Vercingetorix Begins

[15:02] <Firgrim> [The Battleship had been in Parisian airspace for five minutes when a PA call went out, summoning the First Child to the Officer Conference room.]
[15:07] * Aline went! She had had the chance to change out of the damnable plugsuit, and while the mood throughout the battleship was pretty grim, she had also had some time to… /try/ to lighten up. In more ways than one, as the pastel green of the dress she was wearing would prove. Still… She walked in with a somewhat stiff countenance, not entirely sure what to expect.
[15:14] <Firgrim> [The Officer Conference room was a narrow room based around a richly decorated wooden table, about nine metres long. From a quick look Aline would note engravings that portrayed Silas Caine being crowned, wearing glorious robes, surrounded by adoring girls with hair styles that made her think of the Ayanamis.-
[15:16] <Firgrim> [But the room's occupants would draw attention too. Marianne was there, as was Augustus Harken, a hologram of Frederic (sitting in a bed), and…-
[15:22] <Firgrim> [He was sitting in the highest chair at the end of the room. A tall, imposing figure, clad head to toe in dark red armour that caught the light. The ornate helmet was buckled into a high gorget; the eyes glimmered like fire. A long, bulky cape enrounded him. "Congratulations on your promotion, Lieutenant Blanc."]
[15:26] * Aline was, well. Taken slightly aback at the Mysterious Armored Person, but she nervously nodded at him as she walked further into the room. "Th… thank you, ah, sir." Thank god for standard terms of address. "But, reporting in as asked…"
[15:32] <Firgrim> ["Good." Said Marianne. "T-"-
[15:38] <Firgrim> [But the armoured figure cut in. "Thank you for your promptness. We have met before, in shadows below. Vercingetorix, the one living legend; he sits here now, to guide you free."]
[15:42] * Aline at first just raised a brow. But she couldn't suppress her reactions, and instead openly widened her eyes and opened her mouth. "…So it's… progressed… ah…" She looked at Marianne, as if for confirmation.
[15:49] <Firgrim> [Marianne nodded grimly. "It has."]
[15:56] * Aline swallowed air for a second, just to calm herself, but then nodded. "So where does this put us situationally? Or should I allow some or all of you to speak first?"
[16:03] <Firgrim> [Harken leaned forward. "I should explain. Vercingetorix has been keeping in touch with many of the ODs in NERV. We're his kind of people- we know what's at stake and what side we're on."]
[16:15] * Aline nodded. "And I, briefly, in contact, as alluded." But she thought for a moment. "Knowing what I do… then I have to conclude I'm on that same side." She seemed to still be a little 'off', and leerily looked at the engravings to try to regain her composure.
[16:22] <Firgrim> ["I intend to throw a coup, to bring rightness to NERV yet. Do you agree, or do you not?"]
[16:22] <Firgrim> [Said Vercingetorix.]
[16:32] * Aline froze. She then looked at the others in the room - or 'in the room' in Fred's case. "…I…" Another pause, as a cold sweat fell over her. It was one thing to imagine it with the pilots, but a whole different thing when it was actually sanctioned by the ODs themselves. "I'm onboard."
[16:41] <Firgrim> ["Good, good." Said Vercingetorix.-
[16:42] <Firgrim> ["Obvious, to us all, that our little strength, does not match our foe. Our advantage, can Aline Blanc say?']
[16:45] * Aline looked uncertain, like she was taking an exam in a subject she was weak in. "…Cunning? Experience? I'm sorry, my nerves are failing me…"
[16:48] <Firgrim> ["The situation." Said Marianne. "The attack by Mina weakened much of Caine's garrison in the Geofront."-
[16:49] <Firgrim> ["Many of my agents, they live to fight again." Chimed in Vercingetorix.-
[16:50] <Firgrim> ["With Caine having 01 and 04 and 21, she won't think to reinforce the garrison any time soon with a proper ground force. She'll send E-Destroyer squads, but no Storm Troopers yet." Said Frederic.-
[16:51] <Firgrim> ["And clever me, you have to see, has planned for this, for quite some time." Said Vercingetorix. "And allies, that I have; Iron Guard and agents; Evas and Ship Marines."]
[17:00] * Aline seemed rather impressed, especially at the mention of Iron Guard for some reason. "That indeed is true. Iron Guard, huh. This'll be interesting for sure…"
[17:07] <Firgrim> [Frederic's hologram nodded. "Our aim is to strike the Geofront. We can't hold it, so we'll take it, take the equipment we need and bring it onto the Battleship."-
[17:07] <Firgrim> ["This includes the Lance of Longinus, Excalibur and Lilith." Said Marianne.]
[17:13] * Aline is suddenly imagining something to the effect of her in 00 grabbing Lilith's corpulent bulk, swinging it over her/its shoulder, and just waltzing out with a whistle and without a care in the world. But she tore herself from that mental image and nodded. "…It'll certainly be interesting to share space with all that, but it's necessary. Which probably means Evangelion involvement,
[17:13] * Aline though that's not at all a surprise."
[17:39] <Firgrim> [Harken nodded, tapping the table. "Before you ask, the others assigned to your team are quite firmly confirmed to be on our side as well. I suppose you probably would not be happy to fight Shinji Ikari anyway."]
[17:51] <Aline> "Again, anyway. Though last time was extenuating. But no, I wouldn't be." That was a relief for Aline at any rate, and she even showed it with a notable sigh. "How much time do we have to get ready?… any other details?"
[17:52] <Firgrim> ["No set time, do your best." Said Vercingetorix. "I will send word, you will know it."]
[17:59] <Aline> "Right. I'll prepare as much as I can, but… I guess I'll have time for myself too. Army with no morale…" Aline let that trail.
[18:01] <Firgrim> ["Yes, yes. Take the time to heal, you have been through much." Said Vercingetorix. "More than many think, unless I am wrong."-
[18:04] <Firgrim> ["You need time to work with Asuka and the others as a team." Said Marianne. "You won't be as meshed with them as you are with Sera and Yanmei, but it's the best we can do for now. Go get some rest."]
[18:06] * Aline gave a firm bow. "Definitely. I'll talk to Asuka about it later. Thank you." …Then she departed, hopefully to actually get some fitful rest.

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