Unit Shadow Emperor

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Vera's elite command retinue, full of hand-picked tactical graduates and intelligent soldiers. They're outfitted for the highest versatility possible in a squad, and are able to rapidly change shape and adapt to new tactics with both the loadout and skill necessary to do so.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 50 20 50 30 50 50 50 20
Dodge+10, Awareness+10, Stealth, Tech-Use
Literacy, Speak Languages (English, Portuguese), S-Lore (Tactics)+10
Battle-Hardened, Disciplined, Exemplary Leadership, Fighting Withdrawal, Fire Drill (2), Support (4), Well-Equipped
Characteristic Increase (Per, BS, To, WP), H-Trait (+1), EP (+2), Talent (+1)
Target Selection, Sharpshooter, Bolter Drill, Barrage, Precision Heavy (Cleaving), Mighty Shot, Precision Basic (Fast)
Nerves of Steel, Unshakeable Faith
Power Armor Package, Heavy Package, Bolter Package, Positron Package, Rail Package, Maser Package
Railgun, Commando Bolter, Positron Rifle, Masgun (Pick 2) Commando Bolt Pistol Surovite Sword FCB Heavy Power Armor
Horde Abilities
Ability Name Action Squad Req. Qty. Effect
Stand and Shoot 1 Full/Free 1 Unlimited You activate this when an enemy who goes before you in Initiative makes a Charge attack against you. Before they execute their melee attack, you may make standard Ranged attack against the enemy, treating them as being at Point Blank Range. However, you forfeit your action this turn. Alternatively, you may activate this ability on your turn as a Full Action. If you do so, then you may make the above attack against the next enemy to make a charge attack against you between then and your next turn.
Anti-Armor Assault 1 Full 1 1 Per Battle You make a single ranged attack with the Anti-Armor Grenade profile. The attack deals +2 damage per squad, and gains +1 Penetration per squad.
Flashbang Assault 1 Full 1 1 Per Battle You make a single ranged attack with the Flashbang Grenade profile. Tests to resist the grenade take a -5 penalty per squad.
Weapon Expertise Passive/1 Full 1 Unlimited You may use the Custom Ammo, Special Bolts, Maximal and Variable modes as normal with equipped weaponry. You may switch between ammo/modes as a Full, and will continue firing in that mode unless you change to another (inc. default).
Orchestrate 1 Full 1 Unlimited You generate a pool of Rerolls equal to your IB. Allies within visual distance may use rerolls freely. Any unspent rerolls vanish permanently by the start of your next turn.
Weapons Team Passive 1 Unlimited Horde gains an extra Weapons Specialist, who is treated as per usual for a Weapons Specialist and may be equipped with any weaponry your Specialists may access.

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