Vera Hiroko Freitas Kuromiya

Name: Vera Hiroko Freitas Kuromiya
Position: Colonel in the Brazilian Army, Tactical Operations Director for the FCB
Sex: Female
Age: 25 (Born April 7th, 1993)
Nationality: Brazilian (of mixed Japanese descent)
Place of Residence: Sao Paulo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5'6"
Build: Average (Mildly Curvy)

Personal Details
"Remember these truths and you'll be constant partners with victory: A strategy's growth in complexity is in equal proportion to its growth in instability; When striving becomes all-consuming, its first meal is its practitioner; Failure to adapt is tantamount to failure to survive; Only when you sometimes look away from the goal do you see the road to it; The immovable object breaks when encountered by the irresistible force, so yield and you will no longer be immovable; The natural tendencies of your forces are to be honed and not suppressed, so like water they can flow downwards on their own and fill your enemy's position; When your enemy imposes his will on natural action rather than embrace it, you will be riding the waves while he is left to fight the ocean; Learn the battlefield's flow until it is your nature, in so doing you will be faster than those that must stop and think; Above all be ever-changing in form but unchanging in soul. Make these lessons your own, and you shall be as Heaven, and your foes will be as straw dogs in your eyes." - Vera Freitas's speech during the 2014 NeoAlexander New Year's Function

Vera's Theme (Peaceful)
Vera's Theme (Dangerous)

Born in 1993 to Maria Freitas and Hayate Kuromiya, Vera is part of the burgeoning community of Japanese-Brazilians, herself 3rd generation. The peace of the pre-Impact world that had since abandoned the Cold War, in one of the most prosperous countries of South America, and the most prosperous city in that country… left Vera with a bright future. A loving childhood, the promise of great genius in the future… All shattered. She was 7 years old when the tides came. But there was at least one saving grace, there - the family was out on a day trip to the Serra da Cantareira mountains when Impact happened, and managed to avoid the initial tidal surge. Still, homes and livelihoods were ruined. Her father lost his job rather suddenly with the nuclear destruction of Tokyo, and her mother was a homemaker to begin with.

With very little left, they had to fend for themselves, and it wasn't pretty. UN peacekeeping forces /eventually/ went in, but the damage had been done. Maria was dead, killed not by direct acts of violence, but from a tragic mistake during an attempt to scavenge the ruins of their former hometown. The family was divided up and spread to the winds - Vera had a younger brother and older sister, though to her possible relief neither was a valid pilot candidate - and soon it was just a mess. Her father was effectively drafted by the UN and spirited away for… some purpose (Vera would later discover that he was a computer programmer in one of GEHIRN's IT teams), her older sister stayed in the area to help the peacekeepers, and kept custody of her brother. Vera, though, was remanded to an experimental officer's training program in late 2003, known as the Plato Directive. Like many such programs, its ideology was… less than coherent, focused on the idea of exposing the candidates to philosophical systems of conflict and peace alike to create tacticians that could come from proverbial left-field with esoteric tactics few conventional officers would predict.

It was extremely dumb. Vera is the only student that at all developed a coherent concept of the complicated doctrines, having almost comprehended Nietzsche's philosophy, rejected Rand's entirely, and toyed with a number of Christian thinkers' works. …but her true love was the foundational work of Taoism, the Dao de Ching. It was enough that when the NeoAlexander program started up in mid-2007 or so, she was scooped up as one of their student mentors out of a handful from all over the world. In fact, she was almost alone in that category in regards to the Southern Hemisphere (for probably obvious reasons), and the only student mentor from South America at all, due to not just the obvious Impact-related damage, but the rather dubious track record of many child officer programs before the NeoAlexander initiative. Either way, it was a change of pace to go to the United States and operate under a completely different, if subtly more stable, program.

Youthful enthusiasm reigned for a good while, as it is wont to. She was at first not equal to the task of teaching, and all the little 7-year-old (or thereabouts) children she basically was double the age of were rather confusing and intimidating to her. But she… persevered, even if it meant falling deeper and deeper into her philosophical rationalizations and studies. But that in and of itself was a freeing revelation. The NeoAlexander heads were delighted to have such an /avid/ learner in the mentor role (if only because it freed up time otherwise spent on learning to be used for teaching), and soon, Vera became a stunning, /astounding/ force for the program's advancement. The administrator that put her forward in the first place protected her from some of the more unusual experiments, though, so she arguably had about as cushy a time as anyone would.

Many of the greats and not-so-greats learned under her. Companions who'd later train New World Army officers. Companions who spread to the national militaries of the world. …Companions touted as the true graduates of the program, an honor she could never claim - and hadn't wanted to. A teacher doesn't graduate with their class, after all. Minerva's adaptability, Alphonse's analysis, a number of lessons much like in her speech quoted above to hundreds of failed students that simply couldn't keep up with the million facets the program expected them to perform in equally. She fell into a pattern, a pattern of wandering from pupil to pupil as her tenure continued to adulthood, a blossoming woman surrounded by teenagers.

…And this is where insulation from the stranger excesses of the program worked against Vera.

The NeoAlexander program encouraged counter-seduction as part of its training. The ways they did so were short-sighted at best, and horrifying at worst. It'd be the former that would be Vera's "undoing", the practice of constant co-ed /everything/ to make bodies of the opposite sex meaningless doing anything but that. She had already had lovers before, as soon as she felt they were mature enough she just… stopped holding back. It was a silly mistake. She was a silly child, even if by most countries she was legally an adult. This didn't last long. Unlike the actual program heads, Vera's kind, the student mentors, were /accessible/. Power-imbalanced romances were the stuff of lurid novellas for a reason, and the "Hot for teacher" the lovely Japanese-Brazilian seeded into her students soon got out of hand. She controlled her reputation when she could, kept secrets as best she could - nobody considered Vera chaste, yet the first Companion to question her morals on those grounds was the first Companion to grow conspicuously silent the next day. But about that not lasting long?

No administrator trying to encourage /abstinence from sex/ would offer contraceptives. This proved to be the cause of her final undoing as so-alluded, for Vera finally had the fling that ended her tenure, because only a choice few months later, late into 2014 and turning to 2015… She learned she was pregnant. It was a disaster, a /mess/. Students had already gotten with child before so it's not like it was unprecedented, but the mentors were held to a /higher standard/. Vera's own shame as the reality of just what was happening to her set in was nothing compared to the synchronized snub from the entire top brass of the NeoAlexander program as they took her aside, as they questioned her consistently, and… terminated her position. Vera was the first child to leave the program, a few months before its official closure, and it was only fortune that prevented her from sliding into some ass-end-of-the-Earth posting where she'd amount to nothing.

It was then that her motherland called. Hearing of her expulsion, and hot off the war with Gran Colombia, the brass of the Brazilian army courted the young, bewildered woman with a surprise offer. Be the handler of their child war hero, they said. Maybe give back to your homeland, they said. But what else was she going to do? Many of the world's militaries scorned her as little more than a 'battle-harlot', even if her students and peers alike vehemently protested such treatment. Between being welcomed with open arms, offered care and support for her daughter, and the chance to both come home again and maybe reunite with her siblings (who /had/ survived the war)? Vera accepted easily, becoming awkward bedfellows of the entirely metaphorical sense for a change, with a young and charismatic warrior-maiden.

Only a few months later, young Sol Ursula Freitas Kuromiya was born to Vera on around July 21st, 2015, a healthy young girl with auburn hair reminiscent of her father and gentle hazel eyes. The girl seemed sharp enough, and developed normally, nothing /particularly/ wrong with her. As part of the deal with the Brazilian Army she brokered, Vera would be able to keep the girl with some assistance and support from the organization while she carried out her duties. And carry them out she did! The teaching methods she brought to the army, the seeming 'control' and 'redemption of immature youth' she brought to their child heroine and national icon, pleased her superiors. Time and time again Vera would see herself promoted, already guaranteed an officer's commission due to her pedigree with the program.

It was then that she was approached with a unique offer sometime in 2016. The Forca Cavaleiro Brasileiro had its unit, had its base for the most part, structure… even its pilot. But many pieces were missing from the puzzle; one was an Operations Director. The goodwill earned over her year of service - and the influence the Commander's daughter wielded - made it easy for the Brazilian Army to realize that the Evangelion-combat focus of the NeoAlexander project had equipped her well as a candidate. But it was their deep and abiding insight into what was becoming their true mission that sealed the deal… NeoAlexanders were proving themselves in service of NERV and the LN forces alike, and visibly. But in a coming second wave of human-on-human superheavy conflict, the brass reasoned, they needed something /superior/ to that. A NeoAlexander mentor was the answer - The Plato Directive's philosopher-king madness paled to the Greek figure that Brazil realized Vera echoed - For every Alexander made, for every Companion that served alongside their rising star… there was an Aristotle that made them that way. Vera.

She settled into the life easily - having accepted the posting with equal ease. After all, that's what she had spent her teen years preparing for, Evangelion combat! Little Sol soon lit up the halls of the FCB's base as Vera gave a sense of delicate motherly love to counterbalance the earnest willfulness of her direct subordinate. Commander Salazar's connection with Vera's father, later revealed, would lead to the man eventually coming home to Brazil, to the descendant of his hometown, only adding to the heady air of pride and optimism. …The Freitas Kuromiyas were together again, a family on base to match the Commander and his pilot daughter… Vera's charge, her highest subordinate.

But now much is left uncertain. World War IV has effectively begun in earnest with the New World Army's lightning strike against the rebel United Earth Federation, whose leaders and Adeptus Evangelion Corps vanished into the ether after their fateful mission to the moon. Brazil stands in waiting, hoping for an ally to see them through while maintaining their sovereignty and pride. It will be Vera's tactics that dictate how Brazil conducts itself in the coming war, just as much as it will be Eufemia's talent that measures its execution.

…But what is their destiny…?

Character Details

Name: Vera Hiroko Freitas Kuromiya Gender: Female
Background: Companion Career: Operations Director (+ Sniper Kit)
Rank: Colonel Experience: 34000

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Vital Statistics


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 22 2 -
BS 50 5 Expert
Strength 35 3 Simple
Toughness 50 5 Expert
Agility 50 5 Trained
Intelligence 72 7 Expert, Boss
Perception 65 6 Expert, Boss
Willpower 65 6 Expert, Boss
Fellowship 60 6 Expert

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Wound Total: 24 Fate Point Total: 5
Insanity Points: 0/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Asset Effect
Military Nut Vera is a consummate tactician. She gains profiency and Talented in CL-War and SL-Tactics.
Driven Never back down, never surrender. Vera gets a conditional fate point when facing a superior foe or against incredible odds.
Academic It's easy for a Companion - and doubly so for a mentor Companion - to get quite the education. Vera gains proficiency in CL-History, CL-Religion, and SL-Philosophy. She also is Talented in SL-Philosophy.
Thrill Seeker Vera thrives against the impossible, it's why Project Cavaliero ultimately chose her as their OD. When outmatched or doing something of exceptional bravery and spending a fate point (even a conditional one), roll 1d10. On a 9, the fate point is kept.
Mimic As part of her espionage training, Vera picked up the ability to imitate voices fairly craftily. Given about an hour of study, she can pick up a voice to use. It takes a -10 Scrutiny test to figure out it's a faked voice (or +0 if she wasn't able to converse with the person face-to-face). Of course, if the listener knows the appearance of the mimicked voice's owner, and it's clear to them that Vera doesn't look like them, then the deception fails.

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Drawback Effect
Hoarder Vera didn't ever have much, and stiffly held onto what she had as well. She tends to have lots of stored /things/. Furthermore, she needs to either be coerced via Charm, Command, or Intimidate or pass a willpower test to willingly surrender an item.
Duty of Care (Sol Ursula Freitas Kuromiya) If Vera believes Sol is in danger, pass a -10 WP test or rush to their aid. If it is confirmed she is in danger, all tests taken while reaching her receive +20. If she is harmed, take 1 Insanity and 1 fatigue. If she is killed take 2d10+10.

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OD Assets

OD Asset Effect
Ever-changing Form Spend a Fate Point as a free. and select two Formations or Tactics that she does not already know. She gains the chosen Formations or Tactics until the end of the encounter.
Flowing like Water Whenever Vera activates a Tactic, she may, as a free action, select one other Tactic she knows and activate that one as well.
Natural Tendencies Vera gains a +20 to her test to activate a Support Tactic. Furthermore, you may activate or sustain Tactics with the use of the Promote Assistant talent.

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OD Tactic

Name: As Straw Dogs
Tactic Type: Support
Action: Full Action Skill Test: Opposed Tactics-10
Sustain Action: Full Action Sustain Test: Opposed Tactics+0
Enemy Horde
Select one valid enemy horde and test as above. On a pass, select one of their horde traits, specialists or horde abilities. So long as this power is sustained, they no longer count as having it.
Special Notes and Effects
If you earn four degrees or more on your test, then you may select one extra trait, specialist or ability to null.
The following traits may not be nulled: Adept-Linked, Battleship, Large, Small.

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Trait Effect
Resourceful When spending a fate to add DoS, add 2. Can instead spend a fate to reduce DoF to 0.
Educated Elite Gain two Intelligence-based Skills of your choice and the corresponding Talented talent for them.
Burnout Whenever you run out of Fates, you take a -10 penalty to all tests until the start of the next session.
Vulnerable Whenever you take Insanity or Ego damage, you take one point extra.

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Coherency Effect Tested Characteristic Ego Threshold
Coherency Explanation List down your Coherency effects here. List successful attempts to resist here too. And the Tested Characteristic you used to resist it. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Instability Effect Ego Threshold
Instability Explanation List down your Instability effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Disorder Effect Insanity Threshold
Disorder Explanation List down your Disorder effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Starting Skills

Starting Talents


Basic Skills

Skill Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Athletics Str X X - -
Awareness Per X X X Exemplar
Commerce Int X - - -
Carouse Tou X X - Talented (+10)
Charm Fel X X X Talented (+10)
Deceive Fel X X X Talented (+10)
Disguise Fel X X - -
Dodge Agi X X -
Inquiry Fel X X X Talented (+10)
Intimidate Fel X - - -
Logic Int X X X Talented (+10)
Scrutiny Per X X X -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Common Lore (Computers) Int X - - -
Common Lore (History) Int X - - -
Common Lore (Liberated Nations) Int X - - -
Common Lore (Religion) Int X - - -
Common Lore (Science) Int X - - -
Common Lore (Second Impact) Int X - - -
Common Lore (United Nations) Int X - - -
Common Lore (Vehicles) Int X - - -
Common Lore (War) Int X X - Talented (+10)
Parry WS - - - -

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Advanced Skills

Advanced Skill Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X - -
Blather Fel X - - -
Command Fel X X X Talented (+10), Exemplar
Demolitions Int X X - Talented (+10)
Operate (Civilian Land) Agi X - - -
Operate (Military Land) Agi X - - -
Literacy Int X - - -
Medicae Int X X - Talented (+10)
Operate (Military Air) Agi X - - -
Operate (Superheavies) Agi X X - -
Scholastic Lore (Administration) Int X - - -
Scholastic Lore (Evangelions) Int X X - -
Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) Int X X X Talented (+10)
Scholastic Lore (Superheavies) Int X X - -
Scholastic Lore (Superhumans) Int X - - -
Scholastic Lore (Tactics) Int X X X Talented (+10), Exemplar
Security Agi X X - -
Speak Language (English) Int X - - -
Speak Language (Japanese) Int X - - -
Speak Language (Portuguese) Int X - - -
Tech-Use Int X - - -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General X - -
Melee Prog - - -
Basic Bolt X - -
Basic Fusion - - -
Basic General X - -
Basic Maser X - -
Basic Positron X - -
Heavy Bolt - - -
Heavy Fusion - - -
Heavy General - - -
Heavy Maser - - -
Heavy Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
Pistol General X - -
Pistol Maser X - -
Pistol Positron - - -

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Basic Combat/Support

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Combat Master - Outnumbering enemies take no Gangup bonuses against you
Disarm - Opposed WS test to disarm enemy
Quick Draw - Ready as a free
Rapid Reload - Halve reloading time

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Melee Explanation - This table is used to record Talents that are predominantly used in melee combat or affect melee weapons.

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Deadeye Shot - Reduce penalty to called shots by -10.
Marksman - No penalties for shooting at long/extended range
Sharpshooter - Reduce penalty to called shots by -20
Precision Basic Well-Placed Standard or Called Shot Ranged Basic Attack: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Target Selection - No penalty for firing into melee combat.
Eye of Vengeance - Apply to single-shot with Full Aim. +1 Pen per degree of success, auto-confirm furies.
Mighty Shot - +BSB/2 damage to ranged attacks.

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Step Aside - Gain an extra dodge per round
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken

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Operations Director

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Absolute Order - Spend Fate to force subordinate to follow orders exactly or lose fate point.
Brilliance - May test Intelligence in place of any other Characteristic once per session.
Delegate - Free use of Fate-required OD action once per session.
Elite Retinue +2 Loadouts Get a personal Horde from faction's list. Only usable by her. +10 to all tests involving it. Can command it even if controlling a different unit class. Horde costs 1 less RP to repair. Chose a Dragao wing. Has the Loadout bonuses of +Exemplary Leadership and +Fearless.
Favoured Tactics Focused Charge Units take +10 bonus to Charge attacks.
Favoured Tactics Dynamic Aiming May take a half move after a half or full aim without losing aim, but then must attack in the following action or lose the aim.
Feedback Tampering - Select IB amount of pilots per round. Should pilots take insanity or ego damage, immediately incur feedback and can only take half actions next turn, but reduce damage taken by OD's IB amount to minimum of 1. Alternatively, OD spends a fate point and pilot takes automatic feedback and is stunned for 1 round, but insanity/ego damage is halved.
Just as Planned - Reduce Foresight's requirement time to 1 minute. Can spend a fate point to retroactively take an action in the last ten minutes that would just now come into play.
N2 Strike - Burn fate, deploy N2 warhead that appears next turn.
Last Resort - When using N2 Strike talent, deal extra 4 damage per fate burned by any ally, as well as for every Evangelion defeated.
Like a Boss Oldest One In The Book Gain a +5 to WP. Any bonus you would get to a command test against an individual is similarly added to any Scrutiny test, in addition to any normal bonuses that would apply.
Like a Boss Wary +5 Perception, gain the Step Aside talent
Like a Boss Degree in Asskicking Gain a +5 to Int. You may test Intelligence whenever you roll an opposed test against any human target, regardless of the characteristic normally rolled.
Logistics - Increase TP Resource Points from successful battles by 1.
Pilot Surveillance - Spend fate point, 1d5 ??? appear near pilot(s) within 1 round
Plan A Remote Care Remote Care no longer requires Fate Point to use.
Plan A Just As Planned Just As Planned no longer requires Fate Point to use.
Precision Targeting - Add IB to single Evangelion attack. Half action.
Promote Assistant - Can use Remote Care, Precision Targeting, or Surefire Ejection without using fates or actions a number of times per day equal to FB.
Remote Care - Half Action: spend fate to remove blood loss, stunning or 1 level of fatigue from pilot.
Surefire Ejection - Spend fate to force Entry Plug to eject, with +40 on Entry Plug ejection roll.
Tactical Genius - Spend fate to allow pilot to reroll failed test or to add 1 degree of success to test.
Tactical Legend - The Operations Director may use the Tactical Genius talent once per round for free.
Tactical Exemplar - When using Tactical Genius talent, may test SL Tactics. On Success, Pilot may choose whether or not to take the result. If no, then fate is returned. When adding DoS, may test SL Tactics and add +1 per 3 DoS.
Vigilance - +2 to Initiative.
When Suddenly - If OD's location not verified for 10 minutes, can spend fate to appear within several metres of pilot.

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Brilliance - Once per session, test Intelligence in place of any other characteristic
Decadence - Double TB for purposes of passing out from intoxicant-related fatigue
Fearless - +10 to Fear tests, treat Insanity Points as being +20 higher for purposes of ignoring fear
Foresight - Spend 10 minutes to add +10 to Intelligence test
Jaded - Not affected by mundane horrors
Nerves of Steel - Reroll WP tests to resist or recover from Pinning
Total Recall - Perfect memory
Resistance (Mental) - +10 to resist mental effects
Resistance (Poison) - +10 to resist poison
Insanely Faithful - Reroll twice on Shock table and take preferred result.

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Air of Authority - Affect 1d10+FB number of targets with Command, can make non-servants follow commands with -10 penalty
Contact: Hayate Kuromiya - Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid. Her father, former IT staff for GEHIRN and current Cavaleiro Ciencia member.
Contact: Michiko Ando - Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid. Companion working in the JSSDF that Vera helped train - specializes in formulating air combat doctrine and grand strategy, but as a failed Companion is not good at too much else.
Contact: (Brazilian Minister of Defense) - Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid. Brazil's current Minister of Defense, whoever that might be. As the government official directly responsible for the FCB's operation and oversight, a very good friend to have.
Double Agent - Spend fate and designate NPC. NPC is revealed to be working for OD entire time
Inspiring Voice - Can use Iron Discipline and Into the Jaws of Hell via audio
Into the Jaws of Hell - Minions immune to Fear/Pinning
Iron Discipline - Minions reroll failed Fear/Pinning tests
IOU: Military - Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU: Political - Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU: R&D - Owed a single favour from a specific group
Master Orator - Fellowship tests affect ten times the normal amount of people
Peer: NeoAlexanders - +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group
Peer: Project Cavaliero - +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group
Good Reputation: NeoAlexanders - +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group that stacks with Peer
Good Reputation: Project Cavaliero - +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group that stacks with Peer
You Owe Me - Can reuse an expended IOU

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Tactic Name Action Sustain Action Extra Restrictions Effect
Coordinate Volleys Full (Tactics-10) N/A Ranged-cabable Horde Increase DoS on ranged attacks by Horde's BS bonus and double bonus hit cap from autofire. +1 DoS on Horde attack per 2 DoS on Tactics Test.
Massive Damage Full (Awareness-10 or Tactics-10) Half (Test N/A) N/A Horde gains Dirty Fighter trait until end of its next turn.
Shoot The Big Ones Full (Awareness-10) N/A N/A Affected Horde can attack an enemy Horde and, rather than inflict damage, instead reduce the called-shot penalty to hit an attached specialist or character on its target by 10 per hit scored. The penalty reduction persists until the start of the tactic-augmented Horde's next turn.
Fortify Full (Tactics-10) N/A Horde must be in Cover Horde increases the AP gained from cover by 1. +1 gained AP per 2 DoS on Tactics test. The AP can be increased until the Horde is gaining double the cover's original AP value.
Stiffen Backs Full (Command-10) Half (Test N/A) N/A While sustained, Horde now has the Battle-Hardened, Disciplined, Fighting Withdrawal, and Stubborn traits. The Command test for this tactic gains a stacking +10 for each talent Vera has out of Iron Discipline and Into the Jaws of Hell.
Example To Others Full (Command-10 or Tactics-10) Half (Test N/A) N/A While sustained, Horde gains the Support (commander's IB or FB) trait. In addition, that Support trait also grants allied units inside the Support range to use the enhanced Horde's characteristics for to-hit or skill tests. Every 3 DoS on the Command or Tactics test increases the Support value by 1. +10 to the initiating test if the Horde already has Support (in which case this tactic improves its support range and grants it the characteristic-replacement ability).
Get Moving Full (Command-10) Half (Test N/A) N/A Horde takes an immediate free Full Move action. If the Command test earned 4+ DoS, the action can instead be a free Run action. The Command test gains a +10 if the Horde has the Evasive trait.
Harbingers of Dread Full (Command-10 or Intimidate-10) Half (Command+0 or Intimidate+0) N/A While sustained, the Horde gains the Fear Incarnate (Commander's FB) trait. Every 2 DoS on the initial Command or Intimidate test increases the trait's value by 1. If the Horde already has the Fear Incarnate trait, the Command or Intimidate tests are at +10, and the Horde instead replaces its trait value with the value gained from the tactic.
Master Tactician Full (Tactics-10) Full (Test N/A) N/A Generates a pool of rerolls equal to Commander's IB each turn the tactic is sustained, that can be used by any subordinate Hordes or other units to reroll to-hit or skill tests as long as she has contact with them. Any unused rerolls are discarded.
Tactician's Foundation Full (Tactics-10) N/A N/A The next use of a tactic or Precision Targeting can be applied to a number of Hordes equal to Commander's IB. If a tactic is used with this bonus, it must be one that targets Hordes.
Rip And Tear Full (Command-10) N/A Horde with Melee Weapons On success, horde gains Blood-Soaked Tide and Reckless Charge for Commander's FB rounds. If BST triggers, it lasts for usual duration. +10 to test if unit already has Reckless Charge. +10 per applicable talent of Master Orator, Inspiring Voice, and Litany of Hate. At 4+ DoS on test, can automatically trigger BST without needing the horde to take or fail a break test.

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Starting Stats



Experience Table

Experience History

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