Unique Traits And Season Bonuses

Unique Traits and Season Bonuses

Trait Name Effect
Sera's Traits
Caine Supremacy Once per Campaign Turn, Sera may, as a Free Action on his turn, spend a Fate Point. Every round for a number of rounds equal to his WPB/2, he generates a pool of Degrees of Success equal to his IB. He may freely spend these Degrees of Success on any tests he makes during that round. This pool then resets to his IB at the start of his next turn, regardless of the amount he had remaining.
Elisha's Resolve Sera may reroll one Willpower test per session and take whichever result he prefers. Furthermore, when he spends a Fate Point to use the Restore Wounds bonus (but not to reduce damage), instead of healing 1d5 wounds, he heals an amount equal to his TB+1d5.
Helel, Promise of Man's Enduring Sera gains a 10-point buffer that absorbs the first 10 combined insanity and ego damage he takes every campaign turn. Whenever he would recover a point of Insanity or Ego damage, he recovers one extra.
Heroic Protector Sera may now use the Guardian and Sacrifice actions on allies within AB dm; as part of this action, he physically moves adjacent to the ally he is shielding. In Strategic Scale, his actions have a range of 2KM instead, and again he must physically move adjacent to the ally he is shielding.
Let Us Hurt Together Gain 1d10 SR. Furthermore, whenever 01 takes damage from the Sacrifice action, Sera may halve the damage taken after soak; however, he also takes that damage to his P-Scale form, which is not negated by TB or AP.
Archivist's Advice Sera may spend a Fate point to pass any Intelligence test with 0 Degrees of Success. Has a visible tell.
Yanmei's Traits
Angelic War Veteran Yanmei gains the Favoured Enemy (Angels) trait, and a +10 bonus to resisting mental attacks. She may reroll damage tests made against enemies with the Angel trait, as well as any sort of Angelspawn.
Aspect of the Herald 1 Before making an attack, Yanmei may spend a Fate Point to declare that the attack may now not be parried or dodged in anyway, including via Protect Self or Sacrifices. The attack may still be Deflected.
Aspect of the Herald 2 Every turn, Yanmei gains 15 points. These points may be spent to modify any tests she makes during that turn, at a rate of 1:1. Any unspent points vanish at the end of the turn.
Blood for the Blood God Yanmei gains 5 SR. Should anyone else but Yanmei try to pilot 04, they must take a difficult (-20) Willpower test. On a failure, they take 1d5+5 insanity and cannot pilot the Eva. Furthermore, Yanmei may now purchase Berserker talents up to Rank 5.
Conqueror's Warning Yanmei may reroll two WS tests per session.
Fluffy-Haired Cuddles Yanmei gains a permanent relationship Fate Point from Isaiah.

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