel is currently the favored heir of the company despite being the younger brother, though it hasn't gone beyond that most think.
He resembles Williams more than Samuel does when it comes to build, though he's a bit shorter than the both of them (5'10"). Dark hair and eyes as is the Paskell family norm are his features as well and he dresses to impress, seeing as he's the one handling the PR these days.

Lorraine Paskell (Age: 43)
The youngest child of Williams and Marianna Paskell, she holds one of the most powerful positions in the company short of the top tier executive ones. Simply put, she is the head of the personnel division that deals with the employment of all those who work for Paskell Industries. Despite this position some consider her possibly the weakest candidate for taking over the company, though surprises have happened before. She is typically nothing but business, doing what she needs to do to keep things trim on the personnel front.
A bit of a portly woman, she stands at about 5'5" or so and could almost be considered almost maternal in manner and appearance if it wasn't for the usual bland expression she holds except when angered by something. Business is this woman's lifeblood, if her attitude is anything to go by. Her appearance differs from her brothers in hair and eye color as well, a dark red while her eyes are green.

Norman, Robot Butler (Warforged? Civilian Model? Secret Paskell Project?!)
Possibly an expression of the finery that the Paskell family enjoys, a good amount of their staff are actually automatons with a built in magical AI of sorts. Norman is a special case in particular, being the chief butler of sorts in the household. His programming has been altered a bit to fit Tyra's needs for her own adventures with the help of one of the R&D employees, Diana Lucerne. Instead of being a watchdog of sorts to make sure everything is in order Norman will do more to support and cover for Tyra when she's out and about doing her wetwork to keep her parents from finding out.
His appearance is a basic humanoid automation, his coloration being a black and white coloring scheme reminiscent of an actual butler's uniform. His eyes have a slight glow to them, the parts that aren't simulating clothes left a metallic gray. He stands at about 5'8" or so and it's uncertain what other surprises Diana's programmed into him.

Neville Vanya (Age: 45)
Neville is one of the most senior security agents/bodyguards for the Paskell family, having been with the family for almost thirty years at this point. Most family security receive their training while working either in the company's security or their own 'Internal Affairs' section of it, those who are absolutely trusted and carefully vetted being transferred to personal security. Neville in particular is one of the most absolutely trusted ones, considering his specific charge is none other than Tyraline Paskell herself. It's been one of his most… interesting assignments, is the way he would put it with a sheepish grin. She has eluded her security retinue a fair few times, sometimes in order to take care of some business behind the mask and sometimes just to get them all riled up. In the end though he does have her well being and that of her family at heart though (though he's lectured her plenty when she was younger about eluding her detail.) It's rumored that the only thing preventing him from attempting a 24/7 surveillance was a deal of sorts for her go through a series of self defense regimens or the like just in case. Or perhaps she's carrying some kind of panic device just in case? Who can say in this magitech world…
Neville is built to fit his profession, that much is certain. A tall man at an inch or two over six feet and rather well built as well, his presence alone tends to make people think twice before stirring up any trouble. His usual apparel is rather ultra formal, the whole nine yards with jacket and bowtie and everything. He also has a rather knack for never seeming flustered or ruffled or disheveled no matter what. Short brown hair kept neatly combed, a tidy beard and dark eyes that seem always in motion.

Tyraline Paskell

Birth and Early Years

Tyraline was born in the winter of 1290 to Samuel and Minerva Paskell, a child of one of the wealthiest families of the city and the first of her generation of Paskells (and so far still the only). It was perhaps one of the rare moments that Samuel dropped more than a few notches in severity and enjoyed himself with the various celebrations that were held, while naturally Williams and Marianna Paskell were ecstatic to have a granddaughter. It is rumored that the Paskell Penthouse was a chaotic disaster for the following week or so. Soon after things calmed down though Samuel was made the vice-president of the company, taken by many as a sign that Williams had finally decided on his successor should anything happen.

Tyraline's time as a toddler is about as one would expect of a child born into high class society. Rarely wanting for anything, the best care possible, the finest life in Paxia could offer essentially. There was of course a bit of attention from the press for the child, though Paskell security managed to keep most of them at bay so it wasn't a constant nightmare. Once she made it past her toddler years though the schooling and grooming for being the heir to Paskell Industries began. Schooling in the day at the starter school of St. Irure's Academy, not far from the tower itself and tutors in the evening to make sure she excelled at her studies. While she wasn't a genius student, she was no slacker either and would earn good marks. Which of course would earn all sorts of gifts and rewards from her grandparents, determined as they were to spoil her.

Middle Years

A critical moment in any person's development, this remained true for Tyraline Paskell as well. This was the same time Neville was assigned as the head of the security regarding her, seeing as there had been a rise in various incidents and threats to the Paskell family. Beyond the slight change in retinue and such though there were no major incidents for a time. She graduated from the Academy at the age of seventeen, easily making the mark to be accepted to the St. Trinian Academy, one of the most acclaimed colleges in the country of Agnesia. Of course, despite the fact her security retinue had been tightened the young Paskell heir took this time to start turning into bit more of a troublemaker. Slipping her security detail, various mischiefs with her friends in the college, delving into the more seedy areas of Paxia. The usual for any high class young adult, of course. Something that infuriated Neville to no end as well.

Unfortunately, some of the fears Neville had would prove to be the case. While Tyraline was back home from the college for a break from classes, there was an attempt to either kidnap or simply assassinate all of the Paskells who were living at the Tower. Surprising as it is that they managed to break through the usual safeguards and enter the penthouse, the remaining security agents led by Neville and Samuel held them off long enough for the remainder of Tower security and the police to sweep through and take down the rest. It was perhaps a bit of an eye opener for Tyraline to the true nature of Paxian corporate politics (or perhaps simply the risks the upper class faced, as it was never determined where the source of the attack came from).

That is where the first inklings of her later schemes likely began to take root, born out of wanting to protect the family name as she could. That was where the dilemma began to emerge, either way. As much effort that was going into grooming her into being the heiress of Paskell Industries, the job in general… didn't catch her spirit all that much. It didn't seem to fit and she certainly was not certain if she'd be up for the task. So her brain began to churn on methods to help the company besides playing heiress. It was somewhere along this line that she met and developed a rapport with Diana Lucerne as well.

Recent and Now

Tyraline graduated from her college with some honors, not the top of her class but rather close to that lofty mark all told. Her friendship with Diana grew, her own discontent over the role she was supposed to play increased. It all came to a head as she rounded the bend of twenty one, deciding to delve into the IA files (after having had Diana modify Norman's programming to give her a bit more leeway in these nightly escapades). It was there she got another good look at the corporate espionage world and such… and decided to delve into it in her own way. To preserve the company, both against outside threats and things beginning within it.

While such things started slowly, there was some success to be had. It eventually occurred to Tyraline though that she was going to need support on this. Discrete support. So she turned to Diana, who surprisingly enough seemed rather enthusiastic. And so she had her source of equipment for her own version of corporate policing, a mask to hide behind and her own experience to fall back on for getting in and out of where she was not wanted (and trouble as well).

It is worth nothing that Tyraline has rather adamantly refused to kill anyone throughout these escapades, always opting to disable and let the revealed facts or ruined attempts at exploiting Paskell Industries be the real nails in the coffin instead of literally putting them in the coffin.

The Gear

Poisoned Dagger
A retractable knife, it normally of course is kept retracted in a metal casing. When extended though it has a rather wicked looking edge to it, a few runes etched into it that enhance the power some. There are two buttons on the hilt, one for extending and retracting the blade. The other is to apply a dose of fast acting poison upon contact with a target, though it takes a while to replenish after a use. A gift from her grandfather Williams Paskell, she simply fields the questions about it with this.
"Grandpapa gave it to me when I was old enough to date and said to carry two at least. I carry five."

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